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Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Paradox to describe the game design in detail.

No Step Back

All developer diaries about the No Step Back expansion and patch 1.11 (aka Barbarossa).

Patch 1.11 (Barbarossa)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Early look at supply and the coming year An early look at the new supply/war system 2021-04-07
2 Poland Focus Tree Rework Part 1/2 Introduction of the reworked Polish focus tree coming with the free update 2021-04-14
3 Poland Focus Tree Rework Part 2/2 Look at the changes to the Polish tree in the upcoming DLC 2021-04-21
4 Tank Designer Look at the changes coming to tank design with the upcoming DLC 2021-04-28
5 Combat and Stats changes A look at changes coming to combat 2021-05-05
6 The Baltic States 1/2 and Poland 3/2 A first look at changes coming to the Baltic states, and more on Poland 2021-05-12
7 The Baltic States 2/2 More changes coming to the Baltic states 2021-05-19
8 PdxCon Recap and Team update Recap of PdxCon announcements and some statistics updates 2021-05-26
9 PDXCON - HoI Q&A Panel Transcript PdxCon Q&A with the devs 2021-05-27
10 Bag of Tricks #1 Small features and QoL improvements to the game 2021-06-09
11 Officer Corps New Officer Corps system and changes to Experience 2021-06-16
12 Officer Corps #2 More information about the Officer Corps 2021-06-23
13 Supply and Mulberry Harbors Deeper look at the new supply system 2021-06-30
14 Soviet Union Historical and Common Branches A look at the historical and shared parts of the new Soviet Focus Tree and new mechanics for the Soviet Union 2021-08-04
15 Soviet Union Opposition New focus branches for the communist opposition against Stalin 2021-08-11
16 Soviet Union Exiles New focus branches for the return of the Whites or the Tsar 2021-08-18
17 Bag of Tricks #2 Changes to weather, QoL changes concerning equipment and building in allied territories / Departure of Game Director Dan "Podcat" Lind 2021-08-25
18 Traiiiiins A further look at trains, air missions to attack them, and supply distribution 2021-09-01
19 Railway guns never tire New Railway Gun Land Unit Type 2021-09-08
20 Bag of Tricks : the Sequel Changes to Redeployment, Scorched Earth, and General Preferred Tactics 2021-09-15
21 Combat Changes & Soviet Exiles Changes to Combat and Soviet Exiles focus branch 2021-09-29
22 Poland is not yet lost - No step back AAR Recap of CraniumMuppet's experience with Poland in the new update 2021-10-06
22.5 Sub-Developer-Diary - Combat targeting iteration Further balancing and changes to targeting 2021-10-06
23 Officer Corps Recap & AI Improvements Recap of Officer Corps changes and introduction of AI improvements 2021-10-13
24 Modding Changes Introduction of the character system, modability of NSB features 2021-10-20
25 Loading Screen Art and more Process of creating new loading screens, A look at some portraits and achievements of NSB 2021-10-27

Battle for the Bosporus

All developer diaries about the Battle for the Bosporus country pack and patch 1.10 (aka Collie).

Patch 1.10 (Collie)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Greece Description of Greek focus tree and briefly talking about pathways. 2020-09-09
2 Bulgaria Description of Bulgarian focus tree and briefly talking about pathways. 2020-09-16
3 Turkey Description of Turkish focus tree and briefly talking about pathways. 2020-09-23
4 Yugoslavia and Romania Description of Yugoslav focus tree changes and briefly talking about pathways and talking about minor changes to Romania 2020-09-30
5 Art and Achievements New art, music, and achievements. 2020-10-07
6 1.10 ‘Collie’ Full changelog 2020-10-14
Patch 1.10 post release
No. Title and Link Description Date
7 Telemetry Short description of Telemetry of how player behaviour changed since the DLC release 2020-10-21
8 New year update Statistics after Battle for the Bosporus, general view on 2021. 2021-01-20
9 5th Anniversary Hearts of Iron IV 5th Anniversary and patch 2021-06-02

La Résistance

All developer diaries about the La Résistance expansion and patch 1.9 (aka Husky).

