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A commander trait can change a commander's skills, specialize them for different combat scenarios, change how much experience they get and various other effects. Traits can affect which skills are given to a commander when their skill level increases by modifying variables not visible in game called "skill factor"; higher skill factor for a skill makes it more likely to be given on a level up.

General and field marshal[edit | edit source]

Personality traits[edit | edit source]

These traits can not be gained through experience and generally do not affect subordinate unit leaders. Conversely they are the only traits that can appear on newly hired generals and field marshals.

name personal modifier modifier skill skill factor notes
Old Guard.png Old Guard -25% experience gain +1 max entrenchment
Brilliant Strategist.png Brilliant Strategist +1 attack
+1 planning
+1 attack
+1 planning
Inflexible Strategist.png Inflexible Strategist +1 defense
+1 logistics
+1 defense
+1 logistics
Politically Connected.png Politically Connected -10% experience gain
-50% promotion cost
+1 planning
+1 logistics
War Hero.png War Hero -50% promotion cost
+50% reassignment duration
+1 attack
+1 planning
does not randomly appear on new leaders
Career Officer.png Career Officer -25% promotion cost +1 planning
+1 logistics
Cautious.png Cautious -20% planning speed
-50% wounding chance
+1 defense
+1 logistics
Reckless.png Reckless +20% planning speed
+50% wounding chance
+1 attack
-1 defense
+1 planning
Media Personality.png Media Personality +100% reassignment duration +1 attack
+1 defense
Harsh Leader.png Harsh Leader -10% division recovery +1 attack +1 attack
+1 logistics
Bearer of Artillery.png Bearer of Artillery Artillery Attack: +15% Only available to Wojtek by the event “Wojtek Never Drops A Crate”.
Infantry Officer.png Infantry Officer +1 defense
+1 planning
+100% XP gain for Infantry Leader
Cavalry Officer.png Cavalry Officer +1 attack
+1 logistics
+100% XP gain for Cavalry Leader
Armor Officer.png Armor Officer +1 attack
+1 planning
+100% XP gain for Panzer Leader
Kemalist Champion.png Kemalist Champion does not randomly appear on new leaders, only available to Turkish generals.

Earned traits[edit | edit source]

These traits can be earned by generals collecting relevant experience. Some of them do not work when the general is used as a field marshal after promoting them. For every trait a general has already acquired, the gain rate for all other traits gets reduced. Half speed with one finished trait, one-third speed with two traits, and so on[1].

name experience gain general-only modifier modifier notes
Organizer.png Organizer Using a battle plan on army level.

Does not progress with Field Marshal battle plans.

Planning Speed: +10%
Cavalry Leader.png Cavalry Leader Cavalry, motorized and mechanized ratio > 40% Cavalry Attack: +15%
Motorized Attack: +15%
Mechanized Attack: +15%
Infantry Leader.png Infantry Leader Infantry ratio > 80% Infantry Division Defense: +15%
Skilled Staffer.png Skilled Staffer Controlling at least 24 divisions General Max Army Size: +6 +2 logistics skill factor
Trickster.png Trickster Is flanking the enemy or getting flanked by them Reconnaissance: +25%
Winter Specialist.png Winter Specialist Temperature less than -10 Winter Attrition: −50.00%
Engineer (trait).png Engineer has combat modifier Fort or River crossing River Attack: +5.0%
Fort Attack: +10.0%
Panzer Leader.png Panzer Leader Armored ratio > 40.00% Armor speed: +5%
Armor Division Attack: +10%
+2 attack skill factor
Commando.png Commando One of the following must be true:
Temperature less than -15
Temperature more than 27
Has combat modifier: Paradrop
Has combat modifier: Naval Penalty
Out of Supply: -25.00%
Desert Fox.png Desert Fox Fighting on terrain: DesertDesert DesertDesert:
Movement: +5.0%
Attack: +10.0%
Defense: +10.0%
Swamp Fox.png Swamp Fox Fighting on terrain: MarshMarsh MarshMarsh:
Movement: +5.0%
Attack: +10.0%
Defense: +10.0%
Mountaineer.png Mountaineer Fighting on terrain: MountainMountain MountainMountain:
Movement: +5.0%
Attack: +10.0%
Defense: +10.0%
Hill Fighter.png Hill Fighter Fighting on terrain: HillsHills HillsHills:
Movement: +5.0%
Attack: +10.0%
Defense: +10.0%
Jungle Rat.png Jungle Rat Fighting on terrain: JungleJungle JungleJungle:
Movement: +5.0%
Attack: +10.0%
Defense: +10.0%
Ranger.png Ranger Fighting on terrain: ForestForest ForestForest:
Movement: +5.0%
Attack: +10.0%
Defense: +10.0%
Urban Assault Specialist.png Urban Assault Specialist Fighting on terrain: UrbanUrban UrbanUrban:
Movement: +5.0%
Attack: +10.0%
Defense: +10.0%
Invader.png Invader amphibious invasion Amphibious Invasion Speed: +30.00%
Invasion Preparation Time: -30.00%

