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Government type:
Democratic, Conservative


Czechoslovakia is a landlocked middle power in Central Europe. They are in an unenviable position, being a small democratic country surrounded by powerful potential enemies while enjoying only token protection by the erstwhile Allied Powers of France and the United Kingdom, who both prioritize maintaining peace with Germany over guaranteeing Czechoslovakian sovereignty.


Historical BackgroundEdit

  Czechoslovakia was founded in October 1918, as one of the successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War I and as part of the Treaty of St. Germain. It consisted of the present day territories of Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia. The new country was a multi-ethnic state. The population consisted of Czechs (51%), Slovaks (16%), Germans (22%), Hungarians (5%) and Rusyns (4%). Many of the Germans, Hungarians, Poles and some Slovaks, felt oppressed because the political elite did not generally allow political autonomy for minority ethnic groups. This policy, combined with increasing Nazi propaganda especially in the industrialized German-speaking Sudetenland, led to unrest among the non-Czech population. Foreign minister Beneš became the prime architect of the Czechoslovak-Romanian-Yugoslav alliance (the "Little Entente", 1921–38) directed against Hungarian attempts to reclaim lost areas. Beneš worked closely with   France. After 1933, Czechoslovakia remained the only democratic country in central and eastern Europe. The   German Reich demanded Sudetenland in September 1938, which it was granted by the Munich Agreement, part of the Allies' overall policy of appeasement. Southern Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia were ceded to Hungary in November 1938 during the First Vienna Award. Later in March 1939, the  German Reich established the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, and turned   Slovakia into the Slovak Republic, a puppet state.


Main article: Czechoslovakian events

National focusEdit

Czechoslovakian national focus tree.
Main article: Czechoslovakian national focus tree

  Czechoslovakia, along with three other nations situated between the   German Reich and the   Soviet Union, gets a unique national focus tree as part of the  Death or Dishonor expansion. Without the expansion, Czechoslovakia utilizes the Generic national focus tree instead.

Czechoslovakia's unique focus tree has 7 distinct branches:

  • Fortification Studies: This centers around land fortifications needed to successfully defend against German aggression. Note that some foci in this section set the fort level in provinces instead of adding extra forts. Building forts is not advised, as they will be overwritten when a new fort level is set.
  • Industrial Legacy: This provides Czechoslovakia with additional factories and industrial bonuses.
  • Political Direction: Here Czechoslovakia is given options for steering politics & diplomacy towards one of the major factions or a faction of its own.
  • Strategy Decisions: These foci are similar to the political section but provide more interaction on cessions and research sharing.
  • Land, Air & Naval Branches: Each section is devoted to one branch of military power and research. Note that the Naval branch cannot be started until Czechoslovakia gains a coastal province


  Czechoslovakia in 1936 begins with the following researched:

Army Technology Naval Technology Air Technology Electronics
  • ZH-29 (Infantry Equipment I)
  • Mountain Infantry I
  • Recon Company I
  • LT vz.35 (Light Tank II)
  • 8 cm kanon vz. 30 (Towed Artillery I)
  • ZB vz. 60 (Towed Anti-Air I)
  • None
  • Aero A.101 (Close Air Support I)
  • Aero B-34.1 (Interwar Fighter)
  • Aero A.100 (Interwar Bomber)
  • None
Land doctrine Naval doctrine Air doctrine Industrial
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • Fuel Storage


  Czechoslovakia is a neutral country. However, it guarantees the independence of   Romania and   Yugoslavia and is itself guaranteed by   France and   Romania.


  Czechoslovakia is not in any alliances or factions. However, it can join the Little Entente via French event.

The Little EntenteEdit

The Little or French Entente is a faction that can be formed by   France. When this faction is formed,   France won't join the Allies. Potential members are   France,   Czechoslovakia,   Yugoslavia and   Romania.

Czech EntenteEdit

The Czech Entente is a faction that can be formed by   Czechoslovakia via   An Entente of Our Own focus. Potential members are   Czechoslovakia,   Yugoslavia,   Romania and   Hungary


  Czechoslovakia is a democratic country with president Edvard Beneš as the leader.


  Česká strana národně sociální

  •   Can declare war on a country with the same ideology group without a war goal.
  •   Can guarantee other ideologies.
  •   Lowers World Tension with Guarantees.
  •   Can puppet a country.
  •   Can justify war goals against a country that have not generated world tension.
  •   Can create collaboration governments.
  • Annex cost: +50%
  • Generate war goal tension limit: +100%
  • Join faction tension limit: +80%
  • Lend-lease tension limit: +50%
  • Send volunteers tension limit: +50%
  • Guarantee tension limit: +25%
  • Civilian Intelligence to others +20%
  • Military Intelligence to others +5%
  • Naval Intelligence to others +20%
  • Airforce Intelligence to others +5%
  • Election every 5 years

Political PartiesEdit

Ideology Party name Popularity Party Leader Country Name Ruling


Česká strana národně sociální 65% Edvard Beneš Czechoslovakia  
  Komunistická strana Československa 10% Klement Gottwald Czechoslovak Union  
  Národní obec fašistická 5% Jaroslav Krejčí Bohemian Empire  
  Non-Aligned 20% Generic Kingdom of Bohemia  

Note: When puppeted by Germany, the name changes to "Reichsprotektorat Böhmen-Mähren". There are also dynamic name changes for when Slovakia breaks loose but Czechia still remains for democratic and communist governments, namely the Czech Republic and the Czech People's Republic, respectively. Political Parties, however, do not change.