Patch 1.9 (Husky)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Back From Summer! Back from vacation to a new round of DDs 2019-08-21
2 France Rework Rework of French focus tree 2019-08-28
3 Resistance and Compliance Rework of the Occupation system 2019-09-04
4 Free France and Vichy Rework of Free France and Vichy France 2019-09-11
5 Policing Garrison Rework Rework of Resistance Suppression and Garrisons 2019-09-18
6 ¡Viva España! Nationalist Spain Focus Tree 2019-09-25
7 ¡No Pasarán! Republican Spain Focus Tree 2019-10-02
8 Armored Cars - The new horsey boys New Armored Car Land Unit Type 2019-10-09
9 PdxCon & Moving Madness Talks about moving offices and talks about what there going to talking about in PdxCon 2019-10-16
10 Back from PdxCon Talks about what they talked about at PdxCon and talks about their new offices 2019-10-23
11 The Intelligence Agency New Intelligence Agency 2019-10-30
12 Operatives and Missions New Operatives and Missions they can perform 2019-11-06
13 Focus Tree Navigation Focus Tree Navigation 2019-11-13
14 Operations New Operations 2019-11-20
15 Collaboration, Compliance and Coups Coup and Collaboration Operations 2019-11-27
16 Scout Planes and breaking the Enigma New Scout Plane Air Unit Type and Additions & Changes to Intel and Cryptology 2019-12-04
17 Intel More changes to Intel 2019-12-11
18 Portugal New Portuguese Focus Tree 2019-12-18
19 Bag of Tricks Quality of Life Changes like Automatic MEFO Bills, Exercise Auto Stop, and Searchable & Zoomable Focus Trees 2020-01-15
20 Formables and Releasables New Formable Nations and Releasable Nations 2020-01-22
21 LaR Music and Art New Art and Music 2020-01-29
22 Achievements Achievements 2020-02-05
23 LaR UK AAR How it Feels to Play in the New Update 2020-02-12
24 AI & Feature Updates Changes to AI and some Features in the Update 2020-02-19
25 Modding & 1.9 Patchlog 1.9 Patchlog and New Modding Features 2020-02-21
Patch 1.9 post release
No. Title and Link Description Date
26 LaR Post Release and Statistics Statistics on LaR and announcement 1.9.1 beta 2020-03-04
27 1.9.1 Beta Patch Update Updates to Spanish focus trees and the Spanish Civil War 2020-03-11
28 1.9.1 Beta Batch Update II Fire Operatives and Nudger access 2020-03-18
29 1.9.1 Beta Batch Update III Info about patch 1.9.1, peace conferences and tech stealing 2020-03-25
30 1.9.1 Beta Batch Update IV Info about patch 1.9.1, 3D models and accessability 2020-04-01
31 1.9.1 Patch & Roadmap update Full info about patch 1.9.1 and the roadmap for future DLCs and updates 2020-04-08
32 1.9.2 Beta + The Future Beta patch available to test 2020-04-15
33 Patch 1.9.2 Husky Live Patch release and current 'work from home' status 2020-05-06
34 4th Anniversary + Patch 1.9.3 HoI4s 4th anniversary: Some cool data, new armor and radio packs as well as patch to celebrate! 2020-06-03

Man the Guns

All developer diaries about the Man the Guns expansion, patch 1.6 (aka Ironclad), patch 1.7 (aka Hydra) and patch 1.8 (aka Fork).

