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Possible if
Playing as Flag of Australia Australia
Achieved if

Conquered all Flag of Hungary Hungarian Core Territory

This Achievement requires Flag of Australia Australia to annex all territory that is a core of Flag of Hungary Hungary


Death or DishonorDeath or Dishonor will give Flag of Hungary Hungary new cores while Together for VictoryTogether for Victory will make Flag of Australia Australia a dominion under the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom when changing ideologies rather than an independent faction member so it may be best to turn off these DLC.

To reach Flag of Hungary Hungary and have it in Flag of Australia Australian control, it is required to build paratroopers, transport planes and interwar fighters. For the focus tree, take the Political Effort focus in the generic focus tree. Take the fascismFascist Demagogue and take the Political discourse decisions. Take decisions that speed up Fascismfascism growth like the Discredit government and expand civil support if necessary. As soon as Flag of Australia Australia turns FascismFascist, leave the Allies and join the Axis. Justify against Flag of Hungary Hungary. Send the troops to Southern Germany. Wait for Anschluss. After Anschluss, set one paratrooper to each of the victory points from Austria. then put some on the west of the leftmost river in Hungary. Most of the Hungarian troops are on the German border. Place your extra troops there just in case. When ready, declare on Hungary and send the paratroopers. It is not necessary to have the Germans help. If done correctly, the last paratrooper will be enough to capitulate Hungary.