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For game editions, expansions, and flavor packs see Downloadable content.
HoI4's DLC Interface.

Downloadable content (DLC) is content built by Paradox Development Studio (PDS) as an extension or add-on to Hearts of Iron IV. They are modular in nature,[1] which means that a player can choose to play with or without a given DLC by checking them out at the launch menu.

The content described in this page is compromised of music and cosmetic DLCs which may serve to enhance the flavor of the game. Additionally, e-books are available for reading outside of the game. These DLCs do not affect gameplay in any form and are not shared in multiplayer games (as opposed to gameplay affecting content).

Music packs

Music packs add new music created after the game's release to the game's soundtrack.

Title and Quick description Release date
Pre-Order Pack
  • Pre-Order Pack
  • (Not available for purchase)
Released on 2016-06-06.
  • Allied Radio: Composed by Tobias Gustafsson.
    • Dance Your Troubles Away (3:39)
    • From Glen to Glen (3:13)
    • The Man on the British Countryside (3:10)
    • Winter Came Spring (3:03)
  • German March Order: Composed by Andreas Waldetoft.
    • Der Machtigste Konig im Luftrevier (3:40)
    • Panzerlied (3:12)
    • Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss (2:23)
  • Also includes the War Stories e-book pack.
Sabaton Soundtrack
  • Sabaton Soundtrack
Released on 2016-06-06.
Composed by Sabaton: Adds 5 World War II themed tracks by Sabaton that play during the game. (can't be used on LP videos due to 3rd party copyright)[2].
  • Hearts of Iron (4:28)
  • Primo Victoria (4:11)
  • Stalingrad (5:18)
  • Wolfpack (5:56)
  • Night Witches (3:01)
Sabaton Soundtrack Vol. 2
  • Sabaton Soundtrack Vol. 2
Released on 2017-01-26.
Composed by Sabaton: Adds 10 tracks illustrating moments of World War II with passion and power chords! (can't be used on LP videos due to 3rd party copyright)[2].
  • Ghost Division
  • Resist and Bite
  • Coat of Arms
  • Uprising
  • Screaming Eagles
  • 40:1
  • Panzerkampf
  • Smoking Snakes
  • To Hell and Back
  • The Last Battle
Radio Pack
  • Radio Pack
Released on 2019-06-04.

Adds 35 new songs spread across three faction specific radio channels, each with their own unique look and design:

  • Allies Radio Station
  • Axis Radio
  • Radio Comintern
Allied Speeches Pack
  • Allied Speeches Pack
Released on 2020-06-04.

Monumental and inspirational moments from history come alive in your campaign game. Set to activate when certain in-game conditions are met, the Allied Speech Pack brings you closer to the past.

  • 13 total speech excerpts with over 70 minutes of speech taken from the darkest days of the last century, including:
    • Winston Churchill - Their finest hour
    • Winston Churchill - We shall fight on beaches
    • Winston Churchill - Blood, toil, tears and sweat
    • Neville Chamberlain - Peace in our time
    • Neville Chamberlain - Declaration of War
    • Dwight D. Eisenhower - Order of the day
    • Douglas MacArthur - I have returned
    • Douglas MacArthur - Today the guns are silent
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt - A date which will live in infamy
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt - The Great Arsenal of Democracy
    • Harry S. Truman - Warning to Japan
    • Joseph Stalin - No invincible armies
    • Georgy Zhukov - Victory Parade
Eastern Front Music Pack
  • Eastern Front Music Pack
Released on 2021-06-03.
Ever since Spartans marched to war with pipers by their side, music has been an essential part of military order and morale. Fight the greatest armed struggle of the 20th century with 13 new song tracks for four nations battling on the Eastern Front.
  • 4 New Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Songs:
    • White Army, Black Baron
    • Volkhov Drinking Song
    • Dark is the Night
    • The National Anthem of the USSR.
  • 3 New Flag of Romania Romanian Songs:
    • Treceti Batalioane,
    • Pui de lei,
    • Drum Bun.
  • 4 New Flag of Germany German Songs:
    • Lili Marlene,
    • Die Wacht am Rhein,
    • Alte Kameraden,
    • Wir fahren gegen Engeland.
  • 2 New Flag of Poland Polish Songs:
    • Pierwsza Pancerna
    • My, Pierwsza Brygada.

Cosmetic packs

Cosmetic packs add graphical enhancements to the game, whether by additional unit models, landmarks or portraits.

