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Guangxi Clique
Guangxi Clique.png

Government type:
Non-Aligned, Despotic

Neutral(1936), Chinese United Front(1939)

The Guangxi Clique is a Chinese warlord clique located in the southern part of China. It borders Flag of China China to the north of it, Flag of Yunnan Yunnan to the west and French Indochina to the south. The nation has access to large amounts of steel and tungsten as well as a modest amount of chromium and is an important strategic region for any Asian power due to this. Along with a core population of just over 50 Million and decent resources, the Guangxi clique is the strongest Chinese warlord state and is a strong contender for uniting all of China. Along with Flag of Shanxi Shanxi, Flag of Yunnan Yunnan, Flag of Xibei San Ma Xibei San Ma and Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang, it is one of the chinese warlords.

Historical background[edit]

After the founding of the Republic of Flag of China China, Guangxi served as the base for one of the most powerful warlord cliques of China: the Old Guangxi clique. Led by Lu Rongting (陆荣廷, 陸榮廷) and others, the clique was able to take control of neighboring Hunan and Guangdong provinces as well. The Old Guangxi clique crumbled in the early 1920s, and was replaced by the New Guangxi clique, led by Li Zongren, Huang Shaohong, and Bai Chongxi, which is the one represented in-game.

This new Clique would help the Kuomintang to launch their 1928 Northern Expedition against other Chinese warlords, which would end with Chiang Kai-Shek reunifying parts of China, creating the start of Flag of China China represented in-game. However, Chiang also started a great push to centralize the power and the army on him, which greatly displeased Li Zongren, as he was seen as the greatest rival to Chiang. This resulted in Guangxi forming a coalition with the warlords of Flag of Yunnan Yunnan, Flag of Shanxi Shanxi and the Beyiang Clique, leading to the Central Plains War. The warlord coalition was defeated, but Li Zongren remained in Guangdong. Another civil war would have likely broken out if it wasn't for the Japanese invasion. The Clique organized and rebuilt the province and contributed greatly to the Chinese War effort. After the war ended, the rivalry between Chiang Kai-Shek and Li Zongren resumed, but were forced to join forces to fight against Flag of Communist China Communist China. Li became President of the Flag of China Republic of China in 1949, however, losses to Flag of Communist China Communist China and power struggles within the Kuomintang resulted in Li Zongren renouncing the post and going into exile in the US in 1949, where he stayed until 1965, before once again returning to China. Due to his personal rivalry with Chiang, he didn’t go to Taiwan, unlike many others in the Kuomintang.


Army Technology Naval Technology Air Technology Electronics & Industry
  • Infantry Eq. I
Mass AssaultMass Assault


The Guangxi Clique has access to a large amount of Steel and Tungsten and holds the majority of resources in China.

Total resources 1936
0 0 70 0 64 16


The Guangxi Clique has a small Industrial base but this can easily be bolstered by other nations importing resources from it.

Factories 1936
Military factory
3 Military Factories
Naval dockyard
0 Naval Dockyard
Civilian factory
6 Civilian Factories


National spirits[edit]

Government Corruption icon
Government Corruption
  • Political Power Gain: -10%
  • Stability: -10.00%
Ineffective Bureaucracy icon
Ineffective Bureaucracy
  • Daily Political Power Gain: -0.25
The chaos of the civil war has disrupted the creation of an effective state apparatus. More than a third of available troops are not drafted, simply because no one knows they exist. Reforming the examination process will ensure that we hire competent people.

National focus[edit]

Warlords national focus tree.
Main article: Warlords national focus tree

Flag of Guangxi Clique Guangxi Clique shares a national focus tree with Flag of Xibei San Ma Xibei San Ma, Flag of Shanxi Shanxi, Flag of Yunnan Yunnan and Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang. It may inherit the Flag of china Nationalist or Flag of Communist China Communist Chinese focus trees if it displaces or destroys those nations.

