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A continuous focus is a special type of focus that is unlocked once 10 regular focuses have been completed. There are a total of 9 continuous focuses available.

Having an active continuous focus comes at the expense of pursuing a regular focus as only one focus can be picked at a time regardless of its type.

As opposed to a regular focus which provides one-time effects, the effects of a continuous focus benefit the nation whilst the chosen focus remains active. An active focus requires a maintenance cost of Political Power –1 Political power per day. The focus can,however, be deactivated or switched with another at any time for no additional cost.

Naval ProductionAir ProductionConstruction EngineeringArmy TrainingResistance SuppressionConstruction RepairTechnology SharingIncrease AutonomySuppress SubjectsRequired number of "regular" focuses before the "continuous focus" mechanic is enabled.Continuous focus panel.png

Clicking on a focus icon leads to the appropriate table row. "Repeat" action to return.

The dedicated control panel is located on the bottom left of the national focus tree. The player can see on the panel's top right how many focuses are still required (black/green leds) before the mechanic is operational. The panel displays which of the focuses are available for activation, if one is currently in effect and its relevant maintenance cost.

Unconditioned focuses[edit]

Focus Effects Prerequisites Description
Goal continuous air production.png Air Production Production Cost.png Production cost: –10%
  • Carrier CAS
  • Carrier Fighter
  • Carrier Naval Bomber
  • Close Air Support
  • Fighter
  • Guided Missile
  • Heavy Fighter
  • Jet Fighter
  • Jet Strategic Bomber
  • Jet Tactical Bomber
  • Naval Bomber
  • Rocket Interceptor
  • Scout Planes
  • Strategic Bomber
  • Tactical Bomber
  • Transport Plane
We can reorganize our aviation industry to eliminate waste and streamline production.
Goal continuous reduce training time.png Army Training
  • Division training time: –25%
By creating specialized advanced training units within each division, we can deploy even divisions that would previously have been held back to finish training to the front.
Goal continuous non factory construct.png Construction Engineering Construction Speed.png Construction speed: +20%
  • Anti Air
  • Coastal Fort
  • Land Fort
  • Radar Station
Construction Speed.png Construction speed: +10%
  • Air Base
  • Fuel Silo
  • Infrastructure
  • Naval base
  • Rocket Site
  • Nuclear Reactor
There is still a lot of slack in our construction industry. By focusing our attention on it, we can achieve a significant improvement in construction speed. Unfortunately, the production of machine tools has proven a major bottleneck in the expansion of our heavy industry, so they won't benefit from efforts in this area.
Goal continuous repairments.png Construction Repair
  • Free repair: +100%
  • Factory repair speed: +50%
We will form specialized repair teams from factory and construction workers and centrally control their deployment to improve reconstruction of damaged infrastructure.
Goal continuous suppression.png Resistance Suppression
  • Resistance target: –5%
By infiltrating the major resistance groups in occupied territory and turning their leaders, we can significantly reduce the amount of damage they can do.

Conditional focuses[edit]

Focus Effects Prerequisites Description
Goal continuous boost freedom.png Increase Autonomy
  • Daily autonomy progress gain: +0.5
  • Is a subject nation
By reorganizing our colonial bureaucracy and recruiting native administrators, we will, in time, be able to take charge of our own affairs.
Goal continuous restrict freedom.png Suppress Subjects
  • Autonomy in subjects: –0.5
  • Has a subject nation
Our colonial subjects have gotten rather silly ideas about things like "self-determination" or "national independence". It is time to disabuse them of these notions.
Goal continuous research.png Technology Sharing Atomic Research.png Join Faction research:
  • Research speed for every nation owning the tech: +10%
  • Is in a faction with at least 2 members
  • Is not part of a technology sharing group
We will encourage our research institutes and universities to reach out to their counter parts in allied countries. This will gain us a tech sharing bonus.