Patch 1.6 (Ironclad)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Man the Guns and PdxCon General goals for the future expansion and patch 2018-05-23
2 Fuel Information on fuel and new hotfix. 2018-06-27
3 God Save The King: British Focus Tree Rework Reworked British focus tree, allowing for alternate-history paths. 2018-07-04
4 A Post-Colonial World:Map Changes and New Tags Sweeping changes to the map along with the addition of more releasable tags. 2018-07-11
5 Custom Gameplay Rules New Custom Gameplay Rules allowing the player to steer the game in the direction they want. 2018-08-01
6 MTG - Bag of Tricks Smaller improvements to the game such as assuming leadership of a faction, manual focus cancellation, and naval and air exercises. 2018-08-08
7 Naval Access Improvements to the naval theater of HOI4 including marking dangerous seazones and asking for naval access to ports. 2018-08-15
8 Mines and Minesweeping Naval Mines added to the game along with minesweeping. 2018-08-22
9 USA focus tree rework Reworked USA focus tree, allowing for alternate-history paths. 2018-08-29
10 Modding and Traits Added trait system for admirals as well as more features for modders. 2018-09-05
11 Naval Production, Repair and Damage Extensive changes to the naval theater with reworks of ship production, repair and damage. 2018-09-12
12 Exiled Government Extend possibilities for exiled governments and more information about the British focus tree overhaul. 2018-09-19
13 Je Maintiendrai Announcement of and information about the new Dutch focus tree. 2018-09-26
14 Amphibious Vehicles and Research New Amphibious Tractors and Amphibious Tank. 2018-10-03
15 Naval Terrain Overview of new terrain types for seas. 2018-10-10
16 Naval changes #1 Overview of the different changes to naval warfare. 2018-10-17
17 Mexico focus tree Announcement of and information about the new Mexican focus tree. 2018-10-24
18 Bag of Tricks 2 Expeditionary Force Requests, Supervised States & On-map decisions. 2018-10-31
19 Ship Designer Overview on modifications on the ship designer system. 2018-11-07
20 Naval Treaties and Ship Refits Naval treaties effects on ship designing and refitting of obsolete ships 2018-11-14
21 Naval Rework #1 New mission types and changes to the naval interface 2018-11-21
22 Bag of Tricks #3 Dutch & British focus changes, ideology drift tweaks, map changes in Africa and the Balkans region. 2018-11-28
23 New Naval Combat Rework of naval combat to be more informative and less decisive 2018-12-06
24 Subs and Convoy Raiding Improvements to submarine convoy raiding 2018-12-12
25 Fuel Review and Motorized Artillery Changes to the fuel implementation and the addition of motorized artillery units 2019-01-09
26 Tech Changes Changes to the tech research system and the addition of new naval techs. 2019-01-16
27 Art and Music New music, 3D models and 2D art to ramp up MTG's awesomeness. 2019-01-23
28 The Imperial Japanese Navy An AAR of Archangel85's experience with the Imperial Japanese Navy in a MP session. 2019-01-30
29 Achievements New goals to strive for, with the addition of 21 new achievements related to MTG. 2019-02-06
30 AI Plans More AI strategy plans, and the integration of AI strategy into the Custom Game Rules menu. 2019-02-13
31 Man the Guns MEGA RECAP Recap of everything that has been announced. 2019-02-20
32 1.6 Patchlog Full 1.6 "Ironclad" patch log and Reddit AMA highlights. 2019-02-27
Patch 1.6 post release
No. Title and Link Description Date
33 MTG Post Release Small telemetry information and what's planned for the patch. 2019-03-06
34 1.6.1 Patch and Statistics Full 1.6.1 "Ironclad" patch log, info about the 1.6.2 beta and player statistics. 2019-03-13
35 1.6.2 Open Beta Patch 1.6.2 open beta patch content and AI naval screen statistics 2019-03-20
36 1.6.2 Update 1.6.2 Highlights and patchlog 2019-03-27
37 1.6.2 and Roadmap 1.6.2 release, future roadmap and announcement of 1.7 "Hydra" and 1.8 "Husky". 2019-04-03
Patch 1.7 (Hydra)
No. Title and Link Description Date
38 News from the Eastern Front Patch 1.7 'Hydra' bringing 64 bit, AI frontline & player frontline UI changes 2019-05-15
39 1.7 Update II - Technical boogaloo! Further news on 64 bit, naval combat balance, optimization 2019-05-22
40 1.7 Update and Radio & Armor Packs Overview of the 1.7 update and 2 new art and music DLCs to celebrate the 3 year anniversary release 2019-05-29
41 3 Year Anniversary! 1.7 'Hydra' release, 3 year anniversary, response to some Twitter questions 2019-06-05
42 Tech bugaloo II - Dragonslaying! 1.7.1 patch plans and overview of Out of Sync errors 2019-06-12
Patch 1.8 (Fork)
No. Title and Link Description Date
43 New Launcher for Hearts of Iron IV The new unified Paradox launcher to arrive on HoI4 2019-11-12
44 1.8 Patch (wut?!) & Focus Tree Navigation The launcher patch and some balance changes 2019-11-13

Waking the Tiger

All developer diaries about the Waking the Tiger expansion and patch 1.5 (aka Cornflakes).

