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Hearts of Iron IV has 171 different achievements, all using the Steam achievements mechanics. Achievements have no in-game effects; the achievement just pops up in-game, and is then added to the player's Steam or Xbox profile depending on the version of the game. It is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement by going to the game's global achievements at Steam.

The difficulty of each achievement varies; some achievements are very easy (e.g. joining a faction), while some are more difficult (e.g. conquering Flag of Australia Australia as Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia or reaching 1948 as Flag of France France without ever surrendering). The below list groups the various achievements by a difficulty level as assessed by the wiki editors (uncategorized - UC - achievements haven't been assessed yet).

Achievements can only be gained in single-player Ironman games, with the 1936 start, on regular, veteran or elite difficulty. (30 Minutes of Hel and Don’t Die for Your Country can only be completed in the 1939 start date.) They can be earned while playing older versions of the game as long as said achievements were present in that version. They can also be earned with Historical AI Focuses set to off. (Note: There is no "end date", the game can be continued indefinitely)

It is not possible to gain achievements if the checksum has been changed - either by tampering with game files, or by running the game using mods that affect gameplay mechanics (graphical mods do not affect checksum), or a corrupted installation.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

The "Notes" column lists helpful short tips/strategies.

The Hearts of Iron IV column denotes achievements which can't be completed without the use of DLC mechanics (currently 79 out of 171). Multiple expansion icons mean either can be used.

The "Ver" column indicates in which version a certain achievement was added. Achievements cannot be earned prior to the version they were added in.

The "DI" column is for difficulty as assessed by wiki editors. VE = Very Easy, E = Easy, M = Medium, H = Hard, VH = Very Hard, I = Insane, UC = Uncategorized.

Achievement Starting conditions Requirements Notes Hearts of Iron IV Ver DI
At least they run on time! icon
At least they run on time!
As fascist Italy, have max level railways in all your core states
Yes Playing as Flag of Italy Italy Yes Has railway of level 5 in the following states:
  • Sardinia (114)
  • Piedmont (158)
  • Lombardy (159)
  • South Tyrol (39)
  • Veneto (160)
  • Istria (736)
  • Emilia Romagna (161)
  • Abruzzo (157)
  • Tuscany (162)
  • Latium (2)
  • Campania (117)
  • Calabria (156)
  • Sicily (115)
Only a single province per state needs a level 5 railway. By making the connecting level 5 rail run through two states it counts for both. 1.11 VE
BFFs icon
As Portugal, join the same faction as Great Britain.
Yes Playing as Flag of Portugal Portugal Yes In a faction with Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Just go democratic and wait for world tension to rise. Recommend speed 5, you don't need technologies or focuses. You don't need to rush democracy because world tension will be under 80% for a long time. If the La Résistance DLC is active, you can just rush the focus "Join the Allies" as well as some of the other focuses that increase the UK's opinion of you instead of waiting for world tension to rise. 1.9 VE
Braaaaains! icon
As Canada, complete the Send in the Zombies focus.
Yes Playing as Flag of Canada Canada Yes Focus Goal generic demand territory.png "Send in the Zombies" is completed Play Canada as normal but always rush down economic focuses. If world tension rises take the defensive focuses until Germany declares war on Poland, join the war and rush down the war focuses. Just be aware that you cannot unlock this achievement if you do the "National Steel Car." Together for Victory 1.3 VE
Canada First icon
Canada First
Join Axis as Canada.
Yes Playing as Flag of Canada Canada
The faction does not need be the Axis, but it must be led by Germany. Although Together for Victory is not required; the achievement is much easier with it due to the DLC granting National Focuses specifically geared for this. 1.0 VE
District 9 icon
District 9
As South Africa, have 9 civilian factories in Transvaal.
Yes Playing as Flag of South Africa South Africa Civilian factory Has civilian factories >8 in the state Transvaal (275) Convert military factories into civilian factories in Transvaal. Follow the Focus tree for free civilian factories. They can randomly give Transvaal the required Factories. If Transvaal runs out of building slots, follow the Dispersed/Concentrated Industry tech tree to get more building slots. 1.3 VE
Do You Mined? icon
Do You Mined?
Lay at least 1,000 mines on the coastline of an enemy nation.
Yes Any country is at war with player: has more than 999 mines on their coastline.

Can be done immediately at the start of the game as Italy. Remove your divisions from Eritrea and/or Somaliland (keeping your ports for maximum efficiency) and lay mines with your starting navy until you reach 1000 mines. However, if you lose all your territory you will white peace with Ethiopia and the achievement will be no longer available.

Man the Guns 1.6 VE
Friend in Need icon
Friend in Need
Join a faction.
Yes Country flag achievement_has_joined_faction is set Choose Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang or Flag of Venezuela Venezuela, click on the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union or Flag of German Reich German Reich (respectively), click Join Faction, and click yes on the pop-up. It's that simple. 1.0 VE
Habsburgs. Habsburgs everywhere icon
Habsburgs. Habsburgs everywhere
As Poland, install a Habsburg monarch and be in a faction with another Habsburg monarch.
Yes Playing as Flag of Poland Poland Yes Flag of Poland Poland: Karl Albrecht I is the current country leader

Yes Flag of Kingdom of Hungary Kingdom of Hungary: Otto von Habsburg is the current country leader
Yes Flag of Poland Poland: Is in Faction with Flag of Kingdom of Hungary Kingdom of Hungary

  • Go to "Assemble the regency council" then "Fulfill the 5th of November Act"
  • At this point you will get invitations from different candidates for the crown and you have to wait for Karl Albrecht I, the Habsburg claimant.
  • While waiting for this it’s advisable to head down to “Agrarian Reform” to pacify the peasants, after Karl Albrecht is king you can continue to "Support monarchism in Czechoslovakia" which gives you decisions to press your claim on them allowing you to annex them.
  • "Soldier King", "The King's guard" and "Press the Habsburg Claim" will put Otto von Habsburg on the Hungarian throne, and completing "A Habsburg Alliance" will finalize your Habsburg faction.
No Step Back 1.11 VE
Hellenic Civility icon
Hellenic Civility
Win the Greek Civil War before 1937.
Yes Playing as Flag of Greece Greece Yes Has won the Greek Civil War before January 1st, 1937

To trigger the civil war do not arrest the king and go down the focus "The Right to Rule". Before the civil war fires delete all land units and make a single cavalry division in training. Deploy it in Athens after the war starts and take all victory points to quickly end the civil war.

If you don't have BoTB the best method to do this is to go fascist / communist and fight a actual civil war because the AI won't capitulate even if you have taken the whole mainland since Crete counts as enough victory points to keep them alive. You'll need actual divisions to naval invade Crete so once you've outsmarted the AI and taken the whole mainland, use your infantry divisions to invade Crete from the west side (Chania) and have one division pinning the capital which will reinforce the port if you don't.

1.10 VE
Hoofin’ It icon
Hoofin’ It
Unite Arabia with thirty camelry divisions.
Yes United Arabia with 30 Camelry Divisions:
  • Owns Yemen (293)
  • Owns Nejd (292)
  • Owns Oman (294)
  • Owns Abu Dhabi (658)
  • Owns Qatar (765)
  • Owns Aden (659)
  • More than 4499 infantry equipment in armies
  • More than 29 Camelry battalions
The British Raj, France, Iraq , Italy, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Spain, The United Kingdom, and Yemen start with camelry divisions while Turkey is able to unlock it with a focus.

Hejaz (679) is not required. You can do this as any nation, as long as you have camel units. With Man the Guns : Can be easily done as the United Kingdom since already own all the territory needed, except Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen

  • Take The King's Party focus route, justify and annex the 3 independent nation of the peninsula
  • Make a camel template and train 30 of them. You start the game with camels unlocked, but you have to make the template yourself
Battle for the Bosporus 1.10 VE
Get over 90% intel in each category on a major without using code cracking.
Yes Achieve 90% intel on all categories on any major nation without activating decryption on them:

Yes Intel on any Major:

  • NOT fully decrypted
  • Civilian intel > 89%
  • Army intel > 89%
  • Airforce intel > 89%
  • Navy Intel > 89%
In order for the achievement to fire, the decryption must not be complete or cracked, but if the player selects it and waits the 30 days, the achievement will fire. La Résistance 1.9 VE
Lethal Straight icon
Lethal Straight
Have a production license from at least 5 of the 7 major powers.
Yes Is licensing from 5 of the below: As any country, preferably recommended to select neutral nations (neutrality), as to avoid the “Strategic reasons” diplomatic penalty (–100 value), that may block the “Request License Production” option, improve relations with five of the seven major powers then license the basic infantry weapons. (Researching the next level of infantry equipment also works, as even major nations have few problems with licensing outdated equipment.)

Yugoslavia can pick the focuses "Reinforce Old Alliances" and "Ban Slovene Nationalist Parties" to improve relations with three of the five countries.

Easy as China, they start with fairly good relations with all the majors, except Japan.

Alternatively you can also play a longer and larger game and just simply either ally or puppet all of the major nations and then get licenses from them.

With La Resistance DLC you can use an agent and assign him diplomatic pressure on majors, it will make getting the achievement even easier

Death or Dishonor 1.4 VE
Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This... icon
Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This...
Have a French and British spy work together on the same Operation.
Yes Have a British and French Operative complete an Operation together. Check happens upon operation completion. At least 1 participating operative requires French, and at least 1 participating operative requires British nationality. As of 1.9.0, there's no check that the French and British operatives are not the same person. La Résistance 1.9 VE
Man of a Thousand Faces, Every One the Same icon
Man of a Thousand Faces, Every One the Same
Have the same spy get captured twice.
Yes Have any operative get captured twice. The trigger flag is le_clerc2. On first capture, the operative gains le_clerc1. On second capture, the operative gains le_clerc2.

The Soviet Union in 1.11 has an increased chance of capturing foreign operatives. Expand your operative slots, meanwhile send your operative to Soviets. After an operative got captured, immediately send another to rescue(requires 30% network strength). Send this operative again, and wait for him/her to get captured for the second time.

La Résistance 1.9 VE
Mine is bigger than yours icon
Mine is bigger than yours
Lead a faction with at least 20 members.
  • Yes Is a faction leader
  • Yes Members of faction > 19
This suggestion requires Man the Guns DLC.

As Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom, go down the Revisit Colonial Policy branch of the national focus tree to release all your subjects.

This suggestion requires Together for Victory DLC, patch 1.6 or later, and to not have Man the Guns DLC. As Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom, release at least 14 colonies as puppets at the start of the game. Alternatively, this can also be done by playing as Flag of German Reich Germany or Flag of Italy Italy, going to war with the Allies (Flag of France France and Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom, defeating them, puppeting them and satelliting all releasable nations from their colonies in the peace deal. Then simply invite the puppets into your faction.

1.0 VE
No country for old men icon
No country for old men
Reach 0 manpower with Scraping the Barrel as Conscription Law.
Can be accomplished by having the law after capitulating and controlling no territory (e.g. do nothing as Luxembourg). You can also spam recruitment of divisions until you've used up all your manpower, wait a few ticks for the achievement to trigger, and then cancel them all again (if you want to continue your game). You can start training a ton of 1-battalion divisions and boost the template later.

Flag of Tannu Tuva Tannu Tuva can easily reach this achievement due to their abysmally low core population of just 85k.

1.0 VE
Nobody’s Business but the Turks icon
Nobody’s Business but the Turks
Restore the Ottoman Sultanate.
Yes Playing as Flag of Turkey Turkey Yes Has completed focus Return of the Sultan You just have to win a small civil war to get to the focus Battle for the Bosporus 1.10 VE
Nothing Wrong with our Bloody Ships icon
Nothing Wrong with our Bloody Ships
As the United Kingdom, have at least 9 battlecruisers.
Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Yes At least 9 Battlecruisers Battlecruisers are built with Heavy Ship Hulls and Battlecruiser armor. The United Kingdom starts with both. Make the cheapest Battlecruisers you can and build 6 at the same time (you start with 3) with all your dockyards assigned, build more dockyards to speed up construction. 1.6 VE
One Nation Under Atatürk, Indivisible icon
One Nation Under Atatürk, Indivisible
As non-aligned Turkey, have zero negative state modifiers.
Yes Playing as Flag of Turkey Turkey

Yes The DLC Battle for the Bosporus is enabled

Yes As unalignedunaligned Flag of Turkey Turkey, have no negative state modifiers in any of your owned states. Go the Kemalist route through the Etatism and Peace at Home focuses. Take the Silent Workhorse advisor and use the Secularism decision whenever available to block the expansion of your Islamist rivals. The Türk Ulusu focus will pacify the Kurdish states, while the Islamist opposition can be dealt with through the Counter-Fundamentalist Operation or compromise decisions (as long as the Kemalist remain loyal). You do not have to go to war and simply need enough political power to repeat the decisions. The achievement will trigger when all Islamic states are Placated, and the Kurdish states are either at Separatist Fatigue or cored. Battle for the Bosporus, 1.10 VE
One Step Forward icon
One Step Forward
As Soviet Union declare a war on Poland and Germany before Germany attacks Poland.
Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Yes Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Set up a frontline along the Polish border. Justify on Poland, then declare war. Justify and declare war on Germany too. You will get the achievement when you are at war with both Poland and Germany at the same time. 1.11 VE
Peter’s Pride icon
Peter’s Pride
As Peter II of Yugoslavia, overthrow your uncle and become King.
Yes Playing as Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yes Peter II is the current country leader. Simply go down and complete a focus which puts Peter in charge, such as End the Regency. With historical AI, you won't be attacked before you can take the focus. Death or Dishonor 1.10 VE
Play It, Sam icon
Play It, Sam
Have a spy network of at least 50% strength in Casablanca.
Yes Network Strength in Casablanca (461) more than 50% Establishing a spy network is available even in peacetime so the achievement is fairly simple. Set your operatives on "Establish Spy Network" mission in Casablanca and the achievement will trigger once the network strength is over 50%. You can do this as soon as you have recruited your first operative but the more operatives you assign to establish a network in the same region, the faster the network will be at full strength. La Résistance 1.9 VE
Poland Peasant Revolution icon
Poland Peasant Revolution
As Poland, have the Peasant’s Strike overthrow the government.
Yes Playing as Flag of Poland Poland Yes Flag of Poland Poland:
  • Simply take the focus “Organize the Peasant’s Strike” and then take the decisions to claim provinces as well as the option to expand the strike to the factories.
  • Having even a few provinces let’s you win the civil war easily
No Step Back 1.11 VE
Romance of the Three Kingdoms icon
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
As China, puppet and then annex Yunnan and Guangxi Clique.
Yes Playing as Flag of China China Yes achievement_romance_of_the_three_kingdoms_GXC flag is set

Yes achievement_romance_of_the_three_kingdoms_YUN flag is set

With Waking the Tiger ‘Waking the Tiger’ DLC:

  • Pick the “Subjugate the Warlords” focus from “Three Principles of the People” branch. Yunnan and Guangxi will either subjugate (and will become your puppet) or will refuse - then you will get a war goal against them. You may annex the majority of their states, however, it is important to puppet them.
  • After subjugating warlords, a series of “Integrates the Warlords” decisions will be opened; just make decisions for Yunnan and Guangxi.

With Together for Victory ‘Together for Victory’ DLC enabled and Waking the Tiger ‘Waking the Tiger’ DLC disabled:

  • There are 2 main ways of doing this achievement, depending on if Flag of Japan Japan chooses to support or purge the Kodoha faction:
    • If Flag of Japan Japan supports the Kodoha faction, quite frequent on non-historical AI, it will not attack China. This leaves you alone to justify (As soon as the tension goes high enough, as there is no way to change the ideology) and puppet Flag of Yunnan Yunnan and Flag of Guangxi Clique Guangxi Clique via war, allowing you to use the Together for VictoryTogether for Victory's system for puppets to annex them, which will grant the achievement.
    • If Flag of Japan Japan purges the Kodoha faction, the Chinese United Front event will annex Flag of Guangxi Clique Guangxi Clique and Flag of Yunnan Yunnan into Flag of China China, as AI always accepts to be annexed. After that, you can release Flag of Guangxi Clique Guangxi Clique and Flag of Yunnan Yunnan as puppets and use the Together for VictoryTogether for Victory's system to annex them, granting the achievement.
Waking the Tiger Together for Victory 1.5 VE
Shaken, Not Stirred icon
Shaken, Not Stirred
Successfully stage a coup in any nation using a spy with the Seducer trait.
Yes Start a coup in any nation using an Operative with the seducer trait. At least 1 operative participating in the Coup Government operation requires the seducer trait. This will trigger the achievement_seducer_spy flag.
  • Start as any non-aligned country and get a spy with seducer trait. Dutch East Indies is the easiest target as they have a high non-aligned popularity at the start and won't be building a spy agency until later.
La Résistance 1.9 VE
Spies Trade icon
Spies Trade
As India, become the spymaster for the Allies.
Yes Playing as Flag of British Raj British Raj Yes Is spymaster

Yes In a faction with Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom

Make sure you have 5 free Civilian factories, and immediately use them to Form Agency on the top of the Intelligence Agency menu. Then, upgrade the Agency three times with anything you like, and after that the option to Become Spymaster (for the Allies) will be available next to the name and icon of your agency at the top of the window. Invest 50 PP, and the achievement should trigger. The AI will always accept, as there is a whopping +1000 positive modifier for the AI to accept a request to become Spymaster if the asking country is controlled by a player. India needs to be at least a dominion to become spymaster. La Résistance 1.9 VE
The Balkan Powder Keg icon
The Balkan Powder Keg
As Yugoslavia, start the Second World War (i.e. be part of either the Axis or the Allies and at war with the other faction in a war you started).
Yes Playing as Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia War goal Declared war on Axis/Allies while part of Allies/Axis (respectively)
  • Choose Fascist Demagogue as your first Political Power spending, turn Fascist (skip Civil War option) and join the Axis
  • Start Justifying War on the UK and when it's done declare war
    • Declaring war on a country before it joins the Allies does not trigger the achievement
  • When playing with Death or Dishonor DLC before joining Axis get "Invite German Military Mission" Focus to avoid Civil War
  • Can be done before 1938

Note that it's possible for the achievement to fire off if you declare on a member of the Allies even if the Allies are already at war, provided that one joins the Axis before declaring (although note that doing so can cause problems if Bulgaria has been granted occupation of certain zones).

1.4 VE
Time is on our side icon
Time is on our side
Reach 1948.
Time Date is > 1947.12.31 Play as any South American nation if you want to AFK. If you manage to pull this off as Flag of France France, without ever surrendering or capitulating once, you will also unlock the Vive la France achievement. 1.0 VE
To Arms in Dixie! icon
To Arms in Dixie!
As the U.S.A., start a new civil war as the South.
Yes Playing as Flag of United States United States Yes The Boston Rebellion has begun.

Abstain from Continue the New Deal until the 1936 election, choose Republicans, and Re-establish the Gold Standard. Go down the America First path and complete the "Ally with the Silver Shirts" National Focus to trigger the event chain leading to the civil war. For best results, complete the "Work with the bund" and "Recruit the Free Corps" national focuses. To actually form the Confederacy, complete the national focus "Honor the Confederacy" and all of its constituent decisions before the civil war ends.

Man the Guns 1.6 VE
Transport Tycoon icon
Transport Tycoon
Have at least 1000 convoys.
Convoy.png Has convoys > 999 Just set all of your dockyards as the Flag of United States United States to Convoy production and stay out of any wars.

Alternatively possible playing as the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom, using the same strategy, due to their much higher starting amount of convoys.

1.0 VE
Turing Complete! icon
Turing Complete!
Fully decrypt all nations in the Axis.
Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Yes As Great Britain, fully decrypt every Major nation in a faction with Germany
  • Flag of Germany Germany is a major
  • Every other country is either:
    • Not Germany and not in faction with Germany
    • Not a Major
    • Is fully decrypted
At the start of the game create your spy agency and unlock all cryptology tech, you only need to decrypt Germany as they are the only member of the Axis. La Résistance 1.9 VE
United Netherlands icon
United Netherlands
Conquer Belgium and Luxembourg as Netherlands.
Yes Playing as Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Yes Own and control the states:
  • Vlaanderen (6)
  • Holland (7)
  • Luxembourg (8)
  • Wallonie (34)
  • Brabant (35)
  • Friesland (36)
This becomes much easier with the Man the Guns Man The Guns DLC as it grants the Netherlands a National Focus tree containing focuses specifically geared towards this achievement. Cave to the British, then rush immediately to "Lead the Minor Democracies" branch. A focus is called "Form the Benelux" under it, and completing the focus will activate a decision "Propose Benelux Unification" for the player to take, which costs 300 political power. Taking the decision will fire an event for Belgium and Luxembourg to decide whether they should join the Netherlands. The event gives Belgium and Luxembourg a chance to avoid annexation. However, the AI will always choose to be annexed. Once Belgium and Luxembourg agree, you will annex them both and you have successfully achieved this without any bloodshed. 1.0 VE
We'll Build it in a Day icon
We'll Build it in a Day
Research Construction V.
Atomic Research.png Has researched Construction VConstruction V Stack up as many bonuses to research speed (especially industrial research speed) and work your way down the industrial branch. Eventually, you should reach Construction V. Flag of Brazil Brazil is a good candidate, being a very large minor nation that isn't likely to get involved in any wars. step 1.0 VE
You Will Never Kill Me Alive icon
You Will Never Kill Me Alive
Have one of your spies take a Suicide Pill.
Yes Have an operative die with the Suicide Pills agency upgrade active. The required global flag: kill_me_alive_flag is set when a player's operative dies if the player has completed the Suicide Pills agency upgrade. If you keep sending your operatives on missions, or indeed just have them perform various activities like Build Intel Network in other countries, eventually one of them will die and the achievement will trigger. The chance that the agents will be caught in the Soviet Union is higher than in other countries, so you should send the agents to the Soviet Union and let them build an Intel Network. La Résistance 1.9 VE
Arsenal of Democracy icon
Arsenal of Democracy
As the U.S.A., have more than 300 military factories.
Yes Playing as Flag of United States United States Yes Current ruling party is DemocracyDemocratic

Yes More Military factoryMilitary Factories than 300

To get extra building slots, the War Powers sub-branch gives war goals even as a democracy. Save up Political Power. Do not do the building quests while Roosevelt is in power because when you make Alf Landon president, The Congress Support will be high. Take all statehood-granting decisions when Political Power reaches 100. When Landon becomes President, go straight to America First. Once complete, take the new advisor. Then go to American Institute of Sciences. When Fascist support gets to 30.10%, it will be possible to take War Powers Act. Change the Advisor to Democratic as soon as that focus is taken. Take Anti-Fascist Raids decision whenever available to reduce Fascist support. When War Support reaches 35%, take Seize Cuba and Eliminate the Southern Threat for Cuba and Mexico. When Fascism reaches below 20%, take Ban Fascism to be able to take the Neutrality Act for factories.

For more experienced players, the Panay incident random event (which fires when Flag of Japan Japan conquers Shanghai and Nanjing) grants the player the opportunity to start an early war with Japan to acquire even more factories.

1.6 E
Australia-Hungary icon
As Australia, own all core territory of Hungary.
Yes Playing as Flag of Australia Australia Yes Conquered all Flag of Hungary Hungarian core territory
  • Turning off Death or DishonorDeath or Dishonor DLC will prevent Hungary from obtaining cores aside from those it started with.

Get Fascist, justify on Hungary, leave Allies/join Axis, wait for Anschluss, paradrop from German Austria to the three Hungarian cities. Relocating transport planes to your faction airfield will require sending other planes first, so make sure to send some fighters. Also, be aware there may be some issues caused by the central air node bug but this can be fixed by focusing your transport planes on your air field's air zone once the battle plan is initiated. Don't ask for help in the war. If you do it early enough, it should be a quick conflict. Focus tree: Never Another Gallipoli down to Our Own Empire (though you can declare independence quicker than the focus tree using the Autonomy mechanic). To prevent delays, read-ahead down the tree, e.g., have enough infantry equipment stored for Supply Indonesian Nationalists.

