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A bookmark is a selectable date chosen by the player at the start of the game.

The bookmarks used by the game are found at /Hearts of Iron IV/common/bookmarks/*.txt.


Here is a generic example of a bookmark:

bookmarks = {
    bookmark = {
        name = <localized string> # The title of the bookmark
        desc = <localized string> # The description for the bookmark
        date = <year>.<month>.<day>.<hour>
        picture = <string>  # The GFX reference for the picture used by the bookmark
        # Defaults the bookmark selection to this bookmark
        default = yes
        # Defaults the selection to the specified tag
        default_country = <tag>
        # Adds a country to the selection
        <tag> = {
            history = <localized string>    # Description of the history for the country
            ideology = <ideology>           # The initial ideology of the country
            minor = yes                     # Makes this country a minor in the selection screen (If it is a minor country, it must not use the default focus, otherwise it will not appear on the selection screen)
            # Hides this selection if the triggers are not met
            available = {
            # Ideas the country has at game start to display (Max 3)
            ideas = {
            # National focues the country can use, to display (Max 3)
            focuses = {
        # Required to allow the player to enter the free selection screen
        "---" = {
            history = <localized string>
        # Effects to execute when the bookmark is selected
        effect = {
            randomize_weather = 12345   # Required


Here is a generic example of the GFX definition needed for the bookmark picture:

spriteType = {
    name = "GFX_select_date_<name>"
    texturefile = "gfx/interface/<image>.dds"

The image itself should by 180 pixels wide and 104 pixels high.