Patch 1.5 (Cornflakes)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Future and Cornflakes Podcat shares the team's (non-exhaustive) list of features to act as a future development roadmap for HoI4 2017-08-23
2 Our development process Sofia "KimchiViking" Höglund, HoI4's project lead, explains the development cycle, from design to implementation. 2017-08-30
3 A Product Manager's Role "Firebolt", HoI4's product manager, on the intricacies of budgeting a game development. 2017-09-06
4 Chain of Command Podcat on spicing things up in the HoI4 chain of command as part of patch 1.5 2017-09-13
5 Stability and War Support Stability and War support to replace National unity in the next patch 2017-09-20
6 Division Namelists Pallidum, HoI4's game designer, inserting some flavor (and logic) to division names. 2017-09-27
7 Synthetic Dawn Refinements to synthetic refineries and inter-linking infrastructure with resources 2017-10-04
8 Bag of Tricks #1 Smaller improvements to the game: control groups, divisions consolidation, removal from faction, mini-map & pinging. 2017-10-11
9 A New Germany Revised focus tree for Germany as part of requested alternate history options 2017-10-18
10 Bag of Tricks #2 Another small features and improvements, this time with relation to equipment 2017-10-25
11 Airplanes and Lootboxes Further improvement of air related aspects 2017-11-01
12 Decisive Action Adding decisions, missions, crises and special projects to the game 2017-11-08
13 Nationalist China The 1st focus tree for China (the nationalist path) as well as the announcement of Waking the Tiger expansion. 2017-11-15
14 Communist China The 2nd focus tree for China (the communist path) along with an example of the new decision system in action. 2017-11-22
15 Leaders, abilities and Traits Revamped and expanded trait system and the mysterious "red phone" icon (aka command power). 2017-11-29
16 Acclimatization and Special Forces Troops are now affected by hot and cold climates, and new changes to special forces. 2017-12-06
17 Border Wars: The Last Warlord More detail on the Chinese warlords. 2017-12-13
18 Christmas & Modding Modding guide for the new decisions & missions system in patch 1.5. 2017-12-20
19 New German Divisional Namelist Further improvement of incoming German unit namelist. 2017-12-27
20 Japan rework A rework of the Japanese national focus tree. 2018-01-03
21 Bag of Tricks #3 3rd assortment of small improvements: attachés, extra ground crews, historical army insignias, and volunteer air wings. 2018-01-10
22 Manchukuo The last unrevealed focus tree for Waking the Tiger: "Manchukuo". 2018-01-17
23 War Changes and game Difficulty Changes to 3-way war handling and addition of 2 more difficulty settings. 2018-01-24
24 Sound, Music and Art for Tiger On the topic of the artistic additions to Waking the Tiger. 2018-01-31
25 Naval Updates Improvements of naval matters: losses and kills overview, convoys raiding, transports interception, and more. 2018-02-07
26 Formable Nations and Achievements New goals to strive for: formable nations and some 18 achievements. 2018-02-14
27 Performance and AI Performance and AI. 2018-02-21
28 Recap Episode What is coming in Waking the Tiger and the 1.5 Cornflakes. 2018-02-28
29 Pre-Release and International Women's Day Women's contribution during the second world war. 2018-03-07
Patch 1.5 post release
No. Title and Link Description Date
30 Post-Release patch Info about patch 1.5.1 2018-03-14
31 1.5.2 Update #1 Info about patch 1.5.2: German border changes, commander XP gain changes, multiplayer desyncs, and more. 2018-03-21
32 1.5.2 Update #2 and Modding Goodies Info about patch 1.5.2: Air Balance and Changes, Nukes and Surrender, Manchukuo, Modding and more. 2018-03-28
33 1.5.2 Update #3 and Telemetry An updated beta and multiplayer telemetry 2018-04-04
34 1.5.2, Future Roadmap and Ironclad The return of the bullet list and possible future development roadmap 2018-04-11

Death or Dishonor

All developer diaries about the Death or Dishonor country pack and patch 1.4 (aka Oak).