1.5 E
Better than the Szent István icon
Better than the Szent István
As Hungary, have Miklos Horthy as a Naval commander and build a battleship.
Yes Playing as Flag of Hungary Hungary
  • Yes Has the unit leader Miklos Horthy
  • Battleship.png Has at least 1 Battleship
  • As Hungary you start without a coast. Getting to the coast is easiest through either Yugoslavia or Romania. There are several decisions in the focus tree, giving claims, but to make Miklos Horthy a Naval Commander you need to take the Habsburg Prince Focus Path.
  • All you need to do after, is build at least 1 Battleship, (you need to research that tech because Hungary starts without any Naval Tech in 1936) and assign Miklos Horthy to that fleet.
Death or Dishonor 1.4 E
Britzkrieg icon
As the United Kingdom, put Edward VIII in power, ally Germany and fully control Paris.
Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Yes Has completed focus The King's Party

Yes Is in faction with Flag of Germany Germany
Yes Flag of France France has capitulated or does not exist
Yes has full control of Ile de France

Follow the focus tree to Alliance with Germany Justify against France and launch a naval invasion of Normandy. It is not necessary to call Germany into the war. This can be combined with the Last for a Thousand Years achievement. If France is puppeted, the achievement will not fire. Annex all cores, territories, and colonies to be sure. Man the Guns 1.6 E
Cut The Strings icon
Cut The Strings
Break free from your overlord as a puppet.
Autonomy puppet icon.png Playing as a puppet Autonomy freedom icon.png Is not a subject With Together for Victory / Death or Dishonor DLC:
  • As British Raj build military factories, invest tech in newest infantry weapons, mass produce it and lend-lease them to the UK for autonomy points (technology above UK level will net more points).
  • Can be combined with "Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons" (declaring independence after dropping the nuke) - requires Together for Victory.
  • WARNING! Cannot be done as Egypt (possibly because starting a game as the UK).
  • Can be done as Manchukuo by following the focus tree to declare war on Japan - requires Waking the Tiger.

Without DLC:

  • Hire an ideology-changing advisor and prepare for a civil war.
  • Once the civil war starts, the playable side in the civil war will receive independence, which grants the achievement.
1.3 E
Destroyer of Worlds icon
Destroyer of Worlds
Deploy a nuke.
Yes Country flag achievement_has_dropped_nuke is set

This achievement is ideally tackled as a nation that can receive more than just the standard nuclear research bonus in the generic focus tree - Flag of Germany Germany is an ideal choice if one goes Democratic, given that on top of a bonus to nuclear weapons, it can get an ahead of time bonus on nukes. Can be combined with "Our Words Are Backed with Nuclear Weapons" if done as the British Raj with Together for Victory.

1.0 E
En Svensk Tiger icon
En Svensk Tiger
As Sweden, acquire a production license for a Tiger or Tiger II tank from Germany.
Yes Playing as Flag of Sweden Sweden Yes Is licensing from Flag of Germany Germany either:
  • Heavy Tank II (Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger)
  • Heavy Tank III (Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B)
  • Improved Heavy Tank Chassis
  • Advanced Heavy Tank Chassis
  • Choose Fascist Demagogue as your first Political Power spending and turn Fascist (skip Civil War option)
  • Join Axis and help them in wars (Germany has to survive until they research Tiger tank - at least late 1943)
Death or Dishonor 1.4 E
I Am the Tong Master icon
I Am the Tong Master
As South Africa, break free from the UK and puppet another nation.
Yes Playing as Flag of South Africa South Africa
  • Autonomy freedom icon.png Is not a subject
  • Yes Has subjects >0

With Together for Victory DLC:

  • Get the Fascist focuses ,declare independence of South Africa
  • Release Namibia as your puppet.

Without Together for Victory DLC:

  • Turn Fascist
  • Produce few subs and some extra convoys
  • Justify and Declare War on Liberia and puppet them in a peace deal (can also be done by releasing Namibia and justifying on them.)
1.3 E
I Captured the Bosporus and All I Got Was This Lousy Achievement icon
I Captured the Bosporus and All I Got Was This Lousy Achievement
As Greece or Bulgaria, own both sides of the Bosporus. As Turkey, subjugate both Greece & Bulgaria.
Yes Playing as either: If Flag of Greece Greece or Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria:

Yes Owns state Istanbul (797) Otherwise:

The Bulgarian focus "The Fate of the Balkans" allows for the peaceful puppeting of Turkey. The Greek focuses resulting from "Resurrecting the Megali Idea" allow for a war with Turkey where you will gain Istanbul. Simply invite the UK, France, and Italy then promise them all concessions. Some of them will join the war and grant you the needed land. It is also possible to combine this achievement with "Balkan Problem Solved" and request the required land from Turkey peacefully by a decision in exchange of 75 PP. An other option is to follow the communist branch of Bulgaria and at the very end complete the focus 'The Unification of the Balkans'. This focus unlocks a decision to ask Turkey for control of the states needed for this achievement. Currently, if Turkey refuses, the decision will appear again after a few days. So once you have 75 PP you can try again until Turkey does accept. This is a bug, seeing as its unlikely that it was intended for that decision to have more then one use.

1.10 E
Istanbul is Constantinople. Again. icon
Istanbul is Constantinople. Again.
As Greece, capture Istanbul and rename it to Constantinople.
Yes Playing as Flag of Greece Greece Yes Owns Istanbul (797)

Yes Istanbul has been renamed to Constantinople:

  • either Formed the Byzantine Empire, Restored Byzantium or Formed Greater Greece decisions
It is easy to do if you go for the Megali Idea which potentially can have you, UK, and France agree to split up Turkey and all attack Turkey. Do note that even if the UK or France has agreed to split up Turkey they can individually bail on the war when you do the focus to declare war on Turkey.
Battle for the Bosporus 1.10 E
Just proper gander icon
Just proper gander
As the Soviet Union, activate 30 propaganda campaigns before 1945.
Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Yes Performed 30 propaganda Campaigns

Time Date is < 1945.1.1

  • Complete "The Path of Marxism Leninism", "Addressing Internal Affairs", "Expand the Agitprop", "The Komsomol" and then either "Positive Heroism" or "Collectivist Propaganda" to unlock the Agitprop decisions and expand to three slots.
  • Continually take these decisions as soon as they are available to achieve 30 campaigns around five years after starting so make sure to start by 1939 just to be safe.
  • This achievement works well with "The Soviet Onion" as you can have all your borders covered by puppets and only have to worry about garrisoning ports after Germany attacks.
1.11 E
Make a Man Out Of You icon
Make a Man Out Of You
As a Warlord, have at least 1,000,000 manpower queued up for deployment.
Yes Playing as either: Yes More than 1,000,000 Manpowermanpower in deployment queue
  • You can only train 75% of the manpower currently on the field with a minimum of 100.00K. So that means you must have at least 1,333,334 Manpower on the field to do this achievement. Flag of Guangxi Clique Guangxi Clique has the highest starting manpower. The tactic for this would be to get to 5 army EXP, create a 1 width division and just spam it out (make sure to it it o the highest priority in the recruiting tab so it gets guns first). Deploy them as soon as possible and just switched them over, rinse and repeat until you can queue 1 million+ manpower.
  • It may be best completed with the Battlecry achievement.
1.5 E
Master of War icon
Master of War
Fully research a land, naval and air doctrine tree.
Atomic Research.png Has researched a full branch in each of the tech fields:
  • Air Doctrine
  • Land Doctrine
  • Naval Doctrine
If you think you should have got this and haven't, double check you haven't missed one that wasn't mutually exclusive on the same row of the tree. 1.0 E
Mi Casa es tu Casa icon
As Mexico, host a government-in-exile.
Yes Playing as Flag of Mexico Mexico Yes Any country is exiled in Flag of Mexico Mexico

In order for Mexico to host an exiled country, it has to be Democratic and a faction leader needs to be Democratic. Although Mexico does not have to be the faction leader, it still needs a powerful army or economy to host exiles. Exile Calles to hire the Democratic advisor, then go down the Spanish Refugees branch to Hispanic Alliance or Bolivarian Alliance (wait until you have completed either focus to transition to Democracy). Change your government, use the Hispanic Solidarity decision to invite Guatemala to your faction, then use the March Southward focus to get a war goal on El Salvador. Declare war, remove all your forces from Guatemala and wait for it to capitulate.

Man the Guns 1.6 E
Monarchy is Back in Fashion icon
Monarchy is Back in Fashion
As Germany, Bring back the Kaiser and ensure that Italy is controlled by Victor Emmanuel by killing Mussolini.
Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany YesWilhelm II is the current country leader

Yes Flag of Italy Italy: Victor Emmanuel III is the current country leader

Follow the "Return of the Kaiser" and the "Focus on the True Enemy" path in the "Oppose Hitler" tree until you get to the "Assassinate Mussolini" Focus. Wilhelm II must be your leader and he must not die before the focus is complete.

Alternatively, one can simply puppet Italy as non-aligned Germany - generate 25 world tension (justifying on Romania and capitulating France through naval invasions is an easy way to do this; alternatively, one can rush Poland to make the German Civil War easier), and take Oppose Hitler (the tension from Oppose Hitler, as well as Restore the Kaiserreich and Return of the Kaiser, will get it past 40); form a faction with Austria, and then when the event for annexing them fires, accept so you can get a border with Italy. Guarantee Greece and Yugoslavia, and then when Italy goes to war with one, answer the call to arms. Capitulate and puppet Italy (the achievement does not require Italy to be in control of all of it's cores).

Waking the Tiger 1.5 E
No more Partitions icon
No more Partitions
As Poland, be independent and ensure that both Germany and the USSR are either in your faction or don’t exist.
Yes Playing as Flag of Poland Poland Yes Flag of Germany Germany: One of the following must be true:
  • Does not exist
  • Is in Faction with Flag of Poland Poland

Yes Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union: One of the following must be true:

  • Does not exist
  • Is in Faction with Flag of Poland Poland

Yes Flag of Poland Poland:

  • Is fully independent.
  • All core states are controlled by Flag of Poland Poland
Check which political path Germany goes. If it's Oppose Hitler:
  • Pick Regency Council, and 'Seek an Alliance with the Kaiser' once Germany completes Return of the Kaiser or Monarchy Compromise. This puts you in the German faction, so you can safely keep Danzig if the German ask for it.
  • Peacefully annex other countries with your king's focuses. Habsburgs gives you Czechoslovakia (don't pick the Habsburg faction as it takes you out of the German one), Hohenzollern gives Romania and Commonwealth provides wargoals on the Baltic States.
  • Defeat the USSR with the help of Germany.

If Germany goes historical:

  • Pick Organize the peasant's strike, then the two communist options. Take the decision to expand the strike to the factories and use your PP and CP to pick the states with the largest numbers of factories but as long as you gain a bit of land the civil war is simple.
  • Start building up your industry and go for 'Surrender the East'. You have to become a puppet to join the Axis or Comintern and while you can become independent quicker with the fascist path, you won't be able to get your cores back later on. Do not declare independence through the focus as the USSR would declare war on you, ask the USSR for Eastern Poland back and they should accept.
  • Switch to the repeating focus to raise your autonomy when ready, Hand Danzig over to the Germans to buy time. Eventually Germany will declare war on the USSR and they will call you in automatically, focus on defence until you're well equipped enough to take the fight to them.
  • You should be able to gain independence before the end of the war, through war contribution and the autonomy focus. You need a decent war score because you gained cores on east Germany, you need your old cores and the eastern German provinces to get the achievement.
1.11 E
Not much fun in Stalingrad icon
Not much fun in Stalingrad
As Germany, capitulate the Soviet Union without taking Stalingrad.
Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany Yes Flag of Germany Germany: Capitulated the Soviet Union without taking the city of Stalingrad or having troops in any province in its state (217). It is recommended to use spies to create a Collaboration Government La Résistance and lower the stability of the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union to decrease their surrender threshold. Most easily done with historical focuses on, immidiately justifying on Poland then once the war concludes justifying on the Soviets. 1.11 E
Now This is Getting Childish icon
Now This is Getting Childish
As Yugoslavia or Bulgaria, be at war while both countries are ruled by a child.
Yes Playing as either: Yes Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria is at war with Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Yes Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria: Regency Council is the current country leader
Yes Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: Prince Paul has the Underage Monarch trait.
Note: the text is dynamic and refers to the current Yugoslavian ruler. It is Peter II, not Prince Paul, that can get the Underage Monarch trait.

Peter II permanently loses the Underage Monarch trait in September 1941. Historical Yugoslavia will have him in power before that date, while historical Bulgaria will not have formed the Regency Council. Therefore, the achievement is best done as Bulgaria with historical focuses active. The Regency Council is formed through the Illusions of a Non-Partisan System branch, which requires at least 20% democratic popularity. Integrating the Agrarian Union faction and the Limited Women Suffrage focus both unlock pro-democratic advisers with additional bonuses. Go for the Plot Against Boris focus and pick the decisions to kill him, then choose a pro-Axis regent and join the Axis. Prince Paul will be replaced by Peter II in February 1941, and Germany will attack Yugoslavia soon after. Join the war to get the achievement. May be done in conjunction with "Master Puppeteer" (win against Yugoslavia and release the constituent states as puppets) and/or "Prussia of the Balkan" (e.g. annex Yugoslavia complete "Fate of the Balkans" after annexing Yugoslavia, help Axis against Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union, help Allies against Axis, use decisions to puppet and annex Flag of Romania Romania & Flag of Greece Greece).

Death or DishonorBattle for the Bosporus 1.10 E
Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons icon
Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons
As India, develop and deploy a nuke. You must have the Quit India Movement national spirit.
Yes Playing as Flag of British Raj British Raj
  • Yes Country flag RAJ_quit_india_movement is set
  • Yes Country flag achievement_has_dropped_nuke is set
  • RAJ_quit_india_movement country flag is set by Quit India Movement national focus
  • Develop, build and deploy a nuclear bomb (remember about getting some strategic bombers and fighters for air superiority). You have 2 focuses giving you boost in that area. If China falls you can alone keep Japan away at the border and look out for Siam because it can turn Fascist by Japanese Focus.
  • Can be combined with "Cut The Strings" (just do it after dropping the nuke).

A viable strategy is to combine this with "Spies Trade" - build an intelligence agency, become the allied spy master ASAP, and infiltrate the air forces of each of the Axis powers (from a combination of the other UK Dominions, and all the nations that join throughout the course of the war, you should have more than enough spies to infiltrate 2 air forces at a time. Research fighters and Strategic Bombers. With historical focuses on, Turkey will join the Allies in 1943. Station fighters and strategic bombers in the Istanbul airport, and drop a nuke on either Hungary or Bulgaria - the Axis are likely too busy keeping fighters on the Soviet Frontlines to stop you if you're quick enough. Alternatively, just nuke Siam once they join Japan's faction.

Together for Victory 1.3 E
Panda-monium icon
As a warlord, be at war with all Chinese nations simultaneously.
Yes Playing as either: Yes At war with: This is best with the Waking the TigerWaking the Tiger DLC because without it, the warlords will be annexed by Flag of China China and Flag of Communist China Communist China.

Easiest to do as Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang because of the possible alliance with Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union.

An easier way to do this achievement is to turn fascist as a warlord, then join the Japanese faction. When Japan declares war on China, join their war, and when China calls in the members of the Chinese United Front, you will instantly get the achievement.

1.5 E
Second Time’s the Charm icon
Second Time’s the Charm
As France, occupy Moscow while Napoleon VI is your country leader.
Yes Playing as Flag of France France Yes Controls Moscow (219)

Yes Napoléon VI is the current country leader.

Can be done easily if siding with Germans. Rush the monarchist focus tree, you need "Avenge Waterloo" focus. Prepare to attack Britain with naval invasion. Your starting army and fleet will be enough to destroy them. Wait until Germany declares war on Poland. Britain will join the war. The moment they do this declare war on Britain. Germany will invite you to their faction, accept this invitation and annex Britain. Guarantee Finland as the USSR justifies a war goal on them. Accept the call to arms and invite the rest of the Axis. This will make the war easier as they will not receive the "Great Patriotic War" buff. Once they take Moscow, ask them to give you control in that state. Make sure you have enough war score so they will allow this. La Résistance 1.9 E
Team America icon
Team America
As the U.S.A., drop a nuclear bomb on Paris.
Yes Playing as Flag of United States United States Yes Dropped a nuclear bomb on Paris As a democratic nation, build a lot of planes, namely strategic bombers and fighters, and rush nuclear technology. Germany will control Paris. When in the allies, move your planes to the airfield on the British Isles and set them on mission to Northern France when the nuclear tech is ready and one nuke is available. Achieve air superiority and nuke Paris when ready. 1.6 E
The Empire Strikes Back icon
The Empire Strikes Back
As Britain, declare war on one of your former subjects.
Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Relation wargoal.png At war with either:
  • With Together for Victory DLC:

Relinquish Scotland from occupied territories & choose play as then turn fascist, join the Axis after Germany declares war on the UK and join the war, This may be a bug as you aren't actually playing the uk but one of its constituents, the achievement still unlocks

  • With Man the Guns DLC:

Any sub-branch of the tree under 'A Change in Course' causes the Dominion to break ties with the United Kingdom and leave the Allies.

  • Without Together for Victory DLC:
    • Turn Fascist - that will prompt your allies to leave faction
    • Justify and Declare War on one of these: Canada/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa
1.3 E
The Pope? How many Divisions does he have? icon
The Pope? How many Divisions does he have?
As the USSR take Rome.
Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Yes Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union controls Latium (2)

Can be done relatively easily by defeating the Axis together with the Allies and simply taking Latium in the peace deal. It is not required to have Joseph Stalin as the current leader.

Alternatively, it could be combined with "The Romanovs laugh last". If you take some ports in the Balkans, ask the Allies for military access and prepare a naval invasion on Latium.

1.11 E
The weapons of the Third Emu War icon
The weapons of the Third Emu War
As Australia, use a nuclear bomb on core Australian territory.
Yes Playing as Flag of Australia Australia Yes Country flag achievement_AST_nuke_self is set Option 1:
  • While researching nukes, build some troops and interceptors for defense.
  • Wait for Japan to declare war and have at least one nuke built.
  • Let the Japanese conquer one province and nuke it. If not enough air superiority, use your own interceptors or wait for the Allies.

Option 2, without Man the Guns

and Together for Victory
  • Turn off Together for Victory and Man the Guns - this will allow you to leave Allies instantly. Do not engage any factions or wars then.
  • Don't develop any political branch in national focus tree.
  • Invent and build fighters, bombers and nukes.
  • Prepare and launch civil war.
  • Achieve air superiority over and nuke the rebels.
1.3 E
This is Madness! icon
This is Madness!
As Greece, fulfil the Megali Idea and then form Greater Greece.
Yes Playing as Flag of Greece Greece Yes Has formed Flag of Hellas Greater Greece:
  • Controls all Greek states
  • Controls all western coastal Turkish states

if not democraticdemocratic

  • Controls Dodecanese Islands(164)
  • Controls Cyprus(183)
The Megali Idea involves you, UK, and France agreeing to attack and split up Turkey so you are guaranteed the land required in the peace deal. Do note that the UK and France can individually bail on the war when you complete the focus to attack Turkey even if they agreed at the convention, but it is still easy to beat Turkey with just one of them and is possible to beat them by yourself.

The decision to form Greater Greece is unlocked either by the focus "Nenikikamen" while your leader is not Georgios Kosmidis, by completing the focus "The Modern Movement" and choosing to have "Ioannis Metaxas" as your country leader, or by completing the focus "Prepare for the Great Anti-Fascist War".

Battle for the Bosporus 1.10 E
Tojo Shot First icon
Tojo Shot First
As Japan, Nuke a core territory of the US before the US develops nuclear weapons.
Yes Playing as Flag of Japan Japan Yes Flag of United States United States does not have technology: Nuclear Bombs

Yes Dropped a Nuclear Bomb on a core state of the Flag of United States US

  • This is best done with the Sunrise Invasion Achievement.
  • When you have nukes, release the US and go to war with them.
  • To make the war easier to re-annex them, finish off the allies and Comintern so the US does not join their faction but it is not necessary.
  • The US must control the state you drop the nuke in.
  • Alternative strategy: Go down the historical part of your focus tree. Invade the Soviet Union shortly after Germany declares war on them. In the peace deal, make sure you take the states with coastlines on the Pacific to extend the range of your navies. Prepare a naval invasion from the port in Northeast Siberia to Vancouver and get war goals on the Philippines and British Malaya through your focus tree. Declare war on the Allies but NOT on America, and launch the naval invasion. The Canadian divisions will likely be in Europe or Africa, so there should be nobody to stop you securing the airfield in British Columbia. Send some fighters and strategic bombers there, wait for their arrival then pause. Give the fighters air superiority missions over an American air zone, assign the bombers to that air zone then without unpausing, declare war on the Philippines. The US will automatically join, now all that is left is to drop a nuke.
1.5 E
Totally Not Cool, Bromania icon
Totally Not Cool, Bromania
As Romania, change sides in the war and capitulate a former ally.
Yes Playing as Flag of Romania Romania Yes Flag of Romania Romania has switched sides and capitulated a former ally (which had not capitulated at the time of the switch). Take the focus "Revise the Constitution" then take "Balkans Dominance". Build an army to at least 500k manpower and take the "Align Hungary" and "Split Czechoslovakia" focuses. If Hungary refuses, win the war and puppet them. Germany should also agree to split Czechoslovakia giving Romania a Slovakian puppet. Take the "Appoint Pro-Axis Government", take the Fascist Demagogue and flip to Fascist. Then head to "Force Abdication". Remove the Fascist Demagogue once Romania flips to Fascist. Wait until Germany Declares war against Poland and Bulgaria joins the Axis. Join the war but do not let Hungary and Slovakia into the war. Place the army on the Bulgarian Border. Take King Michael's Coup to flip to Democratic and wait until Poland capitulates and the Soviet Union takes Eastern Poland. Take the "Join the Allies" decision and capitulate Bulgaria. Death or Dishonor 1.10 E
Tour de France icon
Tour de France
Occupy all of mainland France while having at least 20 fully equipped Bicycle regiments.
No Not playing as Flag of France France YesOccupy all of mainland France while having at least 20 fully equipped Bicycle regiments.

Yes Control all Flag of France French states in Europe
Yes number of bicycle battalions > 22
Yes number of infantry equipment in armies > 2200
Yes number of support equipment in armies > 220

  • "Mainland" France includes Corsica. Only Japan, Italy and the Netherlands have access to bicycle batallions.
  • Start as Japan. Join Axis and move all your armies and navies to Germany. Don't pick a focus yet.
  • Start fabricating a claim on France as soon as you have enough Political Power. After you gain 10 more PP start working on the army focuses to unlock bicycle divisions. Setup a naval invasion, making sure to include your light tanks and motorized infantry, from Germany to Dieppe and put your navy on naval invasion support.
  • When your claim is finished, declare war on France. Don't call in anyone, especially Germany.
  • After making a beachhead, put your entire army on French shores and conquer them. Use your motorized to secure Paris and Orleans, as this, in addition to taking Dieppe and Le Havre, is enough to capitulate France.
  • Change 6 infantry to 6 bicycle battalions in the Hohei Shidan template.

Alternatively play as Germany and play normally until you sea lion Britain. Take all of France and puppet the Netherlands and wait for them to have bicycle divisions. Copy their template and train the divisions.

A third option is to play as the UK - go down a Change in Course (any path is fine), get military access from Nationalist China (on historical, they are very obligated to help you), and launch naval invasions into the home islands (if you go communist, you can join the Comintern and attack from Vladivostok). Puppet Japan, who will eventually unlock Bicycle battalions - then, just secure France.

