Death or Dishonor or Cake

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Death or Dishonor or Cake
Death or Dishonor or Cake.png
Possible if
Playing as Flag of Romania Romania
Achieved if

Has Carol II as country leader Has not completed any of the below focuses:

Own at least one core province from all of your starting neighbors:

This Achievement requires Flag of Romania Romania to own at least one core province of Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria, Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Flag of Hungary Hungary, Flag of Poland Poland, Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union, Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia while having Carol II as the country leader and not completing the focuses: "All Parties Must End", "Force Abdication", "Handle the King"


Take the Institute Royal Dictatorship focus first then Balkans Dominance. Make sure to build enough divisions to do Align Hungary but during that time, take Fortify the Borders and Revise the Constitution. Once Fortify the Borders is complete, Build level 10 forts on the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet and Flag of Poland Polish border.

Once Align Hungary is complete and if Hungary refuses to be aligned, Go to war with them. Increase relations with Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria and do the Puppet Bulgaria focus to puppet them so World Tension does not go too high. Reduce their autonomy. When completing the Divide Yugoslavia focus, choose the option to do it alone to get a war goal against them. Declare war and capitulate them quickly.

Complete the Split Czechoslovakia focus. If Flag of Germany Germany decides to not divide, you will only get a claim. Do not justify war against them as this may increase World Tension. Flag of Romania Romania will have to declare on Flag of Germany Germany later. If Flag of Germany Germany accepts but Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia refuses, Flag of Romania Romania will get a war goal. Declare on the Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovaks and move quickly. If both countries accept, You will get a Flag of Slovakia Slovakian Puppet. Decrease their autonomy if that happens.

The Flag of Soviet Union Soviets will take Eastern Poland via Molotov Ribbentrop. Justify against the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union and wait until Flag of Germany Germany declares war against the Flag of Soviet Union Soviets to declare against them. Try to get Open Borders with the Flag of Japan Japanese in order to naval invade Vladivostok from Flag of Japan Japan. Try to push the Flag of Soviet Union Soviets more than the Flag of Germany Germans in order to take the most territory. Take Flag of Soviet Union Soviet and Eastern Polish territory if possible. If you still need Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak territory, Get ready for war with Flag of Germany Germany. When Ready, Justify on Flag of Italy Italy and declare war. Join the Allies as soon as possible so they can help but make sure to do most of the work. When the war is over, you will be able to take Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak and Eastern Polish Land required for the achievement.


Hope Flag of Poland Poland starts its own faction. Buzz through Align Hungary, Puppet Bulgaria and Divide Yugoslavia - taking the focuses as quickly as possible. Get to the required troop levels fast by increasing conscription levels at the earliest opportunities and deploying divisions as soon as allowed. The Greek and Turkey adventures can be counter-productive - so ignore. Divide your Theaters into a high priority (trained, equipped) group and low priority (green, unequipped) group. Hope for Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak guarantee of Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia. War will be with the Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovaks at the same time, but there will be successive treaties as each capitulates. Before declaring on Yugoslavia, defend the Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak border with the green troops used to get troop levels up (except for the most eastern provinces -so the Czechs over extend into northern Romania and don't clog the road to Prague). Take all states in Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, then move north to finish Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia. Take all states except Bohemia and the two Sudetenlands (to keep Germany on track).

The moment tension hits 50%, justify (one state only) on Flag of Poland Poland (if Poland doesn't have or isn't working on (check their tree) its own faction - just restart). Conquer Poland (drive to Warsaw and through to the Prussian border to split the Polish Army in half - don't worry too much about your eastern and western flanks). Take everything except Danzig - which will become all of Poland. Build war materials, train and research and wait for the inevitable war between the Axis and Comintern to start. After the the Flag of Soviet Union Soviets are substantially weakened (3mm casualties), consider justifying on them. Keep an eye on Flag of Greece Greece and Flag of Turkey Turkey as they can go Comintern - ten divisions (and the Bulgarians) can be taken from the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet border to defend against them and even take one (but probably not both) out. (The gap between finishing Poland and declaring on the Soviets can be at least three years) Capitulate the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union. Take provinces, and you are done (unless Bulgaria is still a puppet). Throughout, lendlease extra stuff to Bulgaria (if puppeted) and build in Bulgaria to annex them. Do not join the Axis or the Allies, but try to keep relations with Flag of Germany Germany cordial by buying steel from them. Building tanks is not advised until after bee-lining (starting just before 1940) to the Maresal Focus and then only to add a heavy to about a third of your infantry.