Patch 1.4 (Oak)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Reflections and Romania First look at new DLC content 2017-04-12
2 License production and map changes 1.4 Oak and the upcoming expansion will see map improvements and new ways of getting tech 2017-04-19
3 Announcement and AI Update #1 Announcement of new content pack coming with the free 1.4 Oak along with details on AI improvements 2017-04-26
4 Hungary Hungary changes coming up 2017-05-03
5 Equipment Conversion & War Update Repurposing old material and improvements to the war overview 2017-05-10
6 Air Improvements Air combat overhaul in 1.4 Oak 2017-05-17
7 Yugoslavia and Air Zones Yugoslavia unique flavor and more details on aerial combat overhaul in 1.4 Oak 2017-05-24
8 Czechoslovakia and AI Update #2 Let's have a look at Czechoslovakia and another AI update from Steelvolt 2017-05-31
9 Bits & Bobs New subject levels, achievements, music, assorted QoL features and AI Update #3. 2017-06-07
10 1.4 "Oak" Changelog sneak peek Patch 1.4, aka Oak, changelog. 2017-06-12
Patch 1.4 post release
No. Title and Link Description Date
11 Post-release chat Bugs, new and old, dealt with in the 1.4.1 beta patch. 2017-06-21
12 Meet some new people Beta patch status, preliminary gaming statistics post DoD and introduction of new team members 2017-06-28
13 We're back! New beta patch with additional fixes, more portraits for free and an interim solution to an old AI transport problem 2017-08-16

Together for Victory

All developer diaries about the Together for Victory country pack and patch 1.3 (aka Torch).

Patch 1.3 (Torch)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Future Focus Focus for 1.3 / upcoming expansion along with general plans for the expansions beyond 2016-09-23
2 The Team Presentation of the current HoI4 team lineup 2016-09-28
3 Memory Lane A look at how some concepts have changed over the HoI series, such as: supply, upgrades, reinforcement and more. 2016-10-05
4 Blitz Command and Garrison Orders Blitz Command coming in the next expansion, garrison orders in the free patch 2016-10-12
5 Oh Canada! Canada and the Commonwealth 2016-10-19
6 Ally Down Under Australia updated in Together for Victory 2016-10-26
7 South Africa and Continuous focuses South Africa and Continuous focuses 2016-11-02
8 Autonomy New levels for subject nations coming in Together for Victory 2016-11-09
9 India - Struggle for Independence A closer look at the changes coming for India in Together for Victory 2016-11-16
10 New Zealand & Combat Log New Zealand focus and tech trees as well as a combat log 2016-11-23
11 Together for Audio Music and Audio in Together for Victory 2016-11-30
12 Cosmetic tags, art, gameplay and AI One week to the release of Together for Victory! 2016-12-07
13 TFV AI Update #2 Part 2 of AI bugfixes and updates for TFV 2016-12-09
14 TFV AI Update #3 Part 3 of AI bugfixes and updates for TFV 2016-12-12
15 TFV AI Update #4 Part 4 of AI bugfixes and updates for TFV 2016-12-14
16 Achievements & Patchlog New Achievements and 1.3 changelog 2016-12-14
Patch 1.3 post release
No. Title and Link Description Date
17 XMAS & Hotfix out! It's time for holidays! Development diaries will be back again in 2017! 2016-12-21
18 Back from Christmas 1.3.2 hotfix patch soon in public beta 2017-01-11
19 Squanching them bugs Planned changes for 1.3.3 and general focus for the 1.4 Oak patch 2017-01-18
20 Getting started with modding Havebeard goes over modding requests and modding tips for beginners 2017-01-25
21 1.3.3 Modding Features More modding features coming 2017-02-01
22 Patch 1.3.3 Update #1 Changes done to industry, world tension and capitulation in the upcoming patch 2017-02-08
23 Patch 1.3.3 Update #2 Details on QoL improvements, AI update, performance and optimizations done in the coming patch 2017-02-15
24 1.3.3 Patch #3 The patch should now be ready for release 2017-02-22

Base game

All developer diaries about Hearts of Iron IV (base game), Patch 1.0, Patch 1.1 (aka Red Ball Express), and Patch 1.2 (aka Sunflower)

