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Hearts of Iron IV has 71 different achievements, all using the Steam achievements mechanics. Achievements have no in-game effects; the achievement just pops up in-game, and is then added to the player's Steam profile. It is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement by going to the game's global achievements at Steam.

The difficulty of each achievement varies; some achievements are very easy (e.g. joining a faction), while some are more difficult (e.g. invading Spain as Mexico). The below list groups the various achievements by a difficulty level as assessed by the wiki editors (uncategorized - UC - achievements haven't been assessed yet).

Achievements can only be gained in single-player Ironman games, with the 1936 start, on regular or veteran difficulty. They can be earned while playing older versions of the game as long as said achievements were present in that version. They can also be earned with Historical AI Focuses set to off. They are also still available in games which run past the end game screen in 1948 or later.

It is not possible to gain achievements if the checksum has been changed - either by tampering with game files, or by running the game using mods that affect gameplay mechanics (graphical mods do not affect checksum), or a corrupted installation.

List of achievements[edit]

The "Notes" column lists helpful short tips/strategies.

The Hearts of Iron IV column denotes achievements which can't be completed without the use of DLC mechanics (currently 18 out of 71). Multiple expansion icons mean either can be used.

The "Ver" column indicates in which version a certain achievement was added. Achievements cannot be earned prior to the version they were added in.

The "DI" column is for difficulty as assessed by wiki editors. VE = Very Easy, E = Easy, M = Medium, H = Hard, VH = Very Hard, I = Insane, UC = Uncategorized.

Achievement Starting conditions Requirements Notes Hearts of Iron IV Ver DI
Braaaaains! icon
As Canada, complete the Send in the Zombies focus.
Yes Playing as Flag of Canada Canada Yes Focus Goal generic demand territory.png "Send in the Zombies" is completed Together for Victory 1.3 VE
Canada First icon
Canada First
Join Axis as Canada.
Yes Playing as Flag of Canada Canada
The faction need not be Axis, but must be led by Germany. 1.0 VE
District 9 icon
District 9
As South Africa, have 9 civilian factories in Transvaal.
Yes Playing as Flag of South Africa South Africa Civilian factory Has civilian factories >8 in the state Transvaal (275)
  • With Together for Victory DLC:

Requires several New Game attempts to have the following foci ("Expand the Mining Industry"; "Armament Effort"; "Pretoria Arms") roll on Transvaal (275). Complete them to have the slots >8 and convert the constructed military factories.

  • Without Together for Victory DLC:

Requires several New Game attempts to have few Industrial foci roll on Transvaal (275). Complete them to have the slots >8 and convert the constructed military factories.

  • Alternative: As an alternative to restarting until all the foci roll to Transvaal, just research down either Concentrated Industry or Dispersed Industry to add whatever building slots are needed to construct the remaining civilian factories after completing the above foci. (The fewer that roll to Transvaal, the further down industry you'll need to research.)
1.3 VE
Friends in Need icon
Friends in Need
Join a faction.
Yes Country flag achievement_has_joined_faction is set 1.0 VE
Lethal Straight icon
Lethal Straight
Have a production license from at least 5 of the 7 major powers.
Yes Is licensing from 5 of the below: As any country, preferably recommended to select neutral nations (Neutrality), as to avoid the “Strategic reasons” diplomatic boon (–100 value), that may block the “Request License Production” option, improve relations with five of the seven major powers then license the basic infantry weapons.

Yugoslavia can pick the focuses "Reinforce Old Alliances" and "Ban Slovene Nationalist Parties" to improve relations with three of the five countries.

Can also be done as part of any big victory after puppeting or allying five countries.

Death or Dishonor 1.4 VE
No country for old men icon
No country for old men
Reach 0 manpower with Scraping the Barrel as Conscription Law.
Can be accomplished by having the law after capitulating and controlling no territory (e.g. do nothing as Luxembourg). You can also spam recruitment of divisions until you've used up all your manpower, wait a few ticks for the achievement to trigger, and then cancel them all again (if you want to continue your game). You can start training a ton of 1-batallion divisions, and boost the tamplate later. 1.0 VE
Romance of the Three Kingdoms icon
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
As China, puppet and then annex Yunnan and Guangxi Clique.
Yes Playing as Flag of China China Yes Integrated the Flag of Guangxi Clique Guangxi Clique and Flag of Yunnan Yunnan through making them a puppet.
  • With Waking the Tiger DLC:

Pick the "Subjugate the Warlords" focus from "Three Principles of the People" branch. Yunnan and Guangxi will either subjugate (and will become your puppet) or will refuse - then you will get a wargoal against them. You may annex the majority of their states, however, it is important to puppet them. After subjugating warlords, a serie of "Integrates the Warlords" decisions will be opened ; just make decisions for Yunnan and Guangxi.

1.5 VE
The Balkan Powder Keg icon
The Balkan Powder Keg
As Yugoslavia, start the Second World War (i.e. be part of either the Axis or the Allies and at war with the other faction in a war you started).
Yes Playing as Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia War goal Declared war on Axis/Allies while part of Allies/Axis (respectively)
  • Choose Fascist Demagogue as your first Political Power spending, turn Fascist (skip Civil War option) and join Axis
  • Start Justifying War on UK and when it's done declare war
  • When playing with Death or Dishonor DLC before joining Axis get "Invite German Military Mission" Focus to avoid Civil War
  • Can be done before 1938
1.4 VE
Time is on our side icon
Time is on our side
Reach 1948.
Time Date is > 1947.12.31 1.0 VE
We'll Build it in a Day icon
We'll Build it in a Day
Research Construction V.
Atomic Research.png Has researched Construction VConstruction V 1.0 VE
Better Than Szent István icon
Better Than Szent István
As Hungary, have Miklos Horthy as a Naval commander and build a battleship.
Yes Playing as Flag of Hungary Hungary
  • Yes Has the unit leader Miklos Horthy
  • Battleship.png Has at least 1 Battleships
  • As Hungary you start without a coast. Getting to the coast is easiest through either Yugoslavia, or Romania. There are several decisions in the focus tree, giving claims, but to make Miklos Horthy a Naval Commander you need to take the Habsburg Prince Focus Path.
  • All you need to do after, is build at least 1 Battleship, (you need to research that tech, because Hungary starts without any Naval Tech in 1936) and assign Miklos Horthy to that fleet.
Death or Dishonor 1.4 E
Cut The Strings icon
Cut The Strings
Break free from your overlord as a puppet.
Autonomy puppet icon.png Playing as a puppet Autonomy freedom icon.png Is not a subject With Together for Victory / Death or Dishonor DLC:
  • As British Raj build military factories, invest tech in newest infantry weapons, mass produce it and lend lease them to UK for autonomy points (technology above UK level will net more points).
  • Can be done together with "Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons" (declaring independence after dropping the nuke) - requires Together for Victory.
  • WARNING! Cannot be done as Egypt (possibly because starting a game as UK).
1.3 E
Destroyer of Worlds icon
Destroyer of Worlds
Deploy a nuke.
Yes Country flag achievement_has_dropped_nuke is set 1.0 E
En Svensk Tiger icon
En Svensk Tiger
As Sweden, acquire a production license for a Tiger or Tiger II tank from Germany.
Yes Playing as Flag of Sweden Sweden Yes Is licensing from Flag of Germany Germany either:
  • Heavy Tank II (Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger)
  • Heavy Tank III (Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B)
  • Choose Fascist Demagogue as your first Political Power spending and turn Fascist (skip Civil War option)
  • Join Axis and help them in a war (Germany has to survive until they research Tiger tank - at least late 1943)
Death or Dishonor 1.4 E
I Am the Tong Master icon
I Am the Tong Master
As South Africa, break free from the UK and puppet another nation.
Yes Playing as Flag of South Africa South Africa
  • Autonomy freedom icon.png Is not a subject
  • Yes Has subjects >0

With Together for Victory DLC:

  • Get the Communist focuses with Anti-Colonial Crusade and Liberate Portuguese Colonies.
  • Declare war on Portugal, take their land in Africa, wait for the event about free Angola or Mozambique and choose the first option to release either of them as your puppet.
  • Can be done before 1939.

