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Man the Guns icon.png Man the Guns

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Release date / Patch
TBD / 1.6

Store: Expansion
Paradox / Steam
Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns expansion reveal teaser trailer.

Man the Guns is the 4th expansion for Hearts of Iron IV. It was announced on 2018-05-19[1]. The expansion coincides with patch 1.6.

Expansion features[edit]

  • Greater depth to the naval side of the war, including:
    • The ability to design your warships in more detail.
    • Add armor or heavier guns through a modular design.
    • Refit older ships so that they are more in line with the latest technology.
    • Mine Warfare.
    • Different types of naval terrain, that can modify naval combat in different regions.
    • Added traits to admirals.
    • Critical hits on ships mean that they are very damaged in certain places and gain specific combat penalties until fully repaired.
    • Player can now request Port access to move your ships in foreign ports.
    • Water territiorries can be marked as dangerous to reroute shipping.
    • Changes to industrial parts of Navies.
      • Repairing ships now require dockyards.
      • Building bigger ships will be done with less dockyards
  • New options for the democratic nations, including:
    • New paths for the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Mexico.
    • Explore alternate histories or fully mobilise the arsenal of democracy.
    • Host exiled governments
  • to be added.

Free features[edit]

  • Fuel - a new resource that mechanical units consume.
  • Many new tags added and with them also changes to the map - more States in places like west Africa, and more accurate States like East Bengal/Bangladesh

Developer diaries[edit]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Man the Guns expansion and patch 1.6 (aka Ironclad).

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Man the Guns and PdxCon General goals for the future expansion and patch 2018-05-23
2 Fuel Information on fuel and new hotfix. 2018-06-27
3 God Save The King: British Focus Tree Rework Reworked British focus tree, allowing for alternate-history paths. 2018-07-04
4 A Post-Colonial World:Map Changes and New Tags Sweeping changes to the map along with the addition of more releasable tags. 2018-07-11
5 Custom Gameplay Rules New Custom Gameplay Rules allowing the player to steer the game in the direction they want. 2018-08-01
6 MTG - Bag of Tricks Smaller improvements to the game such as assuming leadership of a faction, manual focus cancellation, and naval and air exercises. 2018-08-08
7 Naval Access Improvements to the naval theater of HOI4 including marking dangerous seazones and asking for naval access to ports. 2018-08-15
8 Mines and Minesweeping Naval Mines added to the game along with minesweeping. 2018-08-22
9 USA focus tree rework Reworked USA focus tree, allowing for alternate-history paths. 2018-08-29
10 Modding and Traits Added trait system for admirals as well as more features for modders. 2018-09-05
11 Naval Production, Repair and Damage Extensive changes to the naval theater with reworks of ship production, repair and damage. 2018-09-12
12 Exiled Government Extend possibilities for exiled governments and more information about the British focus tree overhaul. 2018-09-19
13 Je Maintiendrai Announcement of and information about the new Dutch focus tree. 2018-09-26
14 Amphibious Vehicles and Research New Amphibious Tractors and Amphibious Tank. 2018-10-03
15 Naval Terrain Overview of new terrain types for seas. 2018-10-10
16 Naval changes #1 Overview of the different changes to naval warfare. 2018-10-17
17 Mexico focus tree Announcement of and information about the new Mexican focus tree. 2018-10-24
18 Bag of Tricks 2 Expeditionary Force Requests, Supervised States & On-map decisions. 2018-10-31
19 Ship Designer Overview on modifications on the ship designer system. 2018-11-07
20 Naval Treaties and Ship Refits Naval treaties effects on ship designing and refitting of obsolete ships 2018-11-14
21 Naval Rework #1 New mission types and changes to the naval interface 2018-11-21
22 Bag of Tricks #3 Dutch & British focus changes, ideology drift tweaks, map changes in Africa and the Balkans region. 2018-11-28
23 New Naval Combat Rework of naval combat to be more informative and less decisive 2018-12-06
24 Subs and Convoy Raiding Improvements to submarine convoy raiding 2018-12-12
25 Fuel Review and Motorized Artillery Changes to the fuel implementation and the addition of motorized artillery units 2019-01-09
26 Tech Changes Changes to the tech research system and the addition of new naval techs. 2019-01-16


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