Another alternate solution is to play the netherlands, and go for the benelux unification by rushing cave to the british. You can build your military suprisingly powerful and with the help of the allies, when germany eventually declares war on you, you can invade them. After this you can easily take France, since they were weakened by the war and taking Paris should be no problem.

Another alternate solution is to play Italy and go for an early war with France. During the war take the Bersaglieri focus. Once France is occupied, produce 20 Bersaglieri divisions.

1.9 E
Underpaid, Undersexed, and Under Eisenhower icon
Underpaid, Undersexed, and Under Eisenhower
As the U.S.A., assume faction leadership of the Allies, and have over 50 expeditionary divisions from the United Kingdom.
Yes Playing as Flag of United States United States Yes Is in faction with the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom

Yes Is faction leader
Yes Received at least 50 expeditionary forces from the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom

You need 50% more factories and fielded manpower than the UK, which shouldn't be a problem after a few years of buildup. The UK will accept to send the 51 divisions you need if they have ~160 divisions, you can send them some of your own troops as expeditionary forces to get them past that number. Remember: Press the button below the army to ask for expeditionary units. Before request UK, give an order for the new army (for example, garrison or invasion), otherwise they will refuse. While some have advised that a garrison order is sufficient the AI will not accept a mere garrison order under most circumstances, so better to use an invasion order.

One viable way is to puppet the UK - go either fascist or communist, and declare war on the UK as early as possible. Capitulate them, and take them in the peace deal. Then, just wait until they make enough divisions, and request them (leave the Comintern/Axis and then form your own faction for the achievement if you didn't get a chance to take over faction leadership)..

Man the Guns 1.6 E
Vive la France icon
Vive la France
Reach 1948 as France without capitulating or surrendering.
Yes Playing as Flag of France France
  • Time Date is > 1947.12.31
  • Yes Global flag achievement_france_surrender is not set
  • Yes Has not capitulated
If you manage to pull this off, you will also unlock the Time is on our side achievement, if you haven't done so already. Can be done AFK if one flips to Fascism, joins the Axis, and never joins any of Germany's wars (does not require La Resistance; works fine with the default French Focus tree). 1.0 E
Vive la Jeune Ecole icon
Vive la Jeune Ecole
As France, have at least 150 Destroyers and research the maximum torpedo launcher technology, before 1945.
Yes Playing as Flag of France France Time Date is < 1945.1.1
  • Yes Has at least 150 Destroyer
  • Yes Has technology Modern Ship Torpedo Launcher
Can be achieved easily by rushing the fascist route in focus tree and joining the Axis. Concentrate on civilian factories. Wait for Germany to declare war on Poland. You can also annex Spain for more coastal provinces and factories while you are waiting. Join the war. Britain doesn't have a chance to oppose you, so it will be an easy war. Make sure that you took as many coastal provinces as you can. After that concentrate on building naval dockyards and make sure that you researched Modern Ship Torpedo Launcher technology. If everything done correctly, you can get this achievement by 1942. Man the Guns 1.6 E
Warszawo, Walcz! icon
Warszawo, Walcz!
Stage the Warsaw uprising and succeed.
YesFlag of Poland Poland has risen up against an occupying country that you are at war with.

Yes Any country at war with the player and Flag of Poland Poland has the Global flag warsaw_liberated_self_flag is set

warsaw_liberated_self_flag gets set if resistance hits 90 in a Flag of Poland Polish state. In 1.9.0, it doesn't seem to require you to succeed, just to hit 90 resistance.

An easy way to trigger the uprising as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union:

  • At the start of the game, justify and declare war on Poland and call Flag of Tannu Tuva Tannu Tuva into the war.
  • After capitulating Poland give all polish states to Tannu Tuva.
  • Kick Tannu Tuva from your faction and justify a war goal against them.
  • Declare war against Tannu Tuva but DO NOT capitulate them.
  • Since Tannu Tuva doesn't have the means to properly suppress the resistance, you can just wait until the resistance in Flag of Poland Poland hits 90.
1.9 E
Wunderwaffen icon
Research all rocket, nuclear and jet technologies.
Atomic Research.png Has researched:
  • Advanced rocket engines.png Advanced Rocket Engines
  • Jet engines.png Jet Engines
  • Nuclear bombs.png Nuclear Bombs
1.0 E
Assuming Direct Control icon
Assuming Direct Control
Starting as a minor power, assume faction leadership of the Allies, the Axis, or the Comintern.
No Not playing as either: Yes Has assumed faction leadership from:

Yes is Faction leader

  • With Man the Guns, assuming leadership on the diplomacy screen requires 50% more factories and fielded manpower than the current leader. Canada and Mexico probably have the best shot at doing it early, with a quick war against the US and lots of puppet manpower.
  • Faction leadership is also transferred to the next most powerful member if the current leader capitulates. This is the only way to get the achievement without Man the Guns. Start the game as Mongolia. Do not join the war when Germany attacks the Soviet Union, and wait for them to capitulate (as of 1.10 the Soviets on historical will likely lose). Once capitulated you will be the only member of the Comintern.
  • The fastest way is to start as any Fascist Central or South American country (Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Venezuela, or Peru) and set historical to off. Join Axis at the start which Germany should accept. If Germany does Rhineland, just restart the game. Otherwise, just wait for the German civil war to start. Once the Nazis are defeated by the rebels, you should get the achievement.
1.6 M
Balkan Problem Solved icon
Balkan Problem Solved
As Communist Bulgaria, form the United Balkan Federation and own all Balkan states as cores.
Yes Playing as Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Yes Current ruling party is CommunistCommunist

Yes Is faction leader
Yes Has completed focus The Unification of the Balkans
Yes Owns the core states of Flag of Romania Romania, Flag of Greece Greece, Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia and Flag of Albania Albania as core states

  • At start immediately save 150 PP to get the communist revolutionary and completely avoid faction interactions until you turn communist. You will only need to integrate the Zveno and get broad socialist loyalty over 50. Don't spend PP negotiating for rearmament, refuse the restrictions once you form your faction. You should be able to take the focus "The people's republic of Bulgaria" by December 1936.
  • Set all of your military factories to produce infantry equipment and build more mils in all of your states (you need lots of guns for coups)
  • Build a spy agency from the very start and make 5 improvements. With "The People's Militia Directorate" focus you can get 3 spies then you should increase this to 4 with an advisor. Take the "Balkan Federation of Socialist Republics" focus to influence Greece and Romania, Ignore Albania and Turkey. Do not spend PP on Yugoslavia. Once Greece and Romania are 20% communist you should be able to launch coups in both of them (if you need extra infantry equipment, delete your army. note this is only possible if you have already refused the army restrictions). You might have to run propaganda missions to lower their stability. If you have time it is possible to coup Albania communist before Italy annexes them but your priority should be Greece and Yugo. (This method is much faster and more consistent than waiting for them to flip peacefully due to the possibility of bad RNG rolls)
  • Whilst the coups are underway/preparing take all focuses up to "united we shall prevail" do not take "The unification of the Balkans"
  • After each individual coup launches, you can join the civil wars on the communist side and invite Yugoslavia to the wars. Once you are fighting the wars on the same side as the communists, they will accept invites to the faction.
  • Once the civil wars are over, immediately take "the unification of the balkans" focus, from test runs this can consistently be done Jan-March 1939, annexing Greece, Yugoslavia and Romania. By delaying it roughly half a year, the couping, allying and, annexation of Albania should be well within possibility.
  • Sign NAP with Italy so they don't declare for their Yugoslavian claims. If the soviets demand Bessarabia you can just deny it, the event only gives them a war goal against Romania (which now no longer exists) not the owner of the state. Now the states you are missing are controlled by Italy and turkey. No one should declare war on you, so you can sit it out for as long as you want to build up a large army. Attack Italy and Germany when their troops are deep in the Soviet Union.
  • Turkey will be guaranteed by both Germany and the UK. To get around this, start a communist coup in them and join its war through decision but do NOT invite them into the faction. When the communists win you can justify on them and they will not be guaranteed.
  • Whilst the achievement toolbox doesn't mention it, but you need the Turkish territories in Balkans for it to trigger.

Note: Don't forget the Dodecanese islands south of turkey Note 2: If you successfully take Albania, The Dodecanese, Istria, and Zara before declaring on Turkey this achievement can easily be continued into “Prussia of the Balkans” achievement.

Battle for the Bosporus 1.10 M
Crusader Kings icon
Crusader Kings
As South Africa, finish the A King for our People focus and take Jerusalem.
Yes Playing as Flag of South Africa South Africa
  • Yes Has Edward VIII.png Edward VIII national spirit
  • Yes Control the state Jerusalem (454)
  • Take Fascism route for independence, justify war on Portugal (don't leave Allies) and take their colonies - should be done before start of WWII.
    • As of ~1.10, you can no longer justify on a country that has not accrued World Tension as a member of the Allies. If you want Portugal, you'll have to take them by yourself.
  • Leave Allies justify war on UK (or if possible join Axis) and attack them from behind.
  • This should make UK lose in Egypt as they have to send some troops to fight you. If that's the case Italy will take Palestine so ask for control over it (if you don't have enough war score just kill more Allies). If not, drive straight for Palestine (get some ports along the way so you won't get cut off from supplies).
  • Remember to defend your ports - basic District Brigade (3xINF) will do the job nicely. It's the only quick way to lose because it will take ages for Allies to get to you through land (way longer than your troops going for Palestine will take).
Together for Victory 1.3 M
Crusader Kings III icon
Crusader Kings III
As Poland, crown a King (or Queen) and capture Jerusalem.
Yes Playing as Flag of Poland Poland Yes Flag of Poland Poland:
  • Has elected a Monarch
  • Controls Palestine (454)
  • This achievement works well with “Habsburgs. Habsburgs everywhere” as you will have already crowned a king and be able to get to Jerusalem easily by this point.
  • After crowning any of the five kings (Friedrich Christian, Karl Albrecht I, Michał II, Pavel Bermondt-Avalov, Anastasia Romanov or Wojtek) secure Lithuania through their respective focus and you will have sea access without angering the Germans (give up Danzig if they ask for it)
  • Move your navy into the Mediterranean to avoid being cut off by Britain and then justify a war on them (or anyone in the Allies), you will be able to get military access from Italy this way (or potentially before this).
  • Depending on the state of North Africa you will either have to navally invade Jerusalem to take it from the British, or if the Italians have taken it you can get military access from them, station troops in Jerusalem and declare war on a different Axis member to immediately gain control.
  • Alternatively, elect the Fascist king, join the Axis, and help them in the Africa campaign. As you only need to control Jerusalem, simply gain enough warscore to ask the controller to transfer occupation of Palestine to you.
No Step Back 1.11 M
Crush the Dream icon
Crush the Dream
As a Communist United Kingdom, crush the American Dream by puppeting the U.S.A.
Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Yes Current ruling party is communismCommunist

Yes Has completed focus Crush the Dream
Yes The Flag of United States United States is a subject of The Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom

Become communist as normal. Take the Move to Secure the Dominion focus as soon as you switch communist, and start justifying on the Philippines, since that won't raise WT by much but still make sure the US gets involved. Move your army to Canada, making sure to spread the divisions out and declare martial law to prevent it from seceding. (It is not enough to create a front line along the border, as Nova Scotia doesn't border the US, so at least two divisions must be placed there manually.) Then start Decolonisation while you wait for the justification to finish, and install a communist government in Canada to make sure they will be friendly to you. Then, position your army along the Canadian border, and make sure to train lots of 10w 1 unit cavalry brigades, since the US cannot man their entire border with their starting army and the cavalry can simply overrun their entire country with the US not being able to do much to stop it. When the justification is finished, declare war on the Philippines which will automatically draw in the US as they are a puppet. Since Decolonisation is likely done before the invasion (to prevent civil war), it is necessary to call Canada into the war to be able to attack the US from their border. (Don't bother with moving the Royal Navy to the US; it is a quick affair to capture all ports on both coasts in the lower 48 states and then the US Navy is not much of a threat.) The achievement requires taking the focus Crush the Dream which involves an alliance with the Soviet Union, and is unavailable if the US is already a puppet or not democratic, so DO NOT CAPITULATE THE US BEFORE THE FOCUS IS FINISHED or it will be bypassed, even if other alliance members are still fighting with the US. Try to keep the rest of the Comintern out of the war against the US to prevent them from gaining war score. If the UK becomes communist, France will likely create its own Little Entente alliance, and invite the UK to it. It is important to keep WT under 50% if possible while the invasion of the US is ongoing, since above that they will be able to join factions and thus ally themselves with France, making it necessary to capitulate France as well before it is possible to puppet the US. Although, given the military capabilities by that point, and that Germany will probably invade France too, it shouldn't be a big problem to do so. Man the Guns 1.6 M
Dracula’s Revenge icon
Dracula’s Revenge
As Yugoslavia, establish the autonomous region of Transylvania and have it own all Romanian cores.
Yes Playing as Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yes Flag of Transylvania Transylvania owns all of Flag of Romania Romania. You don't have to take the focus to release Transylvania, you can puppet it in the peace deal. Note that Transylvania needs to own all Romanian cores, meaning that if historical focus is turned on, you have to finish the war before Germany does the Second Vienna Award focus. In 1939 you should be guaranteed by both the UK and France, so you don't have to worry about the Allies. You can join the Axis or Comintern to force Romania moving some of their troops, but don't call them in, as giving Romanian land to Transylvania will require a lot of war score.

Can also be done as communist Yugoslavia. Go down the communist focus tree, make your own faction and do communist uprisings first in Albania and Bulgaria, then Romania. When communist Romania wins their civil war, justify and attack them, they will not be guaranteed by anyone, as they are communist and just fought a civil war. Puppet Transylvania in peace conference and give them all Romanian territory.

Death or Dishonor 1.10 M
Forge of Victory icon
Forge of Victory
Have 50 factories as Belgium.
Yes Playing as Flag of Belgium Belgium Yes Has factories > 49
  • Naval dockyards count toward this total
  • This total can be reached by going fascist or communist and conquering the Netherlands, combined with normal industrial build-up. Also easily accomplished as fascist as Germany will use your territory to bypass the Maginot Line typically resulting in your control of northern France upon their capitulation.
  • With Man the Guns enabled, conquering both Netherlands and Luxembourg allows you to core all of Benelux, which allows should bring you over the required number of factories. Safer to do in non-historical as Germany will often take longer to get their war goals and UK often end up not guaranteeing either.
  • 1.0 M
    Freedom or Death icon
    Freedom or Death
    As Greece, liberate Albania while being at war with Italy.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Greece Greece Yes Is at war with Flag of Italy Italy

    Yes Has full control of Northern Epirus (805)
    Yes Has full control of Albania (44)

    May be completed with Bad Romeance. Go fascist and justify on Albania once you flip. Since Italy is guaranteeing Albania they will join the war once you declare on Albania. Capitulate Albania and take all their land 1.10 M
    Freegypt icon
    As Egypt, go from puppet to a free nation using the autonomy system.
    Yes Is Flag of Egypt Egypt
    • Country flag achievement_EGY_colony is set
    • Country flag achievement_EGY_dominion is set
    • Country flag achievement_EGY_free is set
    • Start as UK (don't unpause) and release Egypt as a puppet (check "Play as" when the checkbox appears).
    • Produce some units to fight Italians in Africa. After you are secure the fastest way to gain autonomy points is to mass produce infantry weapons and convoys, then to Lend Lease them to the UK (it will give you more points if you have better tech than them so rush those next level weapons).
    • Fighting in Europe also give you nice autonomy boost (not as large as Lend Lease) but remember that if you win too soon you will be stuck with only 0.5 autonomy daily from focus.
    Together for Victory 1.3 M
    History Repeated Itself icon
    History Repeated Itself
    As the U.S.A., Win against the Confederate States. Again.
    Yes Playing as Flag of United States United States Yes The Second American Civil War has started

    Yes Confederacy of American States: Does not exist

    Pick the national focus "Suspend the Persecution", complete the national focus "WPA" and complete all of its successive focuses and then pick either the "Full desegregation" or "Union representation Act" national focuses to trigger a civil war with the Confederacy. The Flag of Confederacy of American States Confederacy of American States appears in the same southern states as the original Confederate States. Be mindful that several states in the Midwest around the Great Lakes will also break off to form the Flag of Unaligned States of America Unaligned States of America, but they will not be hostile towards you. Alternatively, taking the focus "Guarantee the American Dream" before the Civil War starts will cause the Midwest to remain loyal to you.

    Man the Guns 1.6 M
    House of Kurds icon
    House of Kurds
    As Kurdistan, hold all of your cores.
    Yes Original country is Flag of Kurdistan Kurdistan

    Yes As Kurdistan, hold all of your cores

    Flag of Kurdistan Kurdistan cannot be released by three of the countries which hold its cores at the start of the game (all except Flag of France France), meaning that these lands must be first acquired by playing a country that is not Flag of Iran Iran, Flag of Iraq Iraq or Flag of Turkey Turkey in order to release Kurdistan (selecting "Play as") for the achievement. This can be done as any country but is most straightforward as any of the major nations, particularly Flag of Germany Germany, Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom, Flag of France France and Flag of Japan Japan. Doing this achievement as one of these three countries also allows for it to be combined with True Blitzkrieg (and Operation Sea Lion if France joins Allies), Britzkrieg and Tour de France respectively since France must be conquered.

    If one has Man the Guns, an easy way to do this is as the United Kingdom if you go down the King's Party path - reclaim the Dominions (declare war manually as opposed to staging the uprisings), and while at war with the Commonwealth, take Reclaim the Jewel in the Crown, and use the war goals you get to declare on India and Burma - this will get them to join the Commonwealth, and lets you annex them in the peace deal if you take a tile from them while at war (whereas if you attacked them while not at war with anyone else, you'd have to capitulate them the normal way). If Pakistan has white peace'd with India but hasn't gone to war with Bangladesh, declare war on them afterwards - they'll have significantly less troops (if Bangladesh has spawned, leave it and Pakistan alone until they white peace, and focus on taking out the US and France; after Bangladesh and Pakistan WP, Bangladesh will disband their entire army). In the meantime, France and Czechoslovakia will have gone to war with Germany over Sudetenland. Take Unite the Anglosphere, train up your army to 96 divisions and station them on the Canadian-American border, and also train 20 cavalry units - stage 5 naval invasions of 2 cavalry units into France, and 10 cavalry units onto the Canadian-Alaskan Border. Declare war on the US, which will either result in France inviting the US and Philippines into the Little Entente (if France has formed that faction) or the US will form the North American Entente with the Philippines, and France (as well as Czechoslovakia) will join, resulting in you being at war with France, and Germany inviting you to the Axis (which you should accept). Launch the naval invasions and Rush the French victory points, and push through the United States - as France will still have Disjointed Government, they'll capitulate after taking Paris and a few others. During the peace deal, take the American States as well as the French-held Kurdish State - the Axis will mostly focus on African and European lands, and will only take land elsewhere if nothing else is left. Afterwards, conquer Iraq the normal way, and go down to "Expose the Belly of the Bear" - either Iran will agree to become a puppet (in which case, get to work on annexing them) or use the war goal you get from them refusing to conquer them, taking the one Kurdish state in the peace deal (if you don't have TfV, just annex them normally). Then, justify and declare on Turkey - by this point, Turkey will only be guaranteed by you and Germany if historical is turned on, and as you are both faction members, the Germans won't answer their call to arms (do not answer any German call to arms against the Soviet Union until after Turkey is defeated). After capitulating Turkey, take the 4 Kurdish states they hold in the peace deal, and then release Kurdistan.
    If one has La Resistance, they can easily achieve this as France, by doing revive the National Bloc and Utilize the Leagues, then rushing Freedom Front you can easily switch to Fascism, after that justify on Iraq and Iran so that you go to war with both at the same time, after annexing them you just have to wait for Germany to attack Poland and Romania to do Appoint Pro Axis Government so that Turkey doesn't have any guarantees and you can simply justify on them annex them and release and play as Kurdistan.

    Battle for the Bosporus 1.10 M
    It has my name on it icon
    It has my name on it
    As any Baltic State, conquer the entire shoreline of the Baltic Sea.
    Yes Playing as either: Yes Controls the following states:
    • Sjaelland (37)
    • Jutland (99)
    • Schleswig-Holstein (58)
    • Mecklenburg (61)
    • Hinterpommern (63)
    • Gdynia (807)
    • Danzig (85)
    • Ermland-Masuren (5)
    • Königsberg (763)
    • Memel (188)
    • Žemaitija (189)
    • Kurzeme (190)
    • Zemgale (809)
    • Rīga (808)
    • Pärnu (13)
    • Vidzeme (12)
    • Harju (812)
    • Saaremaa (811)
    • Virumaa (813)
    • Luga (208)
    • Leningrad (195)
    • Karjala (146)
    • Uusimaa (111)
    • Pohjanmaa (149)
    • Lappi (148)
    • Lappland (666)
    • Norrland (38)
    • Svealand (141)
    • Småland (139)
    • Scania (138)
    • Västergötland (140)
    • Can be done with the "This is going to be LIT" achievement.
    • Start as Lithuania, throne Mindaugas III and go down the Livonia/Commonwealth branches. This focus path essentially turns you into Poland, giving you a much larger army and industrial base. Conquer Estonia and Latvia for extra factories.
    • The German will turn to the west, so you only have to prepare for a Soviet attack. You can beat the USSR on your own, stack defensive bonuses and hold the line until you have opportunities for a counter-attack. Proceed to attack the Axis once Russia is under your control.
    • If Denmark, Sweden or Finland end up in Allied hands, you will have to fight them as well. The required provinces only need to be occupied/controlled, not owned. The Baltic Sea Islands, Gotland and Åland, are not necessary.
    No Step Back 1.11 M
    Last for a Thousand Years icon
    Last for a Thousand Years
    As the United Kingdom, accomplish the federation of the entire British Empire.
    Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Yes Has completed focus Imperial Federation

    Can be done as any ideology, but going down the King's Party path and fomenting imperialist revolutions in your dominions will allow you to create integrated puppets, eliminating the need to reduce autonomy. Make sure to improve relations and save up a few hundred political power before starting the imperial conference. 300-400 political power is a good number to have saved before starting but if you can spare the time and effort, having around 600-700 political power will ensure success.

    Man the Guns 1.6 M
    Made in China icon
    Made in China
    As Communist China, have over 100 military factories.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Communist China Communist China Yes at least 101 Military factoryMilitary Factories This achievement can be combined with The People Have Stood Up! achievement.
    • As Flag of Communist China Communist China, annex Flag of China Nationalist China and all of the warlords and build a lot of Military factories in your territory. Flag of Japan Japan may justify war on you and if so, just have your ports well guarded and hold the front line or conquer Manchuria and Korea, as doing so will trigger an event that allows you to end the war and acquire all of Japan's mainland possessions. The "Social Democracy" national focus and all focuses after it allows Communist China to start a power struggle with Nationalist China and if they can gather enough political support points, they can annex Nationalist China with no shots fired.
    • Offmap military factories do not count as they are considered occupied factories and are not specifically on your territory.
    1.5 M
    Master Puppeteer icon
    Master Puppeteer
    As Bulgaria, complete the focus The Fate of the Balkans while having 5 or more Balkan puppets.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Yes Has completed focus The Fate of the Balkans

    Yes at least 6 of the following is a subject of Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria:

    After completing "The Fate of the Balkans" you get the ability to peacefully puppet any nation with a Balkan capital who is in your faction, as well as the capacity to force them into your faction if they are not already in one. A puppeted Yugoslavia can be integrated with its constituent states released as puppets for this achievement, or you can seize Macedonia and Southern Serbia from them via decision. These states can make the puppets Macedonia and Serbia. In order to get states to join your faction via decision it is important to have more manpower deployed to the field, and puppet expeditionary forces contribute to this number.