Without Together for Victory DLC:

  • Turn Fascist
  • Produce few subs and some extra convoys
  • Justify and Declare War on Liberia and puppet them in a peace deal
1.3 E
Make a Man Out Of You icon
Make a Man Out Of You
As a Warlord, have at least 1,000,000 manpower queued up for deployment.
Yes Playing as either: Yes More than 1,000,000 Manpowermanpower in deployment queue
  • You can only train 75% of the manpower currently on the field with a minimum of 100.00K. So that means you must have at least 1,333,334 Manpower on the field to do this achievement.
  • The best possible country to start as is Flag of Guangxi Clique Guangxi Clique, because it has ~717.000 free manpower - the biggest amount among all of Chinese warlord.
  • Normal supplying of an army of 1.3 millon soldiers on Guangxi's basic territory is impossible, so your territorial expansion should begin as soon as possible. Pick the "Oppositon" focus, then "Institute Cross-Border Raids" and "Border Clashes with the Nationalists" focuses. Train and deploy 6 divisions of 6 infantry + 3 artillery and start to expand through border conflicts. Do not expand your army, preserve your manpower.
  • Max out infrastructure in every province you own to prevent lack of supply.
  • When your counter of free manpower hits ~2.4 millions, you can start building up your army. Create a new division template and fill it with infantry batallions. Start training and deploying those divisions.
  • When number of your soldiers in the field will be around 1.4 millions, just queue up for deployment any number of divisions up to the limit.
1.5 E
Master of War icon
Master of War
Fully research a land, naval and air doctrine tree.
Atomic Research.png Has researched a full branch in the tech fields:
  • Air Doctrine
  • Land Doctrine
  • Naval Doctrine
If you think you should have got this and haven't, double check you haven't missed one that wasn't mutually exclusive on the same row of the tree. 1.0 E
Mine is bigger than yours icon
Mine is bigger than yours
Lead a faction with at least 20 members.
  • Yes Is a faction leader
  • Yes Members of faction > 19
This suggestion requires Together for Victory DLC.

Easiest as the UK with Historical on - free all your subjects in Africa and the Middle East as puppets and you're on 13; Poland, the Benelux, France, Denmark and Norway will make 20 as soon as Germany attacks them.

1.0 E
Monarchy is Back in Fashion icon
Monarchy is Back in Fashion
As Germany, Bring back the Kaiser and ensure that Italy is controlled by Victor Emmanuel by killing Mussolini.
Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany YesWilhelm II is the current country leader

Yes Flag of Italy Italy: Victor Emmanuel II is the current country leader

Follow the "Return of the Kaiser" and the "Focus on the True Enemy" path in the "Oppose Hitler" tree until you get to the "Assassinate Mussolini" Focus. Willhelm II must be your leader and he must not die before the focus is complete. Waking the Tiger 1.5 E
Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons icon
Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons
As India, develop and deploy a nuke. You must have the Quit India Movement national spirit.
Yes Playing as Flag of British Raj British Raj
  • Yes Country flag RAJ_quit_india_movement is set
  • Yes Country flag achievement_has_dropped_nuke is set
  • RAJ_quit_india_movement country flag is set by Quit India Movement national focus
  • Develop, build and deploy a nuclear bomb (remember about getting some strategic bombers and fighters for air superiority). You have 2 focuses giving you boost in that area. If China falls you can alone keep Japan away at the border and look out for Siam cos it can turn Fascist by Japanese Focus.
  • Can be done together with "Cut The Strings" (just do it after dropping the nuke).
Together for Victory 1.3 E
Panda-monium icon
As a warlord, be at war with all chinese nations simultaneously.
Yes Playing as either: Yes At war with: This is best with the Waking the TigerWaking the Tiger DLC because without it, the warlords will be annexed by Flag of China China and Flag of Communist China Communist China.

As Sinkiang:

  • Justify Wargoal on a Chinese Nation as soon as they create the "Chinese United Front" faction and make sure all of them are in it.
  • Xibei San Ma is preferred because it may not join the war otherwise. If you decided to expand via border conflict, bordering nations may not join the war.
  • It is best to join the Comintern just in case any Chinese decide not to join the war. The Soviets may give you units to help keep you from capitulating early.
  • Japan should be at war with all of them just to make sure none of them leaves the faction.
  • If any nation refuses the call to war, justify on them. Some countries may join after you justify.
  • You may need to justify against Japan so that they move some of their units away from the Chinese. This is so that the Chinese may survive a bit longer.
  • Japan's justification will be finished than a warlord's. Declaring war against Japan may make the warlord join the war against you.
  • If the warlord does not join the war by the time your justification ends, declare on them.
  • If Japan capitulates China early, you must restart the game. Releasing nations will not be viable because Nationalist and Communist China will take your core territory.
1.5 E
The Empire Strikes Back icon
The Empire Strikes Back
As Britain, declare war on one of your former subjects.
Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Relation wargoal.png At war with either:
  • Without Together for Victory DLC:
    • Turn Fascist - that will prompt your allies to leave faction
    • Justify and Declare War on one of these: Canada/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa
1.3 E
Tojo Shot First icon
Tojo Shot First
As Japan, Nuke a core territory of the US before the US develops nuclear weapons.
Yes Playing as Flag of Japan Japan Yes Flag of United States United States does not have technology: Nuclear Bombs

Yes Dropped a Nuclear Bomb on a core state of the Flag of United States US

  • This is best done with the Sunrise Invasion Achievement.
  • When you have nukes, release the US and go to war with them.
  • To make the war easier to re-annex them, finish off the allies and Comintern so the US does not join their faction but it is not necessary.
1.5 E
Transport Tycoon icon
Transport Tycoon
Have at least 1000 convoys.
Convoy.png Has convoys > 999 1.0 E
United Netherlands icon
United Netherlands
Conquer Belgium and Luxembourg as Netherlands.
Yes Playing as Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Yes Own and control the states:
  • Vlaanderen (6)
  • Holland (7)
  • Luxembourg (8)
  • Wallonie (34)
  • Brabant (35)
  • Friesland (36)
1.0 E
Vive la France icon
Vive la France
Reach 1948 as France without capitulating or surrendering.
Yes Playing as Flag of France France
  • Time Date is > 1947.12.31
  • Yes Global flag achievement_france_surrender is not set
  • Yes Has not capitulated
1.0 E
Wunderwaffen icon
Research all rocket, nuclear and jet technologies.
Atomic Research.png Has researched:
  • Advanced Rocket Engines.png Advanced Rocket Engines
  • Jet Engines.png Jet Engines
  • Nuclear Bombs.png Nuclear Bombs
1.0 E
Australia-Hungary icon
As Australia, own all core territory of Hungary.
Yes Playing as Flag of Australia Australia Yes Conquered all Flag of Hungary Hungarian core territory
  • Turning off Death or DishonorDeath or Dishonor DLC will prevent Hungary from obtaining cores aside from those it started with.
  • Turning off Together for VictoryTogether for Victory DLC will make Australia be an independent faction member of the allies rather than a dominion under the United Kingdom.
  • Research Paratroopers first and build Transport planes. Build interwar Fighters as well but they are not a priority.
  • Australia will have the Generic focus tree. Take "political effort" first.
  • Take the Fascist Demagogue as soon as possible then take open up civil discourse.
  • Discredit Government at 30% fascist. An event may pop up giving an extra 10% fascism.
  • Expand civil support if necessary. Australia has a lot of national unity so it may be good to do it.
  • As soon as Australia is fascist, leave the Allies and join the Axis. Justify against Hungary.
  • Australia will only be able to make 8 Paratroopers. It is unnecessary to change the division template.
  • Send the troops to Southern Germany. Wait for Anschluss.
  • Australia will have about 25-30 Transport planes.
  • After Anschluss, set one paratrooper to each of the victory points. then put some on the west of the leftmost river in Hungary. Most of the Hungarian troops are on the German border. Place your extra troops there just in case.
  • When ready, declare on Hungary and send the paratroopers. It is not neccessary to have the Germans help. If done correctly, the last paratrooper will be enough to capitulate Hungary.
  • Annex all of Hungary. This will be done by early 1938.
1.5 M
Crusader Kings icon
Crusader Kings
As South Africa, finish the A King for our People focus and take Jerusalem.
Yes Playing as Flag of South Africa South Africa
  • Yes Has Edward VIII.png Edward VIII national spirit
  • Yes Control the state Jerusalem (454)
  • Take Fascism route for independence, justify war on Portugal (don't leave Allies) and take their colonies - should be done before start of WWII.
  • Leave Allies justify war on UK (or if possible join Axis) and attack them from behind.
  • This should make UK lose in Egypt as they have to send some troops to fight you. If that's the case Italy will take Palestine so ask for control over it (if you don't have enough war score just kill more Allies). If not, drive straight for Palestine (get some ports along the way so you won't get cut off from supplies).
  • Remember to defend your ports - basic District Brigade (3xINF) will do the job nicely. It's the only quick way to lose cos it will take ages for Allies to get to you through land (way longer than your troops going for Palestine will take).
Together for Victory 1.3 M
Freegypt icon
As Egypt, go from puppet to a free nation using the autonomy system.
Yes Is Flag of Egypt Egypt
  • Country flag achievement_EGY_colony is set
  • Country flag achievement_EGY_dominion is set
  • Country flag achievement_EGY_free is set
  • Start as UK (don't unpause) and release Egypt as a puppet (check "Play as" when the checkbox appears).
  • Produce some units to fight Italians in Africa. After you are secure the fastest way to gain autonomy points is to mass produce infantry weapons and Lend Lease them to UK (it will give you more points if you have better tech than them so rush those next level weapons).
  • Fighting in Europe also give you nice autonomy boost (not as large as Lend Lease) but remember that if you win too soon you will be stuck with only 0.5 autonomy daily from focus.
Together for Victory 1.3 M
Forge of Victory icon
Forge of Victory
Have 50 factories as Belgium.
Yes Playing as Flag of Belgium Belgium Yes Has factories > 49
  • Naval dockyards count toward this total
  • This total can be reached with an early fascist or communist invasion of the Netherlands, combined with normal industrial build-up. Also easily accomplished as fascist as Germany will use your territory to bypass the Maginot Line typically resulting in your control of northern France upon their capitulation.
1.0 M
Made in China icon
Made in China
As Communist China, have over 100 military factories.
Yes Playing as Flag of Communist China Communist China Yes at least 101 Military factoryMilitary Factories This achievement can be taken with The People Have Stood Up! achievement.
  • After the war with China, Build a lot of Military factories. Japan may justify war on you. Just have your ports well guarded or naval invade them.
  • Military factories from offmap do not count as they are considered occupied factories.
1.5 M
My Ships Don't Lie icon
My Ships Don't Lie
As Colombia, form Gran Colombia and have 10 Carriers and 10 Battleships.
Yes Playing as Flag of Colombia Colombia Yes Has taken the decision to form Flag of Gran Colombia Gran Colombia

