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Air doctrine allows a nation to specialize the way its air force conducts air warfare. Air doctrines can be reviewed and unlocked from the Officer Corps. There are three mutually exclusive doctrine trees.

Cost to unlock[edit | edit source]

Each individual doctrine has a base cost of 100 Air xp to be unlocked. This cost may be modified by spirits, advisors, and special bonuses from focuses, events, or decisions.

Doctrine trees[edit | edit source]

Strategic Destruction
By bombing the enemies factories, either by night, or more dangerously, during the day we can seriously hinder their war machine.
Battlefield Support
By improving how close air support interacts with divisions we can lay waste to enemy divisions with optimal support.
Operational Integrity
Tactical bombers are flexible and can perform both ground support and regular bombing.

The Flag of German Reich German Reich has enabled the Battlefield Support air doctrine Formation FlyingFormation Flying at game start 1936.

Note: It's possible to change doctrine tree at any point, but all bonuses from previously unlocked doctrines are lost when unlocking a different doctrine tree.

Definitions and terminology[edit | edit source]

  • Fighter Detection: Fighter detection is the chance of finding enemy planes while on an air superiority mission. Reference Detection, Disruption, Damage
  • Interception Detection: Interception detection is the chance of finding enemy planes while on an interception mission. Reference Detection, Disruption, Damage
  • Air Support Mission Efficiency: Air support mission efficiency is the percentage of an air wing's planes that can actually carry out the assigned air support mission. Reference Missions
  • Air Superiority Mission Efficiency: Air superiority mission efficiency is the percentage of an air wing's planes that can actually carry out the assigned air superiority mission. Reference Missions
  • Interception Mission Efficiency: Interception mission efficiency is the percentage of an air wing's planes that can actually carry out the assigned interception mission. Reference Missions
  • Naval Mission Efficiency: Naval mission efficiency is the percentage of an air wing's planes that can actually carry out the assigned naval mission. Reference Missions
  • Escort Efficiency: In theory, escort efficiency is the percentage of an air wing's planes that can actually carry out the assigned escort mission. However, the game no longer features escort missions, so this bonus has no effect.[1]
  • Strategic Bombing Visibility: Strategic bombing visibility is the chance of being detected by the enemy when on a strategic bombing mission. Reference Detection, Disruption, Damage
  • Night Time Strategic Bombing Penalty: Night time strategic bombing penalty is the malus when strategically bombing targets at night.
  • Bomber Defense: Bomber Defense is how many hits, represented by hit points (HP), that a bomber can take before being shot down. Reference Heavy Air Frame

List of all doctrines[edit | edit source]

Strategic Destruction[edit | edit source]

Air Superiority icon

Air Superiority

Achieving Air Superiority will make it more difficult for enemy bombers to be used against our country, to allow our bombers to be used against our enemies.
Infrastructure Destruction icon

Infrastructure Destruction

Training our pilots in the best ways to attack infrastructure, like railways and bridges, makes for more effective Tactical bombing.
Home Defense icon

Home Defense

Spotters on the ground as well as detection and listening posts work in concert with our airforce to track and destroy enemy incursions.
Naval Strike Tactics icon

Naval Strike Tactics

Training pilots in predicting ship movements and coordinating attacks will make our air raids on enemy ships more efficient.
⇐ either or ⇒
Fighter Sweeps icon

Fighter Sweeps

Aggressive patrols of fighters over enemy territory may catch their planes taking off or landing, when they are especially vulnerable, or disrupt enemy training flights.
Dogfighting Experience icon

Dogfighting Experience

It's not easy to keep track of the relative positions of friends and foes in the hectic swirl of a dogfight, but as our pilots gain experience they become more adept at it.
Multi-Altitude Flying icon

Multi-Altitude Flying

  • Fighter, Heavy Fighter:
Air combat takes place in three dimensions, but most pilots find it harder to keep track of planes flying above or below them. We can take advantages of this by spreading our formations vertically.
Logistical Bombing icon

