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For the division planner see: Division.

The army planner controls the training and deployment of new units and the distribution of equipment as reinforcements, upgrades, and Lend-Lease. The Recruit & Deploy screen (hotkey U) offers many options and convenient features for recruiting and deploying single divisions or entire armies. It features priorities for all areas that can be set to high, medium or low priority to determine which units get get equipment first in the event of a shortage or the newest update of an equipment.


Before a unit may be deployed onto the map, it must first be raised via the army planner. The unit will then go through a training and equipping process before it can be deployed. Each additional panel in the planner represents one recruitment order from the Template screen and contains various useful tools and controls for that order. Each click on “Train” in the Template window puts a single division of the current version of that template into the army planner recruitment queue and adds a panel displaying the recruitment orders and settings for that division. Future changes to the template affect all divisions then using that template and their corresponding manpower and equipment requirements, whether the division is in the training queue or on the map.


Training allows a unit to start with experience, increasing its capability in combat. The maximum amount of training may be affected by conscription laws. The number of men that a country can train in the Army Planner at any one time is limited. A country's current limit can be found by filling up the planner with a dummy recruitment order and clicking "add unit" until until there is a message warning that the limit is reached. The entire dummy stack can then be removed with a single click.

A unit cannot be trained faster than it is equipped and only to the experience level of trained (+0% modifier) while in the training queue. Deployed troops may usually be trained further by military exercises up to regular level, which provides greater (+25%) combat effectiveness. Experience beyond Regular must be gained in combat.


Equipping occurs right away when the equipment is received, limited only by the country's inventory of equipment on hand and any player-set restrictions on the division's access to particular equipment in the Division Designer template. For example, the best weapons might be limited to elite divisions. Once a unit has at least 20% training level it may be deployed onto the map using the planner. However, this comes at the cost of less starting experience which gives a hefty Green.pngGreen/Fresh -25% modifier in combat.


Main article: Equipment#Lend-lease

Lend-Lease is donation of equipment to another country. See the discussion of Lend-Lease under Lend-Lease and the Lend-Lease diplomatic options under Diplomacy. The Army Planner first displays a separate panel with tooltip information for each of the player nation’s Lend-Lease relationships. Any changes or cancellation must be made through a diplomatic action.

Reinforcements and Upgrades[edit]

Reinforcements are replacement of the lost equipment of existing units. Upgrades are replacement of their existing equipment with better equipment. Troops will seek higher tier equipment if made available to them.

It is also possible through the division template to downgrade equipment for a division template (e.g., giving a garrison or security division old small arms) to free up better equipment in the future for more important uses or assign old equipment to be used up in training and military exercises.

The Reinforcements and Upgrades panels offer tooltip information on current equipment requests and the ability to set high, medium, or low priority that determines how equipment as a whole will be allocated among competing needs for reinforcements, upgrades, and equipment of recruits for training. These decisions have important effects down the road.

Recruitment order panel elements[edit]

Recruitment Screen with annotations.png
  • a: Division type icon: This is set in Division Designer.
  • b: Editable Division Name: This is intended to combine with the numberprefix(in the example: 25., 26., 27.) to enable all units raised under this order to be sequentially numbered and with the same name/designation.
  • c: Number of units ordered: This next item on line 1 sets the total number of units of this type to be raised in this order, one after another. Infinity is the default.
  • d: Order priority: These buttons set reinforcement priority for this order while under training in the planner. (Elite, Default, or Reserves status set by template apply to deployed units and presumably do not affect training status.)
  • e: Order priority window: These buttons make it possible to raise or lower the position of the window in the display and has only a visual effect. This does not prioritize them.
  • f: Info on the average equipment of the training queue.
  • g: How many units are currently trained.
  • h: Hides the queue
  • i: Info on the equipment of this specific division. Hovering over it states what equipment is still missing.
  • j: Info on the current experience of this particular division. A full bar will lead to automatic deployment and an experience level of Trained.
  • k: Shows how many times this training order will be repeated. In the example every training order will be done twice, leading to an output of total 6 infantry divisions. Next to it is a button to immediately deploy the division and one to cancel that division's recruitment, returning manpower and equipment to the pool.


The fastest way to recruit troops is to have all the needed equipment ready in stockpiles for training purposes rather than waiting for it to be manufactured and delivered to the waiting unit. The easiest troops to train are standard infantry who can be trained using up stockpiles of current, obsolete, or captured basic infantry equipment. The division template is where to specify and change the exact equipment the player wants the template's divisions to use. There is no experience cost for changing the division equipment authorizations with an update. Accordingly, some careful equipment managers create basic training templates that parallel the organization of the combat templates but use older equipment for training and exercises. The big risk here is sleepless gamers accidentally assigning combat units to a training template. Whether under control of the planner or conducting field exercises, it is important to provide a division with ample time to re-equip and recover organization to be ready for combat.

Set up a Training command[edit]

Create a new army ordered to exercise (it may also be ordered to Garrison Area so as to serve a useful purpose) and assign to it all freshly deployed units. They will increase their experience to regular level, after which they can be switched to a front-line unit or continue exercise to create a small flow of added land experience at the cost of consuming further equipment.