    Battle for the Bosporus 1.10 M
    My Ships Don't Lie icon
    As Colombia, form Gran Colombia and have 10 Carriers and 10 Battleships.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Colombia Colombia Yes Has taken the decision to form Flag of Gran Colombia Gran Colombia

    Yes At least 10 Battleships
    Yes At least 10 Carriers

    Play on Historical AI to prevent the US from interfering with your conquests until mid-1944
    . Requires the Restore the Bolívar Union decision. You can easily naval invade Flag of Venezuela Venezuela if you're having trouble because of their lack of a navy. Flag of Peru Peru can also be easily naval invaded from the Galapagos because even though it has a bigger navy, they won't use it for the first couple of months of the war.

    Waking the Tiger 1.5 M
    Nobody expects... icon
    Nobody expects...
    As Nationalist Spain in Axis manage to take Paris before the Germans.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Nationalist Spain Nationalist Spain
    • fascism Current ruling party is fascist
    • Yes In a faction with Flag of Germany Germany
    • Yes Flag of Germany Germany is a faction leader
    • Yes Control the state Ile de France (16)
    It is viable to begin justifying the moment Franco takes power, win the civil war, and then go one of 2 routes. The first option is to launch naval invasions against Paris. You can join the axis faction after the conclusion of the war. The other option is to join the Axis and gain enough war score for Germany to give control of Ile de France (16) to Spain. It can be completed in the same run with the The Bell Tolls For Us achievement simply drifting towards communist or democratic after you capture Ile de France (16). 1.0 M
    Northern Light icon
    Northern Light
    As a Scandinavian country form your own faction, and have Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in it.
    Yes Playing as either:
    • Yes Is a faction leader
    • Yes Is in a faction with:
    • Begin by creating and upgrading a spy agency five times to get a second agent and deleting your entire army, start turning fascist through a demagogue and then prepare for a civil war via decisions, continually use the 'Expand civil support' decision to lower stability below 50%, once below 50% stability ignite civil war and rush out one cavalry division to b-line for Stockholm, the enemy should have zero divisions and very little territory so this will be enough to capitulate them.
    • After the civil war ends save up 190 political power to justify on Denmark and Norway then cancel justification on Denmark and redo it, this will give you concurrent war goals to avoid them getting guaranteed by the UK, while this is happening devote your spy agency to first 'Propaganda' in Finland and then once the civil war is over switch to 'Boost Ideology' to get ready for a Fascist coup.
    • Now begin preparing for war with Denmark and Norway by sitting one or two units to attack the Danish strait and sending around four units behind them with a naval invasion from the north, after justifying, expand conscription and follow the collectivist tree to be able to produce a large amount of cavalry to hold the Norwegian line.
    • Once justification is complete declare war at exactly the same time to avoid guarantees from the Allies and quickly rush for victory points, you will be much stronger and Norway will leave most of their land undefended, in the peace deal annex all their land for the time being as you can release them as a puppet later on.
    • Continue working on boosting fascist support in Finland and keeping their stability below 70%, once facism is above 20% begin preparing a coup in the Åland Islands, this is crucial as they will remain undefeatable by mainland Finland, once the coup is complete (and it is important to do this before late 1939 / early 1940 to avoid the Soviet Union getting involved) begin using 'Diplomatic Pressure' and 'Improve Relations' on the fascist rebels, they will survive almost indefinitely and once world tension is around 55% you will be able to create a faction with them, alternatively you can now freely justify on Finland as now they are at war which prevents them from being guaranteed, just make sure you haven't already started the faction as that could cause them to join the Allies.
    • Once the faction is created release Norway and Denmark as puppets and they will automatically join you.

    Easier in non-historical: if the UK changes ideology, France and Germany will fight early for Czechoslovakia, ending the threat of further guarantees.

    This achievement can be done with 'Med plutonium...' if you annex and release Denmark as free via the autonomy system by building in their states and lend leasing them.

    1.0 M
    Not a step back! icon
    Not a step back!
    As the Soviet Union never lose 1 core territory to anyone before 1945.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Time Date is > 1945.1.1

    Yes Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union: has not lost a core state.

    Do not take the focus "Reconcile Japan" since North Sakhalin is your core.

    One option is to turn off historical, but manually set Japan, China, Communist China, the Baltics, and Poland to follow their historical paths (setting countries to Historical never disables achievements). If Germany does Oppose Hitler, there's a very good chance they'll leave you alone as long as you don't declare on them. The allies will leave you alone if you don't cause any world tension.

    Another option is to manually justify on Poland in 1936. Puppet Ukraine and Belarus in Poland's former territory, leaving the rest of Poland alone. Keep those puppets out of the war and build forts along the border with Romania, which is relatively small and has a river. (When defending any river, make sure your divisions are small enough to reinforce combat even when tactics have reduced combat width by 50%.)

    1.11 M
    Once More Mate icon
    Once More Mate
    Occupy Gallipoli as Australia.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Australia Australia Yes Occupy the state Edirne (341) The easiest strategy is to join the Comintern and attack Turkey from the USSR. Call in the USSR to get naval supremacy in the Black Sea and naval invade the province. The achievement can be gained while at war. 1.0 M
    Our Chief Weapon is Surprise... icon
    Our Chief Weapon is Surprise...
    As Spain, have at least 5 spies and stage 5 coups against other nations.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Spain Spain or Playing as Flag of Nationalist Spain Nationalist Spain

    Yes Flag of Spain Spain has started more than 4 coups Yes has more than 4 spies

    • The result of the coups do not matter - coups will still count if the new government lost the civil war.
    • Join a major faction with a large number of members to be able to get enough spy slots. Do not join in the faction's wars so you can continue to trade with all countries and focus on spies.
    La Résistance 1.9 M
    Our Other Place in the Sun icon
    As Imperial Germany, conquer a Caribbean island.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany Yes Has completed focus Our Place in the Sun

    Yes Conquered an island in the Caribbean

    Requires Flag of Germany Germany to follow the neutralityMonarchist branch of their focus tree. Taking Curacao from the Dutch will not give the achievement, as it is counted as part of South America.

    An easy way to do this is to take Caribbean land before taking Oppose Hitler. This can easily be done by conquering France before taking Oppose Hitler; justify on France directly (while France guarantees Yugoslavia, Romania, and Czechoslovakia, if you justify on one of them, you'll call either Romania or Czechoslovakia in as well). Have your infantry secure the Maginot Line, convert all non-infantry units you control to the starting Panzer Division, and take Army Innovations to gain 10 XP (use said XP to add 2 more motorized units to the Panzer Division template) - optionally take Treaty with the USSR for early Medium Tanks if you plan on doing more than just this achievement. Set up a naval invasion from Wilhelmshaven to either Dunkerque or Calais, and have your starting navy on Strike Force in the English Channel. Declare war and launch the invasion - while the starting French navy is stronger than the starting German navy, there is a brief period where the player will have superiority over the Channel. Rush the victory points and capitulate France, then take Oppose Hitler; before the focus fires off, disband your entire army and lend-lease all equipment you have to another nation that's at war the day before the focus completes (either one of the factions in the Spanish Civil War or one of the various Chinese Warlords); after it fires off, cancel the lend-lease, and train 6 units of Panzer Divisions (force deploy them when possible); the AI will never train new units, and the Panzer Division is stronger than the Landstrumregiment (alternatively, train a bunch of units consisting of 1 artillery division before taking Oppose Hitler, and deploy as many as possible before the war starts, making sure to disband the rest of your army; when the war starts, switch them to something better like the starting infantry template - the AI will never switch them to another template, and they're incredibly frail). Upon completion of the Our Place in the Sun Focus, the achievement will fire off. If one opts to conquer Britain instead of France, they can also go for Operation Sea Lion (if you do that, justify on one of their dominions to avoid the UK getting guaranteed by France).

    Waking the Tiger 1.5 M
    Poland Can Into Space icon
    Poland Can Into Space
    Finish all Rocket Technologies as Poland.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Poland Poland Atomic Research.png Has researched Advanced Rocket EnginesAdvanced Rocket Engines Option 1: Give into German and Soviet demands for territory. Stay out of WWII. Stay on speed 5 the whole time. Research rockets.

    Option 2: Turn fascist and join the Axis. Try to stay out of wars as long as you can. Make sure to research rockets.

    With Man the Guns DLC, Even when you get overrun and conquered by the Germans and/or the Soviets, you will continue the game as a government-in-exile hosted by the United Kingdom and remain eligible for the achievement. As long as Allies survive, you can continue doing research to get the achievement.

    1.0 M
    Pride and Extreme Prejudice icon
    Pride and Extreme Prejudice
    Sink the British Pride of the Fleet.
    No Not playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Yes Sank the British Pride of the Fleet

    It can be done quickly as Japan. In the 1936 start, the Japanese fleet is immediately capable of sinking not just the HMS Hood, but the entire Royal Navy if played properly. Choose to purge the Kodoha faction and justify on the UK (or British Malaya) as soon as possible. Ask Germany for docking rights, and move your entire fleet to their port nearest to the UK. Use the bulk of your fleet as a strike force, with three groups of destroyers patrolling the naval areas around the UK. If possible, you can also use naval bombers as well for added firepower. When the justification has finished, declare war on them. If Germany invites you to the Axis you should accept for the opportunity to move your planes to their airfields. From there just keep beating the Brits and building new ships and bombers (importing Oil for fuel if needed) until your fleet sinks the Hood and unlocks the achievement.

    Man the Guns 1.6 M
    Race for Germany icon
    Race for Germany
    As the Soviet union, capitulate Germany after the fall of France before the allies control one German core state.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Yes Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union: Conquered Flag of Germany Germany before any other country took a core state of Flag of Germany Germany.
    • When Flag of Germany Germany capitulates, all their cores states have to fall under your control. France must be in the Allies and have capitulated.
    • The earlier the war, the better your odds. Go down the Collective Security branch and pick Eradicate Western Fascism (mid-1939 to optimise the attack bonus). Refuse the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, and attack the German when they close in on Paris.
    • With the La RésistanceLa Résistance DLC, spies can prepare Collaboration Government in Germany and ensure capitulation at 50% occupation. This is very helpful, because Germany should still have the forces to resist the Allies at that point.
    • Alternatively help Germany kill the Allies by naval invading the UK after the fall of France then kill Germany. It is safer but harder.
    1.11 M
    The bell tolls for us icon
    The bell tolls for us
    Win Spanish Civil War as Republican Spain.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Spain Spain fascism Is not fascist

    Yes Won the Spanish Civil War
    Yes One of the following must be true:

    As of 1.9, capitulating one of the other factions(Anarchists/Fascists/Carlists) in the civil war as the Republicans, even if the civil war hasn't ended, will trigger the achievement. (Possibly because of every time one faction capitulates a peace deal is automatically made, counting as the civil war has ended). If you are playing without La Résistance DLC, you can do the regular civil war trick by deleting your army, triggering the war, and deploying a few units to use. 1.0 M
    The Good, the Bad and the Weird icon
    The Good, the Bad and the Weird
    As Manchukuo, have max level infrastructure in every owned state and generate at least 15 units of oil.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo Yes At least 5 InfrastructureInfrastructure:
    • Heilungkiang (714)
    • Liaoning (715)
    • Jehol (610)
    • Kirin (328)
    • Sungkiang (717)

    Yes At least 16 OilOil

    May be done in conjunction with the Hail to the Qing and the The Dragon Swallowed the Sun achievements.

    • Hulunbuir and Liaotung's infrastructure does not need to be increased to 10
    1.5 M
    The Munich Disagreement icon
    The Munich Disagreement
    As Czechoslovakia, occupy Munich while at war with Germany.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
    • War goal At war with Flag of Germany Germany
    • Yes Controls the state Oberbayern (52)
    • Turn Communist and join the Comintern.
    • No need to take The Romanian Question or the Polish Division, as Romania guarantees your independence, and they will join the Comintern once you both are on the same side of the war.
    • Build up Sudetenland to level 7 forts via focus, prepare for war against the Axis and refuse Germany's demand for it.
    • Wait for Comintern members flood their divisions to your frontline to halt Germany, and then concentrate your divisions to push to Munich.
    • It might be easier with historical AI turned off. (there is a good chance of Hungary taking Austria and/or allying with Italy so Germany will be weaker)
    • As the control of Oberbayern is determined by the control of the Munich VP, you only need to occupy the city of Munich for achievement to fire.

    Can also be done by rushing out paratroopers and hoping for an early war with Germany following the little Entente path, You may need to concentrate research & ministers on planes for air superiority.

    1.4 M
    The Puppetmaster icon
    The Puppetmaster
    Have at least 51 subjects.
    Yes Has subjects >50 This suggestion requires Together for Victory DLC.

    Play as the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom, as they can release about 40 nations as puppets through their national focus tree. But don't do this yet!

    • Turn communist as soon as possible, and then declare war on Flag of France France.
    • Defeat France and in the peace deal puppet them and satellite every releasable nation from their colonies as your puppets.
    • While the war is ongoing Follow the "Revisit Colonial Policy" branch of the national focus tree and dismantle your colonial empire, releasing a lot of puppets in the process. Be careful, though, as if you fail to complete the branch within 2 years of going communist, a civil war will break out!
    • If you still don't have enough puppets, follow the rest of the national focus (the communist path) and pick either "Follow Moscow" or "The British Communist Alternative" and start puppeting the rest of Europe or annex the United States and go after the rest of the Americas.

    Alternatively, playing as the Flag of German Reich German Reich, you can defeat France and Britain and during the peace conference satellite all releasable nations from both of their territories.

    A third way is to play as Flag of France France, go down the Napoleonic Path, release as many of your puppets as possible (don't release Algeria or Vietnam - you can gain cores on the former, and the latter has much-needed rubber) conquer Belgium, the Netherlands and Britain (and satellite as much territory as possible from each - Belgium gives you 5 puppets from their African territory, the Netherlands gives you 3 - the Indies and both of their South American territories, and the UK gives you 40). If that still isn't enough, conquer Germany and Italy, puppet Italy and satellite all of Italy's African territories as puppets (if Poland capitulated to Germany during the war, satellite them as well), and take the focus Disunite Germany to gain more puppets.

    1.3 M
    The Revolution Triumphant icon
    The Revolution Triumphant
    Have Germany as a puppet of Soviet.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Yes Flag of Germany Germany is a puppet of Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union

    Must be unified Germany. Flag of West Germany West Germany or Flag of East Germany East Germany will not count, even if you puppet both.

    • Justify and declare war on Poland to gain a border with Germany.
      • As an optional bonus, boost communist party popularity in Flag of France France to make them flip to communist, then try inviting them to the Comintern. If France refuses to join, you can also wait until Germany attacks them, and then invite them, as they will be more inclined to join you.
    • Then justify and declare war on Germany, and Puppet them in the Peace Conference.
      • It is likely that Flag of Italy Italy will join the Axis upon your declaration of war, so it is advised to wait until after the Anschluss to declare war on Germany, as this will enable you to reach Italy via land without any extra war justifications.
    1.0 M
    The Soviet Onion icon
    The Soviet Onion
    As the Soviet Union, have only puppets as neighbors.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Yes Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union: all neighbor countries: is a subject of the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union

    Regular method:

    • Go down "The Path of Marxism Leninism" and follow down "The Left Opposition path, try to keep Stalin's paranoia down with the fake report decision as well as the "Infiltrate the NKVD" focus.
    • Build up your HQ anywhere you like (Ukraine has the largest population and the most industry) and keep expanding outwards.
    • Take the focuses to exile any advisors you want to keep and if you want to keep Tukhachevsky you must start the civil war before he is killed in the second purge.
    • Once you reach around ~40% support you can "Ignite the Flames" and will be able to win the civil war rather easily as Stalin's Russia is weakened greatly.
    • While in the war begin "The Comintern", "Baltic Security", "Claims in Baltic" and "Secure Leningrad".
    • Once the civil war ends you can send ultimatums to the Baltic countries and Finland, defeating them and taking the land if they refuse.
    • Germany should invade Poland and signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact will give you all of eastern Poland
    • Justify war goals on Tannu Tuva and Mongolia as they remained loyal to Stalin and take their land. Once you finish "Autonomous Soviet Republics" you will need to release all of these nations as puppets: Lithuania, Finland, Mongolia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkestan, Bukharan, Altai and The Far East
    • You will also then need to return Białystok to Poland after this
    • This achievement works well with "Just proper gander" as you just have to complete "Expand the Agitprop" and expand your Agitprop slots to 3. Guarding your ports and continually taking propaganda decisions will get you to 30 in around 5 years.

    "Easy" method (works on 1.11.4 beta):

    • Declare on Finland, but only annex Åland and click Done. Put a few units there to guard the island.
    • Delete the rest of your army and declare on Germany. Let Germany invade and capitulate you.
    • They should annex all your cores and leave you all alone on the islands with no neighbours and an achievement.
    1.11 M
    This Achievement is Cheesy icon
    This Achievement is Cheesy
    As Latvia, form Ostland and occupy Vasterbotten.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Latvia Latvia Yes Controls Lappland (666)

    Yes Has completed focus Ostland focus Ostland

    • Start down the fascist tree and don't take any of the democracy decisions to ensure you get a civil war as soon as possible. Deleting all your units before the civil war and then deploying two units ahead of time outside of Riga and Daugavpils lets you end the war immediately with no casualties.
    • As soon as the civil war fires begin justifying on Sweden (so ensure you have around 53 PP when the event triggers) this will let you declare war on Sweden around mid November, half a month before they could get guaranteed.
    • From the beginning build a couple of dockyards to increase your convoy production, and maybe some extra submarines too. Don't continue down the fascist path before defeating Sweden as that will guarantee that they join the Allies.
    • Once you are able to declare war launch naval invasions in the south on and around ports, supporting contested landing with encirclements to quickly gain sea access. Don't forget to research Transport Ships to be able to launch naval invasions! Sweden has a larger fleet than you but will regularly dock it giving you enough superiority to launch. Put a few divisions on port guard duty to defend against a Swedish naval counter invasion. If you want more divisions, train your army and use the xp to make small 2 regiment cavalry divisions for fast capture of VP's.
    • You should be strong enough to capitulate Sweden through manpower alone, once the war ends take Lapland for yourself. You can now continue down to Ostland to get the achievement as Germany will accept your request to join the Axis since you're not at war anymore.
    No Step Back 1.11 M
    This is going to be LIT icon
    This is going to be LIT
    As Lithuania, hold the capitals of all of your neighbours.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Yes Flag of Lithuania Lithuania:
    • Controls Riga (808)
    • Controls Warsaw (10)
    • Controls Berlin (64)
    • Controls Kaunas (11)
    • Take the "King for our people" focus in order to put Mindaugas III on the throne and go straight to the "Support monarchist in Poland".
    • You will get a bunch of decisions, which increases monarchist support in Poland. When they reach the required level, establish monarchism in Poland. It can trigger a civil war in Poland. "Kingdom of Poland" gives You personal union. You can annex them via focus "Restore the Commonwealth".
    • Via focus "Claim Livonia" You get wargoals against other Baltic States. Use this for annexing them. Once you have Riga, Warsaw and Kanaus, all you need is Berlin.
    • Germany should not ask for Danzig. If they do, just give it away.
    • In the meantime, start to build forts on the border with the Soviets - they should justify on You in autumn 1939. And start to prepare a collaboration government. You will need at least two levels.
    • Build a defensive army. One full army should be sufficient.
    • Build better infrastructure and railways on your east border. Supply there is very bad.
    • Refuse the Soviet's ultimatum and just hold the line for a while. Let them bleed themselves on the border.
    • When you feel that the Soviets have lost enough equipment and troops, counterattack. Up until this moment, Germany may break the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. If this occurs, you can simply join the Axis temporarily, but remember to cut your allies off from the supplies on the front.
    • After the Soviet capitulation, you and the Soviet collaboration government should have enough manpower and production to defeat the Axis. For the achievement, you only need to occupy Berlin, not own it via peace deal.


    • Go communist, Seek the Support of the Soviets. Delete all units before civil war fires, then win with Soviet volunteer forces you get. You are now USSR puppet.
    • Do the whole left side of communist focus tree to get rid of debuffs (up to "Crush the Forest Brothers" and "Realign the Paramilitarists")
    • Do Lithuania-Belarus SSR focus, and then get war goals and cores on Baltic's. You can try to take them out yourself, or call USSR in, as they will give all the land after war. You will also get all your Polish cores after Molotov-Ribbentrop fires.
    • From now on, build up to be able to take Germans when they attack. Full defensive focus is advised.
    • After war starts and you are sure you can hold Germans, start lend-leasing to Soviets, to increase autonomy. Once you are independent, push to Berlin, and take Warsaw along the way (don't grant military access to your allies, otherwise they might own the liberated territory instead of you if they get there first). Remember, you only have to control the four cities at the same time, you don't need to wait until you get them in the peace conference.
    No Step Back 1.11 M
    True Blitzkrieg icon
    True Blitzkrieg
    As Germany have both Poland and France surrender before January 1st 1940.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany
    • Time Date is < 1940.01.01
    • Yes Flag of Poland Poland does not exist or has capitulated
    • Yes Flag of France France either:
    • Does not exist
    • Has capitulated
    • Global flag achievement_france_surrender is set
    Both nations need to be either in a capitulated state or annexed to trigger. Neither of them can be a puppet.

    With Together for Victory: Go after France first - justify on France as soon as you have enough political power, train enough cavalry units to guard the Polish Border, use your starting infantry to guard the French-German border as soon as Rhineland is remilitarized (declare war to get it remilitarized; don't take Rhineland), convert all starting non-infantry to the panzer division, and use said panzers to capitulate them using naval invasions. While at war with France, justify on Poland - this will get them guaranteed by the UK if you justify on France directly, then justify on Poland while at war with France (if you get France called in, justify on multiple Polish states). After France capitulates, puppet them with one province, and take everything else. Stage naval invasions from Wilhelmshaven to Hull and the provinces surrounding it (the British won't protect those as much; use the French navy + your navy to secure the Channel), and rush the provinces - capitulate the UK (as Poland is part of the Allies, you can take land from them in the Peace Deal, and then annex France through the puppet system (if you don't have Together for Victory, just annex France outright in the peace deal after they capitulate).

    If you wish to also go after Why Die for Danzig?, Our Other Place in the Sun, and Monarchy is Back in Fashion in the same game as well, justify on a country France is guaranteeing (Romania, Yugoslavia, or Czechoslovakia), and train enough cavalry units to guard the borders with Poland and Czechoslovakia. Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia will all join the Allies once the UK gets called in by Poland. Puppet France (this will flip them to fascist) after capitulating them, and then capitulate the UK. Annex France by lend-leasing them everything, and right before the UK capitulates, justify on the Soviet Union, and take Oppose Hitler while still justifying on the Soviets. Disband your entire army and declare on the Soviets right before Oppose Hitler fires off, which will result in the Soviets still being at war with the German Reich, but not the German Military Junta (either join the Comintern or give the Soviets military access to have the Soviets fight for you). Afterwards, go down the Kaiserreich branch (make sure your army is bigger than that of the Netherlands so they don't block Wilhelm's return), and after completing Our Place in the Sun and Assassinate Mussolini, the respective achievements will fire off.

    1.0 M
    We don't really like statistics icon
    We don't really like statistics
    As the Soviet Union under Stalin, conquer Germany while suffering less than 1 million casualties total.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Yes Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union:
    • Joseph Stalin is the current country leader
    • Has defeated Flag of Germany Germany while taking less than 1 million casualties.
    • Germany must capitulate to you. If it capitulates to the an other faction and you don't see the popup, you won't get the achievement.
    • Can be done in a historical playthrough, but it easiest to achieve when Germany goes Oppose Hitler. Attack the Monarchist (or both sides) before they can recover from the civil war.
    1.11 M
    We Will Rock You icon
    We Will Rock You
    As Spain, own Gibraltar.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Spain Spain YesGibraltar (118) Owned by Flag of Spain Spain As Carlist Spain, after the Spanish Civil War, rush towards the Retake the Spanish Netherlands focus and take the Benelux. Have around 24 divisions each on the French northern and southern borders and declare on France when Germany's at war with them. Capitulate France and launch a naval invasion on the United Kingdom. Once the United Kingdom capitulates, take Gibraltar in the peace deal.