Patch 1.0
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Our Vision Design goals 2014-02-07
2 The Tools of War Equipment, production and research 2014-03-07
3 Bringing WWII to the mainstream Dogs! 2014-04-01
4 Land Doctrines Doctrine paths 2014-04-11
5 Production Lines How things get built 2014-05-09
6 Division Design Division planner, division template 2014-06-13
7 Air Combat Air war 2014-07-11
8 Experience and Variants Production 2014-08-08
9 Vacation and Air tech Air technology tree 2014-09-12
10 Naval Combat Naval gameplay 2014-10-10
11 Map & Graphics Visual aesthetics of the game 2014-11-07
12 Internal Politics Internal affairs of a country 2015-01-16
13 Conscription & Training Manpower, recruitment, training 2015-02-20
14 National Focuses National focuses 2015-03-20
15 On the high seas Naval battles 2015-04-11
16 World Tension World tension, war justifications 2015-05-08
17 Johan Invades Germany Barely a dev diary 2015-06-12
18 Army Planner Creating and deploying units 2015-06-26
19 Equipment How equipment works 2015-07-03
20 Soviet Union and Communism Soviet Union and Communism 2015-08-14
21 Land Combat Land combat mechanics 2015-08-21
22 Support Companies List of support companies 2015-08-28
23 Industrial Capacity How factories function 2015-09-04
24 Trade and Resources Overview of international trading 2015-09-11
25 Laws and Politics How to manage government 2015-09-18
26 The Navy Naval doctrines and naval technology 2015-09-25
27 Italy Italy's situation in the game 2015-10-02
28 Weather & Terrain How weather and terrain function 2015-10-09
29 Factions & Wargoals How factions and wargoals function 2015-10-16
30 France Overview of France 2015-10-23
31 Peace Conferences Ending wars 2015-10-30
32 The USA Overview of USA 2015-11-06
33 Supply The supply system and supply areas. 2015-11-13
34 Civil Wars Civil Wars and Coups. 2015-11-20
35 Germany Overview of Germany 2015-11-27
36 Helping out in other wars Helping out in other countries wars without directly getting involved 2015-12-04
37 Carrier Warfare How aircraft carriers work. 2015-12-11
38 Submarines How submarines work 2015-12-18
39 The Radio Radios, reinforce chance and radar stations. 2016-01-08
40 Changes to the game Completely revised factory slots mechanic, World Tension.. 2016-01-15
41 Order of Command OOC and Commander traits 2016-01-22
42 Japan Overview of Japan 2016-01-29
43 Diplomacy and other options Diplomacy, Factions, War Goals, ... also: HOI4 is now in BETA 2016-02-05
44 Occupation and Resistance Managing occupied territory 2016-02-12
45 Battle Plans How battle plans work 2016-02-19
46 United Kingdom Overview of UK 2016-02-26
47 China Overview of China 2016-03-04
48 Naval Invasions How naval invasions work 2016-03-11
49 Nukes! Atomic bomb - Research and requirements for production and use 2016-03-18
50 Generic Focus Trees Generic Focus trees and DDR mat support 2016-04-01
51 Sound & Music Music & Sound Design in Hearts of Iron IV 2016-04-08
52 Modding A look at the improved modding support in Hearts of Iron IV 2016-04-15
53 2D art Sideburnout talks about the 2D graphics of Hearts of Iron IV 2016-04-22
54 AI SteelVolt speaks of the topic no one wants to touch, but everyone wants to know about 2016-04-29
55 QA A closer look into the QA process when developing Hearts of Iron IV 2016-05-06
56 Bits & Pieces Mopping up a bunch of smaller topics not covered in other Development Diaries 2016-05-13
57 Poland: United and Ready About the free DLC shipped with all copies of Hearts of Iron IV 2016-05-20
58 Tutorial, Wiki & Browser A look at the tools we provide to help you learn how to play Hearts of Iron IV 2016-05-27
59 D-day A short, final message from Podcat before we release 2016-06-03
Patch 1.1 (Red Ball Express)
No. Title and Link Description Date
60 Release and Future Podcat shares his thoughts on the release, as well as discussing the near future patches 2016-06-10
61 Red Ball Express Tweaks to access to allied territory, peace conferences, invasions and naval bombers along with new battle plan modes upcoming in 'Red Ball Express' 2016-06-17
62 Summer Vacation The team is going on a well deserved summer vacation 2016-07-01
Patch 1.2 (Sunflower)
No. Title and Link Description Date
63 Back from Vacation AI changes and MP hotjoin in 1.2, aka 'Sunflower' 2016-08-05
64 Custom Difficulty Settings AI improvements and implantation of custom difficulty settings at game setup 2016-08-12
65 Sunflower (patch 1.2) Port Strikes and AI improvements to upgrading templates and naval missions coming in Sunflower 2016-08-19
66 New Releasable Nations A look at new releaseable nations and more of the AI improvements coming in Sunflower (patch 1.2) 2016-08-26
67 Sunflower Improvements Sunflower updates: GUI improvements, naval balance, focus trees 2016-09-02
68 Bugs and Stats Readying Sunflower for release and sharing some gameplay stats 2016-09-09
69 Sunflower is Live Patch 1.2 is out live, next patch is 1.3 aka "Torch" 2016-09-16


