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Death or Dishonor icon.png Death or Dishonor

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Release date / Patch
2017-06-14 / 1.4

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Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor country pack features as foretold in its dramatic release trailer.

Death or Dishonor is the second country pack for Hearts of Iron IV. It was announced on 2017-04-26[1] and released on 2017-06-14[2], along with Patch 1.4.

Expansion features[edit | edit source]

  • Four New Focus Trees: Experience the war from the difficult perspectives of Flag of Hungary Hungary, Flag of Romania Romania, Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, and Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia.
  • Equipment Conversion: Update your arsenal by converting older units - or make use of captured enemy vehicles and gear.
  • New Diplomatic Interactions: License military technology to bring other nations' weapons to the field or sell your advances to the highest bidder.
  • New Puppet Interactions: Fascist countries get new subject levels like Reichskommissariat, with access to licenses, industry and strategic resources. The instated governments are held in an iron grip, making it harder for them to break free.
  • New Music and Art: 3 new thematic musical tracks from composer Andreas Waldetoft, new art content for the four focus nations, and new troop voiceovers.

Free features[edit | edit source]

Main article: Patch 1.4
  • All new air controls and interfaces including new air combat screen
  • Air missions and wings now visible and selectable on map with ranges etc
  • Radar now more visible with ranges on map that can be toggled
  • Added possibility to rename air wings and added historical naming schemes to most nations
  • Its now possible to stop being capitulated by getting back to 90% and recovering your capital. Rules show on war participant items when they have the capitulate icon up.
  • Grabbing territory occupied by others in peace conferences now much more expensive
  • Several changes to map and strategic areas for better play
  • New impassable borders and areas (Sahara) making warfare in certain parts of the world much more interesting
  • Updated interfaces for War overview. Now with more casualties, strength and industry shown.
  • Updated interface for Trade for easier overview and easier checking of convoys
  • Added 10 new achievements.

Developer diaries[edit | edit source]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Death or Dishonor country pack and patch 1.4 (aka Oak).

Patch 1.4 post release
No. Title and Link Description Date
13 We're back! New beta patch with additional fixes, more portraits for free and an interim solution to an old AI transport problem 2017-08-16
12 Meet some new people Beta patch status, preliminary gaming statistics post DoD and introduction of new team members 2017-06-28
11 Post-release chat Bugs, new and old, dealt with in the 1.4.1 beta patch. 2017-06-21
Patch 1.4 (Oak)
No. Title and Link Description Date
10 1.4 "Oak" Changelog sneak peek Patch 1.4, aka Oak, changelog. 2017-06-12
9 Bits & Bobs New subject levels, achievements, music, assorted QoL features and AI Update #3. 2017-06-07
8 Czechoslovakia and AI Update #2 Let's have a look at Czechoslovakia and another AI update from Steelvolt 2017-05-31
7 Yugoslavia and Air Zones Yugoslavia unique flavor and more details on aerial combat overhaul in 1.4 Oak 2017-05-24
6 Air Improvements Air combat overhaul in 1.4 Oak 2017-05-17
5 Equipment Conversion & War Update Repurposing old material and improvements to the war overview 2017-05-10
4 Hungary Hungary changes coming up 2017-05-03
3 Announcement and AI Update #1 Announcement of new content pack coming with the free 1.4 Oak along with details on AI improvements 2017-04-26
2 License production and map changes 1.4 Oak and the upcoming expansion will see map improvements and new ways of getting tech 2017-04-19
1 Reflections and Romania First look at new DLC content 2017-04-12

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