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Government type:
Democratic, Conservative


Luxembourg is one of the minor nations in HOI4. Starting off with only one province, it is the tiniest nation in the game. It has very little in terms of resources, manpower or industrial power.


Luxembourg is of little concern to the great powers. Its position between Flag of France France, Flag of Belgium Belgium and Flag of Germany Germany means that it is part of the slightly more important Benelux Region. It has very little significance in the greater schemes of the great powers, and thus usually ends up as a footnote in history. Should a war break out between Germany and France, Luxembourg probably will be invaded because, like Belgium, it allows bypassing the heavily fortified French-German border. It's unlikely it would offer any major resistance.


In line with the Netherlands, their senior personal union partner at the time, Luxembourg became a democracy in the 1840s. This remains the case in 1936.

National Spirits[edit]

Luxembourg does not have any national spirits.


Being a democratic country, Luxembourg has a positive relationship with other Democratic countries (+10 to +20) and a slight negative relationship with everyone else (-10). It lacks colonies of any kind and does not hold any puppets at the start.

Luxembourg does not have claims or cores on foreign soil.


Luxembourg starts 1936 as a democracy with elections every four years, the next being in June 1937. The ruling party is the Rietspartei led by Joseph Bech.

Political Parties[edit]

Luxembourg has the following political parties:

Political Party Ideology Popularity Party Leader Country Name Is Ruling?
Rietspartei (Right-Wing Party) democracy Democratic 92% Joseph Bech Luxembourg Yes
Kommunistesch Partei Lëtzebuerg (KPL) (Communist Party Luxembourg) communism Communist 5% No leader Rosa Luxembourg no
Onofhangeg Nationalpartei (PNI) (Independent National Party) fascism Fascist 3% No leader Luxembourg no
Non-Aligned neutrality Non-Aligned 0% No leader Royalist Luxembourg no

Political Advisors[edit]

Luxembourg can choose from the following Political Advisors:

Advisor Type Effect Cost
Paul Medinger Communist Revolutionary Daily Communism Support: +0.1% 150 pp
Damian Kratzenberg Fascist Demagogue Daily Fascism Support: +0.1% 150 pp
Pierre Dupong Silent Workhorse Political Power Gain: +15% 150 pp
Pierre Krier Captain of Industry
  • Civilian Factory Construction Speed: +10%
  • Infrastructure Construction Speed: +10%
  • Refinery Construction Speed: +10%
150 pp
René Blum Democratic Reformer Daily Democracy Support: +0.1% 150 pp
Martin Karp War Industrialist
  • Military Factory Construction Speed: +10%,
  • Naval Dockyard Construction Speed: +10%,
  • Fuel Silo Construction Speed: +10%
150 pp


Luxembourg starts out with little industrial capacity and no room for expansion. It also has access to a small amount of SteelSteel.


Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 35% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
  • -40% Fuel Gain per Oil
  • -25% Fuel Capacity
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • +5% Research speed
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed
  • +20% Civilian intelligence to others
  • +10% Navy intelligence to others


Factories 1936
Military factory1 Military Factory Naval dockyard0 Naval Dockyards Civilian factory2 Civilian Factories


Total resources 1936
Oil.pngOil Aluminum.pngAluminium Rubber.pngRubber Tungsten.pngTungsten Steel.pngSteel Chromium.pngChromium
0 0 0 0 8 0

These numbers represent the available resources, depending on trade law a certain amount may be traded away.


Luxembourg has, contrary to other countries in Europe and North America, only 2 research slots.

Latest Technologies Researched 1936
Army Technology Naval Technology Air Technology Electronics & Industry Doctrines
  • Weapons I
  • Engineer Company I
  • Towed Artillery

None Researched

  • Interwar Fighter

None Researched

None Researched

National focus[edit]

Generic national focus tree.
Main article: Generic national focus tree

Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg, lacking a unique national focus tree, uses the generic national focus tree instead.

The generic focus tree has 5 main branches:

  • Army Effort gives army experience and research bonuses to army research.
  • Aviation Effort gives air experience, builds air bases, and research bonuses to air research.
  • Naval Effort gives navy experience, builds naval dockyards, and research bonuses to navy research.
  • Industrial Effort builds civilian and military factories (usually even if building slots are already full)and grants extra research slots.
  • Political Effort gives the country choices on which political path they will take.


Luxembourg is completely pacified in 1936 and has no military at all.


No No divisions


No No ships

Air Force[edit]

No No planes

Strategies and Guides[edit]

There is little hope for Luxembourg to survive in the face of her powerful neighbors: the German Reich, in particular, almost always use a focus to declare war on the BeNeLux to go around the Maginot line. Nevertheless, Luxembourg can greatly extend her existence by constructing land forts on its only province since day one. These forts, protected from being encircled and cut off from the capital, will end up more useful than the entire Maginot Line. Entrench as deep as possible, add a few artillery batallions, expand your army to no more than wide enough for the entire border (240), and try to cause as much casualties to your enemies as possible.

Another strategy for Luxembourg and her hope for survival is to become fascist and join the axis. When Germany invades France or Belgium, Luxembourg (as an ally of Germany) can send in what little troops she has, and can attempt to assist enough in order to gain enough war experience, and potentially take some counties in Belgium, maybe even in France as well. From there, it gets a little easier, as with more land come more factories, which will help her industry. Don't bother with naval, or even aerial research for that matter, as in the early stages it isn't that necessary, however, a good boost to the army would be paratroopers, researching paratroopers will make it easier to annex the Netherlands, and Belgium if the German Reich hasn't attacked yet. Even if an initial attack fails on Belgium and Holland, if Luxembourg is an ally of Germany, she can call the Germans in to assist and win the war.