Logistical Bombing

A greater focus on attacking the enemy's supply lines from the air gives a greater advantage to our own ground forces in the area.
⇐ either or ⇒
With enemy defenses lowered and our bombers covered by darkness we can stay offensive and efficient around the clock. Show our enemy how persistent we are.
Day Bombing icon

Day Bombing

Focused efforts during the day are devastating due to the big advantage of visibility. Projection of power is a welcome side effect.
Massed Bomber Formations icon

Massed Bomber Formations

By staying in formation our bombers can defend their group and increase our chances of successful bomb drops.
Fighter Escorts icon

Fighter Escorts

With a focus on bombing during the day we need to keep our bombers safe from intercepting fighters. Training our fighter pilots to work closely with the bombers will improve their fighting abilities when protecting the bombers in enemy airspace.
Flying Fortress icon

Flying Fortress

Fitting our high-flying heavy bombers with guns to defend themselves and enough armor to take a beating and still return home.
Offensive Formations icon

Offensive Formations

Training in more offensively-oriented formations make our fighters deadlier in combat.
Mass Destruction icon

Mass Destruction

Bombers are equipped with the most devastating weapons in great quantities. Guaranteeing results even if only a few of our pilots get through.

Battlefield Support[edit | edit source]

Formation Flying icon

Formation Flying

By flying in formation planes can provide support to each other or work together to attack enemies.
Dive bombing allows greater accuracy, but for best results it requires specialized aircraft both able to slow their dives and survive the stresses of pulling out of them.
Direct Ground Support icon

Direct Ground Support

By closely coordinating CAS pilots with ground-based observers aerial firepower can be precisely directed to best help troops in battle.
⇐ either or ⇒
Formation Fighting icon

Formation Fighting

Flying in the right formations allow our pilots to cover each other's blind spots, which leads to an increased ability to spot enemy planes.
Fighter Ace Initiative icon

Fighter Ace Initiative

Giving special awards and status to pilots who achieve Ace status, by shooting down 5 enemies, incentives risk-taking and brings about a sense of eliteness in Ace pilots - although this does tend to make experienced pilots stay in combat positions.
Hunt and Destroy icon

Hunt and Destroy

As well as offering direct fire support CAS units can independently hunt for targets, often attacking enemy ground forces unexpectedly as they move towards the front lines.
Combat Unit Destruction icon

Combat Unit Destruction

  • Close Air Support:
  • Air Superiority: +10%
  • Training our CAS pilots to repeatedly attack the same target until it is confirmed to be destroyed ensures targets aren't left alone after a near miss.
    Battlefield Support icon

    Battlefield Support

    It is difficult for Tactical bombers to attack targets near where our ground forces are in combat, since level bombing is less accurate than dive bombing, but more training and interaction with ground-based observers can help to overcome these problems.
    Keypoint Bombing icon

    Keypoint Bombing

    • Tactical Bomber:
    Accurately bombing targeted key points on the battlefield in support of our ground forces can greatly help them to defeat the enemy.
    Ground Support Integration icon

    Ground Support Integration

    Fully integrating our Tactical bomber force with ground based observers both increases their accuracy and allows them to directly support our ground forces in combat.
    Naval Strike Torpedo Tactics icon

    Naval Strike Torpedo Tactics

    Training pilots to strike more precisely with torpedos will make our air raids on enemy ships more efficient.
    Strategic Destruction icon

    Strategic Destruction

    Our pilots can access strategic targets much faster than our naval or land forces. With no means to equip their new recruits we will soon outnumber the enemy forces.
    Forward Interception icon

    Forward Interception

    By operating closer to enemy airspace it becomes more likely that our fighters can intercept enemy planes before they can reach their targets.