Yes At least 10 Battleships Yes At least 10 Carriers

  • Play on Historical AI to prevent the US from interfering with your conquests until mid-1944, by when you should already have conquered the necessary neighbors
  • Exercise your troops and build your division template to 10 infantry with support artillery and engineers. Train up to 40 divisions.
  • Switch to fascism with the adviser and referendum choices. Justify on Panama and Ecuador and conquer them
  • Build up level 3 forts on the Venezuelan and Peruvian borders. Justify on Venezuela and let them throw themselves at your forces until they run out of manpower before annexing them. Repeat with Peru and form Gran Colombia
  • You may naval invade Venezuela's capital because they do not have any ships.
  • You may try to change Peru's ideology to Democratic so that they will not have a lot of divisions on the field. They, however, may not switch.
  • Convert or delete all your military factories, and fully build up dockyards/civilian factories. Make 10 Carrier I's and 10 Battleship I's. Go free trade for the extra production and trade for the steel/chromium you may need
  • Wait it out until you have built the necessary ships
  • You may attack other Central American countries to get more building slots, dockyards, resources and civilian factories. Democratic or non-aligned nations may not join the allies/have the allies attack you. Fascist nations may not join a fascist faction. Communist nations may join the Comintern.
  • Naval invading Cuba is very beneficial because they have a lot of chromium for the ships. Invading Bolivia is good for the tungsten you can trade with other foreign countries for civilian factories.
Waking the Tiger 1.5 M
Nobody expects... icon
Nobody expects...
As Nationalist Spain in Axis manage to take Paris before the Germans.
Yes Playing as Flag of Nationalist Spain Nationalist Spain
  • Fascism Is fascist
  • Yes Control the state Ile de France (16)
  • Yes In a faction with Flag of Germany Germany
  • Yes Flag of Germany Germany is a faction leader
It is viable to begin justifying the moment Franco takes power, win the civil war, and then launch naval invasions against Paris. You can join the axis faction after the conclusion of the war. It can be completed in the same run with the The Bell Tolls For Us achievement simply drifting towards communist or democratic after you capture Ile de France (16). 1.0 M
Northern Light icon
Northern Light
As a Scandinavian country form your own faction, and have Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in it.
Yes Playing as either:
  • Yes Is a faction leader
  • Yes Is in a faction with:
Try rapidly puppeting the other three as Sweden and forming a faction with Spain before the third war ends.

Option 2: Go Fascist / Communist ASAP (before 1937). Justify and declare war on Norway/Denmark/Finland in that order. Take all but one province in each peace deal and puppet them. If WT goes above 25%, cancel your justifications b/c France/Britain will almost certainly guarantee. Boost fascist/communist popularity and stage a coup in either Aland (for Finland) or Faroe (for Denmark). They should be able to survive. When WT hits 50%, invite the rebels into your faction.

1.0 M
Once More Mate icon
Once More Mate
Occupy Gallipoli as Australia.
Yes Playing as Flag of Australia Australia Yes Control the state Istanbul (341) The easiest strategy is to join the Comintern and attack Turkey from the USSR. If in the Allies, simple occupation will not work due to Greece having cores on Istanbul. 1.0 M
Our Other Place in the Sun icon
Our Other Place in the Sun
As Imperial Germany, conquer a Caribbean island.
Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany Yes Has completed focus Our Place in the Sun

Yes Conquered an island in the Carribean

*You will need to be in war with the allies to get this achievement.
  • Assassinate Mussolini so that the French would need to guard their southern border.
  • Take the "Rekindle Imperial Sentiment" in order to have the Austro-Hungarians to be an ally and a chance to annex all their territory.
  • Build a strong navy in order to naval invade the British. It is also a good idea to make marines.
  • Build enough synthetic refineries to build the ships.
  • Build enough tanks to go through Belgium and around the Maginot Line.
  • After you capitulate France, Naval invade from West Germany to northern England. The British may not have as much ships as in the English Channel.
  • Once successfully invaded Great Britain, have your other divisions move there to capitulate the UK.
  • On the peace deal, take the Caribbean islands first so Italy may not have a chance to take it.
Waking the Tiger 1.5 M
Poland Can Into Space icon
Poland Can Into Space
Finish all Rocket Technologies as Poland.
Yes Playing as Flag of Poland Poland Atomic Research.png Has researched Advanced Rocket EnginesAdvanced Rocket Engines Give into German and Soviet demands for territory. Stay out of WWII. Stay on speed 5 the whole time. Research rockets. 1.0 M
The bell tolls for us icon
The bell tolls for us
Win Spanish Civil War as Republican Spain.
Yes Playing as Flag of Spain Spain
  • Yes Country flag achievement_won_spanish_civil_war is set
  • Fascism Is not fascist
Must win the war, and then must be non-fascist, but not necessarily at the same time. You can delete military factories on the nationalist side before the revolution starts. 1.0 M
The Good, the Bad and the Weird icon
The Good, the Bad and the Weird
As Manchukuo, have max level infrastructure in every owned state and generate at least 15 units of oil.
Yes Playing as Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo Yes At least 10 InfrastructureInfrastructure:
  • Heilungkiang (714)
  • Liaoning (715)
  • Jehol (610)
  • Kirin (328)
  • Sungkiang (717)

Yes At least 16 OilOil

  • Hulunbuir and Liaotung's infrastructure does not need to be increased to 10
  • An easy, but boring way to do this is to turn historic focuses off, restart unless Japan goes down non aligned (to avoid war with China), and go down the Obedience path (to avoid war with Japan) and just build the infrastructure and research thru Excavation IV to unlock the second oil decision.
  • Alternatively, this can simply be attached to either of the other Manchukuo achievements after you are secure by building the infrastructure.
1.5 M
The Munich Disagreement icon
The Munich Disagreement
As Czechoslovakia, occupy Munich while at war with Germany.
Yes Playing as Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
  • War goal At war with Flag of Germany Germany
  • Yes Controls the state Oberbayern (52)

With Death or Dishonor DLC:

  • Turn Communist and join Comintern
  • Take Romania (via Focus or Jusify War) to have border with Soviet Union
  • The Soviets will not send troops to the German Border unless they border Germany so Declare on Poland via focus and try to take as much war score as possible.
  • On peace deal, make sure the Soviets take western and northern Poland to have a contiguous border with Germany. Take the rest if available.
  • Build up Sudetenland to lvl 7 forts (Focus)
  • Don't give up Sudetenland, Germany will wage a war on you, just hold on till Soviets arrive
  • It is easier with historial AI turn off (there is a good chance of Hungary taking Austria or/and allying with Italy so Germany will be weaker)
1.4 M
The Puppetmaster icon
The Puppetmaster
Have at least 26 subjects.
Yes Has subjects >25 This suggestion requires Together for Victory DLC.