National SpiritsEdit

  Czechoslovakia, along with other nations situated between the   German Reich and the   Soviet Union, gets unique National spirits as part of the  Death or Dishonor expansion. Without the expansion, Czechoslovakia starts with the level one "Fortification Focus" national spirit.

Škoda Works
Factory output: +10.00%
Divided Nation


Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
  Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
  Civilian Economy
  • 35% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
  • -40% Fuel Gain per Oil
  • -25% Fuel Capacity
  Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • +5% Research speed
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed
  • +20% Civilian intelligence to others
  • +10% Navy intelligence to others

Staff and DesignersEdit

Political Advisors
Advisor Type Effect Cost ( )
Vojtech Tuka Prince of Terror
  • Non-core Manpower: +2.00%
  • Foreign subversive activities efficiency: -30.00%
  • Damage to Garrisons: -25.00%
Ferdinand Catlos Quartermaster General
  • Air Base construction speed: +15.00%
  • Naval Base construction speed: +15.00%
  • Radar Station construction speed: +15.00%
  • Rocket Site construction speed: +15.00%
  • Nuclear Reactor construction speed: +15.00%
Jozef Tiso Backroom Backstabber
  • Political Power Gain: +5%
  • Ideology drift defense: +15.0%
Stefan Osusky Democratic Reformer
  • Daily Democracy Support: +0.10
Gustáv Husák Communist Revolutionary
  • Daily Communist Support: +0.10
Konrad Henlein Fascist Demagogue
  • Daily Fascism Support: +0.10
Vojtěch Němec Illusive Gentleman
  • Operative slots: +1
  • Agency upgrade time: -15.0%
Tank Designers
Designer Type Effect Cost ( )
CKD Mobile Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Speed: +15%
  • Armor Max Speed: +5%
  • Armor Reliability: +10%

By selecting this Design Company it will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Tatra Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Speed: +15%
  • Armor Reliability: +5%
  • Armor Soft attack: +5%

By selecting this Design Company it will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Skoda Armor Heavy Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Speed: +15%
  • Armor Armor: +5%
  • Armor Hard attack: +5%

By selecting this Design Company it will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Ship Designers
Designer Type Effect Cost ( )
Skoda Shipyards Coastal Defense Fleet Designer
  • Naval Research Speed: +15%
  • Carrier:
    • Production Cost: -25%
    • Deck Size: -20%
    • Max Range: -50%
  • Capital Ship:
    • Production Cost: -25%
    • Armor: -20%
    • Heavy Attack: -20%
    • Max Range: -50%
  • Screen:
    • Production Cost: -25%
    • Max Range: -50%
  • Submarines:
    • Production Cost: -25%
    • Max Range: -50%

By selecting this Design Company they will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Aircraft Designers
Designer Type Effect Cost ( )
CKD-Praga Naval Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Speed: +15%
  • Naval Bomber:
    • Range: +10%
    • Naval Attack: +10%
  • CV Naval Bomber:
    • Range: +10%
    • Naval Attack: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter:
    • Range: +10%
    • Agility: +10%
  • Carrier CAS:
    • Range: +10%
    • Naval Attack: +10%

By selecting this Design Company it will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Avia Light Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Speed: +15%
  • Fighter:
    • Agility: +10%
    • Max Speed: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter:
    • Agility: +10%
    • Max Speed: +10%

By selecting this Design Company it will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Aero Medium Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Speed: +15%
  • Heavy Fighter:
    • Reliability: +20%
  • Tactical Bomber:
    • Reliability: +20%
  • Scout Planes:
    • Reliability: +20%

By selecting this Design Company it will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

LETOV Heavy Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Speed: +15%
  • Strategic Bomber:
    • Strategic Bombing: +10%

By selecting this Design Company it will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Materiel Designers
Designer Type Effect Cost ( )
Zbrojovka Brno Infantry Equipment Designer
  • Weapons and Equipment Research Speed: +15%
Skoda Artillery Artillery Designer
  • Artillery Research Speed: +15%
Praga Motorization Equipment Designer
  • Motorization Research Speed: +15%
Industrial Concern
Designer Type Effect Cost ( )
Elektra Electronics Concern
  • Electronics Research Speed: +15%
Skoda Industrial Concern
  • Industrial Research Speed: +15%
Theorist Type Effect Cost ( )
Karel Václav Petrik Military Theorist
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Land Interdiction Doctrine Research Speed: +10%
Alois Vicherek Air Warfare Theorist
  • Air Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Air Doctrine Research Speed: +10%



9  Military Factories 0  Naval Dockyard 16 (8)  Civilian Factories

These numbers represent the available factories for production at start of the game. In parentheses are the complete numbers including those lost for Consumer Goods.