    Can also be done very easily with Man the Guns Man The Guns, if Historical AI Focuses are turned off, since the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom may take the Revisit Colonial Policy branch of its focus tree containing the focus 'Withdraw from Contested Territories' which will give Gibraltar to Flag of Spain Spain for free along with it becoming a core state. If this occurs during the civil war, Gibraltar may not be given to the player's Spain but will be transferred once the civil war is won.

    1.9 M
    Well, I Didn’t Vote for You icon
    Well, I Didn’t Vote for You
    Win the Spanish Civil War as the Anarchists.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Spain Spain YesWin the Spanish Civil War as the Flag of Regional Defense Council of Aragón‎ Anarchists

    Yes Is Flag of Regional Defense Council of Aragón‎ Anarchist Spain
    Yes Any other country with the original tag of Flag of Spain Spain not including Flag of Anarchist Spain Anarchist Spain does not exist.

    • Anarchist Spain is created from either the Masters of Our Own Fate focus or the Government Crackdown event. As of 1.9.0, the event gives a larger portion of units and equipment.
    • At the start of the game focus on building military factories in Valencia, since Catalonia has the "Autonomous State" modifier that reduces construction speed by 25%. As long as you control Valencia when the Anarchist uprising fires, you will be given control of it.
    • Easier if the Nationalist are weakened by the Carlist rebellion. This can be done by keeping control of the northern states (Asturias & Pais Vasco) for as long as possible as the Nationalists need them to prevent the uprising. On non-historical they may also simply not take the focuses in the right order to prevent the uprising from happening.
    La Résistance 1.9 M
    We’re Putting the Band Back Together icon
    We’re Putting the Band Back Together
    As Turkey, be in a faction with Germany and Austria-Hungary.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Turkey Turkey Yes Be in a faction with Flag of Germany Germany and Flag of Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary

    It is extremely important to turn off the Battle for the Bosborus DLC.

    Start the game with historical AI off, simulate the first 70 days and keep restarting the game until the German AI picks the 'Oppose Hitler' focus and Hungary 'balanced budget' focus. 8/10 times the German Military Junta wins that war (1/10 they lose and 1/10 the civil war lasts for years). While the german civil war rages, keep an eye on Hungary. Only if Hungary picks 'invite the Habsburg Prince' there will be Austria-Hungary. When the german civil War is over and the German Military Junta has won they always will go down the path to restore the Kaiserreich. At that point, you just need to be patient, because after that the AI will slowly progress down the focus tree and at some point reach the Central Powers focus. Once they complete it and the Central Powers faction exists you should be able to join that faction (unless you are somehow still democratic).

    Be aware that because of the fact that historical AI is off Hungary could create the Pact of Rome and get in an early war (non-historical Italy sometimes justifies on Yugoslavia 1937) or tries to form A-H itself and then fails. So you might need a bit of luck for this strategy to succeed.

    Death or DishonorWaking the Tiger 1.10 M
    Why Die For Danzig? icon
    Why Die For Danzig?
    As Germany, turn France fascist and occupy Danzig without going to war with France.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany Yes Have France become Fascist without going to war with France.

    YesFlag of France France:

    Danzig (85) is controlled by Flag of Germany Germany
    Nodoes not have country flag: invalid_for_danzig_achievement
    Flag of Germany Germany is not at war with Flag of France France

    Easiest way is to promote fascism in France from the start of the game, then complete "Danzig for Slovakia" to gain control of Danzig without going to war with the Allies (incl. France). If France hasn't flipped yet by the time you get Danzig, support a fascist coup in France. As soon as the coup fires, you'll get the achievement (Nation Française doesn't even have to win the war).

    Note: invalid_for_danzig_achievement flag fires when Germany declares war on France.

    La Résistance 1.9 M
    William Wallis icon
    William Wallis
    As the United Kingdom, put Edward VIII in power, enforce an American monarchy, and have both it and Scotland as subjects.
    Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Yes Has completed focus The King's Party

    Yes Flag of Scotland Scotland is a subject of The Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Yes The Flag of United States United States is a subject of The Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Yes Installed an American monarchy

    Hidden requirement for Installed an American monarchy

    1. You need to ensure Royal Marriage, so Wallis would be Queen Wallis
    2. You need take focus Unite the Anglosphere
    3. You need to either annex all USA core states, or puppet the USA and let it have all core states. Puppet USA is probably better choice if you are sharing war scores with other countries.
    4. Once you have annexed/puppeted the USA, a decision will appear to install an American Monarchy.
    5. Important to choose "Insist on a Royal Marriage" so you can form the American Monarchy

    The United States is easier to defeat the earlier you can attack them - instead of instigating the Loyalist Uprisings in the dominions, declare war on them directly and puppet them in peace deals; do not directly declare on Canada, as you don't want to fight the United States at the same time; declare on one of the other 3 dominions and Canada will be called in. Occupy at least one space from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and then capitulate Canada (if you want to also get the Raj at this point, feel free to declare on them as well; if Pakistan has spawned, wait for them to White Peace with India before declaring on them, since they won't join the Commonwealth of Nations while at war with another member; like with the other 3 dominions, just occupy one tile each of Burma, India, and Pakistan). Train up at least 72-96 troops (because of the US's starting conscription and economic laws, if tension isn't high enough, the US won't have a lot of troops by 1938), and also 10 cavalry divisions to secure the Alaskan-Canadian Border (Imperial Conscription + going to Extensive Conscription, as well as taking Reassess Continental Commitments should give you more than enough manpower). If you hold off on forming the Imperial Federation until after defeating the United States, you should be able to declare war on the US by late-1938/early 1939. After completing Unite the Anglosphere, attack from Canada using the war goal that focus gave you, and capitulate them. The French will likely also get involved (either they'll invite the US to their faction or the US will form a faction and France will join), so stage some naval invasions across the channel to capitulate them (they likely won't have removed the disjointed government spirit by this point, so just take a few victory points and Paris to capitulate them). During the Peace Deal, focus on taking American land - the Axis will be mostly focused on Africa and Mainland Europe (if you didn't generate enough war score, take the coastal states + Alaska and Hawaii first, then the states bordering Canada and Mexico; then, take the rest of the inner states; if the Axis manage to make a puppet of the US with one of their cores, you should be strong enough to beat the Axis if you attack while they're dealing with the Soviets) - if you want to annex the US, you can puppet them using a non-core state and still take the decision. After defeating the US, select the "Install American Monarchy" decision (said decision will not pop up if you haven't completed Unite the Anglosphere), and release Scotland as a puppet.

    Man the Guns 1.6 M
    Around Eurasia in 80 days icon
    Around Eurasia in 80 days
    Make a railroad from Gibraltar to Singapore.
    Yes Has Railway connection between Gibraltar (4135) and Singapore (12299) For railways to connect, the provinces must be owned by members of the same faction.

    The route which passes through the fewest countries is Gibraltar - Spain - France - Germany - Poland - Soviet Union - Iran - British Raj - Siam - British Malaya. It's also possible to go (France) - Italy - Yugoslavia - Bulgaria - Turkey - (Iran) due to the Bosphorus straits allowing you to build a rail connection over them. Any combination of countries in the middle is possible though, like going through Romania and then north of the Black Sea instead of over the Bosphorus, or even via China and French Indochina instead of the Raj. The only countries that have to be at least partially controlled by the player (or in their faction) is Gibraltar, Spain, France, Siam and Malaya.

    1.11 H
    Awake and Angry icon
    Awake and Angry
    As China, reconquer all of China and Manchuria and force a Japanese surrender.
    Yes Playing as Flag of China China Yes Flag of Japan Japan was forced to sue for peace after losing all of Manchuria and Korea

    Yes Conquered all core territory of Flag of China China and Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo not including the states of Hong Kong(326) , Macau (729) and Guangzhouwan (728)

    Do not accept cooperation with Communist China until the Japanese are about to attack. Then, form the Chinese United Front and accept all invites. Quickly rush to Korea and push them off the continent. After they have offered peace, accept it, and kick Communist China from your faction. Declare on them and annex them as soon as possible, before they start war against you. Do the same with the other faction members, leaving Sinkiang for last. Dismantle the faction, declare war on the Soviet Union after Germany is pushing east. Join axis. They will be easy to capitulate with all their forces in the west. Take as much territory and then join their war against the allies. Alternatively, rush Subjugate the Warlords and followed by Anti-Communism. Eliminate Warlords who don't submit quickly by rushing their victory points or in the case of Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang rush and take as many land from them as possible. To take out Flag of Communist China Communist China, use a fallback line to station your troop some distance away from their border to draw them out. If Flag of Shanxi Shanxi submitted, take their troops so they don't station them on Communist China's borders. Once their troop has been drawn out, you can rush into their capital and capitulate them quickly. You should be just in time to dig in for the Japanese invasion. Capitulate the Japanese puppets and kick them out of Korea, you need to accept the Japanese surrender to get the achievement. All that is left will be using Political Power to do the 3 steps process in order to integrate each of the warlords that submitted. 1.5 H
    Bearer of Artillery icon
    Bearer of Artillery
    Gain Vojtek as commander.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Poland Poland Yes Country flag POL_vojtek_commander is set To gain Vojtek as your commander you need to trigger the Polish event: "Wojtek Never Drops A Crate".

    This event has 5 requirements:

    1: Stay non-aligned (you can form any kingdom of your choice).

    2: Don't be in a faction with an independent Soviet Union (even if they've abandoned communism). This does mean you are allowed to puppet the Soviets in a peace deal and then have them as part of a faction.

    3: Be at war with Italy and have a division in Latium, Abruzzo, or Tuscan

    4: Have completed the focus "Artillery Modernization".

    5: Control the Iranian Province of Hamadan (either by you or a faction member).

    This sounds harder than it is. Start the game with Historical AI and go down the first focusses of the monarchy path. Which king (or queen) you choose is up to you, I would advise either Friedrich Christian or Michal II. In the meantime start going down the economic path of the tree. You can wait with the "Agrarian Reform" until the last few days of the timer, this focus adds 70 days to the timer when it is selected. So focus first on the 3rd research slot and your industry, until you have to go down that side of the economic path.

    Near the end of 1937 (November/December) do the focus clamp down on Danzig and then continue down the monarchy path you've chosen.

    By early 1939 you should stop building factories and instead start building forts, railways and where necessary supply hubs. Furthermore, you could start taking some of the focusses from "Plan East". When Germany demands Danzig give it to them, but don't select the fascist option in the event that follows soon afterwards.

    Shortly before or after Germany demands Danzig the Soviets will start justifying on you and the justification will be done between January and March 1940. By the time the justification is done, you should have 48 - 72 divisions trained and on the border with the Soviet Union. Which should at least have Anti-Air, Artillery and Engineer Company in them.

    If you went with Friedrich, you'll also need at least 12 divisions to guard the baltic ports against naval invasions. The Focuses "The Belorussian Army" and "The Ruthenian Army" can help you get a few of those divisions if your manpower is (to) low. Save at least 150 pp for the start of the war, so you can immediately increase your conscription law. Finally, make sure you start gaining army exp in time because you want to switch your doctrine to Superior Firepower and preferably unlocked the first few ones of this doctrine.

    When the war starts do not accept the invite to the allies.

    The first part of the war with the Soviets is about holding and fencing off their naval invasions. Once you feel you have a comfortable position start taking supply hubs and surrounding divisions. Make sure to justify and declare war in Iran while you are at war with the Soviets, this way they'll join the Comintern. If you are too late, they might get guaranteed by the UK. But this should not matter, since you are guaranteed as well.

    During your war with the Soviets, Germany will declare war on the Soviets as well. This should not matter, because unless they have a border with the Soviets there is no way for the Axis to gain more than 1% participation. However, when Germany does declare war on the Soviets, asks for military access from at least Germany and Italy.

    When the war with the Soviets is over, either puppet or annex them. To shorten the border with the Axis you can puppet Moldova. If Iran is in the peace deal as well, make sure to annex Hamadan. Otherwise, move 48 divisions to the Iranian border and the rest to the border with the Axis. Declare war (you will get embargoed by a lot of countries for this) and simply defeat them.

    Now for the final part, make sure you have enough divisions to hold the Axis for a round a week. Without massive losses to the Soviets, the German army will be quite big. Build forts if you think your line is too weak to hold. Finally, since you asked and got military access to both Germany and Italy during your war with the Soviets, you can simply walk some divisions into Italy and have them sit in one of the required states. They will need to be able to hold for about a week, so make sure you send enough divisions and also put a few on a port for safekeeping.

    Once you declare war on Germany and Italy is called in, the achievement you should trigger after no more than 7 in-game days.

    1.0 H
    Big Entente icon
    Big Entente
    As France, complete the "Little Entente" National Focus, and have all German cores owned by you or someone in your faction.
    Yes Playing as Flag of France France
    • Yes Focus Goal generic alliance.png "Little Entente" is completed
    • Yes Is a faction leader
    • Yes Every state in the world is either:
    One possible way to achieve this is refuse Flag of Germany Germany's Remilitarization of the Rhineland while Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom refuses it. This will cause a minor Civil War in France. Place Divisions on the Maginot and around Northern and Central France where the civil war spawns. As soon as war starts with Flag of Germany Germany, Capitulate the civil war first and push into Flag of Germany Germany. Once Flag of Germany Germany capitulates, annex everything or puppet Germany. Then follow the focus tree until Little Entente.

    Another window to strike at Germany early is during Sudetenland crisis. Following the Little Entente path will get you Czechoslovakia as your faction member. Try to get as many of the potential members in as possible, if you can get UK to join you, you are all set and you can take it slow from there. You can get Republican Spain to join you if you choose to get involved in the Spanish Civil War but be mindful of your stability to not start a civil war of your own. It will be easier to push into Germany when they are distracted by Poland and Czechoslovakia, but you do not need them to survive so don't fret if they capitulated. If you are lucky, a civil war in Germany might trigger in which case you can invite the rebel Germany to your faction.

    A third way is to turn off La Resistance. Flip to Fascism (unlike Utilize the Leagues, Right Wing Rhetoric is not mutually exclusive with Review Foreign Policy), form the Little Entente, and take the focus to Invite Italy to your faction. As long as Italy has not completed Pact of Steel, they will accept. After inviting Italy, during the Sudetenland Crisis, deny Germany the land, and then when they declare war on Czechoslovakia, join the war and call Italy in.

    1.0 H
    Die, Perfidious Albion! icon
    Die, Perfidious Albion!
    As Fascist France or Vichy France, occupy all of Great Britain.
    Yes Playing as Flag of France France Yes Conquer all of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Yes Is fascist
    YesControl all states belonging to the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom in Europe that is not a core of Flag of Ireland Ireland and Flag of Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

    Rush the fascist focuses. Upon taking "Utilize the Leagues", you will have access to decisions of boosting fascist and non-aligned popularity. Never take "Unleash La Cagoule" decision. Just take fascist demagogue and spam "Rally the Leagues" decision. Because if your stability drops below 30%, the civil war will start. In the mean time you can pick any focuses you want and plan the naval invasion of Britain. Once you have 50% of fascist and non-aligned combined popularity, you can continue working on the fascist focuses. Take the "Political unity" focus as soon as possible, it will remove the chance of spawning the civil war. After that pick "Towards the new Europe" branch. Rush the focus tree until you will do "Expand to the Suez" focus. Immediately declare war on Britain and annex them. Your starting army is strong enough to easily destroy Britain.

    You don't need the DLC, join Axis, paradrop and naval invade UK, eventually your paratroops will get a port randomly (just move your air units between regions), or you and Germany and Italy and Nationalist Spain will overwhelm. If you are really struggling and tension is low enough (below 25%) invade Ireland first.

    1.9 H
    Don’t Die for Your Country icon
    Don’t Die for Your Country
    As Germany in a 1939 start, occupy all of Poland and France without taking more than 475 casualties.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany

    Time Start date is 1939.8.3

    YesOccupy all of Poland and France without taking more than 475 casualties.

    Yes controls all cores of Flag of Poland Poland and Flag of France France, excluding cores that are islands or outside of Europe
    Yes casualties < 475
    Yes Does not have has_paradropped_flag set

    • Make sure you don't bring your allies (Especially Italy, which will take your land unless you use all your war score on Poland and France)
    • Paradropping troops prevents this achievement.
    • Organize your troops on the frontiers with France and Poland, but create one army with all your light tanks. This army should be next to Danzig. Merge all your ships in one single fleet and place it in one of your ports near Denmark with the order naval invasion support over the two regions between France and Germany (Eastern North Sea and English Channel). Prepare all your planes to attack Poland.
    • Start the war. Don't invite your allies and don't activate your battle plans, except your light tanks army over Danzig.
    • After getting Danzig, move your light tanks to a port near Denmark and prepare a naval invasion against France with ten of the eleven divisions. Send each one to a different coastal province of France, the ten closest to Belgium. The naval invasion will be ready in seven days, and your navy with naval invasion support mission will be enough to get the naval superiority you need (in any case, support it from the air with fighters, CAS, bombers and so on with the order air superiority, interception and naval strike).
    • When your tanks arrive in France, change the planes' order to support troops over their territory and move the tanks quickly to the victory points (focusing on Paris). Try to avoid direct confrontations with their troops if possible. France will surrender quickly.
    • Repeat the naval invasion, in this case against UK. Don't forget to change the regions of the planes to help your troops. Once in UK, focus on London and other victory points. Again, avoid direct fights with enemies if you can.
    • When UK and France have surrendered and you have Danzig, the war will end. Take all the territory.
    • This strategy works most of times, but not all. Sometimes Poland attack you from other provinces and cause some thousands of casualties, so you will have to repeat the game.
    • The game seems to check for casualties at the end of each month, so, for example, if you have under 475 casualties on January 1st and force the enemy's capitulation by January 17th (or any other day before the end of the month) with 4000 casualties (or any other number, including above 475), you will still get the achievement.

    As of patch 1.11.13, this achievement is rather trivial: you can start as Germany in 1939, conquer Poland and France at your leisure, and drop some Paratroopers under Kurt Student in Dover (use Force Attack and Glider Planes if necessary) to take over the UK and end the war without bothering with naval invasions. Oddly enough, the game doesn't seem to care about paradrops or casualties during the war, so even if you go to war with USSR over the partitioned Polish territories, you'll still get the achievement once the war is won.

    1.9 H
    Duce Nuked'em icon
    Duce Nuked'em
    Nuke Los Angeles as fascist Italy.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Italy Italy
    • Yes Country flag achievement_has_nuked_california is set
    • fascism Is fascist

    After securing the Mediterranean, it can easily be done with a small 1944 strategic bomber fleet (without any escort) by taking control of the following provinces : Gibraltar (118), Azores (698), Bermuda (696)

    1.0 H
    Esti is Scandi icon
    Esti is Scandi
    As Estonia Secure Scandinavia.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Estonia Estonia Yes The controller of the following states is either Flag of Estonia Estonia or a subject of Flag of Estonia Estonia:
    • Østlandet (110)
    • Vestlandet (142)
    • Trøndelag (143)
    • Nord-Norge (144)
    • Lappland (666)
    • Norrland (38)
    • Svealand (141)
    • Småland (139)
    • Västergötland (140)
    • Scania (138)
    • Gotland (124)
    • Sjaelland (37)
    • Jutland (99)
    • Go to "Rally the Nation". You will get decisions to march around the country which increases fascist support.
    • Waiting for enough party popularity, choose whatever you want - I recommend "Re-join the Railways" and "Modernize our Industry".
    • When it is possible take "March on Tallinn". It can start a classic civil war but this is easy to win.
    • Next go for "Empower Finnish Militants" and "National Pride Marches in Finland". While you take the decisions to boost fascism in Finland go for "Develop Natural Resources" and "Invest in Baltic Trade".
    • In the meantime don't forget about researching the Transport Ship, otherwise, you won't be able to naval invade Denmark and Norway.
    • Once Finland is Fascist go for "Unite Our Nations" and around this time you should start justifying on Denmark. Next, go for "The Veterans Government" and "Anti-Communist Militia". The 4 divisions from this focus should be attacking the port you target for your naval invasions.
    • Go for "Proclaim Finno-Ugra" and around the time this Focus is done your war goal on Denmark should be ready. Declare war on Denmark, Improve relations with France and the UK and go for the Focus "Unite The Sami",which gives you war goals on Norway and Sweden.
    • Once Denmark has capitulated either annex or puppet them and then plan a naval invasion for Norway, to make it a bit faster/easier also put 1 or 2 divisions on Narvik. Once Norway is gone, declare war on and take Sweden. If done correctly neither Norway nor Sweden should get guaranteed at any point. However, there is a small chance that Sweden gets guaranteed after you capitulate Norway. But since you only need to occupy the land it isn't a big problem if they join a faction.
    No Step Back 1.11 H
    Finnish Him! icon
    Finnish Him!
    As Finland, defeat the Soviet Union without joining a faction.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Finland Finland Yes has capitulated the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union without joining a faction.
    • Is at war with the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union
    • Is not in a faction
    • Is not the AI
    • Controls Moscow (219)
    • Has more than 15% war score
    Regular method:
    • Rush the fascist branch, especially the extra 7% recruitable population. Try to get about two full armies of infantry-artillery divisions, and get field hospitals as manpower will get severely limited. The hardest part of the achievement is to enter Moscow before the Axis does. Holding out against the Soviet is possible, but you might end up against a mass of Soviet troops on your border while the German simply roll into Moscow. Karelia is easy enough to reconquer that ceding it causes no real problem.
    • Once Germany strikes, wait a few weeks for the Soviet to divert troops to the west, then use the Reconquest justification to get a wargoal in 15 days. Take Leningrad and rush the supply hubs to the south, building railways when necessary. The Soviet have their hands full with the German and are reluctant to attack accross bad supply areas (as of patch 1.11), so keep pushing on Moscow through any gap you find and let the German clean up behind you. Taking Moscow and Leningrad leaves you well positioned for 15% warscore, which you can further secure by pivoting east and reach for the Urals. The achievement triggers when the peace conference ends.

    Alternative method:

    • Switch to fascist as fast as possible, declare war on the Netherlands and puppet the east indies to use their manpower. If you don't own Together for Victory Together for Victory and can't puppet, annex Sweden instead. Prepare a defensive setup using the gaps between Finland's lakes to concentrate your forces and build level 5 forts. Around 2 armies of 10 infantry divisions with engineers support should be enough. Soviet air strikes can wreck havoc on your supply trucks, so build your defensive lines close to the hubs. Also keep around 6-12 good divisions on your ports in case of naval invasion.
    • When the Soviets declare, hold the defense until Germany attacks the USSR, then launch a counterattack. Once the Soviet Union falls and the peace conference triggers, just take Onega and Olonets (or any other region neighbouring Finland), you can then satellite the constituents nations but DO NOT puppet the USSR itself. After the peace conference, pass a few hours, then release the USSR in Onega and Olonets as an independent nation (not a puppet), justify a war goal and attack them. They wont join the Allies since they're communist, so you'll get the achievement right after the peace deal.
    1.10 H
    Georgia On My Mind icon
    Georgia On My Mind
    As the U.S.A., own and fully control all three Georgias.
    Yes Playing as Flag of United States United States Yes Owns and fully controls the states of:
    • Georgia (365)
    • Georgia (231)
    • South Georgia (720)

    The USA starts with the first Georgia, while the other two; Georgia and South Georgia, are owned by the Soviet Union and United Kingdom.