Can be done by playing UK as they start with many releasable nations (which can be released as puppets). Turn fascist as soon as possible, disband the Allies, declare war on the US ASAP, France will most likely join them. Capitulate the US first and then focus on France. Make sure to puppet parts of both nations (these puppets can have just 1 province, they are of no use anyway). After that World War II will be divided into few smaller wars. Join Axis and join their wars. Since puppet cost less war score in peace conference you should be able to snipe a few puppets.

1.3 M
The Revolution Triumphant icon
The Revolution Triumphant
Have Germany as a puppet of Soviet.
Yes Playing as Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Yes Flag of Germany Germany is a puppet of Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Must be unified Germany. West Germany or East Germany don't count. 1.0 M
True Blitzkrieg icon
True Blitzkrieg
As Germany have both Poland and France surrender before January 1st 1940.
Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany
  • Time Date is < 1940.01.01
  • Yes Flag of Poland Poland does not exist or has capitulated
  • Yes Flag of France France either:
  • Does not exist
  • Has capitulated
  • Global flag achievement_france_surrender is set
Both nations need to be either in a capitulated state or annexed to trigger. Neither of them can be a puppet. 1.0 M
Bearer of Artillery icon
Bearer of Artillery
Gain Vojtek as commander.
Yes Playing as Flag of Poland Poland Yes Country flag POL_vojtek_commander is set Vojtek is a special commander that appears with the Polish event "Wojtek Never Drops A Crate". 1.0 H
Big Entente icon
Big Entente
As France, complete the "Little Entente" National Focus, and have all German cores owned by you or someone in your faction.
Yes Playing as Flag of France France
  • Yes Focus Goal generic alliance.png "Little Entente" is completed
  • Yes Is a faction leader
  • Yes Every state in the world is either:
Must also be leader of a faction (the focus does this). This is to prevent the cheesy tactic of doing Little Entente, then refusing the remilitarization of the Rhineland, supported by Britain; this will add France back into the Allies.

Another option is to start with non-historical AI, finish Little Entente focus and leave the Allies to one's own faction. During Munich Czech event, The British would have option to disband Allies, and join France with all its puppets. Then it is also possible to finish achievement will all Allies on your back.

It is very risky to do this achievement with any allies, as your allies tend to change the government and the reformed Germany then joins the Allies and force you to one-tag the world. It is most viable to blitz Germany in 1936 after the remilitarization of the Rhineland to keep this as a 1v1 Germany v. France war, otherwise you will likely find yourself cursing at the screen when, after fighting a long war, an ally makes a peace conference demand that invalidates the achievement and creates a super-Allies that you must then fight next.

Best way is to save-reload and refuse re-militarization of Rhineland without Britain. Then do the following:

1st problem is the Civil War. They always start in the same area and are not well stocked or organized. Just send your fastest troops to wait for them (near Paris will do) as soon as the Communists begins attack. Shouldn't be a problem. Once they fold send those units to naval invade east of Denmark.

2nd problem is production and your standing army. Throw everything into Inf equipment, support equipment and Armor/trucks. Cancel everything else. You need all hands on deck. Produce as many units as you can some Cav and rest INF. Make sure these guys are fully equipped as this is the new back bone of your army. Some are for the front the rest for your NGER invasion. Bring all of your units from around the world home. Set everyone on the border with GER (except half the new units and the ones from the 1st problem).

Naval invasion - take 10 units and move them to the coast and set them to invade NGER east of DEN. This is day 1. You want this invasion ready to go as soon as war starts. You can use these 10 and your fastest units to quell the CV (the naval invasion will still prepare). About a week or two after war starts launch the invasion. You wait a week or so to allow GER to move units to the front. Your gains there should draw them to the region.

Once the naval invasion takes a port send all the units you set aside for NGER and some of your fastest units to the NGER front.

Remember do not create the entente until after the war. GER will pop and who ever is in the entente with you will create democratic Germany. This will end your attempts at the entente unless you want to have to one tag the world.

1.0 H
Duce Nuked'em icon
Duce Nuked'em
Nuke Los Angeles as fascist Italy.
Yes Playing as Flag of Italy Italy
  • Yes Country flag achievement_has_nuked_california is set
  • Fascism Is fascist

After securing the mediterranean, it can easily be done with a small 1944 strategic bomber fleet (without any escort) by taking control of the following provinces : Gibraltar (118), Azores (698), Bermuda (696)

1.0 H
Hail to the Qing icon
Hail to the Qing
As Manchukuo, restore the Qing dynasty.
Yes Playing as Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo Yes Has completed focus Claim the Mandate of Heaven *Take the Assertiveness national focus and build your military up. When dealing with the Bandits, you can either purge them, which requires that you stockpile infantry weapons then click the decision or pacify them, which requires you have six divisions on three separate states each. The best thing to do in order to get many troops is to pacify them. This will give several divisions of cavalry divisions. In order to do than, change your infantry to the weaker 3 infantry units. Do not do change it all at once because you only need 20% trained troops. The infantry weapons will not be evenly distributed to the training divisions. Release the divisions as soon as possible. Then, switch the cavalry. If done properly, you will only get one bandit event. When you reach the Bolster Nationalism focus, You can recruit some Cavalry and then change it to manpower if necessary.
  • You can switch the divisions to the 6 infantry unit divisions. It is not necessary to add on to the template because if you take the Staff the Court With Manchus focus then the Expand the Imperial Guards focus, you will get the 20 width 7 infantry and 2 artillery divisions. Make sure you research artillery so you can reinforce them.
  • Build around 48 divisions and put half on the Korean border and half on the Mengkukuo/ Japanese border.
  • You may join the Japanese war against China but keep your divisions away from conflict.
  • Wait until Japan weakens China (when Japan controls most of the coast) to take the Independence war focus. If the Japanese are close to your border, they'd be weak and peace out China too soon.
  • When at war with Japan via focus, push through Korea quickly. This way you can move men to the western front. Have garrisons on all ports as the Japanese will naval invade.
  • Push to the Chinese and take as much land as possible. This way, when you have cores on all of China and peaced them out, Japan will not have as much land controlled in the mainland. The more land they have after the peace deal, the more surrender progress they have on you.
  • You may take Offer vassalization focus if the war is going badly. be aware that you have to annex the warlords afterwards via the puppet mechanic introduced in Together for Victory.
  • Peace out China first if possible. If Japan falls, the Chinese will be in war with you only. Make sure to take the final victory point in order to be sure that you peace them out and not Japan.
  • Once China is Peaced out, push Japan out of Asia. To take the Mandate of Heaven focus, you will need all of mainland China minus the European colonies.
  • If you are doing The Dragon Swallowed the Sun achievement, do not peace out Japan as you will need to annex them.
Waking the Tiger 1.5 H
I Swear I'm Not a Byzantophile icon
I Swear I'm Not a Byzantophile
As Greece, Form Byzantine Empire.
Yes Playing as Flag of Greece Greece Yes Formed the Flag of Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire
  • Switch to fascism as soon as possible with an advisor and the nationalism branch of the generic focus tree. After taking militarism continue on the industrial branch.
  • When you're fascist fabricate and declare on Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria. Don't assaul them in the mountains, instead encircle them through the forest and plains on the side.
  • After taking out Bulgaria, fabricate and declare on Flag of Turkey Turkey. This fabrication only takes a 100 days! Guard your ports while you setup for a spearhead to Istanbul in order to encircle the majority of the Turkish army or encircle the majority of them in Bulgaria.
  • After the last war, wait and prepare for a war with the axis. By now Italy and Germany should have taken Albania and Yugoslavia while Romania should also be drifting towards the axis. Prepare a fallback line along this entire front.
  • Italy should be declaring war on you through their national focus. Once they declare war you will get an invitation to the allies. Don't accept it. Instead, hold on and defend in the mountains (the axis should have atrocious supply problems) until Germany also declares war on The Soviet Union. When this happens you'll get an invite to the Commintern. Accept it.
  • Keep fencing of axis attacks until you think you can start pushing with the help of your red ally and a couple of Allied divisions. Then swiftly push the axis back while you secure all the remaining states you need in Romania, Yugoslavia and Albania. Take the decision as soon as you control all of the required states.
Waking the Tiger 1.5 H
It's 1812 All Over Again icon
It's 1812 All Over Again
As Canada, take and hold Washington D.C.
Yes Playing as Flag of Canada Canada Yes Control the state of Maryland (361) This suggestion requires Together for Victory DLC.