  Oil   Aluminium   Rubber   Tungsten   Steel   Chromium
3 (1) 0 0 2 (1) 43 (9) 5 (2)

These numbers represent the available resources for production at start of the game. In parentheses are the total resources available for production, accounting for those lost to trading.



16   Infantry Divisions 4   Cavalry Brigades 2   Mountain Divisions 4   Light Tank Divisions

Examples of alternative division template names for Czechoslovakia include:

  • Mountaineers - Horská Divize
  • Marines - Námořní Pěchota
  • Paratroopers - Výsadková Divize
  • Motorized - Motorizovaná Divize
  • Mechanized - Mechanizovaná Divize
  • Armor - Rychlá Divize or Tanková Divize

  Manpower Used: 320k

Infantry equipment list
Name Type Techyear
vz.24 Basic Eq. 1918
ZH-29 Weapons I 1936
ZK-383 Weapons II 1939
Sa23 vz.48 Weapons III 1942
Tank units list
Name Type Techyear Tank Destroyer / SP-Artillery / Armored AA Variants
T vz. 33 Great War Tank 1918
LT vz. 34 Light Tank I 1934
LT vz. 35 Light Tank II 1936 S-I-D / None / None
LT vz. 41 Light Tank III 1941 T-1D / None / None
LT vz. 38 Medium Tank I 1939 ST-I / None / None
ST vz. 39 Medium Tank II 1941
ST vz. 43 Medium Tank III 1943
TT vz. 34 Heavy Tank I 1934
TT vz. 41 Heavy Tank II 1941
TT vz. 43 Heavy Tank III 1943
STT vz. 44 Super Heavy Tank 1943
Skoda T 50 MBT 1945


  Czechoslovakia doesn't own a navy as it is a landlocked nation.

Air ForceEdit

144   Interwar Fighters 48   Close Air Support 72   Interwar Bombers

Strategies and GuidesEdit

  Czechoslovakia starts out in a peculiar position, and the one thing that will guarantee your survival is fortifying the Sudetenland. Using the Sudetenland Fortifications focuses, you will have level 7 land forts along the German border and it continues through the Sudetenland to Bratislava. The Czech Entente focuses get you some backing, and you get Yugoslavia and Romania on your side. Having the two biggest armies in the Balkans on your side is crucial to your survival as Czechoslovakia. Or, hope the French go down the Little Entente path and invite you to the Little Entente, but this is much more likely when you have Historical AI Focus off. Keep note that you don't need Historical AI focus to get Czechmate or The Munich Disagreement. Then wait around and build up your army until the Germans come in, and the Wehrmacht has to take in the fact that the Sudetenland is mountainous and going into the Sudetenland forts would be a suicide mission! While waiting for the Germans to invade, hope that France and Britain back you and build up forts in Bohemia and Moravia. If time allows, go ahead and build forts on the Polish and Hungarian borders. When the Germans make an invasion attempt of Czechoslovakia (if they do), those forts are going to help you out. With those forts backing up the Germans and your allies keeping the German invasion of Czechoslovakia weaker, go for Munich and you will get The Munich Disagreement achievement. Continue through Germany with as many divisions as you can, get the Germans to capitulate (nukes do not help with captitulation, they just kill more people) and when the treaty comes, take as much land as you can.

Getting that new land will get you sea access, boost your industry and increase manpower, plus no threat of invasion from the west. Now go ahead and take care of Hungary. By this point you and your allies should surround Hungary, so invading Hungary should be easier. Just put all your divisions on the fronts, get your allies into the war and head for Budapest. Pecs and Debrecen will be captured along the way. If Italy backs them up, send an invasion there too. If you really want to get Czechmate, wait for world tension to build up (if you're democratic), justify war on the United Kingdom and begin. Via France you can do a joint naval invasion of England from northern France, and wait for your navy to build up for you to navally invade Egypt (or if you have Libya, head for the Suez Canal), invade Gibraltar, secure the Mediterranean by capturing Malta and Cyprus, then invade a bit of the Raj and East Africa if you wish, but since you really want to get Czechmate, focus your navy on getting to Western Australia. Land near Perth, and you will get the achievement Czechmate. Then occupy the rest of Australia, and don't worry about Canada. Just don't invade them unless you really want to. Then seize as much of the British Empire as you can, and inevitably you will face the Soviet Union. Go ahead and attack them if you want to, but potentially it is a suicide mission. And for this, produce as much equipment as you can to face the British Empire.