    • Because of this, collaborating with the Axis is the simplest route to achieving this. Help the axis capitulate the allies and Comintern, and grab South Georgia (an island off the coast of Argentina) from the British, and Georgia (a Soviet state in the Caucasus region) from the USSR. Reaffirm Monroe Doctrine focus unlocks a decision to ask the UK for, notably, South Georgia.
    • An alternative strategy is to turn communist, complete the national focus "Unholy Alliance", join the Comintern. This will cause a decision named "Join the Unions" to appear, which can only be taken once the Soviet Union is at 80% surrender progress and will make the US annex the Soviet Union. When the "USS Panay sunk" event fires, take the option to start a war with Japan and defeat them to get them out of the way. When Germany attacks the Soviet Union, do not join the war and wait until Germany forces the Soviet Union to 80% surrender progress, then take the decision, thus earning you the second Georgia. After that, use your industrial capacity to build up a military, conquer Germany and the Axis and finally, start a war with the Allies (Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom and Flag of France France), defeat them and annex everything, including South Georgia.
    1.6 H
    Hail to the Qing icon
    As Manchukuo, restore the Qing dynasty.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo Yes Has completed focus Claim the Mandate of Heaven

    In order to complete the national focus "Claim the Mandate of Heaven", you must be independent and own all of the starting territory of Flag of China China, Flag of Shanxi Shanxi, Flag of Xibei San Ma Xibei San Ma, Flag of Yunnan Yunnan, Flag of Guangxi Clique Guangxi Clique, Flag of Communist China Communist China and Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang. May be done in conjunction with the The Dragon Swallowed the Sun and the The Good, the Bad and the Weird achievements.
    requires the Assertiveness Sub-branch of the focus tree

    An easy way to do this is, after rebelling against the Japanese, ask all the members of the Chinese United Front for Military Access except for Communist China - if you didn't answer Japan's call to arms, you will be at peace with them, and since you're fighting on the same side as them, you'll be given it. After getting the Japanese to accept a cease-fire, train up a large army of small units (a template of 2 infantry with engineers is a good choice for this), and take the "Offer Vassalization" focus - some of the warlords will accept, while others will not (ideally, if only some of the warlords accept vassalization, then said warlords would be the Guangxi Clique and Sinkiang - the former due to it's numerous resources, and the latter due to it's location). Regardless of what warlords accept, justify a Take Claimed State war goal on Communist China; then, garrison the large army you just trained across Nationalist China and any of the warlords who did not accept vassalization (do not garrison in Communist China if you got military access from them, as you can't directly declare war on a nation you have forces inside of). Declare war on Communist China (the Take Claimed State war goal will not expire, and the AI will never cancel your military access, so if you wish to wait to gather up equipment, feel free to do so), and then proceed to come close to capitulating most of Nationalist China once they get called in. Sweep up the rest of the Chinese United Front, and then after annexing any of the warlords that submitted to you (an easy way to do this is to build dockyards and produce convoys), Claim the Mandate of Heaven.

    Waking the Tiger 1.5 H
    I Swear I'm Not a Byzantophile icon
    As Greece, Form Byzantine Empire.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Greece Greece Yes Formed the Flag of Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire

    Only requires the Restore Byzantium decision, which can be taken by conquering all of Flag of Turkey Turkey and the entire Balkans (Flag of Albania Albania, Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria, Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, Flag of Romania Romania and Flag of Hungary Hungary). With Battle for the Bosporus, This can be done by simply conquering Flag of Turkey Turkey and following the far left side of the tree and becoming fascist. A decision should be available after the war is complete.

    The easiest way to defeat Turkey is a battle of endurance. Station your 13 divisions on the single province connecting Greece and Turkey on the Greek side of the Bosphorus, and let your forces defend (consider giving them Maintenance companies to make up for the equipment deficit) while having your starting navy on strike force to stop Turkish or Romanian naval invasions. If the Turks refuse to attack, pull away the majority of your forces, and then send them back when they start to attack what was left behind. After doing this 3 times or so, send 9 of your soldiers to Istanbul, cutting off the Turkish forces from supplies. Use your forces to mop up the Turkish forces trapped in the Bosphorus, then have them retreat back to the starting border. Repeat until the Turks have little manpower left in the field, then push forward and capitulate them.

    Waking the Tiger 1.5 H
    Med plutonium... icon
    Med plutonium...
    Nuke Denmark as Sweden.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Sweden Sweden Yes Is Flag of Sweden Sweden
    • Country flag achievement_med_plutonium is set
    • The nuked state must be both owned by and a core of Denmark.
    • The Faroe Islands (and Iceland, and Greenland) are Danish cores, and within the air range of Sweden, so there is no need to prevent Germany from invading mainland Denmark.
    1.0 M
    It's 1812 All Over Again icon
    It's 1812 All Over Again
    As Canada, take and hold Washington D.C.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Canada Canada Yes Control the state of Maryland (361) This suggestion requires Together for Victory DLC.

    Pick Patriation and Swastika Clubs as your first focuses. Go for Synarchist Baja when you switch, get Mexico in your faction and attack the United States on the East Coast. The United Kingdom will be too busy in Europe to do much against you, so it is possible to declare war on the UK first to unlock War Bonds and get some of your powerful industrial focuses before invading the US.

    1.3 H
    Neither Death nor Dishonor icon
    As Romania, make it to 1942 with all the states you started it with and control either Moscow or Berlin.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Romania Romania
    • Time Date is > 1942.01.31
    • Yes Has not lost any of the starting states at any point
    • Yes Control either state:
    • Brandenburg (64)
    • Moscow (219)
    The main goal is defending your original states until 1942.01.31. The achievement can be done controlling Moscow or Berlin after that date. If you lose a starting state you won´t qualify for the achievement even if you recover it back later. Note that if you have Battle for the Bosphorous installed, if you join the Axis, you will lose territory to Bulgaria, so go down Balkans Dominance, Puppet Bulgaria, and then annex them through the Puppet Mechanics before joining the Axis. 1.4 H
    New World Order icon
    New World Order
    Make all nations fascist.
    fascism All existing nations are fascist
    • Puppets may only change ideology via 'Paramilitary Training' Decisions or war.
    • Neutral nations forced into your faction might create neutral puppets.
    • Avoid accepting anyone into your faction who is not fascist, as you can't go to war with them later to change their ideology.
    • You can also alternatively start as a nation that has no puppets, turn fascist and just conquer and annex every other nation present. Waking the TigerFlag of Manchukuo Manchukuo is the best candidate in this case due to them being fascist and having the ability to gain cores on all of China, giving an extreme amount of manpower

    Another good choice is the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom if you have Man the Guns, since not only can you also get the below-mentioned One Empire, but you can also form the European Union on top of the Imperial Federation. An easy strategy is to go down the God Save the King path, and after defeating the United States, go after France (as you went off the rails, Czechoslovakia will always refuse to give up Sudetenland; if you do Pre-Empt the Ideological Threat and Expose the Belly of the Bear while fighting the US, you'll be able to justify, and since the US is a major, you can quickly justify on France and another country - Luxembourg is a good choice; don't justify on Mexico, Japan, the USSR, or Germany, since you can get war goals on those countries through events or focuses). Aside from the countries covered in the focus tree, you won't have to justify on Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland, Mexico, Albania, Greece, or Turkey; former 3 will get eaten by Germany, Mexico can give you a war goal through an event, and Italy will eat the latter 3). Unless the French AI has flipped to communism, they'll still have the disjointed government; launch naval invasions across the English Channel (take secure the Italian Alliance to have the French divert their forces), and rush Paris (Cavalry, Motorized, or Tank Divisions with Motorized are ideal choices); while fighting the French, also justify on the Netherlands and Belgium, and then conquer them (and Luxembourg if you got a war goal on them; if not, you can let the Germans take Luxembourg, as it's not that big of a help to them). Wait until Germany is deep in the USSR, then declare on them - the closer the Germans are to capitulating the Soviets when you declare on them, the better (if you're really lucky, the Soviets will capitulate right before the Germans capitulate to you). Then, kick the Italians and conquer them, and after forming the Imperial Federation, you can form the EU. At this point, it should be trivial to conquer the rest of the world (you can also just join the Japanese faction if you annex Siam before they get the chance to ally them, thus eliminating the need to conquer them).

    1.0 H
    One Empire icon
    One Empire
    Unite the entire world under the British Empire.
    Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
    • Yes Is a faction leader
    • Yes Every state in the world is controlled by either:
    The straightforward, but boring and slow, approach is to defeat the Axis, then go to war with the Comintern and defeat them (note that the PRC will declare war on China one year after the end of the war with Japan, so you can use the focus to get China democratic and add them to the Allies before that war starts) - this should add lots of countries to the Allies, and then trigger coups everywhere you can. Once there's been a civil war, the winner has created world tension and you can justify against them. It takes a very long time, and, once you've won WWII, it's obviously going to work eventually, so it's very boring.

    Successfully forming the Imperial Federation with the United States as part of it, can make this a lot easier, as you gain a lot more manpower, resources and industry.

    1.0 H
    Operation Sea Lion icon
    Operation Sea Lion
    Control British mainland as Germany.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany Yes Control the states:
    • Scottish Highlands (120)
    • Lothian (121)
    • Wales (122)
    • Cornwall (123)
    • East Anglia (125)
    • Greater London Area (126)
    • Sussex (127)
    • West Midlands (128)
    • East Midlands (129)
    • Yorkshire (130)
    • Northern England (131)
    • Lancashire (132)
    • Lanark (133)
    • Aberdeenshire (136)
    • Gloucestershire (338)
    • Immediately justify on The United Kingdom.
    • Prepare two Naval Invasions to Hull and Edinburgh.
    • Put two death stacks in the North Sea and the Eastern North Sea.
    • Micromanage your army into London and annex the UK in the Peace Conference

    This achievement can also be done along with True Blitzkrieg achievement.

    1.0 H
    Party like it's 1520 icon
    Party like it's 1520
    Occupy Stockholm as communist Denmark.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Denmark Denmark
    • communism Is communist
    • Yes Control the state Svealand (141)
    At the start of the game, get both a fascist and communist demagogue and switch to fascism via civil war. This will allow you to quickly get manpower bonuses from the fascist political tree as well as joining the Axis to avoid a German attack, while communist support builds up for later (remove fascist demagogue after civil war but ensure communist support stays below 60% to avoid another civil war).

    Build up your army to about 15 infantry to naval invade southern Sweden (produce cheap submarines to ensure naval supremacy) and create some cavalry divisions for defending naval invasions and the Swedish border, which can also be built up with forts. Declare war on Sweden after your communist support reaches 50%, then call in your allies and switch to communism. With German support, capitulating Sweden should be straightforward and they will likely attack through your border rather than navally invading allowing for you to occupy all the land including Stockholm.

    Alternatively, you can also do this without joining any faction. Just turn either fascist or communist. Doesn't really matter which one. After that fabricate your war goal against Sweden and put a few divisions on a naval order for the Svealand province. You (only) need Stockholm for the achievement. Sweden should have put most of their divisions on your border, but only rarely do they put any in Stockholm. Once the war starts you should have naval supremacy for a few hours. Enough for your invasions to be able to be launched. Even if Sweden intercepts one divisions, they never will be able to get them all. So once you land either directly in Stockholm or land near it and then take it, the achievement pops up.

    1.0 H
    Prussia of the Balkans icon
    Prussia of the Balkans
    As Bulgaria capitulate Turkey while also controlling the rest of the Balkans, including Greece.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Yes Is at war with Flag of Turkey Turkey

    Yes Flag of Turkey Turkey has capitulated
    Yes Controls the core states of Flag of Romania Romania, Flag of Greece Greece (Not including Dodecanese (164)), Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia and Flag of Albania Albania

    You only need to occupy the states, not own them. Switch to communist and get as many Balkan country as possible in your faction. If going the Balkan Federation route, a country will flip above 60% communist support, Romania and Greece are particularly important to get on your side. Any Balkan country in your faction can be annexed though the 'Unification of the Balkans' focus, with a higher chance for high opinion, relative army strength and being faction leader. Once you have established the Federation, attack whoever still controls land in the Balkans and capitulate Turkey (if it made its own faction, annex it and release it).

    Turkey needs to be in a faction when they capitulate to satisfy the "at war" and "has capitulated" requirements. Otherwise when they capitulate, they are no longer at war and the achievement doesn't fire.

    1.10 H
    Putting the Raid on the Medway to Shame icon
    Putting the Raid on the Medway to Shame
    As the Netherlands, ensure the United Kingdom has no capital ships (carriers, battleships, battlecruisers, or heavy cruisers).
    Yes Playing as Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Yes The Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom has at most 0 capital ships With Man the Guns DLC:

    Cave to the German, join the Axis and take your naval focuses. Build warships and planes, use naval bombers to sink the British fleet once you have gained air superiority. Some capital ships might escape to Malta, East Africa or the Caribbean, use carriers with naval bombers on Port Strike to find and sink them. The achievement will also trigger if the United Kingdom has been fully annexed and no longer exists so it is possible to also just stage a naval invasion and finish off the UK that way.

    1.6 H
    Siberian Tiger icon
    Siberian Tiger
    As Tannu Tuva, form Siberia.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Tannu Tuva Tannu Tuva Yes Flag of Tannu Tuva Tannu Tuva has formed Siberia

    The key to this achievement is that the Soviet Union never takes or puppet any territory in China.

    • Start game with Historical AI Focuses
    • Justify a war goal on Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang and call allies ( Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union ). Create a puppet of Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang.
    • By the time you can conquer Flag of Xibei San Ma Xibei San Ma, they will likely have joined the United Front. You can either go with Sinkiang alone, or have the Soviet defeat all Chinese factions. If you do the latter, create a puppet Flag of China China or Flag of Communist China Communist China and give it all the Chinese territory.
    • With sufficient fighting strength, leave the Comintern, attack the Soviets (During Operation Barbarossa) and take the necessary provinces. Call only allies that are necessary! However, priority is given to the supply hubs along the Transsiberian at Irkutsk, Chita, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. You might have to build supply hubs in the North, save the Reorganize the Railway decisions until you need one in both Taymyria and Northeast Siberia.
    • In case of annexation of Russian territories by the Germans, attack the Flag of German Reich German Reich (Justify on Bulgaria, Romania or Hungary). Once the supply hubs are conquered, it should be possible to even push the divisions back to Omsk
    • Form the Siberian State Flag of Siberia Siberia
    No Step Back 1.11 H
    Sunrise Invasion icon
    As Japan, conquer Mexico then Europe before 1945.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Japan Japan Yes Before 1:00 1 Jan, 1945

    Yes Annexed Flag of Mexico Mexico before taking any territory in Europe
    Yes Conquered a coastal state in Europe

    • Ignore China and earn enough Political Power to justify war goal on Mexico for generating lesser World Tension, then declare war as early as possible. Being at war with the USA is unnecessary but unavoidable as they have guaranteed Mexico, but they are relatively easy to take down early game and the conquest will supercharge your industry.
    • Prepare your navy and your marines to the closest islands owned (Marshall Islands) to naval invade Hawaii then to West Coast America, the final ocean province outside of California can be reached by separating your three 4000km range light carriers (Hosho, Akagi and Kaga). Primarily in California for the Lv10 Naval Base. USA, Mexico and the Philippines can be annexed in 1938.
    • Once the USA and Mexico have been annexed, dismantle your faction and join the Axis to fight off the Allies.

    It can be done before WW2 1939. Tojo Shot First achievement can be done after this achievement.


    • Ignore China, justify on Netherlands, ask Germany for Military Access and Naval invade from German Coast into western coast of Netherlands. Use Cavalry/Tanks to quickly capitulate. Do not call in Germany. Use long range carrier to reach German coast, then merge rest of fleet to ignore range modifier.
    • Annex Curacao, satellite Dutch East Indies and the puppet remainder of Netherlands. This prevents you from "taking territory." Justify on Mexico and build up naval base in Curacao.
    • Invade USA through the South, ignore Mexico for the time being. Capitulate the USA, and depending on other achievement tasks, either puppet or annex, then finish off Mexico. Lend-lease to Netherlands until you can annex them.
    1.5 H
    Sunset Invasion icon
    Sunset Invasion
    Occupy a coastal province in Europe as Mexico, and if in a faction have it contain only South American members or puppets.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Mexico Mexico
    • Yes Country flag achievement_failed_sunset_invasion is not set
    • Yes Control any coastal state on the European continent
    • You only need to occupy a province, and don't need to take it in a peace treaty or capitulation like some other achievements. However, it must have a naval port. One route is to turn fascist. Rush into Submarines III. Start justifying on Denmark as soon as Mexico become fascist. Build ~10 submarines and when justification will end, declare war. Capture a port in Greenland and then invade Iceland. Achievement will pop after landing in Iceland. Another good option is to join Allies then paradrop from Sardegna into Sicily and occupy Palermo.
    1.0 H
    The Dragon Swallowed the Sun icon
    As Manchukuo, Break free from Japan and annex your former Overlord without being in a faction.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo Yes Annexed Flag of Japan Japan

    May be done in conjunction with the Hail to the Qing and the The Good, the Bad and the Weird achievements.
    requires the Assertiveness Sub-branch of the focus tree

    Waking the Tiger 1.5 H
    The New Home of the Revolution icon
    The New Home of the Revolution
    As Mexico, put Trotsky in power and puppet the Soviet Union
    Yes Playing as Flag of Mexico Mexico Yes Leon Trotsky is the current country leader

    Yes The Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union is a subject of Flag of Mexico Mexico

    When the Trotsky seeks refuge event pops up, choose to invite him into the government. Follow the right most side of focus tree to become communist and put Trotsky in charge. Wait for Germany to start the war against the Soviet Union and finish the Smash the Bureaucrats focus which gives a puppet war goal against the Soviets. Declare war on the Soviets. To gain war score against them, ask Germany for military access and put your troops on their front line. Alternatively, try to naval invade Soviet's far east front and capture a few victory point provinces. In patch 1.6.0, German is very likely crush the Soviets without trouble in one or two years. During the peace conference, the Fascists will focusing on grabbing land, so it is possible to puppet the Soviet Union.

    Man the Guns 1.6 H
    The Revenge of Montezuma icon
    The Revenge of Montezuma
    Restore the old borders with the USA as Mexico.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Mexico Mexico Yes Control the states:
    • Texas (375)
    • New Mexico (376)
    • Arizona (377)
    • California (378)
    • Nevada (379)
    • Utah (380)
    Rush Fascist and justify a war goal on the Philippines, if you try to justify on a major country like the United States world tension will skyrocket but because the Philippines is a puppet the US will automatically join when you declare war upon them, with far less world tension generated. With this, you should have no problem overrunning the country with either infantry or cavalry. Try to poke holes in the US line as they will have a tough time manning a long border and encircle their troops. They will have no way to grow their military until they remove isolation so it should be trivial to win this way. 1.0 H
    The Romanovs laugh last icon
    The Romanovs laugh last
    Restore the Romanovs to the throne and conquer Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, and Bulgaria.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Yes Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union: One of the following must be true:
    • Has National Spirit Tsar Vladimir I
    • Vladimir III Is the current country leader

    YesThe controller of the following states is either the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union or a subject of the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union:

    Get millitary access from the Axis and the Allies during civil war then backstab them is a fast and easy way to achieve this.
    • As of 1.11.4, if you are having war with other countries as Stalin before starting civil war, it will be Stalin to keep fighting with those countries. As the opposer of Stalin, you can get millitary access from those countries during civil war. Thus, before starting civil war, justifying war goal on Poland then Germany, as world tension rises, Poland will be guaranteed by the United Kingdom. Then declaring war on them. After the civil war started, they will help you defeat Stalin, returning every piece of Russian land they occupied because you are having a civil war. If you defeated Poland before civil war breaks out and the Allies failed to take it back, in another word, it is occupied by Germany after you declare on Germany, you will even have a peace conference to partition Poland.
    • One more trick to simplify and speed up civil war: before civil war, recomposing all of your divisions to contain only a single AA battalion and dismissing all air wings, then sending all equipment to Spain via lend lease. After civil war breaks out, stop lend lease so you can take them back. Stalin will not have any equipment except bunch of unequipped AA battalions. Note you may need to have some AA gun in stock, or the recomposed division may not return equipment to stock.
    No Step Back 1.11 H
    Treading the Narrow Path icon
    As the Netherlands, do not cave to the Germans, continue the Zuiderzee works, and do not lose control of any of your continental European states until 1945.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Netherlands Netherlands No Has not completed focus Cave to the Germans

    Yes Has completed focus Continue the Zuiderzee Works
    No The Flag of Netherlands Netherlands has not lost one of its starting states
    Time Date is > 1945.1.1

    Can be done quite easily. Start the game with historical AI and follow the focus tree down the communist route. As soon as you are faced with the choice between "Affirm Loyalty to Moscow" and "Bastion of the True Communism" focus choose the 2nd one. After that take the focuses "Enemies on All Fronts" and "Pre-Empt Western Intervention." This focus gives war goals for the UK, France and the USA. The perfect timing for this (the Pre-Empt Western Intervention focus) is when Germany goes for the Danzig or War focus. Improve your relations with Germany. Once Germany has declared war on Poland and Poland has joined the Allies declare your wars on France and the UK and soon after Germany will invite you in to the Axis. Now you are safe from Germany. Complete the "Continue the Zuiderzee Works" focus, defend your coastline and your provinces/states. The Allies usually naval invades the part of the Germany that borders the North Sea and that is your backyard. And for this achievement you are never allowed to lose control of any of your states. While waiting out the time till 1945 you can play pure defense or just help Germany conquer Western-Europe (play it correctly and you can get all of Belgium and Luxembourg and Repudiate the Treaty of London) and perhaps the Soviet Union.

    Another option is to use the national focuses and join either Allies or Comintern before Germany justifies on you (Normally 1940). This will make faction members move divisions to your border with Germany, thus making your defense somewhat easier. If possible, ask your faction members for as many expeditionary forces as possible. Also, don't forget to do the "Prepare the Inundation Lines" focus because it will give you land forts which makes it even harder for Germany to attack you. For a greater challenge; take the non-aligned path, but the House of Orange back in power, and try to hold off the Wehrmacht on your own. Do to this rush down the Army tree in order to begin your war on pacifism as early as possible. Doing this will also give you buffs to fortification Building - build some on either side of the Waddenzee, making sure to include the three border territories in Freisland - two East of Amsterdam, one at the neck of the Waddenzee. Make simple infantry and artillery divisions to hold this line, then spam the equipment. Then 'simply' hold the line. You can complete the Zuiderzee works at your leisure.

    Man the Guns 1.6 H
    Bad Romeance icon
    Bad Romeance
    Restore Byzantium and have Italy, Romania, and Russia as subjects.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Greece Greece Yes Flag of Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire has Flag of Italy Italy, Flag of Romania Romania, and Flag of Soviet Union Russia as subjects. If Battle for the Bosporus Battle for the Bosporus is active, the achievement can only be done patch 1.10.2 or later.

    Change government to fascism as quickly as possible (using the Megali Idea if Battle for the Bosporus is active). Justify on Yugoslavia and Albania, timing it so the justifications complete right after the Anschluss (February 1938 with Historical Focus). Join the Axis, which will consist of Germany alone. Declare both wars simultaneously, drawing Romania and Italy into a war with Germany. Get as much war participation as possible and puppet both in the peace conference. You can then proceed to defeat Turkey and the Soviet Union alongside the Axis. Pupetting your targets is not difficult, as Germany prefers to take land for itself. The only one to watch for is Romania: if the Turkish Straits are closed, Germany will have no land or sea route to Romania and might puppet instead.

