HOI4 ULTRA (Historical Industry Project)

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Game modification: HOI4 ULTRA (Historical Industry Project)
HOI4 ULTRA (Historical Industry Project)

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Major Overhaul

v0.8.4.3 beta for HOI4 1.9.3

Steam workshop


HOI4 ULTRA is a project which aims to implement historical industry into Heart of Iron. It implements major industrial balance changes, including a historial repatriation of industry using secondary sources such as The Wages of Destruction from Adam Tooze and The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers by Paul Kennedy among others. Over time, it has evolved into a more ambitious project - implementing dedicated unique tank trees, overhauls the combat system and also adding a limited amount of new battalions - such as Light Infantry Divisions and Militia.


  • Realistic repartriation of industry - revolving around historical figures rather than Vanilla's "playbility" design decision. This was done by translating the concept of "war potential" for each 1936 country and translating into ingame industry (civilian, military and dockyard). This results in the major powes having more than 90% of the world's IC with the gap between the last major power (Italy) and the first (the USA) being more than 1 to 10. Each vanilla IC is equivalent to 2 in the mod to have a more accurate repartition.
  • Realistic resource deposits and production - with coal, iron and bauxite being introduced. Resources are less expensive to now trade for (resulting in less overpowered minors and majors having to trade half than industry away).
  • Historical growth rate (now made to a more historical growth rate of under 10% per year from 1936) rather than keeping heavy industrial snowballing.
  • Rebalanced combat width system (from 80 to 96 base width) and a revamped division designer (10 max support, 15 max line battalions) to encourage more historical divisions.
  • New events/decisions/focuses/ideas including surrender event chains for every major.
  • Research and equipment balance
  • Integration of the naval overhaul "Naval Rework" mod
  • National-unique tanks from the mod "World Ablaze"
  • Integration of some QoL mods