Assignable traits[edit | edit source]

Apart from starting commanders, these traits are only available with Waking the TigerWaking the Tiger and are manually assigned. Many of them give access to command power abilities, another feature of this DLC. It costs 15 Command power.pngcommand power to assign a trait.

Field marshal[edit | edit source]

Trait Prerequisites Effect
Logistics Wizard.png Logistics Wizard Has trait Organizer Supply Consumption: −15%
Enables Ability: Extra Supplies
Fast Planner.png Fast Planner Has trait Organizer
Does not have trait Thorough Planner
Planning Speed: +25%
Thorough Planner.png Thorough Planner Has trait Organizer
Does not have trait Fast Planner
Max Planning: +10%
Unyielding Defender.png Unyielding Defender Has trait Inflexible Strategist
Does not have trait Aggressive Assaulter
Defense: +10%
Increased chance of executing Counterattack tactics
Aggressive Assaulter.png Aggressive Assaulter Has trait Brilliant Strategist
Does not have trait Unyielding Defender
Breakthrough: +10%
Increased chance of executing Assault and Shock tactics
Offensive Doctrine.png Offensive Doctrine Does not have trait Defensive Doctrine Organization Loss when Moving: −30%, Attack Skill +1
Defensive Doctrine.png Defensive Doctrine Does not have trait Offensive Doctrine Max Entrenchment: +30%
Organization First.png Organization First Reinforce Rate: +2%
Charismatic.png Charismatic Division Recovery Rate: +10%
Expert Delegator.png Expert Delegator Has trait Skilled Staffer Field Marshal Max Army Group Size: +2

General[edit | edit source]