    Alternatively you can temporarily fight in the Allies' side. Go down the left side focus and choose to work with the Fascists. Once Restoring the Megali Idea focus is reached, start it and choose to invite Italy along to prevent the loss of stability. Do not follow up to Terror and Fear yet, pick any other focus for now and soon you will get the Anatolian Fascist coup. As soon as you turn Fascist, justify on Bulgaria immediately. Puppet Bulgaria and follow up with Terror and Fear to start the war with Turkey and Romania. Do not call Bulgaria to war yet, focus on defeating Turkey first. Once you defeat Turkey and restore Byzantium, you can start working on Romania, dig in on the Bulgarian border and let the Romanian troops destroy themselves in the offensive, then start pushing in. You can start justifying on Hungary now if you wish. Alternatively you can prepare some transport planes earlier and convert your mountaineers to paratroopers, once you have captured Bucharest you can send the paratroopers to snatch some victory points in the north and west to instantly capitulate Romania. Puppet or annex Romania. If you justified on Hungary, they should be an easier opponent than Romania and Turkey unless you are too late and they already joined the Axis. Sooner or later Italy will declare on you, do not call your puppets to war. If you didn't join the Allies you can start your own faction with Yugoslavia. Kick the Italians out of Albania and if you get an opening, try launching a naval invasion at Italy and capitulate them to get more war score. You should be able to puppet Italy in the peace deal. You can then prepare the war with the USSR. If you somehow managed to keep your Democratic popularity above 60% such as by hiring the Social Democrat advisor at the start or taking The Birthplace of Democracy focus beforehand, you can return to Democratic at any time after this. This way you can guarantee Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan and you can join in the fight and invite them to your faction once the USSR declare war on them. Otherwise, you can justify on USSR after you are done with the Axis, but it is best to wait until they declare war on Iran so they cannot focus their entire forces on you. Having USSR as a Supervised State will count for the achievement.

    Waking the Tiger Battle for the Bosporus 1.10 VH
    Battlecry icon
    As a warlord, conquer all of China and Japan.
    Yes Playing as either: Yes Conquered all of Flag of China China, Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo and Flag of Japan Japan not including the states of Hong Kong(326) , Macau (729) and Guangzhouwan (728) . This includes all of the warlords. The strongest warlord is the Flag of Guangxi Clique Guangxi Clique due to their starting resources. Due to your early equipment deficits and lack of research capability but very high manpower, focus on getting as much of your manpower onto the field as quickly as possible. DON'T force the Xi'an incident or China could refuse and the Chinese United Front won't form at all - wait to join later. With your troops you can then join and help China against the Japanese by placing defensive divisions on their coastline - you will need a high number to be able to repel better-equipped Japanese invasions. Go for Root Out Corruption, Power Struggle and Executive Yuan. This will give you enough political power to do Power Struggle propaganda in three states to Chiang's two and will quickly put you on top. Push the Japanese out of China and Korea, while building a fleet and/or air force to cross the Sea of Japan.

    The focus "Subjugate the Warlords" gives a fixed 50% chance to puppet each of the warlords (even if they are in a different faction). You can then annex those who accept via decisions, and declare war against the ones who don't. Communist China may pursue a civil war with you while you are still fighting the Japanese, and you may not be able to use the anti-communism focus against them once you are in a faction together. It is important to deal with them early, however, as if left to the late game they can join the Allies and this will force you to fight on multiple fronts with the British Raj.

    Alternatively, you set Historical Focuses to Off as Guangxi and reload a few times to get the best outcome, where China doesn't try to annex you and Japan doesn't attack soon - or even at all. Get a Research Slot and rush Join the Republican Government. Then, DO NOT take any Focuses for extra PP income and start competing for the states. Thanks to extra PP, you can grow your presence in 2 states at once, and overtaking China should be possible in about a year or so. Once you become China, focus on subduing other Warlords, lest they join some non-Chinese faction and make things difficult. Remember to build Infrastructure, Railroads and Supply Hubs, as Chinese supply is mostly atrocious. Once you have the warlords puppeted or annexed, you can take on Japan - guard the coasts and use Paratroopers to make the war relatively trivial. This approach is a bit RNG-dependent, but it shouldn't take more than 10 reloads at worst; just make sure to use the proper infantry templates and develop your industry accordingly.

    Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang is an other option, as it can immediately join the Comintern and the USSR will never take land in China.

    1.5 VH
    Bevrijding icon
    As the Netherlands, liberate the continental Netherlands after relocating the government to the East Indies.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Yes Current ruling party is DemocracyDemocratic

    Yes Has completed focus Liberation

    Begin to develop the east indies, focus on planes (specifically bombers) and submarines to destroy factories and shipping to damage the German economy so the USSR doesn't lose. You will need some civilian factories and lots of cargo ships. Beware of Japan as they will likely attempt to attack and invade Indonesia so make sure to guard all ports and have some planes and ships to hold them off. Once you have safely fortified the East Indies from Japanese attacks, either focus on Germany to reconquer your home territory or focus on Japan and finish them off to gain some resources and factories. Man the Guns 1.6 VH
    Czechmate icon
    As Czechoslovakia, occupy Canberra while at war with the Allies.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia

    With Death or Dishonor DLC(method one)

    • Turn Communist, join Comintern and take Romania to have a border with Soviet Union
    • Build up Sudetenland to level 7 forts and don't give up Sudetenland
    • When Germany attacks hold on till Soviets arrive and beat them (if you are quick Italy will not join Axis)
    • Take the best Germany provinces (by resources and IC), build up your forces and take Italy, Balkans and France (avoid fighting with Allies if possible)
    • Build up your navy, attack the Allies and island hop to Australia
    • It is easier with historical AI turned off (Hungary can take Austria and/or ally with Italy, France may not join the Allies)

    With Death or Dishonor DLC(method two):

    • Turn fascist, justify on Austria and Yugoslavia ASAP(don't choose any focus to get extra PP) - make sure both justifications finish at around the same time to avoid guarantees (playing on nonhistorical will reduce guarantee chances)
    • During your justifications, take the focus 'Trust with the West' to get rid of the Romanian guarantee on you, pulling Romania in the war also
    • In peace deal, annex the states you need to form Austria-Hungary
    • You can then justify and annex Hungary to form AH, giving you cores(manpower + extra factories)
    • You can then join Japan's faction and invade from their territory
    • Alternatively just join Axis, get military access from Japan (when they war on Allies) and naval invade from Japan (VERY easy)

    Paratroopers method:

    • Switch to fascist through civil war
    • Justify on Dutch East Indies
    • Join Axis, declare war, wait a few days for Netherlands to send more troops to the frontline, paradrop on victory points (don't call Germany)
    • Build an air base in Aru Islands
    • Join the war when Germany attacks Poland, paradrop into Northern Territory, take Canberra (don't call East Indies)
    1.4 VH
    Death or Dishonor or Cake icon
    As Romania, own a slice of all your starting neighbors.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Romania Romania Yes Has Carol II as country leader

    Yes Has not completed any of the below focuses:

    Yes Own at least one core province from all of your starting neighbors:
    • Turn on historical focus to have USSR and Germany sign Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.
    • Bring Carol II into power and make a huge army from the start.
    • Go by Balkans Dominance path, which will help you get cores from 4 of 6 required nations.
    • Expand your army, wait for German attack to Poland and prepare to fight against Soviet Union.
    • After Molotov-Ribbentrop pact signed and Poland capitulated, Soviets will take Eastern part of it. You can justify on them directly or guarantee Finland to enter the war then as defending country.
    • Defeat Soviets alone or with German help. If fighting with Germans (in alliance or not), make bigger war score than they, because at peace conference Germany could first take all Eastern Poland and it'd be unavailable to get Polish land without struggle with Axis.
    • At peace conference take at least one Soviet and Polish core territory.
    • This achievement could also be done with "Neither Death nor Dishonor" one, just take Moscow at the peace conference.
    Death or Dishonor 1.4 VH
    Hardly Anything Sèvres icon
    Hardly Anything Sèvres
    As the Ottoman Empire, hold the capitals of France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Turkey Turkey Yes The Flag of Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire controls the capitals of Flag of United Kingdom Britain, Flag of France France, Flag of Italy Italy, and Flag of Japan Japan. To be Ottoman Empire you need to go far left of focus tree and choose Adnan Menderes after "Hold Our First Multi-Party Election". This one requires one to be in the winning side against both Axis and Allies. Easiest way is to disable La Resistance and start boosting non-aligned to Russia and USA from the beginning of game and right after concluding civil war against Kemalists. You will need to stage well timed coups against Russia and USA in order to have rebellion in your faction instead of Axis(they shouldn't be in a war against another faction), a good time to start against Russia is around when Italia joins Axis and a few months later to the USA(they both should have <80 stability at the time if you boosted non-aligned enough but it can differ sometimes). In the meantime you can annex or puppet Greece and Romania with naval invasions with "Reclaim the Makedonyalı Sanjak" claim. Continue with "Press the Austro-Hungarian Claim" focus to be able to create factions. Justify against Russia and declare before coup is complete, when Russian coup is completed invite rebellion to your faction. You just need to hold your line and not let non-aligned Russia get capitulated(you don't need war participation, rebellion will have all Russia after Germany capitulates Russia). You will also need to send a lot of divisions to help USA rebellion so it's better to choose a city from pacific side to start coup(Axis should have Suez Canal by now and you can ask for access while being at war against Russia). Like with Russia, you need to justify against USA and declare before coup is finished. After Democratic USA and Communist Russia is capitulated you will have 2 most powerful nations in your faction. Your faction can win any war against anyone. Keep an eye on non-aligned Russia's division count and declare war to Axis when you are ready, after that either get control of capitals via naval invasion/paradrop or ask control from your allies. Battle for the Bosporus

    Waking the Tiger

    1.10 VH
    Huge-oslavia icon
    As Yugoslavia, occupy all your neighbouring countries (Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Italy and Greece).
    Yes Playing as Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yes Every state in the world is either: It is only necessary to occupy the land required so it is possible to have this achievement fire whilst at war. Can be combined with The Balkan Powder Keg achievement.
    1.4 VH
    Miklos Horthy and the Habsburg Prince icon
    Miklos Horthy and the Habsburg Prince
    As Hungary, Restore Austria-Hungary.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Hungary Hungary
    • Yes Is cosmetic tag Flag of Hungary Austria-Hungary
    • Yes Own and control the states:
    • Upper Austria (152)
    • Tyrol (153)
    • Lower Austria (4)
    • Sudetenland (69)
    • Bohemia (9)
    • Moravia (75)
    • Eastern Sudetenland (74)
    • Zaolzie (72)
    • Western Slovakia (70)
    • Southern Slovakia (664)
    • Eastern Slovakia (71)
    • Carpathian Ruthenia (73)
    • Jordan (455)
    • Palestine (454)
    • Neiderschlesien (66)
    • Oberschleisien (67)
    • Tuscany (162)
    • Franche-Comte (17)
    • Lombardy (159)
    • Emilia Romagna (161)
    • You have to go for "Restoration of Austria-Hungary" Focus Tree and have to have a navy so it is a perfect match to do with "Better than the Szent István" achievement
    • Take Austria and Czechoslovakia ASAP to weaken Germany. The focus "Reintegrate the Railroads" has a hidden effect that increases the chance of a peaceful annexation. Importantly, the chance of Czechoslovakia accepting is VERY low. However, if Germany is completing/has completed "Demand Sudetenland", the chance increases tenfold, enough that they will nearly always accept.
    • Hungary starts with more aluminium than it will ever need: build a large air force to support your ground troops
    • You can let the German have the Sudetenland, they will leave you alone after that
    • Conquer Yugoslavia, then Romania and Greece: the oil fields will supply your army, while chromium can be used to build battleships and heavy tanks
    • Construct ships and naval bombers as soon as you have a coastal province, destroy buildings to make room for more dockyards if necessary
    • Find a good time to backstab Germany once they are at war with the USSR and join the Comintern. Attack the Allies immediately after the defeat of the Axis
    • You have to own the provinces, not just occupy them - watch out for them in a peace treaty, do not let AI take them or you will have to go to war again
    • As of patch 1.6, the United States might stay out of the war entirely if not attacked by Japan.
    Death or Dishonor 1.4 VH
    One King, Two Crowns icon
    As Bourbon Spain, hold all Spanish and French core states.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Spain Spain Yes is Flag of Carlist Spain Carlist Spain

    Yes Conquer all of France.

    You must own the cores, which means completely defeating France's faction and get all cores in a peace deal. Remember that France may get cores on the Algerian coast. Best done in non-historical, as France might not ally with the UK or the US.

    As of 1.9.0, Bourbon Spain only needs to occupy the French cores.

    La Résistance 1.9 VH
    Rule Britannia icon
    As any British Subject state, conquer all of Britain.
    Yes Playing as either:
    • Autonomy freedom icon.png Is not a subject
    • Yes Control the states:
    • Scottish Highlands (120)
    • Lothian (121)
    • Wales (122)
    • Cornwall (123)
    • East Anglia (125)
    • Greater London Area (126)
    • Sussex (127)
    • West Midlands (128)
    • East Midlands (129)
    • Yorkshire (130)
    • Northern England (131)
    • Lancashire (132)
    • Lanark (133)
    • Aberdeenshire (136)
    • Gloucestershire (338)
    Can be done in conjunction with the "It's 1812 All Over Again" achievement as Canada. After capitulating and annexing the United States, prepare a naval invasion force and fleet to attack the UK. Annexing the US may help industrially and the Send in the Zombies focus may help with the recruitable population. If Iceland gets released, it may be necessary to justify against them. Try to take the UK before Germany or Italy tries a naval invasion. If the peace conference triggers before the achievement does, try to annex all of Great Britain as the other Axis members may take the required territory. It may be advisable to create a faction with Mexico instead of joining the Axis to make it harder for Germany to take British states in the peace conference.

    With Historical Focus Off, the UK has a chance of becoming fascist or non-aligned. In that case, a democratic Canada may form a faction with the Flag of United States United States.

    1.3 VH
    Sun Tzu Reborn icon
    Sun Tzu Reborn
    As Any Chinese Nation, Have a level 9 field marshal.
    Yes Playing as either: Yes any army leader:
    • Is a field Marshall
    • Skill Level more than 8
    • This achievement is best done with a world conquest game or with the achievements "Awake and Angry" or "Battlecry"
    • If a General becomes level 9 before your main field marshal, you may promote the General to field marshal and you will get the achievement.
    1.5 VH
    The People Have Stood Up! icon
    With Mao as your leader, win the Chinese Civil War.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Communist China Communist China Yes Conquered all of Flag of China Nationalist China's Starting territory
    • This achievement does not require all the Chinese cores.
    • Rush the focus "Exploit the Weak Neighbours". By this point Shanxi and Xibei San Ma won't have enough divisions to cover the front line so you can walk around them.
    • Justify to retake core state on Sinkiang. Do this early so you can attack them immediately after defeating the first two warlords.
    • By this point it should be early 1937, so focus your efforts on preparing a front line against the Japanese. Follow the focus tree to "Government of National Defense". Build a few levels of infrastructure to supply your troops, and focus most of your production towards guns with a few on artillery. 10 width infantry divisions are ideal for holding the line, while you can make a few 7 infantry / 2 artillery divisions to make breakthroughs. You don't have to accept the call to arms straight away once the Nationalists are attacked, so prepare as much as possible without letting them get steamrolled.
    • When fighting, push through Mengkukuo and try to get to the shore but don't push through Beijing. This will ensure you get as much territory as possible which will come under your control when you white peace with Japan. Encircle and destroy as many Japanese divisions in Manchuria/Korea as possible, to weaken them if you plan on playing into the late game. An easy way to do this is to rush across North Korea once you take Dalian since there will be no ports left for them to escape from Manchuria.
    • After the white peace, focus on doing infiltrations and building up your army to take on the Nationalists. They will try to counter your infiltrations, but if you don't take a focus you can get ahead quick. Launch the uprising and try to create encirclements, such as by cutting across Shandong to destroy troops in Beijing. The AI can be quite aggressive, so letting them attack repeatedly and wear themselves down can make them prone to a counterattack.
    1.5 VH
    30 Minutes of Hel icon
    30 Minutes of Hel
    As Poland in the 1939 “Blitzkrieg” scenario start, inflict over 1,800,000 casualties to Germany to beat the 2018 PDXCON HOI4 challenge. Extra bragging rights if you do it in 30 minutes or less!
    Yes Playing as Flag of Poland Poland

    Time Start date is 1939.8.3

    Yes The Flag of Germany German Reich has more than 1.80M Casualties inflicted by Flag of Poland Poland
    • Create 2 army templates: One 16-width with Engineers and One 16-width with Engineers & Anti-air.
    • Divide your army in one stack of 16 and 2 stacks of 24. Replace the templates of your 16 stack army with the 16-width Engineer & Anti-air and the 2 24 armies with the 16-width with Engineers.
    • Your production line consists of 1 factory on anti-air, one on support equipment and the reset on infantry equipment.
    • Your research consists of anti-air upgrades, engineer upgrades and upgrades to infantry weapons/bonuses. When those reach options reach the point of getting to far ahead in the future switch to economic research.
    • For construction: Que level 5 (or higher) forts and on the bottom military factories. That way if you aren't making forts you are making military factories.
    • For advisors and such: The only chief of army you have, Marian Kukiel, Stanislaw Maczek (for Army Exp), FB (Infantry Equipment), and the War Industrialist. Safe the rest of your PP for when the war starts so you pick war economy, free trade and Extensive Conscription. And to activate scorched earth in all provinces/states you're going to lose to the Germans.
    • Release Zaolzie as a puppet, Return land to Lithuania and release Ukraine and Belarus (not as puppets).
    • For your focusses: The Castle -> Prepare for the Inevitable -> Resistance Industries -> Exile Industries -> The Sanitation Right -> The Sanitation Left down to A New King in the Castle -> Local Western Plans and then economic focusses for more factories/resources.
    • Put all three of your armies on fallback lines starting just above Zaolzie in Katowice and then clockwise to Krakow and then back to Katowice. Making sure your armies exactly surround the small tile between Katowice and Krakow. Field marshall: Edward, Generals: Marian, Roman and Kazimierz. And give them any defensive bonuses you can give them. The first army exp you get should go to Tenacious Defence, Elevated Engineering Corps and Static Warfare.
    • Finally set up a field marshall front line and offensive line with no divisions on it near Katowice for a planning bonus and select area defence with each general and select a province in Sweden. This way divisions which will retreat will do so to the empty middle tile that your armies surround. This way they never lose any/much organisation and can be easily directed to a frontline that is in need of reinforcements.
    • The first month(s) of the war are the hardest, you can't lose any tiles and have to constantly monitor where more divisions need to be relocated to keep holding the lines (first months therefore on speed 4). After which it should be easy going. Don't forget to increase the number of factories assigned to A-A/Enigeers after Infantry equipment has a good amount off them. And you should have this achievement in no time.
    1.9 VH
    Crusader Kings 2 icon
    As South Africa, finish the Anti-Colonialist Crusade focus, release all European colonies via the focus, and take London.
    Yes Playing as Flag of South Africa South Africa Yes Focus Focus SAF colonialist crusade.png "Anti-Colonialist Crusade" is completed

    Yes Is a faction leader
    Yes A faction member controls the state Greater London Area (126)

    Yes The following country flags are set:
    • SAF_released_ANG
    • SAF_released_COG
    • SAF_released_KEN
    • SAF_released_MZB
    • SAF_released_ZIM
    The Achievement requires the decision to release the nations rather than the release nation button on the occupied territory screen. One possible route is this:
    • Flip Communist as fast as possible through a civil war.
    • Immediately begin building the cheapest submarines. You may want to build some extra dockyards.
    • Justify on Republican Spain, and declare war. This allows you to ask for military access from the Nationalists.
    • Justify on Portugal, and naval invade them from the Cape by splitting off subs for naval superiority. Dock in Morocco for range.
    • Annex the African holdings in the peace deal, and puppet Portugal.
    • Repeat this invasion process for Belgium. Do NOT puppet Belgium, as Germany will attack you if you do.
    • By now, You only need to release the British holdings in Africa. A naval invasion may help you reach Kenya before the Italians do.
    • Once all of this is done, mass produce subs until you can sneak a naval invasion into Britain anywhere with a port. Once you occupy London, you'll get the acheivement.
    Together for Victory 1.3 I
    Go Ahead, Macau My Day icon
    Go Ahead, Macau My Day
    As Portugal, create a collaboration government in Macau and have it own all Chinese states.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Portugal Portugal Yes Create a collaboration Government in Macau and have it own all core territory of China and Manchukuo:

    YesOne of the following countries:

    YesIs a subject of Flag of Portugal Portugal
    Collaboration Government.png Is a Collaboration Government
    YesCapital is Macau (729)
    YesAll states are either owned by one of the above countries or is not a core of Flag of China China and Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo

    • Best done by joining the Comintern, as the USSR will never take or puppet any land in China.
    • This achievement requires Hong Kong and Guangzhouwan to be taken in a peace deal. If Japan occupy them and you take them back, you might be able to snatch them in the peace deal, otherwise you will have to defeat the Allies.
    • Alternatively, take the Fascist path and take the focus "Join the Axis". Then, put troops on the border with Poland and help Germany take out Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, and France to get as much war score as possible. Then, use paratroopers to land in Dover and send your army into mainland England to finish the war. In the peace deal, make sure you give Hong Kong and Guangzhouwan to your provisional government. After defeating the Allies, you should have a large enough army and economy to take on China and Japan yourself. Then, give all Chinese territory to Portuguese China and the achievement will be yours.
    • Taking British Raj as a puppet is highly recommended to invade through Sinkiang and Yunnan.
    • While you can side with the Japanese first to take out China then backstab the Japanese, it's recommended to deal with Japan first, as they'll inevitably get the United States drawn in when they attack the Philippines.
    • Try to take Nationalist China (or whoever controls Beijing and Nanjing) last, because once you take those provinces and give them to your Collaboration Government, the event will fire allowing them to move their capital from Macau, thus preventing you getting the achievement.
    La Résistance 1.9 I
    …and you get a canton, everybody gets a canton! icon
    …and you get a canton, everybody gets a canton!
    As Switzerland, have 24 states
    Yes Playing as Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Yes Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Owns more than 24 states
    • Can be completed alongside "Swiss Cheese"
    • On historical, rush the fascist path and join the Axis. As soon as possible, justify on Vichy France. Convert the militia to regular divisions via the focus and create a decent template of infantry and artillery - this will be enough to easily overcome the Vichy army as many units will also be on the border with Germany.
    • Remember that to capitulate Vichy, you also have to take the part of victory points that Vichy France has in Nort -Africa.
    • An easy way is to build transport planes and research/train some paratroopers. You can paradrop from allied countries which aren't in the war, so simply put your (transport)planes in the airfield on Sicily. The fighter / CAS planes you get at the start of the game you should be enough to get air superiority. From Sicily, you can reach Tunesia and a small part of Algeria. Alternatively, you could do a collab on Vichy France.
    • Due to Vichy France's large colonial holdings, you will have over 24 states after annexing them in the peace deal.
    By Blood Alone 1.12 M
    I’m not locked in here with you… icon
    I’m not locked in here with you…
    As Switzerland, declare war on Germany and win.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Yes Has declared war on Flag of Germany Germany

    Yes Has won the war against Flag of Germany Germany

    Method 1
    • After the Anschluss, you can justify a quick war goal on Germany using the claim on Vorarlberg. Doing this once the Allies have made a successful landing or two, you can fall back to a defensive line and simply wait.

