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An attaché is a technical expert on a country's diplomatic staff at a foreign capital. Sending an attaché will result in higher military cooperation and give benefits to both countries. It costs the sending country 100[1] Political power (PP) Political power.png to send the attaché and 50[2] Command power (CP) Command power.png to maintain the attaché.

The sending country receives the following benefits:

  • Military intelligence sharing.
  • Army, Air and Naval Experience equal to 15%[3] of what the receiving country generates for itself
  • +10% War Support[4]

The receiving country gets the following benefits:

  • +2% Division Organization[5]
  • +10% Planning Speed[5]

Any country at war with the receiving country may ask the sending country to recall the attaché. This is a one time event that gives a choice of either recalling the attaché, improving relations with the demanding country or spending a variable (apparently depending on the demanding country's relative strength) amount of PP Political power.png and worsening relations to the demanding country.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

As attachés are neither raising world tension nor limited by it, they are a viable alternative to volunteers and lend-leasing for any country. The Spanish Civil War and the Sino-Japanese War are both great sources of XP through attachés. Sourcing XP this way does not put a strain on equipment, manpower, world tension limits or fuel stockpiles, only the blocked CP and invested PP (and the ongoing cost of dismissing requests to recall the attaché) are to be considered. This however still allows for a rapid expansion of the army, as division templates can be expanded and new units created without losing equipment to training, while XP ramps up reasonably fast (in case of the Sino-Japanese War and Land XP). The opportunity cost can be regarded as fairly low. The added 10% war support can go a long way to move towards at least early mobilization for democracies or, in case of Germany, to quickly convert to war economy, with the according benefits.

In order for the receiving country to accept the attaché, it might be necessary to briefly improve relations first. If their opinion of your country is below +20, the request gets a -50 acceptance malus.

  1. Defines NCountry BASE_SEND_ATTACHE_COST = 100
  2. Defines NCountry BASE_SEND_ATTACHE_CP_COST = 50
  3. Defines NCountry ATTACHE_XP_SHARE = 0.15
  4. file Hearts of Iron IV\common\modifiers\00_static_modifiers.txt
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