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Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2
Crusader Kings 2.png
Possible if
Playing as Flag of South Africa South Africa
Achieved if
  • Focus Focus SAF colonialist crusade.png "Anti-Colonialist Crusade" is completed
  • Is a faction leader
  • A faction member controls the state Greater London Area (126)
  • The following country flags are set:
  • SAF_released_ANG
  • SAF_released_COG
  • SAF_released_KEN
  • SAF_released_MZB
  • SAF_released_ZIM

This achievement requires Flag of South Africa South Africa complete the focus "Anti-Colonialist Crusade", become leader of a faction and release Flag of Angola Angola, Flag of Zaire Zaire, Flag of Kenya Kenya, Flag of Mozambique Mozambique and Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe. A faction member has to control the Greater London Area as well.


Immediately research marines, submarines and naval invasions. Build a large submarine fleet and naval dockyards. Follow the focus tree to become  communist and get the Anti Colonialist Focus once free from the   United Kingdom. Prepare naval invasions to the   Portuguese territory in Africa leading to the   Portuguese mainland in Europe. Prepare defensive units on the   Portuguese border. Head to Liberate Portuguese Colonies in the focus tree.

With the naval factories start one HC. It should finish by the time you declare war on Portugal. Do not build any submarines till you research level 3 submarines. Now for the army start training the cheapest infantry(consisting of 3 infantry) divisions in batches of 3. Convert all your infantry brigades to this template. Later convert 6 of them to the marine template. Plan your naval invasions. You should be able to conquer Portugal by mid or late 1938. They would have shipped most of their brigades to their colonies if you have set up an army plan there. While naval invading keep your subs away and use only the HC and 2 subs.

After   Portugal, rush   Belgium with all your marine troops.   Belgium hardly has a navy. Remember to set up the mainland army around Belgian Congo. With the rest of the marines and a few normal troops naval invade a   Belgium port and one of its adjacent non port province.   Belgium is not too hard to capitulate as they too send their troops over to Africa if you set up a small army along their border. Once the Belgian war is done set up along the British border with your small army. You should have trained about 30 brigades by now. Prepare to naval invade Britain by building one or two more heavy cruisers. Wait for Germany to initiate WWII. Also do not bother with   Portuguese lands but instead keep your marines(about 25 divisions) and navy in Belgian port. Convert half of your marine force to paratroopers.

Go to war with the   United Kingdom once   Germany is pushing up along the French border and has taken out Netherlands. Make paradrop orders on French provinces(you require only a few provinces) to capitulate France. Now check the air map to see if you can get air superiority in the English region. If lucky paradrop. Otherwise plan a naval invasion of the   United Kingdom. When the invasion force is ready bring out your massed fleets of HC and subs. The British Navy may end up sinking the entire South African fleet but it would give you enough time and naval superiority to land your marines. Try to snag both Norfolk and Dover. Once you have a port bring your entire army up there. Britain does not keep many troops in its homelands and you can rush the northern and Scottish provinces. Capitulate the   United Kingdom and take its colonial holdings in Africa.