    Method 2

    • Simply follow the "Swiss Cheese" or "and you get a canton, everybody gets a canton!" achievement strategy from this wiki.
    • After you defeated and annexed Vichy France, release most of the land you occupy, otherwise you will get manpower issues. Personally, I would keep the mainland Europe France cores. because you can core part of it yourself with the last focus of the Facist Path.
    • Increase your army up to 48 mountaineers / regular divisions and just wait until The Allies are landing in France and Italy.
    • Once most of France is liberated and Italy has largely fallen simply leave the Axis and justify on Germany (A fast way is to choose Voralberg, as it's a core of Switzerland and therefore you only need 15 days before you can declare war)
    • Once you've declared war help with defeating the Axis or simply sit back and allow The Allies to do the job for you. You may get (temporarily) invited to The Allies, but there is no need to join them.
    By Blood Alone 1.12 M
    Swiss Cheese icon
    Swiss Cheese
    As Switzerland annex 5 states that are not contiguous with each other or Switzerland.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Yes Has 5 states not contiguous to each other after a peace conference.
    • Can be completed alongside "…and you get a canton, everybody gets a canton!"
    • On historical, rush the fascist path and join the Axis. As soon as possible, justify on Vichy France. Convert the militia to regular divisions via the focus and create a decent template of infantry and artillery - this will be enough to easily overcome the Vichy army as many units will also be on the border with Germany.
    • Remember that to capitulate Vichy, you also have to take the part of victory points that Vichy France has in Nort -Africa.
    • An easy way is to build transport planes and research/train some paratroopers. You can paradrop from allied countries which aren't in the war, so simply put your (transport)planes in the airfield on Sicily. The fighter / CAS planes you get at the start of the game you should be enough to get air superiority. From Sicily, you can reach Tunesia and a small part of Algeria. Alternatively, you could do a collab on Vichy France.
    • Vichy France already owns more than 5 non-contiguous states (islands count as non-contiguous) so annexing them in the peace deal will grant the achievement.
    By Blood Alone 1.12 M
    You Shall Not Pass icon
    You Shall Not Pass
    As Switzerland win a defensive or offensive war without ever losing Western Swiss Alps, Eastern Swiss Alps or Ticino
    Yes Playing as Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Yes Has won a defensive war without losing Western Swiss Alps (847), Eastern Swiss Alps (151) or Ticino (846) Method 1
    • Start on Historical
    • Follow the focus tree to fortify against Germany and Italy, then Frontier Defense plan. After that you can take the All Adults Training and Pro Helvetia paths - focus on defense and forts.
    • Let Germany get to -85 opinion so they get the war goal against you. While this is happening, you can get guarantees from France and Britain through the decision menu.
    • In 1938 Germany will declare war and drag the Allies in even before they declare on Poland or Czech. Join them. Allies win by '41/'42.
    • Note: Make sure you have some units on the border with Austria so Germany doesn't sneak part of the East Swiss Alps when they annex.

    Method 2

    • Since a recent patch, this achievement can also be achieved if you win an offensive war without losing any core territory.
    • Simply follow the "Swiss Cheese" or "and you get a canton, everybody gets a canton!" achievement strategy from this wiki.
    • After you defeated and annexed Vichy France, release most of the land you occupy, otherwise you will get manpower issues. Personally, I would keep the mainland Europe France cores. because you can core part of it yourself with the last focus of the Facist Path.
    • Increase your army up to 48 mountaineers / regular divisions and just wait until The Allies are landing in France and Italy.
    • Once most of France is liberated and Italy has largely fallen simply leave the Axis and justify on Germany (A fast way is to choose Voralberg, as it's a core of Switzerland and therefore you only need 15 days before you can declare war)
    • Once you've declared war simly hold your cores and help with defeating the Axis powers. You may even get (temporarily) invited to The Allies
    By Blood Alone 1.12 M
    The Lion that Roared icon
    The Lion that Roared
    As Ethiopia, without being in a faction, force the Italians to make peace. Again.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia Yes Forced the Flag of Italy Italians to make peace.
    • This requires you either to push Italy into the seas or to keep holding until the AI has had enough and offers you peace. Finally, you can also end the war by doing the focus 'Fait Accompli'.
    • This achievement can be done in conjunction with "The Lion King", because 'Fait Accompli' is in the same branch of the focus tree as 'The Kings of Kings' focus.
    By Blood Alone 1.12 H
    The Lion King icon
    The Lion King
    As Haile Selassie, declare yourself “King of Kings” and control Kenya and Tanzania.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia
    • YesHas completed focus The King of Kings
    • Haile Selassie Is the current country leader
    • Controls Tanganyika (546)
    • Controls Mombasa (905)
    • Controls Garissa (903)
    • Controls Nyanza-Rift Valley (904)
    • Controls Nairobi (547)
    • You only need to occupy the required states for the achievement to trigger.
    • Playing with historical-ai off has a chance of the UK going anti-colonial. In which case you don't (may not) have to fight the Allies.

    The guide below is outdated because the "Emperor Stays" path no longer has access to the focus:"Towards African Unity"

    Access to the focus "Towards African Unity" is, as before, possible through "Rebuilding the country" focus. Just don't do "Jah" or "The One Tru Heir of Solomon".

    Historical run:

    • Can be done with "The Lion that Roared".
    • Can't be any longer done during "This time for Africa" achivement run. Because the "Emperor Stays" path no longer has access to the focus:"Towards African Unity"
    • Still can be done during "This time for Africa" achivement run.
    • Some RNG will be involved.
    • Go down "Emperor Stays" path.
    • Defend againts Italy.
    • Complete "Support Anti-Colonialist Resistance"
    • Meanwhile, stockpile a lot of infantry equipment (5k) and Political Power (215) you will also need about 125 Command Power.
    • After that go to decisions tab and start using "Support anti-British resistance" options, which are available on the map - first do that in Tanganyika then in other required provinces. Now go for "Anti-British propaganda" decision. Just after resistance strength hits 70 in a given province use "Arm anti-British resistance" in decision tab.
    • Wait till Tanzania break free (it will form from Tanganyika), then same should happen with Kenya (will be formed from other 4 required provinces). Both countries start a war for independence with UK. Use decisions to demand ending the war.
    • If UK accept your demands the country will join your faction - kick it and start justifying, start war, win, annex.
    • If UK will not accept your demands, don't use option to go to war with UK. Wait, there is a chance that UK and liberated coutry will sign white peace. If they do so - start justyfing, start war, win, annex. If they don't do so - start the game all over again.

    Another simpler strategy:

    • Defeat Italy.
    • Wait for Allies to fight Italy in North Africa.
    • get your war goal from focus "Pan-Africanism", declare war on UK.
    • Rush the provinces it requires to get the achievement, all you need is to control them rather than owning them.
    By Blood Alone 1.12 H
    This time for Africa icon
    This time for Africa
    As Ethiopia, found the African Union and have it encompass at least 13 different countries with capitals in Africa.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia
    • Yes Has completed focus Towards African Unity
    • Yes Is in faction with at least 13 of the following :
    Method 1
    • The key to getting this achievement is Vichy(/Free) France. Both will have low compliance and resistance strength in their African provinces. Making them an easy target for uprisings.
    • Start the game with historical ai on
    • (hold on until you can) Push back Italy, but don't accept the peace event neither do the focus "International Mediation". The reason is that you want to max out the guns decision that you get from the focus "Arms Purchases"
    • When you've reclaimed all your cores continue the political side of the focus tree and take the "Empower the Ras" side.
    • The reason you go down the "Empower of Ras" side is that it leads towards "A Federal Empire". This will splinter your nation into many autonomous puppets (which don't count towards the achievement) and a small Ethiopia. But makes it a lot harder for the enemy in case you have to do revolts in Free France (sometimes the part of the French Colonies below the Sahara Desert change from Vichy to Free France). The Allies can then only attack you on a couple of mountainous tiles (unless you decide for some strange reason to call in those puppets to fight with you), which are easy to defend with the 30ish (irregular) divisions you should have at that point. You could build some forts for comfort.
    • Make sure that around the time Germany declares war on Poland you have a good amount of PP(300+) and Guns (10k+)
    • Once Germany has defeated France and Vichy France has appeared, take the 'Anti-French Propaganda' decision to increase resistance in their African Provinces.
    • Once that decision is done start boosting resistance in specific French provinces. The order in which you let those African Nations revolt is up to you. However, make sure that they are not neighbours. Because if for example Dahomey revolts, they take the neighbouring province (core state of Togo) and you were boosting resistance in that province as well. Then once Togo revolts they'll join The Allies (since they revolted against your ally). So only start boosting in provinces controlled by your enemies.
    • Rember to click the demand recognition decision (which appears 24 hours after the revolt), otherwise, they won't join your faction. For the achievement, it doesn't matter if they'll capitulate, only that you have at least 13 African Nations from the list in your faction.
    • Be aware that when Japan goes to war with the Allies that there is a chance that when a nation revolts that they will automatically join the Japanese faction. But it shouldn't be more than 2 or 3 that do so.
    • If you're unlucky and haven't reached 13 members yet after you revolted all of the French African provinces, go for the Belgian ones or the Portuguese (British is pointless, far too high compliance).
    • Finally, and I am sure everyone knows this. Vichy France is guaranteed by Germany. So once you declare war on them through a "Demand recognition decision" they'll join the Axis. But since you are at war with them anyway that doesn't really matter.
    • Tip: It is better to raise resistance in small or even one-state nations like Rwanda, Burundi or Gambia, as this will lead to an uprising much faster because of fewer states that have to meet the resistance threshold.
      Method 2
    • Perhaps faster and more consistent, but also a more difficult method to get this achievement
    • Simply go to war with the colonial powers and occupy enough territories in Africa to create 13 collaboration governments, which will count for the achievement once you complete the Towards African Unity focus.
    • Beware that to be able to create collab governments as Ethiopia you need to do the focus "A Federal Empire".
    • This is best done in a run where the emperor stays thanks to the massive boost to compliance gain that the "Elect of God" focus grants.
    • This may be easier on non-historical mode, depending on what factions the colonial powers join. Furthermore, there is a chance that the UK completely decolonizes on non-historical.
      Method 3
    • Stay on your owned territory or the territory of your puppets. Do not capture the Italian territory of Eritrea or Somali Sultanate.
    • Proceed to the focus Towards African Unity via Reclaiming Ethiopia and A Federal Empire. Then, liberate the African countries under the control of Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Vichy France.
    • For Italy, liberate the Kingdom of Libya, Eritrea and then Somali Sultanate. Time the liberation of Eritrea and Somali Sultanate to occur with five days of each other using the guns decision. Accept Italy's offer for peace. You now have three of the thirteen countries that you need for this achievement.
    • Aim to liberate the six African countries controlled by Spain and Portugal by the middle of 1939. Do not wait for a liberation to complete for one African country before starting the liberation process for the next country. It takes time for resistance to rise to the 90% liberation point.
    • Since Spain and Portugal will be at peace for at least the beginning of the liberation, it may be challenging to increase resistance to the 90% point of rebellion. You may time your guns decision to complete when the state is at approximately 65% resistance. This will at least temporarily increase resistance by 30% and activate a rebellion, even if the Resistance Target for that state is less than 90%.
    • You now have nine of thirteen counties.
    • For Vichy France, your first country liberation is certain to join your faction as Vichy will not be at war with the Allies. After the first liberation, Vichy goes to war, joins the Axis, and is at war with the Allies. Aim to raise resistance in African countries distant from each other, not next to a country in the Allies faction, and comprised of one state. Good options are Djibouti, the Republic of Madagascar, Gabon, and Senegal. While resistance is rising toward 90% in your first choices, start raising resistance in other African countries as backup options in case your first choices do not join your faction.
    • It is not necessary to go to war with the Allies, unless you do so that the thirteenth country joins your faction and the achievement is complete.
    By Blood Alone 1.12 VH
    Crusader Kings IV icon
    Crusader Kings IV
    Take Jerusalem as Ethiopia and move the capital there
    Yes Playing as Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia Yes Capital State: is Palestine (454)
    • You have to complete the focus: 'The One True Heir of Solomon' and form the Empire of Solomon. For which you only need to occupy the required states.
    • However, for the decision, to move your capital, to appear, you need to annex Palestine in a peace deal. So depending on whether you started the game with historical AI on or off, you may have to capitulate The Allies.


    • Play on historical
    • Complete "Rally Around the Emperor" focus, request permission to set up a government in exile in United Kingdom through decisions. Then complete "Boarding the Train" focus.
    • Allow yourself to get capitulated.
    • Increase your legitimacy whenever its available through decisions by throwing parties and lobbying for support. You can also complete "The Abuna" focus to get an advisor that slightly increases legitimacy gain.
    • In your new exiled focus tree branch after capitulation, reach and complete the "Heir of Solomon" focus. (You need to keep your legitimacy above 99 during the entire 70 days of the focus, so you might have to attempt doing it a couple of times since Italy can lower your legitimacy through a decision). The chance that the United Kingdom agrees to your request is 50/50 regardless of player actions, so multiple attempts may be needed. If they agree, you will get an "Arranged Territorial Expansion" in Palestine. (similar to Bulgarian ones)
    • After the allies go to war with Germany, most of the time they kick out Italy out of Africa and liberate Ethiopia. (you can help out with exiled units if needed)
    • When your country gets fully liberated and reinstated, you will get Palestine transfered to you and you can take the decision to make it your capital.
    By Blood Alone 1.12 VH
    The Red Sea icon
    The Red Sea
    As Ethiopia, go communist and take all the states that border the Red Sea
    Yes Playing as Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia
    • Yes Current Ruling party is CommunistCommunist
    • Yes Controls:
      • Eritrea (550)
      • Kassala (883)
      • Eastern Desert (457)
      • Suez (446)
      • Sinai (453)
      • Palestine (454)
      • Jordan (455)
      • Tabuk (855)
      • Madinah (679)
      • Assir-Makkah (856)
      • Yemen (293)
    • For this achievement, you only need to occupy the states in question.
    • It doesn't matter which side of the communist path you go down. However, the Soviet path does have the risk of ending up as a Soviet Puppet.
    • After the civil war focus on getting more manpower and factories.
    • Because you'll have to fight the Allies and for that, you need a fair amount of good divisions.
    • Forming The Horn of Africa and The African Union decisions can be very helpful towards this goal. However, the latter does take longer to get results from.
    • Before going to war with the Allies conquer both Saudia-Arabia and Yemen. You should declare on Saudia-Arabia first, as their port is much easier to invade than Yemen. As long as you haven't joint the Comintern and you do this during WWII they should not get guaranteed. Remember to only annex the states from S-A that border the Red Sea and to puppet the rest. Otherwise, you might get overrun on the Arabian Peninsula
    • The naval focus branch allows you to purchase older ships and/or the exp is enough to design a submarine.
    • Once S-A and Yemen are no more, prepare for war with the Allies. (have between 48-72 good divisions). Because you need to be able to overrun the Allied divisions in Egypt and be able to defend your home against both land attacks and naval invasions.
    • When the war starts focus in the south on securing Aden and in the north on conquering Northern Egypt (ports and Suez Canal). Once that is done start pushing upwards from Ethiopia to surround the allied divisions left in Egypt and to take the remaining states.
    By Blood Alone 1.12 H
    Holy, Roman, and an Empire icon
    Holy, Roman, and an Empire
    As the Pope, restore Rome.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Italy Italy First, pull all troops out of Ethiopia. Don't take a focus yet, save up 15 pp on the decision "Withdraw from Ethiopia" and choose "A Staggering Failure! ". Then, you can go straight to the focus "Convene the Grand Council". You can conquer Ethiopia if you wish but it will take turning monarchist longer. If you wish to release Italian East Africa, it is better done while you are still fascist since it will lock them into the fascist political path which gives them more manpower.

    Hire a consultant to increase support for monarchism, and increase support through the focus "Conspiracies in the Shadows" and the decision "Search for Democrats". When the monarchy support reaches 25%, take "Monarchia d'Italia". Alternatively if you stayed fascist until now you can start justifying war goals immediately when you have the PP for it. Declaring war on Yugoslavia will pull France, Czechoslovakia, and Romania in. Be sure to justify on Austria in the meantime before Germany can do Anschluss.

    In the middle of the 1937, when the support reaches 50%, take the "Power to the King" . After completing "Seek Papal Support", you can immediately take the decision "Expanded Lateran Treaty" in the balance of power, then the focus "Strengthen the Papacy" and decision "Liturgical Reforms" . These decisions will have a cooldown time of one year and must be taken again to make the Pope leader and unlock new focuses. Because the Condemn Fascism decision will not be enough to give you enough papal support in the first round, it is best to not take Disband the Blackshirt focus as this will also make you lose some advisors and generals as well as all your militia divisions. You are still going to wait for a year either way.

    The focus "A Time for War" will give you war goals for almost every country in Europe, you only need to justify on Turkey. You will not get war goals on Catholic countries like Spain, and Portugal, but there is a focus to get them puppetted. Contrary to forming The Roman Empire before BBA you now only need to control all the states surrounding the Mediterranean to be able to click the decision to form the Roman Empire. After which, a whole list of decisions pops up allowing you to core any land which belonged to the Roman Empire in the past (provided you e.g. control the entire Iberian Peninsula). These decisions either cost 75 or 100pp and are activated immediately.

    Note: Some tutorials are based on the beta version of DLC. Compared to the official version, the "Seek Papal Support" focus in beta does not reset the balance of power to 0. Therefore, the beta version allows the Pope to take over immediately, while in the official version you need to wait a year to take another decision to increase the Pope's influence before he can takes over the country.

    By Blood Alone 1.12 H
    Pizza Time! icon
    Pizza Time!
    As Italy, occupy New York, Chicago and Hawaii
    Yes Playing as Flag of Italy Italy
    • Yes Controls New York (358)
    • Yes controls Illinois (395)
    • Yes Controls Hawaii (629)
    This can easily be done in combination with "Holy, Roman, and an Empire", because after forming the Roman Empire you've more than enough resources and big enough of a navy (take both France and the UK's in the peace deal) that no one should be able to stop you. 1.12 H
    Collect all the Romes icon
    Collect all the Romes
    As Italy, continue holding onto the First Rome, and gain the second and third Rome
    Yes Playing as Flag of Italy Italy
    • Yes Controls Lazio (2)
    • Yes controls Istanbul (797)
    • Yes Controls Moscow (219)
    This can easily be done in combination with "Holy, Roman, and an Empire", because after forming the Roman Empire you've more than enough resources and big enough of a navy (take both France and the UK's in the peace deal) that no one should be able to stop you. Furthermore, you already have Instanbul (since Turkiye is required to form the Roman Empire) 1.12 H
    Nothing personal, Adolf icon
    Nothing personal, Adolf
    As Italy, take Austria before the Anschluss and never enter a faction with a fascist Germany
    Yes Playing as Flag of Italy Italy
    • Time Date is 1945.01.01
    • Yes Not: Flag of Italy Italy has joined faction with FascistFascist Flag of Germany Germany at any point
    • Yes Owns Lower Austria
    • Yes Owns Upper Austria
    • Yes Owns Tyrol
    • Yes Owns Vorarlberg
    • Yes Flag of Germany Germany:
      • Not: Has achieved Anschluss
    Justify a war goal as soon as you can on Austria. Their army is really weak and the Germans will never go after it when you have it annexed. Wait out till 1945 for the achievement to fire.

    Can be done in conjunction with "This time it will stick". After taking Austria, go down the civil warpath and then follow down the democratic side of the focus tree. In 1939 Germany won't be able to handle a war on more than 2 fronts. So you should have no problem pushing up from the Austrian territories (besides hitting the Czechoslovak forts at some point).

    1.12 E
    Not today icon
    Not today
    As communist Italy, save Gramsci from the brink of death, make him the leader of Italy and form the Italian National Union.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Italy Italy
    • Yes Current ruling party is CommunistCommunist
    • Antonio Gramsci Is the current country leader
    For this Achievement, you also need to complete the focus "il Sol Dell'Avvenire". Which is the last focus in the communist tree. Just rush the communist tree. By Blood Alone 1.12 VE
    This time it will stick icon
    This time it will stick
    As any Allied Nation (in faction with a democratic Britain), enforce a peacedeal on Germany that disarms the Rhineland and makes it a demilitarized zone.
    Yes The Rhineland has been disarmed and demilitarized. A great country to get this achievement with is by playing as France and forming the Little Entente with Czechoslovakia, Romania, Yugoslavia, Poland, and the United Kingdom. It should be really easy to get enough war participation to demilitarize the Rhineland and more.
    • It is likely Italy will join the Axis to aid Germany but, your faction would be huge and strong enough to take it out.
    • Requires the states of Rhineland and Moselland to be demilitarized

    Alternatively, Italy is a great choice. For the achievement "Nothing personal, Adolf" you need to wait till the 1st of January 1945. So why not go democratic after taking Austria and join the Allies?

    By Blood Alone 1.12 E

    By Beer Alone icon
    By Beer Alone
    As Germany, control Budweis, Tsingtao, and Guinness directly or through a faction member
    Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany Yes The controller of following states is Flag of Germany Germany or is in a faction with Flag of Germany Germany
    • Bohemia (9)
    • Leinster (113)
    • Qingdao (743)
    • Don't take any focusses and once you have 50 pp justify on Ireland.
    • The Justification should be done around October, declare war and then do the focus: "Oppose Hitler". The war with Ireland should be easily done within 70 days. Making you the owner of Leinster.
    • After the Civil War go down the path of the Kaiser and then follow the path of "Focus on the true Enemy" You can speed up your Non-Aligned popularity by doing the Anti-Fascist, Democratic en Communist decisions (giving you over 40% non-aligned before the "Revive the Kaiserreich" focus is finished.
    • The Focus "Our Place in the Sun" will give you Qingdao
    • The Focus "Rekindle Imperial Sentiment" will give you Bohemia. Once Austria-Hungary forms they always automatically join the Central Powers.

    Alternative strategy:

    • Justify/declare/naval invade Ireland early.
    • Follow the 'Rhineland' path down to 'The fate of Czechoslovakia' which will give you Bohemia.
    • When Japan has declared on China, justify/declare on China, too.
    • Disband the Axis and join the Japanese faction.
    • Either send own divisions to conquer Qingdao or wait until Japan does it for you.
    1.12 M
    By merit alone icon
    By merit alone
    Promote a Unit Commander to a general, and reach max level
    Yes Any unit leader:
    • Has been promoted from the ranks.
    • Skill Level More than 8
    Method 1
    • Best done in conjunction with "Sun Tzu Reborn" after finishing "Battlecry" or "Awake and angry".
    • Promote a divisional commander to general asap and give him command of an army.
    • Grind during the Sino-Japanese war as much as possible. Switch the general to armies that are about to crush enemy divisions e.g. when pushing back a naval invasion. The army won't get the bonuses of the general due to the reassignement time, but the experience will be gained by him. Crushing i.e. completely destroying divisions gives much more experience than grinding on a frontline.
    • When China is united again, secure the borders to India and Indochina while also setting up port guards. Encircle Guangzhouwan and Hong Kong each with half an army under your designated general before declaring on the Allies.
    • Crush divisions in these both cities but don't take them. The allies will send addtional divisions you can also crush until you leveled up enough.

    Method 2

    Doing it with "Holy, Roman, and an Empire" is also a good choice, after forming Rome, you have enough industry and manpower to grind your general to max level.

    By Blood Alone 1.12 H
    Snakes on a plane icon
    Snakes on a plane
    As Brazil, capture Rome with paratroopers.
    Yes Playing as Flag of Brazil Brazil Yes Has captured Lazio (2) with paratroopers.
    • Play on historical, join allies (switch to Democratic to make it easier)
    • Put a factory on Air Transports
    • Train 12 width paratroopers (with Arty & Rocket support). If you train regular forces and raise the special forces cap through Focus and Research you can easily make 9-10 units around '42/'43
    • Move them to Malta, make a paradrop order on Rome, and click execute
    • At some point the allies will gain air superiority over the two sea zones and Italy. You can always train air units with all the spare production capacity to assist.
    • Rome isn't well defended and should fall pretty much immediately when they land.
    • Note: for executing the air drop the game will tell you which regions need air superiority but is lacking when it comes to required transports. You also need to make sure you have enough transports at the airfield, and they can't be doing logistics missions.
    1.12 E
    Stalin, how many guns does he have? icon
    Stalin, how many guns does he have?
    As the pope, capitulate the USSR
    Yes Playing as Flag of Italy Italy Yes Play as Flag of Italy Italy and capitulate the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union while having the Pope in power. This can easily be done in combination with "Holy, Roman, and an Empire", because after forming the Roman Empire you've more than enough resources and big enough of a navy (take both France and the UK's in the peace deal) that no one should be able to stop you. By Blood Alone 1.12 H

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