Title and Quick description Release date
Colonel Edition Upgrade Pack
  • Colonel Edition Upgrade Pack
  • (Not available for purchase[3])
Released on 2016-06-06.
  • Heavy Cruiser Pack: Adds 7 heavy cruisers available for both Axis and Allies, including Exeter, Prinz Eugen and Mogami.
  • Tank Pack: Adds 40 tanks, ranging from light to super-heavy (8 units for each nation), for:
Anniversary Pack
  • Anniversary Pack
  • (A free DLC[4])
Released on 2017-06-06.
  • 20 new portrait selections for generals and leaders across nations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.
  • 20 new custom division icons.
  • New voiceovers for troops while playing as Flag of Poland Poland.
Axis Armor Pack
  • Axis Armor Pack
Released on 2019-06-04.
  • Axis Armor Units: Adds 53 armor models for Fascist fascist regimes:
    • Flag of Germany Germany: 19 models from a range of tank destroyers, self propelled artillery and self propelled anti-air vehicles, including the Stug III, the Wespe and the Elefant heavy tank destroyer.
    • Flag of Italy Italy: 12 models from a roster of Semovente tank destroyers and the always outmatched L6 tank highlight this list of Italian armor from the war.
    • Flag of Japan Japan: 22 models from a range of every armor type, with seven different Japanese tank designs like the experimental heavy O-I tank that never went into production and a number of tank destroyers.
  • Axis Tank Units: Adds 8 tank units to Flag of Germany Germany, including the King Tiger and the Maus super heavy tank.
Allied Armor Pack
  • Allied Armor Pack
Released on 2020-06-04.
  • Allied Armor Units: Adds a number of new armored and tracked vehicles for the Allies and Comintern powers:
    • Flag of France France: 8 units, including the Renault tank destroyer and the Canon de 194 self-propelled artillery.
    • Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union: 13 units, including the early AT-1 tank destroyer and five SU artillery variants.
    • Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom: 7 units, including the the Deacon tank destroyer, Canada’s Sexton self-propelled artillery and Crusader anti-air units.
    • Flag of United States United States: 17 units, including the celebrated M7 Priest and the prototype M9 heavy tank destroyer.
Eastern Front Planes Pack
  • Eastern Front Planes Pack
Released on 2021-06-03.

The Eastern Front Content Pack adds over 50 new aircraft models to fight it out in the skies over Eastern Europe.

  • Flag of Germany Germany: Adds 21 plane models; A fleet of Luftwaffe designs, including the feared Ju-87 Stuka, the ubiquitous He-111 medium bomber and three hypothetical carrier launched planes.
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary: Adds 5 plane models; The biplane WM-16 bomber and the experimental RMI-8-X/V fighter are now in game with three other designs.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: Adds 8 plane models; Including the highly advanced PZL.37 Łoś bomber, the prototype PZL.56 Kania fighter and PZL.46 Sum light bomber.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: Adds 4 plane models; The scrappy Romanian air force is represented by three IAR fighter designs and the IAR 37 light bomber.
  • Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union: Adds 12 plane models; A dozen planes from the Red Army Air Forces, including the “varnished coffin” LaGG-3 fighter, the celebrated Il-2 close air support plane, and the Tu-4 Cold War strategic bomber.
  • Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: Adds 4 plane models; The Yugoslav air force is represented by the Czech designed BH-33, the prototype R-313 fighter-bomber, and two more planes.


E-books [5] are books written based on the Hearts of Iron IV game. These, however, do not impact the actual game in any way whatsoever.

Title and Quick description Release date
War Stories
Released on 2016-05-16.

Written by Aaron Rosenberg: A branching narrative (gamebook) about a young British pilot during the Battle of Britain.

  • Be wise! The decisions you make will influence which skills you learn, your relationships with other characters and even the story’s outcome.
Art of War
  • Art of War
  • (Not available for purchase)
Released on 2016-06-06.
  • A 23-page book with art from the creation process of Hearts of Iron IV.

Pre-Order Bonuses for DLCs

  • Together for Victory: No Pre-order bonus
  • Death or Dishonor: No Pre-order bonus
  • Waking the Tiger: No Pre-order bonus
  • Man the Guns: A Wallpaper
  • La Resistance: In-game music track ("March of the Eagles")
  • Battle for the Bosporus: No Pre-order bonus
  • No Step Back: In-game music track ("Katyusha")

File names

List of DLC files in the /Hearts of Iron IV/dlc folder (bold names are expansions):

  • dlc001 – Historical German Portraits
  • dlc002 – Poland: United and Ready
  • dlc003 – Rocket Launcher Unit Pack
  • dlc004 – Famous Battleships Unit Pack
  • dlc005 – Heavy Cruisers Unit Pack
  • dlc006 – Soviet Tanks Unit Pack
  • dlc007 – German Tanks Unit Pack
  • dlc008 – French Tanks Unit Pack
  • dlc009 – British Tanks Unit Pack
  • dlc010 – US Tanks Unit Pack
  • dlc011 – German March Order Music Pack
  • dlc012 – Allied Radio Music Pack
  • dlc013 – Sabaton Soundtrack
  • dlc014 – Wallpaper
  • dlc016 – Art of War (e-book)
  • dlc018 – Together for Victory
  • dlc019 – Sabaton Soundtrack Vol.2
  • dlc020 – Death or Dishonor
  • dlc021 – Anniversary Pack
  • dlc022 – Waking the Tiger
  • dlc023 – Man the Guns
  • dlc025 - Axis armor pack
  • dlc026 - Radio pack
  • dlc027 - La Resistance preorder bonus
  • dlc028 – La Resistance
  • dlc029 - Allied armor pack
  • dlc030 - Allied speeches pack
  • dlc031 - Battle for the Bosporus
  • dlc032 - Eastern Fronts Planes Pack
  • dlc033 - Songs of the Eastern Front
  • dlc034 - No Step Back


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