    Operational Integrity[edit | edit source]

    Force Rotation icon

    Force Rotation

    Combat, or simply long periods of extensive focus, is exhausting, but by swapping in fresh forces whenever possible we can reduce errors due to pilot fatigue.
    By appearing vulnerable, our fighters can lure hostile aircraft into ambushes.
    Low Echelon Support icon

    Low Echelon Support

    By assigning CAS units directly to small ground formations it ensures they always have additional firepower to call on, even when out of range of traditional artillery.
    Dispersed Fighting icon

    Dispersed Fighting

    Adopting a more dispersed formation allows the same number of planes to patrol a greater area.
    Operational Destruction icon

    Operational Destruction

    Attacking the supply lines of enemy ground forces hinders their ability to move between battlefields. This translates to an advantage to our army while operating in areas we have Air Superiority.
    Fighter Veteran Initiative icon

    Fighter Veteran Initiative

    • Fighter, Heavy Fighter:
  • Air Wing Training Experience Gain: +10%
  • A focus on long-term pilot survival, both by prudent tactics and by rotating experienced pilots to training positions, means that they can pass on the lessons they have learned to new pilots.
    Ground Attack Veteran Initiative icon

    Ground Attack Veteran Initiative

    A policy of having veteran pilots pass on their knowledge to new recruits greatly helps their survival prospects.
    Naval Strike Torpedo Tactics icon

    Naval Strike Torpedo Tactics

    Training pilots to strike more precisely with torpedoes will make our air raids on enemy ships more efficient.
    Carousel Bombing icon

    Carousel Bombing

    • Tactical Bomber:
    Bombers often simply want to dump all their bombs as soon they they reach their target area and then fly home as soon as possible. While this can work for area-bombing, when it comes to hitting a small target it is more effective to linger over the target, dropping only a portion of their bomb load at a time for maximum accuracy.
    Infiltration Bombing icon

    Infiltration Bombing

    Joining enemy formations or tailing them back home to base may seem like madness. With enough practice, it is entirely possible.
    Regrettably, it is not always possible to destroy every single enemy plane found over our country, but it is possible to harass them from the moment they are spotted until the moment they leave, constantly wearing them down.
    High Level Bombing icon

    High Level Bombing

    From higher altitudes we can avoid some aerial engagements and anti aircraft weaponry. Dropping bombs higher up requires more precision, but it is safer.

    Table comparison[edit | edit source]

    Doctrine with Variation Fighter Detection Ground support Interception Detection Naval Mission Efficiency Interception Mission Efficiency Air Superiority Mission Efficiency Air Support Mission Efficiency Air Superiority Night Time Strategic Bombing Penalty Strategic Bombing Escort Efficiency Bomber defense Ace Generation Chance Strategic Bombing Visibility
    Strategic Destruction Path L & L +10% +10% +10% +15% +20% 0 0 +30% −50% +40% 0 +25% 0 0
    Strategic Destruction Path L & R +10% +10% +10% +15% +20% 0 0 +30% 0 +50% +25%[1] +25% 0 0
    Strategic Destruction Path R & L +10% +10% +10% +15% 0 +20% 0 +30% −50% +40% 0 +25% 0 0
    Strategic Destruction Path R & R +10% +10% +10% +15% 0 +20% 0 +30% 0 +50% +25%[1] +25% 0 0
    Battlefield Support Path L +15% +40% +15% +10% 0 +15% +40% +30% 0 +15% 0 0 0 0
    Battlefield Support Path R +15% +40% +15% +10% 0 0 +40% +30% 0 +15% 0 0 +25% 0
    Operational Integrity +20% +10% +20% +10% +20% +20% +15% +15% 0 0 0 +20% +20% −50%
    Unit stats
    Doctrine with Variation Fighter, Heavy Fighter
    Close Air Support
    Tactical Bomber
    Strategic Bombing
    Strategic Destruction Path L & L +10% 0 0
    Strategic Destruction Path L & R +10% 0 0
    Strategic Destruction Path R & L +10% 0 0
    Strategic Destruction Path R & R +10% 0 0
    Battlefield Support Path L 0 +20% +10%
    Battlefield Support Path R 0 +20% +10%
    Operational Integrity +10% 0 +20%

    Footnotes[edit | edit source]

    1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 As of version 1.5.4, testing of the game's air combat mechanics showed that the escort bonus was not used in the code and has no effect.
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