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British Malaya
British Malaya.png

Government Type:
Democratic, Conservative


British Malaya is an integrated puppet of Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom and a member of the British Commonwealth located in South East Asia. It is bordered by Flag of Siam Siam in the north and Flag of Dutch East Indies Dutch East Indies in the south.

Historical background[edit]

The first European outposts in the region were established by the Dutch in the 17th century. The British occupied these during the Napoleonic wars, and confirmed their control through a treaty with the Netherlands in 1824, which formally separated Malaya from the Flag of Dutch East Indies Dutch East Indies. Initially limited to Singapore and a few other trading centers, in the late 19th century British rule expanded over the whole peninsula.

British dominance over the Malay peninsula was of vital interest to the Empire, due to its abundant resources as well as Singapore's strategic location at the southern end of the Straits of Malacca, the most direct passage between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Flag of Japan Japan invaded Malaya and Singapore in December 1941. The swift fall of Singapore, thought to be well-defended, was one of the greatest British setbacks in the Pacific theater and was called the "worst disaster" in British military history by Churchill. The Japanese occupation persisted until the end of the war in August 1945.

Following the war, Malaya returned to British control but enjoyed increased autonomy. It became independent in 1957 and merged with Singapore, British North Borneo and Sarawak to form Malaysia in 1963. Singapore was expelled from Malaysia in 1965.

National focus[edit]

Main article: Generic national focus tree

British Malaya utilizes the generic national focus tree.

Some focuses in other countries' trees relate to Malaya. The Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom's focuses in the "Fortify East Asia" branch of its politics tree add several land and coastal forts and anti-air to Singapore state, while slightly lowering autonomy. Additionally, Flag of Australia Australia has two ahistorical focuses that allow it to request control of Malaya from Britain, making Malaya (if it accepts) an Australian puppet instead of a direct British one.


British Malaya starts with 3 research slots, and can acquire 2 more from the generic focus tree.

Army Technology Naval Technology Air Technology Electronics & Industry
  • Infantry Eq. I
  • Motorized
  • Engineer Company I
  • Recon Company I
  • Great War Tank
  • Light Tank I
  • Towed Artillery
  • Towed Anti-Air I
  • Destroyer II
  • Light Cruiser I
  • Heavy Cruiser I
  • Battlecruiser I
  • Battleship I
  • Submarine I
  • Transport Ship
  • Interwar Fighter
    • Interwar Carrier Fighter
  • Interwar Bomber
  • Close Air Support I
  • Naval Bomber I
    • Carrier Naval Bomber I
  • Electronic Mechanical Engineering
  • Radio
  • Radio Detection
  • None

British Malaya is not part of the Commonwealth technology sharing group, but will join the group automatically if it raises autonomy to Colony or higher.


As a Democratic country, British Malaya has a positive relationship with other Democratic countries (+20) and a slight negative relationship with everyone else (-10). British Malaya begins the game in the Allies. If the Together for Victory Together for Victory expansion has been activated, it starts as an integrated puppet of the United Kingdom with 500 autonomy points on the way to becoming a puppet.

National spirits[edit]

British Malaya starts with no national spirits.

Political parties[edit]

British Malaya starts as a democracy Democratic nation. There are no elections.

Political Party Ideology Popularity Party Leader Country Name Is Ruling?
United Malays National Organisation democracy Democratic 29.11% Shenton Thomas Republic of Malaysia Yes
Malayan Communist Party communism Communist 29.11% Lai Teck Malay People's Republic No
Panoceanic Unionists fascism Fascist 11.76% Random Leader Malaysia No
Kesatuan Melayu Muda neutrality Non-Aligned 30.00% Ibrahim Hj Yaacob Republic of Malaysia No

Staff and designers[edit]

