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For the division planner see: Division.

The Recruit & Deploy screen (U) allows viewing and controlling the flow of equipment and manpower into new and existing divisions as well as lend-lease. Deployments can be created from division templates to form new divisions. Deployments, reinforcements, and upgrades can be set to low, medium, or high priority to determine which units get get equipment and manpower first in the event of a shortage or the latest update of an equipment.


(a) division type icon, (b) division name, (c) number of sequential divisions, (d) priority, (e) change deployment queue position, (f) average equipment status, (g) number of concurrent divisions, (h) collapse unit details, (i) equipment status of division, (j) training progress, (k) sequence number

Deployments facilitate the creation of one or multiple divisions of a particular type. A deployment is started by clicking "Train" on one of the available division templates. Multiple divisions can be trained in parallel in one deployment by clicking "Add Unit" and divisions can also be trained sequentially by changing the number above. A location on the map must be selected where divisions will spawn as they leave the deployment phase. Optionally they can also be assigned an order or command group which they will join as soon as they spawn. This is done by clicking the grey circle next to the location button and then selecting a command group or an order on the map.

A country can only simultaneously train divisions totaling 75% of its currently fielded manpower or 100.000, whichever is higher.


A division can not be deployed immediately, it needs to train first. While enough manpower and equipment are available to the training division, it will slowly accumulate experience. If the training process of a division gets halted due to lack of manpower or equipment, its equipment status bar will turn yellow. The speed of training depends on the division template used and several national ideas can improve or reduce the training speed.

When the training process finishes, the unit automatically deploys with experience level TrainedTrained (no combat modifier) at the selected location. If the division already reached the minimum training level (20% by default), it can be deployed early but will only have experience level GreenGreen (-25% combat modifier) with experience progress towards Trained according to its training progress. At the cost of equipment, spawned divisions can be exercised on the map to increase their experience up to RegularRegular level (+25% combat modifier).


Main article: Equipment#Lend-lease

Lend-Lease is donation of equipment to another country. See the discussion of Lend-Lease under Lend-Lease and the Lend-Lease diplomatic options under Diplomacy. A separate panel with tooltip information for each of the player nation’s Lend-Lease relationships is shown. Lend-lease always has highest priority above all other items. Changes or cancellation must be made through a diplomatic action.


Divisions in the field will request reinforcements if they are lacking any equipment or manpower. This can happen as a result of taking damage in combat, changes to their division template, or attrition.

Manpower reinforcements arrive in chunks of 10% of the division's maximum manpower (less if not enough free manpower is available). The arrival time of each chunk depends on the delivery speed, which is 10 manpower per hour times the supply area's reinforcement delivery speed (which is normally close to 1).


Upgrades are replacement of divisions' existing equipment with better types or variants. Troops will seek higher tier equipment if made available to them.

It is also possible through the division template to downgrade equipment for a division template (e.g., giving a garrison or security division old small arms) to free up better equipment in the future for more important uses or assign old equipment to be used up in training and military exercises.

The Reinforcements and Upgrades panels offer tooltip information on current equipment requests and the ability to set high, medium, or low priority that determines how equipment as a whole will be allocated among competing needs for reinforcements, upgrades, and equipment of recruits for training. These decisions have important effects down the road.


The fastest way to recruit troops is to have all the needed equipment ready in stockpiles for training purposes rather than waiting for it to be manufactured and delivered to the waiting unit. The easiest troops to train are standard infantry who can be trained using up stockpiles of current, obsolete, or captured basic infantry equipment. The division template is where to specify and change the exact equipment the player wants the template's divisions to use. There is no experience cost for changing the division equipment authorizations with an update. Accordingly, some careful equipment managers create basic training templates that parallel the organization of the combat templates but use older equipment for training and exercises. The big risk here is sleepless gamers accidentally assigning combat units to a training template. Whether under control of the planner or conducting field exercises, it is important to provide a division with ample time to re-equip and recover organization to be ready for combat.

Set up a Training command[edit]

Create a new army ordered to exercise (it may also be ordered to Garrison Area so as to serve a useful purpose) and assign to it all freshly deployed units. They will increase their experience to regular level, after which they can be switched to a front-line unit or continue exercise to create a small flow of added land experience at the cost of consuming further equipment.

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