The Warlord national focus tree can be divided into 2 branches and 3 sub-branches:

Secure Internal Politics Branch
This branch begins the political focuses for the Warlords.
Cooperation With the Nationalists sub-branch
This branch allows the Warlords to side with Flag of China Nationalist China. This will replace the current focus tree with the Chinese national focus tree.
Cooperation With the Communists sub-branch
This branch allows the Warlords to side with Flag of Communist China Communist China and be able to replace and annex them with Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Support. When replacing Flag of Communist China Communist China, The current focus tree will change into the Communist Chinese national focus tree and all Their national spirits will be yours.
Opposition sub-branch
This branch allows the Warlords to instigate Border Clashes with the other Chinas, side with the Japanese and then proclaim a rival government different to Flag of China Nationalist and Flag of Communist China Communist China
Industrial Investment Branch
This is the Industrial branch of the focus tree.


The nation starts with the following laws:

Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 35% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
  • -40% Fuel Gain per Oil
  • -25% Fuel Capacity
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • +5% Research speed
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed
  • +20% Civilian intelligence to others
  • +10% Navy intelligence to others

Ruling party[edit]

neutrality New Guangxi Clique (Non-Aligned)

Despotism is a form of government in which a single person rules with absolute power.


  • No Can’t impose its ideology on other countries
  • No Can’t puppet countries in a peace conference
  • Ideology drift defense: -30 %

World Tension limits[edit]

  • Generate war goal : 50 %
  • Join faction: 40 %
  • Lend-lease: 40 %
  • Send volunteers: 40 %
  • Guarantee: 40 %

Political parties[edit]

Political Party Ideology Popularity Party Leader Is Ruling? Country Name
New Guangxi Clique neutrality Non-Aligned 100% Li Zongren Yes Guangxi Clique
Democratic democracy Democratic 0% Generic No Guangxi Clique
Communist Party of China communism Communist 0% Generic No Guangxi Clique
Fascist fascism Fascist 0% Generic No Third Guangxi Clique

Political Parties with Waking the Tiger

Political Party Ideology Popularity Party Leader Is Ruling? Country Name
New Guangxi Clique neutrality Non-Aligned 100% Li Zongren Yes Guangxi Clique
Democratic democracy Democratic 0% Generic No Guangxi Independent Republic
Communist Party of China communism Communist 0% Generic No Socialist Republic of the Zhu Jiang
Fascist fascism Fascist 0% Generic No Third Guangxi Clique

Government staff[edit]

To be Added


9Infantry.pngInfantry Divisions 0Cavalry.pngCavalry Division 0Mountaineers.pngMountaineer Division 0Light tank.pngLight Tank Divisions

Total: 9 Divisions

Guanxi's Infantry Divisions have the standard Chinese Juntuan template of 4 Infantry companies.

Strategies and guides[edit]

Initial Setup

The Guangxi Clique starts off with the most resources in China, and a few nations usually trade for those resources at the beginning of the game. The player can use the extra civilian factories to more effectively construct more factories or forts than the other warlords. Going down the industrial tree is very beneficial early in the game as it gives a research slot, as well as a civilian and a military factory, at that stage of the game boosting Guangxi's industry significantly. As with smaller nations and China, generally produce only infantry equipment at the beginning, and then start a line of artillery for support artillery after making sure there is enough infantry equipment for the war. Construct forts along the northern border for land invasions and coastal forts to the south against the Japanese naval invasions, not to mention Guangzhou starts with coastal forts in both the 1936 and 1939 start dates.