Political Advisors
Advisor Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Communist Politician Communist Revolutionary
  • Daily Communism Support: +0.10
Democratic Politician Democratic Reformer
  • Daily Democracy Support: +0.10
Fascist Politician Fascist Demagogue
  • Daily Fascism Support: +0.10
Thomas Churchill Captain of Industry
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: +10%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +10%
  • Refinery construction speed: +10%
Francis Stewart Fortification Engineer
  • Land Fort construction speed: +20%
  • Coastal Fort construction speed: +20%
  • Anti Air construction speed: +20%
Max Napier War Industrialist
  • Military Factory construction speed: +10%
  • Dockyard construction speed: +10%
Tank Designers
Designer Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Armor Company Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Time: -10%
  • Armor: Reliability: +5%
Ship Designers
Designer Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Naval Company Ship Designer
  • Naval Research Time: -10%
Aircraft Designers
Designer Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Light Air Company Light Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10%
  • Fighter:
    • Agility: +10%
    • Max speed: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter:
    • Agility: +10%
    • Max speed: +10%
Medium Air Company Medium Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10%
  • Heavy Fighter: Reliability: +20%
  • Tactical Bomber: Reliability: +20%
Heavy Air Company Heavy Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10%
  • Strategic Bomber: Strategic Bombing: +10%
Naval Air Company Naval Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10%
  • Naval Bomber:
    • Range: +10%
    • Naval Attack: +10%
  • CV Naval Bomber:
    • Range: +10%
    • Naval Attack: +10%
Materiel Designers
Designer Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Motorization Company Motorized Equipment Designer
  • Motorization Research Time: -10%
Small Arms Company Infantry Equipment Designer
  • Weapons and Equipment Research Time: -10%
Artillery Company Artillery Designer
  • Artillery Research Time: -10%
Industrial Concern
Concern Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Industrial Company Industrial Concern
  • Industrial Research Time: -10%
Theorist Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Geoffrey French Air Warfare Theorist
  • Air Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Air Doctrine Research Time: -7%
Jake Havelock Naval Theorist
  • Naval Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Naval Doctrine Research Time: -7%
Hubert Grant Military Theorist
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Land Doctrine Research Time: -7%



Malaya starts with the following laws:

Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 35% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
  • -40% Fuel Gain per Oil
  • -25% Fuel Capacity
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • +5% Research speed
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed
  • +20% Civilian intelligence to others
  • +10% Navy intelligence to others


Malaya is very rich in resources for a small country. It has the majority of the world's rubber, a great deal of tungsten, and moderate amounts of steel and oil.

Total resources 1936
16 20 497 246 26 0


British Malaya has virtually no industry in 1936.

Factories 1936
Military factory
0 Military Factories
Naval dockyard
0 Naval Dockyard
Civilian factory
1 Civilian Factory


At the start of the game, British Malaya is reliant on its colonial master for defense and does not have a navy and an air force. It does however have control over 2 small infantry divisions. Overall, it has a total Manpowermanpower of 56.86K with 6.00K in the army, leaving 50.86K available for recruitment.

Type No.
Infantry cropped.png Infantry 2
Army experience.png Total divisions 2
Type No.
Navy experience.png Total ships 0
Air force
Type No.
Air experience.png Total planes 0


The entirety of the military consists of 2 Malaya Infantry Brigades made up of 3 infantry battalions each.


British Malaya has no navy, but does possess 25 convoys.

Air force[edit]

British Malaya does not start with any aircraft.

Military staff[edit]

Chief of Army
Name Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Winston Collin Army Offense (Specialist)
  • Division Attack: +5%
Graham Dundas Army Defense (Specialist)
  • Division Defense: +5%
Chief of Navy
Name Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Richard Cochrane Decisive Battle (Expert)
  • Capital Ship Attack: +10%
  • Capital Ship Armor: +10%
  • Screen Attack: +10%
  • Screen Defense: +10%
Albert Roberts Anti-Submarine (Expert)
  • Submarine Detection: +15%
Chief of Airforce
Name Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Martin Thesiger Close Air Support (Expert)
  • Close air support attack: +3%
  • Close air support defense: +3%
  • Close air support agility: +3%
Stanley Hardinge All-Weather (Expert)
  • Bad Weather Penalty: -20%
Military High Command
Name Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Alfred Fisher Artillery (Specialist)
  • Artillery Attack: +10%
  • Artillery Defense: +5%
Herbert Murphy Army Logistics (Expert)
  • Division Attrition: -8%
William Tyrwhitt Fleet Logistics (Specialist)
  • Naval max range factor: +5%
Edward Tyron Air Combat Training (Expert)
  • Ace generation chance: +10%

Strategies and guides[edit]

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