Pick Patriation and Swastika Clubs as your first focuses. Go for Synarchist Baja when you switch, get Mexico in your faction and attack the United States on the East Coast. The United Kingdom will be too busy in Europe to do much against you, so it is possible to declare war on the UK first to unlock War Bonds and get some of your powerful industrial focuses before invading the US.

1.3 H
Med plutonium... icon
Med plutonium...
Nuke Denmark as Sweden.
Yes Playing as Flag of Sweden Sweden Yes Is Flag of Sweden Sweden
  • Country flag achievement_med_plutonium is set
  • The nuked state must be both owned by and a core of Denmark.
  • The Faroe Islands (and Iceland, and Greenland) are Danish cores, and within air range of Sweden, so there is no need to prevent Germany from invading mainland Denmark.
1.0 H
Neither Death nor Dishonor icon
Neither Death nor Dishonor
As Romania, make it to 1942 with all the states you started it with and control either Moscow or Berlin.
Yes Playing as Flag of Romania Romania
  • Time Date is > 1941.12.31
  • Yes Has not lost any of the starting states
  • Yes Control either state:
  • Brandenburg (64)
  • Moscow (219)
  • To take Moscow, place level 5 forts on the Soviet Border. Place Level 5 naval forts on the Black Sea. Place Forts on the Polish border. Make it a higher level because your neighbouring state is small. You will have enough time to build all of it before the Soviets attack.
  • Take "Balkans Dominance" to grab factories from neighbors.
  • Pump out divisions until you reach 400k manpower on the field.
  • While that is happening, take "Institute Royal Dictatorship", "Fortify the Borders" and "Revise the Constitution"
  • Take "Align Hungary" When Available. If given a choice, go to war with them. This is so you don't make a faction.
  • Increase Relations with Bulgaria and then take "Puppet Bulgaria". This will give you a puppet called "Bulgaria". Place Level 5 Naval Forts there too.
  • Make 500k divisions and then take "Divide Yugoslavia", make sure you don't ask for help if Yugoslavia refuses. This will give you a chance for complete annexation.
  • You may take "Secure Greece" if World Tension is low enough.
  • Take "King Michael's Coup" to get rid of King Carol II's Events when ready.
  • Place troops on the Black Sea Coast. Not just the Naval Ports. The Soviets may naval invade you. You may take troops from "Bulgaria".
  • Take "Appoint Axis Friendly Government" and take the Fascist Demagogue. Join the Axis.
  • For your units, have a 8 Infantry, 2 Artillery division with Artillery, Anti-Tank, Engineers, Reconnaissance support and rocket artillery if possible.
  • Refuse all calls to war from your allies. this is to make sure the Allies Faction does not naval invade you.
  • Make sure your main troops are at the Soviet Border. Poland will have capitulated and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact will have taken effect.
  • By around 1940, the Soviets will ask you for Bessarabia. Refuse. This will force all the Axis to join your defensive war.
  • Do not attack the Soviet Troops until they get weak then push to Moscow. They will not be able to push through your border, However they may push through to Slovakia. Make Forts there if you want. The Germans may be able to push them back.
  • If you can, encircle Moscow so the Soviet Troops don't get supply. Don't take it until 1942.
  • If not, you may need to ask the Germans for Moscow.
  • If the Soviets capitulate early, take Moscow first on the peace deal.
1.4 H
New World Order icon
New World Order
Make all nations fascist.
Fascism All existing nations are fascist
  • Be wary of puppets as they will never change ideology, even if their overlord changes it, except by war (note that this makes this achievement difficult as the USA and the UK as they start with non-fascist puppets).
  • Neutral nations forced into your faction might create neutral puppets.
  • Avoid accepting anyone into your faction who is not fascist, as you can't go to war with them later to change their ideology.
1.0 H
One Empire icon
One Empire
Unite the entire world under the British Empire.
Yes Playing as Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Yes Is a faction leader
  • Yes Every state in the world is controlled by either:
The straightforward, but boring and slow, approach is to defeat the Axis, then go to war with the Comintern and defeat them (note that the PRC will declare war on China one year after the end of the war with Japan, so you can use the focus to get China democratic and add them to the Allies before that war starts) - this should add lots of countries to the Allies, and then trigger coups everywhere you can. Once there's been a civil war, the winner has created world tension and you can justify against them. It takes a very long time, and, once you've won WWII, it's obviously going to work eventually, so it's very boring. 1.0 H
Operation Sea Lion icon
Operation Sea Lion
Control British mainland as Germany.
Yes Playing as Flag of Germany Germany Yes Control the states:
  • Scottish Highlands (120)
  • Lothian (121)
  • Wales (122)
  • Cornwall (123)
  • East Anglia (125)
  • Greater London Area (126)
  • Sussex (127)
  • West Midlands (128)
  • East Midlands (129)
  • Yorkshire (130)
  • Northern England (131)
  • Lancashire (132)
  • Lanark (133)
  • Aberdeenshire (136)
  • Gloucestershire (338)
1.0 H
Party like it's 1520 icon
Party like it's 1520
Occupy Stockholm as communist Denmark.
Yes Playing as Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • Communism Is communist
  • Yes Control the state Svealand (141)
Use a naval invasion to the two provinces adjacent to Stockholm, but leave one division in Copenhagen with land forts to defend the strait. 1.0 H
Sunrise Invasion icon
Sunrise Invasion
As Japan, conquer Mexico then Europe before 1945.
Yes Playing as Flag of Japan Japan Yes Before 1:00 1 Jan, 1945

Yes Annexed Flag of Mexico Mexico before taking any territory in Europe Yes Conquered a coastal state in Europe

  • Save up 40 political power to declare war against the Philippines. Don't take a national focus until you can justify against them. Take the Fascist Branch but don't deal with China yet.
  • Have 3 divisions naval invade to the northernmost port in the Philippines and 3 extra for reinforcements.
  • Have 7 divisions naval invade to Honolulu and create a naval invasion order from Honolulu to Los Angeles ready as well. This will make it so you can naval invade straight away.
  • Have a few ships on convoy escort for the Philippines then have the rest of your ships protecting the path to Hawaii.
  • You will have 6 level 2 ships. Make them their own fleet and move them to the closest tile to Los Angeles. These ships will be the only ones able to reach the West Coast.
  • Have the rest of your troops on the Marshall Islands. Take some from Manchukuo if desired.
  • As soon as you can, justify against the Philippines.
  • The war goal will be finished by August 20th at the earliest. Declare war when ready.
  • Launch your naval invasions. The one on the Philippines will be finished first. Get your 3 extra divisions to the Philippines as well.
  • Take the Phillipines quickly. If this is done correctly, they will capitulate before you reach Los Angeles.
  • When you get to Honolulu, Get the divisions that went there to the already made naval invasion order. It will already be ready to go.
  • Set the order for your Level 2 Ships to guard the West Coast and the path to Los Angeles.
  • Your Level 2 ships will win a fight in the West coast. Make sure they don't repair and make sure they have fire at will on. They may start a second battle. They will most likely win and you will have naval superiority in the west.
  • Naval invade to Los Angeles as soon as possible and once you reach The United States, Send all of your men in the Marshal Islands to Los Angeles.
  • Spread quickly to gain a foothold.
  • Once reinforcements arrive, Keep encirling their troops.
  • Push all the way and stop before Pennsylvania and Maryland. Do not take their capital yet.
  • Send 48 divisions to the Mexican Border and justify against them. It will take 10 days. World tension will not be over 30%.
  • Go to war and capitulate them before the US so that they do not join the allies.
  • This will force a peace deal with only Mexico. Take all of their land.
  • Capitulate The United States. Take all their land. The Philippines will not be in the peace deal. You do not have to worry about puppeting them as if you capitulated the Philippines already, their peace deal will be in a few days after the US's. They will not join the Allies. This will all be done by the end of 1937.
  • All that's left is annexing a European coastal state.
  • Deal with China first for factories.
  • Help the Axis with their war with the Allies and in the peace deal, take a coastal state.
1.5 H
Sunset Invasion icon
Sunset Invasion
Occupy a coastal province in Europe as Mexico, and if in a faction have it contain only South American members or puppets.
Yes Playing as Flag of Mexico Mexico
  • Yes Country flag achievement_failed_sunset_invasion is not set
  • Yes Control any coastal state on the European continent
  • Achievement will fail permanently if any non-puppet country with capital outside South America is ever in a faction with the player.
  • Turn fascist. Rush into Submarines III. Start justifying on Denmark as soon as Mexico become fascist. Build ~10 submarines and when justification will end, declare war. Capture port in Greenland and then invade Iceland. Achievement will pop after landing in Iceland.
1.0 H
The Revenge of Montezuma icon
The Revenge of Montezuma
Restore the old borders with the USA as Mexico.
Yes Playing as Flag of Mexico Mexico Yes Control the states:
  • Texas (375)
  • New Mexico (376)
  • Arizona (377)
  • California (378)
  • Nevada (379)
  • Utah (380)
After version 1.5.4, storming USA as fast as possible does not work anymore. Before Danzig, when you justify USA, UK will guarantee and defend them, along with all Allies. After Danzig, noone will guarantee, but USA will trigger some "Home Defense Act", giving them +20% in both defense and offense, making their divisions some 700+ in defense. No way.

