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Government type:
Democratic, Socialist


Denmark is a minor country in northern Europe. It borders Flag of Germany Germany (-10) to the south, and shares a land connection with Flag of Sweden Sweden (+20).


Denmark lies in Northern Europe and is the southernmost Scandinavian nation. Denmark is made up of main peninsular Jutland, and the archipelagoes Fyn, Zealand, Lolland-Falster, and Bornholm. Denmark consists mostly of flat, arable land. The northern and central part of the Jutland peninsular is forested and the largest Danish river "Gudenåen" runs there as well. To the east on the island of Zealand lies the Danish capital Copenhagen, which is the only urban area in the state. Denmark borders Flag of German Reich German Reich to the south, separated by a channel, and connects to Flag of Sweden Sweden to the east. Denmark also owns the overseas territories of Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Denmark is surrounded by sea, with the North Sea to the west, and the Baltic Sea to the east.


Restore Kalmar Union

With the conquest of all Scandinavian territories, it is time to restore the spirit of the Kalmar Union. All Scandinavia shall prosper under our rule.


  • Flag of Denmark Denmark is fully independent.
  • Controls all mainland Danish states.
  • Controls all Swedish states.
  • Controls all Norwegian states.

Effects when selected

  • Flag of Denmark Denmark will be known as Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia.
  • Gain cores on all Norwegian, Swedish, and mainland Danish states.

Proclaim Nordic Unity

The Nordics have long felt a certain affinity to one another. Now that we control all lands once belonging to the Nordic constituent states, it is possible to bring that kinship to new heights.


  • Flag of Denmark Denmark is fully independent.
  • Controls all Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish States.

Effects when selected

  • Flag of Denmark Denmark will now be known as the Flag of Nordic League Nordic League.
  • Gain cores on all Nordic states (states belonging to the countries mentioned above.)

Historical Background[edit]

Denmark remained neutral in the First World War, and tried to do the same in World War II (like all other Nordic countries) but was invaded by the Flag of German Reich German Reich in 1940 as part of Operation Weserübung. The Danish military offered no significant resistance to the German aggression and Germany in return maintained very lenient occupation policies. Unlike Norway where Germany established a puppet government headed by Vidkun Quisling, Denmark maintained a stable constitutional monarchy and introduced a government of national unity, albeit under German military occupation. The Danish ambassador to the United States refused to follow any orders from an unfree government and sanctioned the United States to occupy Greenland.

Acts of sabotage and violence from the Danish resistance movements grew over the next years strongly growing in numbers after the German defeat at Stalingrad. In August 1943 the German military demanded the introduction of the death penalty against members of the Resistance and that any such cases be transferred to German military courts. The Danish government refused both demands and ceased to function. German military authorities took over full administration in Denmark, which allowed them to deal with the population as they wished. Policing became easier for the Nazis, but more and more people became involved with the Resistance as German military rule was considered completely illegitimate. The Danish resistance movement is best known for their rescue mission in 1943 where 7,000 - 8,000 Jews was secretly transferred to neutral Sweden. Denmark became a free nation again in May 1945 at the fall of the Third Reich.

National Focus[edit]

Generic national focus tree.
Main article: Generic national focus tree

Flag of Denmark Denmark, lacking a unique national focus tree, uses the generic national focus tree instead.

The generic focus tree has 5 main branches:

  • Army Effort gives army experience and research bonuses to army research.
  • Aviation Effort gives air experience, builds air bases, and research bonuses to air research.
  • Naval Effort gives navy experience, builds naval dockyards, and research bonuses to navy research.
  • Industrial Effort builds civilian and military factories (usually even if building slots are already full)and grants extra research slots.
  • Political Effort gives the country choices on which political path they will take.


Denmark begins with three research slots available to the player.

Latest Technologies Researched 1936
Army Technology Naval Technology Air Technology Electronics & Industry Doctrines
  • Infantry Equipment I
  • Engineer Company I
  • Recon Company I
  • Towed Artillery
  • 20 mm M/38
  • Early Destroyer Hull
  • Early Cruiser Hull
  • Basic Cruiser Armor Scheme
  • Early Submarine Hull
  • Basic Torpedo
  • Naval Gunnery
  • Casemate Secondary Battery
  • Transport Ship
  • Contact Mine
  • Minelaying Submarine
  • Interwar Fighter
  • IW Carrier Fighter

None Researched

None Researched

Cosmetic names[edit]

Denmark has a number of unique cosmetic names for its artillery, listed here.

