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Possible if
Playing as Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
Achieved if

Every state in the world is either:

This Achievement requires Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia to control all neighboring nations' cores except Istanbul.


Go for Abolish the Monarchy focus and turn Communist As soon as possible. After turning Communist, justify war against Flag of Austria Austria (it may be possible to take it before Germany) and then Flag of Greece Greece. Flag of Romania Romania will protect them which will give an option to annex Flag of Romania Romania. Do not join Comintern before staring war with Flag of Greece Greece as the allies may guarantee them. Join Comintern only by focus. doing it directly will block you from progressing with the focus tree. Declare war and defeat Flag of Austria Austria, Flag of Greece Greece then Flag of Romania Romania. If the Rome Protocols are formed, it is possible to take Flag of Hungary Hungary as well. Justify War against Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria when at war with Axis, they will join them as soon as you declare war. Push and control all required states. Annex them if peace deal happens.