Easy but boring solution: Play historical (USA will let you do whatever you want). Turn Fascist. Save-Load, if Franco or Japan won't win. As soon as you become fascist, start influencing USA. Now you can start conquering America. Conquered countries will give you industry enough, just develop roads for supplies. To get science slot from alliance, join Japan (prevents getting Sunset Invasion), or ask Haiti or Peru. When you are at war, they will accept. You can kick them out later. Before Panama and Venezuela, you will need some navy (2 Battlecruisers suffice.) Instead of Columbia, invade Venezuela from the sea first, and Columbia later. Create some tank divisions. Before USA will start to care, you can make it down to Chile. (Armors will help a lot in Peru). Cuba is a nice loot, if you want to. Then wait till USA switches to Fascist. All their armies will be locked in Europe and China. Prepare a few dozens tank divisions. After they turn fascist, they will not protect their southern border. You can join Axis anytime, getting instantly at war with USA, allowing you to invade them without any noticable resistance.

1.0 H
The Dragon Swallowed the Sun icon
The Dragon Swallowed the Sun
As Manchukuo, Break free from Japan and annex your former Overlord without being in a faction.
Yes Playing as Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo Yes Annexed Flag of Japan Japan *This is a continuation to the Hail to the Qing achievement.
  • Now that you pushed out Japan and conquered all of China, research and build marines, submarines and transport and place them in the Korean port.
  • Build around 15-20 naval dockyards and put 15 of them to Submarines.
  • Increase relations with the United States and go to the Train Marines Focus. This may give you about 10 marines in total.
  • Get Submarines III. Go to the Naval map mode and hover over the Sea Of Japan. That shows how much ships they might have on the sea. Get more submarines than that.
  • Japan will go to war with the Allies allowing you to join their faction. Do not as the achievement may not trigger. Don't allow anyone into your borders if they ask. They may take warscore percentage.
  • Siam may join Japan's faction. This is no big deal as they might not join the war and the allies have them surrounded.
  • Naval Invade Japan when ready. Around 1942 if you are fast enough. Either take the closest province near Hiroshima, or take the port north of Osaka. The port may or may not be guarded. If you take the Province near Hiroshima, Hiroshima may be guarded. Take Nagasaki if it is too much for your men to handle.
  • Once you take a port, increase its level so you can put more divisions in Japan. Tokyo and everything west of that might be what you need to capitulate them.
  • During the Peace deal, Take ALL of Japan. The allies will be part of it and may puppet them. If they do, then you will not get the achievement and may need to go to war with the Allies. Annex all of Japan first while not worrying about Mengkukuo as they may have enough to puppet one state. Skipping the first turn may help you get enough to annex all of Japan and Mengkukuo without the Allies getting a turn. However, this is only if they haven't done much in the war. If they naval invaded Japan as well, they might have enough war score to take some territory.
  • If Siam joined the war, don't take their territory until all of Japan is annexed. Siam may give the allies some war score.
  • If they do puppet Japan, Go to war with the allies or redo your game.
1.5 H
Czechmate icon
As Czechoslovakia, occupy Canberra while at war with the Allies.
Yes Playing as Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia

With Death or Dishonor DLC:

  • Turn Communist, join Comintern and take Romania to have border with Soviet Union
  • Build up Sudetenland to lvl 7 forts and don't give up Sudetenland
  • When Germany attacks hold on till Soviets arrive and beat them (if you are quick Italy will not join Axis)
  • Take the best Germany provinces (by resources and IC), build up your forces and take Italy, Balkans and France (avoid fighting with Allies if possible)
  • Build up you navy, attack Allies and island hopp to Australia
  • It is easier with historial AI turn off (Hungary can take Austria or/and ally with Italy, France can be outside Allies)
1.4 VH
Death or Dishonor or Cake icon
Death or Dishonor or Cake
As Romania, own a slice of all your starting neighbors.
Yes Playing as Flag of Romania Romania Yes Has Carol II as country leader

Yes Has not completed any of the below focuses:

Yes Own at least one core province from all of your starting neighbors:
  • Do "Institute Royal Dictatorship" focus first then "Balkans Dominance"
  • Make sure to build enough divisions to do "Align Hungary" but while you wait, take "Fortify the Borders" and "Revise the Constitution".
  • Once you choose "Fortify the Borders", Build level 10 forts on the Soviet and Polish Border
  • If Hungary refuses to be aligned, Go to war with them.
  • Increase relations with Bulgaria and do the "Puppet Bulgaria" focus to puppet them so World Tension does not go too high.
  • When you choose to "Divide Yugoslavia", choose the option to do it alone to get a war goal against them. Declare war and capitulate them quickly.
  • choose "Split Czechoslovakia". If Germany decides to not divide, you will only get a claim. Do not justify war against them as this may increase World Tension. You will have to declare on Germany later.
  • If Germany accepts but Czechoslovakia refuses, You will get a war goal. Declare on the Czechoslovaks and move fast.
  • If Both accepts, You will get a Slovakian Puppet.
  • When your forts are finished, Build on your puppets in order to annex later.
  • The Soviets will take Eastern Poland via Molotov Ribbentrop. Wait until Germany Declares war against the Soviets to declare your own.
  • Try to get Open Borders with the Japanese in order to naval invade Vladivostok.
  • Make sure to get non-agression pacts with Germany and Japan but not Italy. This is so that they will not have many units on their border.
  • Try to push harder than the Germans in order to take the most territory.
  • Take Soviet and Eastern Polish territory if possible. If you still need Czechoslovak Territory, Get ready for war with Germany. If you have open Borders With Japan, place troops on their islands on Cities and Ports.
  • When Ready, Justify on Italy and declare war. Because you have placed units on Japan, the provinces that has your troops and no enemy troops will turn Romanian.
  • Join Allies as soon as possible so they can help but make sure you do most of the work. When the war is over, you will be able to take Czechoslovakian and Eastern Polish Land.

As an alternative to the above:

  • Turn off historical focus.
  • Hope Poland starts its own faction.
  • Buzz through Align Hungary, Puppet Bulgaria and Divide Yugoslavia - taking the focuses as quickly as possible. Get to the required troop levels fast by increasing conscription levels at the earliest opportunities and deploying divisions as soon as allowed. The Greek and Turkey adventures can be counter-productive - so ignore. Divide your Theaters into a high priority (trained, equipped) group and low priority (green, unequipped) group.
  • Hope for Czech guarantee of Yugoslavia. War will be with the Czechs at the same time, but there will be successive treaties as each capitulates. Before declaring on Yugoslavia, defend the Czech border with the green troops used to get troop levels up (except for the most eastern provinces -so the Czechs over extend into northern Romania and don't clog the road to Prague). Take all states in Yugoslavia, then move north to finish Czechoslovakia. Take all states except Bohemia and the two Sudetenlands (to keep Germany on track).
  • The moment tension hits 50%, justify (one state only) on Poland (if Poland doesn't have or isn't working on (check their tree) its own faction - just restart).
  • Conquer Poland (drive to Warsaw and through to the Prussian border to split the Polish Army in half - don't worry too much about your eastern and western flanks). Take everything except Danzig - which will become all of Poland.
  • Build war materials, train and research and wait for the inevitable war between the Axis and Comintern to start.
  • After the Soviets are substantially weakened (3mm casualties), consider justifying on them. Keep an eye on Greece and Turkey as they can go Comintern - ten divisions (and the Bulgarians) can be taken from the USSR border to defend against them and even take one (but probably not both) out. (The gap between finishing Poland and declaring on the Soviets can be at least three years)
  • Capitulate USSR. Take provinces, and you are done (unless Bulgaria is still a puppet).
  • Throughout, lendlease extra stuff to Bulgaria (if puppeted) and build in Bulgaria to annex them.
  • Do not join the Axis or the Allies, but try to keep relations with Germany cordial by buying steel from them.
  • Building tanks is not advised until after bee-lining (starting just before 1940) to the Maresal Focus and then only to add a heavy to about a third of your infantry.
Death or Dishonor 1.4 VH
Huge-oslavia icon
As Yugoslavia, occupy all your neighbouring countries (Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Italy and Greece).
Yes Playing as Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yes Every state in the world is either:

With Death or Dishonor DLC:

  • You only need to occupy the land (so it can fire while you are still at war)
  • You need to occupy/own all your neighbours land so if Allies occupy/own part of them (Italy most likely) you will have to go to war for them
  • Go for "Abolish the Monarchy" focus and turn Communists ASAP
  • After turning Communist Justify War against Austria (you MAY be able to take it before Germany) and Greece (Romania will protect them which will give you option to annex them both) - so stock up your Political Power beforehand
  • Do NOT join Comintern before staring war with Greece (that will prompt UK/France/Germany to guarantee their independance)
  • Join Comintern only by focus - doing it directly will block you from progressing with that focus tree
  • While in Comintern you won't be able to justify war against Axis, but Germany have a Focus on You so they will attack sooner or later, when they do just help USSR take Hungary and Italy
  • Justify War against Bulgaria when at war with Axis, they will join them as soon as you declare war (so if there is a UK/France guarantee on Bulgaria you can just ignore it)
  • Watch out for Turkey, they like to join Axis and attack you from behind

With Death or Dishonor DLC: Alternative approach

  • It is not 100% guaranteed but the fail point is in 1937 so you can repeat fairly soon enough
  • Take Western Focus, as soon as done purchase Communist Revolutionary
  • Old Alliances -> Foreign Capital -> Limited Self Government -> Traditional values -> Local Militia -> Expand mining Industry -> Civilian Industry
  • If by April 1937 Communist Coup did not take place restart (You need to take Austria before Anschluss)
  • The moment it does Justify on Austria and Greece
  • Defeat Austria then Greece then Romania (If you are lucky Roman Protocol will form and you can take Hungary as well) Annex all
  • When Greece falls do Greater Yugoslavia focus.
  • When Romania Falls justify on Bulgaria
  • If Britain guarantees Bulgaria, prepare Join Alliance focus. On the day it completes, release Austria and Romania as puppets (For buffers) and declare on Bulgaria.
  • If not, declare war, watch out for Bulgaria joining axis, if they do, release puppets as per above steps.
  • Hold Italy, defeat Hungary, then defeat Italy, then Germany (If you are unlucky, Japan, and if you are God's spittoon Reorganized China)
  • Depending on your Warscore take all (On 2/3 runs I had >40% participation and could take all the states) if not, annex Italy and puppet Bulgaria and Hungary.
  • If you had to puppet, lend lease convoys, and build factories, roads and other stuff until you Annex all.
1.4 VH
Miklos Horthy and the Habsburg Prince icon
Miklos Horthy and the Habsburg Prince
As Hungary, Restore Austria-Hungary.
Yes Playing as Flag of Hungary Hungary
  • Yes Is cosmetic tag Flag of Hungary Austria-Hungary
  • Yes Own and control the states:
  • Lower Austria (4)
  • Bohemia (9)
  • Franche-Comte (17)
  • Neiderschlesien (66)
  • Oberschleisien (67)
  • Sudetenland (69)
  • Western Slovakia (70)
  • Eastern Slovakia (71)
  • Zaolzie (72)
  • Carpathian Ruthenia (73)
  • Eastern Sudetenland (74)
  • Moravia (75)
  • Upper Austria (152)
  • Tyrol (153)
  • Lombardy (159)
  • Emilia Romagna (161)
  • Tuscany (162)
  • Palestine (454)
  • Lebanon (553)
  • Southern Slovakia (664)
Austria Hungary Achievement Map.png
  • Requires to go to war with both Axis and Allies for ownership of all provinces
  • First take care of Axis, then when you are ready and have build a navy attack Allies
  • You have to own those provinces, not just occupy them - watch out for them in a peace treaty, do not let AI take them or you will have to go to war again
  • You have to go for "Restoration of Autria-Hungary" Focus Tree and have to have a navy so it is a perfect match to do with "Better Than Szent István" achievement
  • You can join Comintern for aditional help - you should have that option when at war with Axis while USSR is at war with them and having good relationship with USSR
  • You will able to Justify War only when World Tension go above 50%
  • Take Austria and Czechoslovakia ASAP to weaken Germany
Death or Dishonor 1.4 VH
Rule Britannia icon
Rule Britannia
As any British Subject state, conquer all of Britain.
Yes Playing as either:
  • Autonomy freedom icon.png Is not a subject
  • Yes Control the states:
  • Scottish Highlands (120)
  • Lothian (121)
  • Wales (122)
  • Cornwall (123)
  • East Anglia (125)
  • Greater London Area (126)
  • Sussex (127)
  • West Midlands (128)
  • East Midlands (129)
  • Yorkshire (130)
  • Northern England (131)
  • Lancashire (132)
  • Lanark (133)
  • Aberdeenshire (136)
  • Gloucestershire (338)
Can be done in conjunction with the It's 1812 All Over Again achievement as Canada. After capitulating and annexing the United States, your industrial strength will far outweigh that of the UK, which will likely be the only major in the Allies after France falls. It's only a matter of time before you can build a fleet big enough to destroy the Royal Navy, and an army strong enough to destroy their army - be sure to take Send in the Zombies focus (if Together for Victory is enabled), as you will need manpower far more than you need industry with the industrial might of the US under your control, and try to take the UK before Germany or Italy tries a naval invasion. Be sure to annex all of Great Britain if the peace conference triggers before the achievement does (which is quite possible given that the Allies will usually surrender at the end of the day once your capitulate the UK) or you'll have to go to war with the Axis for the remaining states. It may be advisable to create a faction with Mexico instead of joining the Axis to make it harder for Germany to take British states in the peace conference. 1.3 VH
Sun Tzu Reborn icon
Sun Tzu Reborn
As Any Chinese Nation, Have a level 9 field marshal.
Yes Playing as either: Yes any army leader:
  • Is a field Marshall
  • Skill Level more than 8
  • This achievement is best done with a world conquest game or with the achievements "Awake and Angry" or "Battlecry"
  • If a General becomes level 9 before your main field marshal, you may promote the General to field marshal and you will get the achievement.
1.5 VH
The People Have Stood Up! icon
The People Have Stood Up!
With Mao as your leader, win the Chinese Civil War.
Yes Playing as Flag of Communist China Communist China Yes Conquered all of Flag of China Nationalist China's Starting territory Using Historical Focus
  • Go straight to the "Exploit the Weak Neighbours" Focus.
  • Once the focus is complete, Declare on Shanxi. As soon as you do, justify on Sinkiang. Justify on Tibet if desired.
  • Once Shanxi capitulates, declare on Xibei San Ma. They will not have any men on the northern border. Encircle them there. Improve relations with the Soviet Union. Build 2+ Land forts on the border of Mengkukuo
  • Once Xibei San Ma capitulates, Join the Comintern. This is so that Sinkiang does not have a chance to join the Comintern when at war with them. Declare war on Sinkiang when ready. Do Tibet if possible. Do not call your allies.
  • Once Sinkiang capitulates, leave the Comintern. If done fast enough, this will all be before Japan declares war. Place as much troops as possible on the Mengkukuo border.
  • Once Japan declares war on China, Join their faction and the war. Mengkukuo may not be well defended. Push there quickly as far as possible before the Japanese place their troops.. The rest will rely on China's strength and competency. It is unnecessary to place men on the Chinese-Japanese border right now. Build a lot of divisions. the 6 infantry division template is fine, but it is a good idea to have a separate one with 2 Artillery 7 Infantry.
  • Push to Manchukuo from your border in order to take the land instead of China. Add land forts on your border with China just in case.
  • During this time, the Chinese may be losing a lot of land. Help them where necessary. If any Japanese are in your territory or bordering it, push them out there. China may not capitulate even if Chongqing falls. If they capitulate, you lose the war because you are not a major power. The main focus however, is to push the Japanese out of Manchuria. Take the 100 Regiments Campaign in order to get better attack against the Japanese. Remember to take Agrarian Socialism so that Mao would stay your leader. Attack weak points and encircle the Japanese.
  • Once at Manchuria, the Chinese would be pushing the Japanese back. Leave them alone for now so that the Chinese gets a bit more weaker for the next war. Instead push the Japanese out of Korea and the north. Make sure it is you who takes it.
  • Once Japan is out of the north, Help the Chinese and push the Japanese out of China.
  • Now is a good time to take the focus infiltration. Once you think the war is nearly won, with a few medium sized Japanese patches, pause, delete a unit and take an infiltration decision. This will take 60 days. Remove the Japanese patches during that time. As you do that, get your troops ready for the war with China. When China white peaces the Japanese, if done correctly, You will take Manchuria and Mengkukuo. Place troops there.
  • After the 60 days take the infiltration decision that gets you to war with China. It will take another 60 days.
  • When you are at war with China, push quickly until you meet their troops then stall a bit while pushing not as quickly. This is also a good time to take Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. Afghanistan, Iran and the rest of the middle east is good too if you are greedy. However, Afghanistan may be difficult because of the thin mountain border. Justify on 2 of them at a time. They may join the Chinese faction because they are non-aligned and so is the Chinese. Be aware that they might join the Allies instead.
  • When you have taken enough land, push harder on the Chinese and capitulate them. Take all of China.
1.5 VH
The weapons of the Third Emu War icon
The weapons of the Third Emu War
As Australia, use a nuclear bomb on core Australian territory.
Yes Playing as Flag of Australia Australia Yes Country flag achievement_AST_nuke_self is set
  • Turn off DLCs TfV and DoD - will allow you to leave Allies instantly. Do not engage any factions or wars then.
  • Don't develop any political branch in national focus tree.
  • Invent and build fighters, bombers and nukes.
  • Prepare and launch civil war.
  • Nuke yourself.
1.3 VH
Awake and Angry icon
Awake and Angry
As China, reconquer all of China and Manchuria and force a Japanese surrender.
Yes Playing as Flag of China China Yes Flag of Japan Japan was forced to sue for peace after losing all of Manchuria and Korea