Developer video diaries and developer's let's play sessions on the various expansions.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Hearts of Iron 4 Live streams Earlier previews of Hearts of Iron IV by the devs mixed with Q&A 2014-08-18
2 Hearts of Iron 4 #1 - Grand Ambitions Johan Andersson, Dan Lind, Mats Virtanen, and Jakob Munthe discuss the design and ambitions of the fourth installment of the Hearts of Iron series. 2016-03-15
3 Hearts of Iron 4 #2 - Naval, Land and Air Power Johan Andersson, Dan Lind, Mats Virtanen, and Jakob Munthe discuss the different types of warfare and how they're used in Hearts of Iron IV. 2016-05-12
4 Hearts of Iron IV - Beginner Tutorial Jake (aka DDRJake) hammers HoI4 beginner tutorials in a soothing, calming voice 2016-05-30
5 Hearts of Iron 4 #3 - Politics and Coups Johan Andersson, Dan Lind, Mats Virtanen, and Jakob Munthe discuss on the political interactions in Hearts of Iron IV. 2016-06-01
6 PDX FanGathering 2016 A sneak MP peak at the new HoI4 Together for Victory expansion at the 2016 PDX FanGathering 2016-12-02
7 Together for Victory - Feature Spotlight Dan "Podcat" Lind speaks on the upcoming Together for Victory country pack and patch 1.3 2016-12-07
8 Death or Dishonor - Release Trailer Release trailer detailing the features of the Death or Dishonor DLC for Hearts of Iron 4. 2017-06-14
9 Tutorial #1 - Interface Overview An in-depth interface tutorial with Daniel "Da9L" Sjöberg and Christian Daflos (community manager). 2017-10-25
10 Tutorial #2 - Trade, Production, Division Templates The 2nd part of the tutorial this time covering trade, production, and division templates. With Daniel "Da9L" Sjöberg and Christian Daflos (community manager). 2017-11-01
12 Waking the Tiger #1 - China Dan "Podcat" Lind and Gabriel Blum with details on the expanded representation of the Chinese fronts. 2018-01-30
13 Waking the Tiger #2 - Germany & Decisions Dan "Podcat" Lind and Drikus Kuiper with details on alt-historic path in the German focus tree, the new decision system, as well as new mechanics around stability and war support. 2018-02-01
14 Waking the Tiger #3 - Chain of Command Dan "Podcat" Lind and Kandra Dahlgren with details on the new Chain of Command mechanic and commander traits, the new command power mechanic and division namelists/insignias. 2018-02-07
15 Hearts of Iron IV - Patch 1.5 "Cornflakes" Dan "Podcat" Lind expands on the free 1.5 patch (aka Cornflakes) accompanying the Waking the Tiger expansion. 2018-02-09
16 PDXCon 2018 - News From The Front Dan Lind, Game Director of Hearts of Iron IV, discusses the future of HOI and its upcoming update Man the Guns. 2018-05-20
Let's Plays
No. Title and Link Description Start date End date
1 World War Wednesday Daniel Sjöberg (replacing Jakob Munthe as Nazi Germany) faces off against Johan Andersson (as Jolly England) in the war of the century, testing out the ins and outs of Hearts of Iron IV 2015-12-02 2016-03-10
2 World War Wednesday - Pre-release Jake and Daniel showcasing single player campaigns and co-op nations 2016-03-17 2016-06-23
3 The Three Day War Multiplayer event of HoI4 where devs and youtubers vying for dominance 2016-06-14 2016-06-16
4 Together for Victory - Launch Dev MP Together for Victory feature stream by Dan and Daniel 2016-12-08 2016-12-14
5 Death or Dishonor Daniel "Da9L" Sjöberg and Dan "Podcat" Lind taking a sneak peak at the upcoming HoI4 Country Pack 2017-04-26 2017-06-15
6 Chain of Command Multiplayer event of HoI4 where devs and youtubers vying for dominance 2017-08-16