Artillery techs
Tech year Anti-Air Artillery Rocket Artillery Anti-Tank
1936 NA 37mm m1937
1940 NA 47mm Fodfolkskanon m1940
1943 20 mm M/38 75mm Fodfolkskanon m1943


Denmark starts out as a socialist democracy with elections every four years; the next fall on October 1939. The country begins with the Socialdemokratiet party in power under the leadership of Thorvald Stauning.

National Spirits[edit]

Denmark does not have any national spirits.


As a Democratic country, Denmark has slightly positive relations with the same ideology (+10), and more strongly positive relations with countries that have a socialist ruling party (+20). Denmark has a slightly negative relationship with all Communist, Fascist, and Non-Aligned countries (-10).

Denmark does not have claims or cores on foreign soil, but it starts out in control of Flag of Iceland Iceland (+10) and has the ability to release them like a puppet. Denmark also controls the Faroe Islands and Greenland which contains strategic ports but not much else of interest.

Political Parties[edit]

Id Party name Popularity Leader Country Name Ruling
democracy Democratic Socialdemokratiet 97% Thorvald Stauning Denmark Yes
fascism Fascist Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Arbejderparti (DNSAP) 1% Frits Clausen North Sea Empire No
communism Communist Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti (DKP) 2% Aksel Larsen Danish Civil Union No
neutrality Non-Aligned Det Radikale Venstre 0% Peter Rochegune Munch Kingdom of Denmark No



Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 35% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
  • -40% Fuel Gain per Oil
  • -25% Fuel Capacity
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • +5% Research speed
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed
  • +20% Civilian intelligence to others
  • +10% Navy intelligence to others

Industrial Capacity[edit]

Denmark begins the 1936 campaign with a modest 11 factories, but little room to further expand capacity. The Danish mainland has 1 available building slot in Jutland, with another 2 slots open for construction in Iceland. Denmark has access to 11 Aluminum from the Jutland region.

Factories 1936
Military factory
2 Military Factories
Naval dockyard
2 Naval Dockyard
Civilian factory
7 Civilian Factories


Total resources 1936
0 0 0 11 0 0

These numbers represent the available resources, depending on trade law a certain amount may be traded away.


Denmark possesses a meagre military. Its 5 army divisions are all on the mainland, stationed in Jutland and Sjaelland. Sjaelland has a level 8 naval base, where the player will find Denmark's 7 naval vessels organized into Den Danske Flåde at the start of 1936. Denmark's Air Force is split into two groups: one wing of 12 fighters at Jutland's level 2 Air Base, and another wing of 22 fighters at Sjaelland's level 6 Air Base.

Denmark's Volunteer Conscription law will make it difficult for the player to initially expand the country's military. In January 1936, the country only has 23.13k free manpower. However, the player can choose to spend 150 Political Power to enact Limited Conscription and increase that figure to 57.76k. Subsequent conscription laws will increase this number further but inflict penalties on the industry and troop quality, and can also not be achieved as a democracy unless at war.

Type Total
Manpower.png Manpower used 34300
Infantry cropped.png Infantry division 3
Infantry cropped.png Binary infantry division 1
Cavalry cropped.png Cavalry 1
Motorized cropped.png Motorized 0
Light tank cropped.png Light tank 0
Type Total
Manpower.png Manpower used 4060
Carrier.png Carrier 0
Battleship.png Battleship 0
Battlecruiser.png Battlecruiser 0
Heavy Cruiser.png Heavy Cruiser 2
Light Cruiser.png Light Cruiser 0
Destroyer.png Destroyer 0
Submarine.png Submarine 5
Air Force
Type Total
Manpower.png Manpower used 680
Fighter.png Fighter 34
Bomber.png Tactical Bomber 0
Close air support.png Close air support 0
Naval Strike Tactics.png Naval bomber 0

Strategies and guides[edit]

Party like its 1520: The easiest way to get this achievement is to go communist as quickly as possible, researching paratroopers and making transport planes and then simply paradrop onto Stockholm.


Northern Light icon
Northern Light
As a Scandinavian country form your own faction, and have Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland in it.
Party like it's 1520 icon
Party like it's 1520
Occupy Stockholm as communist Denmark.