Yes Conquered all core territory of Flag of China China and Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo

*Do not accept cooperation with Communist China until the Japanese are about to attack. Then, form the Chinese United Front and accept all invites. Quickly rush to Korea and push them off the continent. After they have offered peace, accept it, and kick Communist China from your faction. Declare on them and annex them as soon as possible, before they start war against you. Do the same with the other faction members, leaving Sinkiang for last. Dismantle the faction, declare war on the Soviet Union after Germany is pushing east. Join axis. They will be easy to capitulate with all their forces in the west. Take as much territory and then join their war against the allies. Take Guangzhouwan and Hong Kong in the peace deal. Finally, declare war on Portugal for Macau. If Vichy France forms, restart as you will have to go to war with the axis for it. Play on non-historical. 1.5 I
Battlecry icon
As a warlord, conquer all of China and Japan.
Yes Playing as either: Yes Conquered all of Flag of China China and Flag of Japan Japan When doing Border Conflicts, the states the game decides to give you is determined if there is divisions on a neighboring owned state, so you can slightly determine the states that would be in conflict by placing divisions on an owned state next to the one you want. The contested state will change once your divisions are moved from one bordering owned state to another. However, if there are multiple enemy states that border the owned state your division is on, the game chooses one of them. The cooldown is 180 days.

The main goal when dealing with China and the Sino-Japanese War is to enclave China so that the Japanese do not get too much territory.

This is best done with Non historical mode on.

If playing the Guangxi Clique, when attacking China, Take Liangshan (the state between Yunnan and Xibei San Ma) first in order to have more border war decisions as there is a cooldown per border war. It also may be best to border war through the coastal states and enclave China to cut the Japanese off from Chongqing/ the state of Sichuan. This is so that the Chinese does not capitulate too early and you can grab the enclaved Chinese states without Japanese intervention. Try to take Sichuan last as well as they might capitulate if Chongqing is taken. Because Japan will be at peace with you, they cannot push through and capitulate the Chinese. Try to take the top of Shanxi in order to keep Japan out of Sinkiang and Xibei San Ma.

You may want to turn Fascist and join the Axis in order to safely declare war on Japan without Germany and Italy declaring on you as they might have a defensive pact with Japan. Make ships and Naval invade in order to annex Japan. As soon as Japan finishes off China, they will justify against you. Push them out and naval invade their territory. Make naval bombers and ships so their ships would sink. Annex all of the Japanese cores (The Japanese Mainland, Kuril Islands, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Saipan). If a foreign power takes any of the Japanese cores, you will need to go to war with them as well.

As soon as the war with Japan is over the rest will be like the Awake and Angry achievement.

You will need to declare war against the UK, France and Portugal in order to conquer Hong Kong, Guangzhouwan and Macau as they are also Chinese cores.

"Make a Man Out Of You" may be fulfilled when doing this achievement as well

Alternatively you can start as Shanxi. Pick silent workhorse advisor as soon as you can. Go down the Cooperation With the Nationalists focus tree. Don't train any new units. Just drill your existing ones. Save up on political power and produce infantry equipment. The idea is to take national leadership from Nationalist China as soon as possible. You can bribe the other warlords with political power, army experience and infantry equipment. After that you need to compete with Nationalist China for support from the provinces. Don't pick any additional national focuses to increase your political power inflow. Since your political power income is larger than China's, you can easily secure the support and claim national leadership. Although you can claim national leadership quite fast, it is still advisable to play on non-historic mode in a game where Japan does not follow the historical path. After becoming China you can proceed as if doing Awake and Angry achievement.

1.5 I
Crusader Kings 2 icon
Crusader Kings 2
As South Africa, finish the Anti-Colonialist Crusade focus, release all European colonies via the focus, and take London.
Yes Playing as Flag of South Africa South Africa
  • Yes Focus Focus SAF colonialist crusade.png "Anti-Colonialist Crusade" is completed
  • Yes Is a faction leader
  • Yes A faction member controls the state Greater London Area (126)
  • Yes The following country flags are set:
  • SAF_released_ANG
  • SAF_released_COG
  • SAF_released_KEN
  • SAF_released_MZB
  • SAF_released_ZIM
  • Follow the focus tree to become communist and get the Anti Colonialist Focus once free. Also on game startup immediately research marines and Heavy Cruisers. Queue up Naval Dockyards.
  • Next up set up your army along the Portuguese colonial border in Africa and give orders for an attack. This is very important as the AI would ship over troops to its colonies. Otherwise they would keep them in Portuguese homeland.
  • With the naval factories start one HC. It should finish by the time you declare war on Portugal. Do not build any submarines till you research level 3 submarines.
  • Now for the army start training the cheapest infantry(consisting of 3 infantry) divisions in batches of 3. Convert all your infantry brigades to this template. Later convert 6 of them to the marine template.
  • Plan your naval invasions. You should be able to conquer Portugal by mid or late 1938. They would have shipped most of their brigades to their colonies if you have set up an army plan there. While naval invading keep your subs away and use only the HC and 2 subs.
  • After Portugal, rush Belgium with all your marine troops. Belgium hardly has a navy. Remember to set up the mainland army around Belgian Congo. With the rest of the marines and a few normal troops naval invade a Belgium port and one of its adjacent non port province. Belgium is not too hard to capitulate as they too send their troops over to Africa if you set up a small army along their border. Once the Belgian war is done set up along the British border with your small army. You should have trained about 30 brigades by now.
  • Prepare to naval invade Britain by building one or two more heavy cruisers. Wait for Germany to initiate WW 2. Also do not bother with Portuguese lands but instead keep your marines(about 25 divisions) and navy in Belgian port. Convert half of your marine force to paratroopers.
  • Go to war with Britain once Germany is pushing up along the French border and has taken out Netherlands. Make paradrop orders on French provinces(you require only a few provinces) to capitulate France. Now check the air map to see if you can get air superiority in the English region. If lucky paradrop. Otherwise plan a naval invasion of Britain. When the invasion force is ready bring out your massed fleets of HC and subs. The British Navy may end up sinking the entire South African fleet but it would give you enough time and naval superiority to land your marines. Try to snag both Norfolk and Dover. Once you have a port bring your entire army up there. Britain does not keep many troops in its homelands and you can rush the northern and Scottish provinces. Capitulate Britain and take its colonial holdings in Africa.
Together for Victory 1.3 I

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