Trait Prerequisites Effect
Panzer Expert.png Panzer Expert Has trait Panzer Leader
Does not have trait Combined Arms Expert or Cavalry Expert
Armor Division Defense: +10.00%
Increased chance of executing Blitz and Encirclement tactics
Combined Arms Expert.png Combined Arms Expert Has trait Panzer Leader or Cavalry Leader
Does not have trait Panzer Expert or Cavalry Expert
Motorized Defense: +15.00%
Mechanized Defense: +15.00%
Increased chance of executing Blitz and Encirclement tactics
Cavalry Expert.png Cavalry Expert Has trait Cavalry Leader
Does not have trait Panzer Expert or Combined Arms Expert
Cavalry Defense: +10.00%
Fortress Buster.png Fortress Buster Has trait Engineer
Does not have trait Scavenger
Attack: +15.0%
Enables Ability: Siege Artillery
Scavenger.png Scavenger Has trait Engineer
Does not have trait Fortress Buster
Equipment Capture Ratio Gain: +3.0%
Infantry Expert.png Infantry Expert Has trait Infantry Leader
Does not have trait Ambusher
Infantry Division Attack: +10.00%
Ambusher.png Ambusher Has trait Infantry Leader
Does not have trait Infantry Expert
Max Entrenchment: +5.0
Recon Bonus While Entrenched: +25.0%
Amphibious (trait).png Amphibious Has trait Invader Extra Marine Supply Grace: +240.0 Hour(s)
Enables Ability: Naval Assault Plan
Naval Liason.png Naval Liaison Has trait Invader Shore Bombardment Bonus: +25.0%
Skirmisher.png Skirmisher Has trait Commando Enables Ability: Probing Attack
Paratroopers (trait).png Paratroopers Has trait Commando Extra Paratrooper Supply Grace: +240.0 Hour(s)
Enables Ability: Glider Planes
Camouflage Expert.png Camouflage Expert Has trait Commando Damage Reduction Against CAS: +50.0%
Air Support (CAS) Bonus in Combat: -50.0%
Improvisation Expert.png Improvisation Expert Has trait Trickster
At Least 1 Terrain Trait
Movement Bonus On Land: +10%
Enables Ability: Makeshift Bridges
Guerilla Fighter.png Guerilla Fighter Has trait Trickster Entrenchment Speed: +50%
Adaptable (trait).png Adaptable Assignable when has 2 Terrain Traits Terrain Penalty Reduction: +30.00%
(Applied after summing all other terrain modifiers, not applied to terrain features)
Cold acclimation gain factor: +0.1
Hot acclimation gain factor: +0.1
Winter Expert.png Winter Expert Assignable when has trait Winter Specialist Cold acclimation gain factor: +0.4

Admiral[edit | edit source]

Personality traits[edit | edit source]

These traits can not be gained through experience. Conversely they are the only traits that can appear on newly hired admirals.

Trait Effect
Old Guard.png Old Guard −25% Leader experience gain
Media Personality.png Media Personality +10% Fleet Attack and Defense if commanding the Pride of the Fleet
Career Officer.png Career Officer +10% Commander Experience Gain
Bold.png Bold Naval Speed: +10%
Damage: +5.00%
Caustic Personality.png Caustic Personality Number of ships in the first contact: -25%
Naval Lineage.png Naval Lineage Number of ships in the first contact: +25%
Retreat Decision Chance: -25%
Gentlemanly.png Gentlemanly Navy Organization: +5
Enemy Retreat Chance: +20.00%
Battleship Adherent.png Battleship Adherent Naval AA attack: -20.00%
Capital Ship Attack: +10.00%
Gunnery Expert.png Gunnery Expert Ironside experience factor: 50%
Aviation Enthusiast.png Aviation Enthusiast Air Controller experience factor: 50%
Cuts Corners.png Cuts Corners Damage: +20.00%
Defense: -10.00%
Chief Engineer.png Chief Engineer Chance to Receive Critical Hit: -5.0%
Craven.png Craven Retreat Decision Chance: +25%
Damage: -5.00%

Gainable traits[edit | edit source]

Trait Effect Experience gained while XP required
Sea Wolf.png Sea Wolf +20% Submarine Attack More than 80% submarines in fleet. 700
Blockade Runner.png Blockade Runner +20% Retreat decision chance
+15% Fleet speed while retreating
+5% Convoy speed while retreating
Bravely retreating in the face of overwhelming force. 500
Superior Tactician.png Superior Tactician +25% Positioning Having the advantage in combat. 500
Spotter.png Spotter +10% Spotting speed Spotting the enemy. 500
Fly swatter.png Fly swatter +10% Naval AA attack Fighting enemy air units. 300
Ironside.png Ironside +10% Capital Ship Armor Commanding or fighting Capital Ships. 500
Air Controller.png Air Controller +10% Sortie efficiency
+10% Naval Air Targeting from Carriers
Has carrier with air wings on a mission or carrier has air wings in combat it is a part of. 500
Trait admiral fleet protector.png Fleet Protector +20% Screening efficiency More than 50% screening vessels in fleet. 500
Trait admiral arctic waters expert.png Cold Water Expert Attrition: -8% While weather is Arctic Water 1000
Trait admiral inshore fighter.png Inshore Fighter Fjords and Archipelagos:
Movement: +10%
Attack: +10%
Defense: +10%
Fighting on terrain: Fjords and Archipelagos 1000
Trait admiral blue water expert.png Blue Water Expert Deep Oceans:
Movement: +10%
Attack: +10%
Defense: +10%
Fighting on terrain: Deep Oceans 1000
Trait admiral green water expert.png Green Water Expert Shallow Sea:
Movement: +10%
Attack: +10%
Defense: +10%
Fighting on terrain: Shallow Sea 1000