Allying with the Nationalists

When allying with the Nationalists, as it is a good idea to first make sure the United Front forms, by forcing the Xi'an Incident (which cannot happen once Japan and China are at war). Once Japan invades, the player should help the AI defend the southern ports from Shanghai, and only sparingly send troops to the front lines. The troops of the front line should only be there to ensure the Japanese do not encircle half of the Nationalist army. After joining the republican government, the player should negotiate for support from the other warlords (aside from Sinkiang) as soon as enough political power and/or army experience is accumulated. This ensures that the other warlords will not be able to join the republican government and threaten the player's ambitions to annex China. Depending on the strategy, it is actually good for the player to let the Japanese take the northern provinces. First, since after forming China, the player inherits all the Nationalist negative traits, it is a good idea to let the AI get rid of the Army Corruption/Army Reform decisions before building support in provinces. Second, the Nationalists lose support from every state they do not own, so after the Nationalists lose the northern provinces they should have around <30 support points. Guangxi on the other hand, with the support of Yunnan, Xibei San Ma, and Shanxi, should have 20 support points. Now the player should focus on building support in two provinces that have the least support for the Nationalists, and once those two will support Li Zongren for the Premiership, it should be enough to take the Take National Leadership decision. Taking that decision will force the Nationalists to integrate their territory into Guangxi, and the player will inherit control of the Nationalists' army, air force, and navy (if navy exists of course). After that, it will be a classic China game.

Border Conflicts

The Guangxi Clique can also very effectively use Border Conflicts to seize territory from western warlords starting with Yunnan and Nationalist states while the Nationalists are busy. One strategy is to focus on the west to keep the Nationalists between Guangxi and the Japanese, but the Japanese also come down the coast so using Border Conflicts to occupy the southeast coast helps protect the core Guangxi territories.

When making border conflicts, it is best to use divisions of 7 Infantry and 2 Artillery, as this will max out your combat width while providing overwhelming firepower. If you plan to drive Northeast, perform border conflicts with the Nationalists first. For the best results attack when the Nationalists are busy or about to go to war with Japan to gain land quickly. It is easier to attack Yunnan when the Guangxi Clique completely is bordering them in all Chinese provinces as they will always station divisions along the border.

If China capitulates, start a border conflict with any other warlords that border your clique, justify on Tibet if world tension is high enough to open a border with Sinkiang, there should already be a border with Xibei San Ma. Start a border clash with Sinkiang using the divisions listed above when Tibet is conquered. If the world tension is not high enough, start border conflict Xibei San Ma using the divisions listed above, start a border conflict with Sinkiang and take control of take all of their provinces. This process takes a long time, during this go down all possible focuses before Establish Rival Government, as some bonuses can only be gained through the base focus tree for Chinese Warlords.

If China does not capitulate or Japan does not go to war with China, continue border conflicts through China until most of it is owned by the Guangxi Clique. Begin conflicts with other warlords, completely conquer Xibei San Ma and Sinkiang first, Shanxi and Communist China are significantly harder due to the terrain and number of divisions. When Guangxi borders Shanxi and Communist China on both sides, begin a border conflict with Shanxi first, do this until all of Shanxi's states are held by Guangxi, start a final border conflict with Communist China, at this point it should not take long for them to fall, as Guangxi should control most or all of China, excluding Mengkukuo and Manchukuo. This is a lengthy process, while doing this, complete all focuses possible before Establish Rival Government as some bonuses are only achievable through the base focus tree for Chinese Warlords.

When either of the above are completed build up the army, navy and air-force, due to control of a large amount of land this will make it far easier to produce equipment, boats and submarines, bombers and fighters. Move through the focus tree as normal. Conquer Japan, make them a puppet or annex Japan, annex Mengkukuo and Manchukuo, their land should be core states. This then leaves the Guangxi Clique with several choices; go to war the neighboring Soviet Union and Mongolia, go to war with the neighboring British Raj/Free France (supposing that France has capitulated) or go to war with another nation, this could be Oman, to gain a stronghold in the Middle East or Mexico, to then go through the Americas. Neither of this should be that difficult as Guangxi now has control over most of China and Japan, when going to war with the USA, beware as they may join the Allies.

The Guangxi Clique should now dominate China and be the major power in Asia, with almost unlimited manpower and a large number of provinces to expand to, a world conquest is now within the realm of possibility.


Battlecry icon
As a warlord, conquer all of China and Japan.

Make a Man Out Of You icon
Make a Man Out Of You
As a Warlord, have at least 1,000,000 manpower queued up for deployment.

Panda-monium icon
As a warlord, be at war with all Chinese nations simultaneously.

Sun Tzu Reborn icon
Sun Tzu Reborn
As any Chinese nation, have a level 9 field marshal.