Assignable traits[edit | edit source]

Admirals may get traits assigned if they have the prerequisite earned traits. Assigning traits cost 15 Command power.pngcommand power. There is however no experience requirement for these traits. The maximum of assignable traits depends on the admiral's level.

Trait Effect Prerequisite Trait Exclusive with
Trait admiral silent hunter.png Silent Hunter Torpedo Reveal Chance: -15% Sea Wolf Lancer
Trait admiral torpedo expert.png Torpedo Expert Torpedo Hit Chance +10% Silent Hunter -
Trait admiral lancer.png Lancer Torpedo Screen Penetration +25% Sea Wolf or
Fleet Protector
Silent Hunter
Trait admiral loading drill master.png Loading Drill Master Torpedo Cooldown -25% Silent Hunter or
Lancer or
Destroyer Leader
Trait admiral destroyer leader.png Destroyer Leader Destroyer Visibiliy: -10%
Damage: +10%
Torpedo hit chance: +10%
Fleet Protector -
Trait admiral hunter killer.png Hunter-Killer Submarine Attack: +10%
Submarine Detection: +20%
Destroyer Leader -
Trait admiral cruiser captain.png Cruiser Captain Heavy Cruiser Naval Speed: +10%
Damage +10%
Light Cruiser Naval Speed: +10%
Damage: +10%
Flyswatter -
Trait admiral search pattern expert.png Search Pattern Expert Spotting Speed: +20% Cruiser Captain -
Trait admiral lone wolf.png Lone Wolf Enemy Fleet Size Penalty: +10% Superior Tactician Concealment Expert
Trait admiral smoke screen expert.png Smoke Screen Specialist Retreat Decision Chance +25% Lone Wolf or
Concealment Expert
Trait admiral concealment expert.png Concealment Expert Visibility -20% Superior Tactician or
Blockade Runner or
Lone Wolf
Trait admiral mine sweeper.png Mine Sweeper Naval minesweeping efficiency: +25%
Naval mines avoidance: +25%
Blockade Runner or
Mine Layer
Trait admiral mine layer.png Mine Layer Naval minelaying efficiency +25% Blockade Runner or
Mine Sweeper
Flight Deck Manager.png Flight Deck Manager Sortie Efficiency: +10% Air Controller -
Trait admiral fighter director.png Fighter Director Fighters sortie efficiency; +20% Flight Deck Manager Torpedo Bomber and
Dive Bomber
Trait admiral dive bomber.png Dive Bomber Close air support (Carrier) Air Mission Efficiency: +10%
Air Attack: +10%
Flight Deck Manager Fighter Director and
Torpedo Bomber
Trait admiral torpedo bomber.png Torpedo Bomber Naval bomber (Carrier) Air Mission Efficiency: +10%
Air Attack: +10%
Flight Deck Manager Fighter Director and
Dive Bomber
Trait admiral big guns expert.png Big Guns Expert Capital Ship Attack: +15% Ironside -
Trait admiral marksman.png Marksman Chance to score Critical hit: +10% Big Guns Expert Crisis Magician
Trait admiral safety first.png Safety First Chance to Receive Critical Hit: -25% Ironside -
Trait admiral crisis magician.png Crisis Magician Effects of sustained Critical Hits: -50% Safety First Marksman
Trait admiral ground pounder.png Ground Pounder Shore Bombardement Bonus: +25% Ironside -