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Government Type:
Fascist, Rexist


Manchukuo is a minor nation in northern Asia and a puppet of Flag of Japan Japan. Manchukuo starts with negligible industry and limited resources but has a respectable population of 35.35 million in both start dates.

Historical background[edit]

The Empire of Manchukuo, or The State of Manchuria, was a subject of the Japanese Empire from 1932-1945. It was established as a Japanese puppet state after the Japanese invasion of Manchuria following the Mukden Incident with the former Chinese Qing emperor Puyi (also called Xuantong or the Xuantong Emperor) established as its leader, reigning as the Kangde Emperor. Although de jure independent, Manchukuo was considered by most to be a Japanese puppet state throughout its existence. Manchukuo was dissolved after Japan's capitulation in World War II, alongside all other Japanese puppet states.



Manchukuo has researched:

  • 1918 Basic Infantry Equipment
  • 1934 Artillery


Manchukuo has researched:

  • 1918 Basic Equipment
  • 1934 Artillery
  • Grand Battle Plan
  • Battlefleet Concentration
  • 1936 Radio Detection
  • 1936 Mechanical Computing
  • 1939 Advanced Machine Tools
  • 1937 Dispersed Industry 2
  • 1937 Construction 2
  • 1936 Oil Plant

National focus[edit]

Manchu national focus tree.
Main article: Manchu national focus tree

Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo gets a national focus with the Waking the TigerWaking the Tiger expansion. Its "Invite Foreign Investors" branch is shared with Flag of China China, Flag of Communist China Communist China and the Chinese Warlords if they change their focus tree.

The Manchu national focus tree can be divided into 2 branches. Their unique branch contains 2 sub-branches:

Pacify the Countryside Branch
This is the beginning of Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo's Unique branch.
Obedience Sub-branch
This sub-branch allows Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo to stay obedient to the Flag of Japan Japanese and may become independent without going to war with Flag of Japan Japan.
Assertiveness Sub-branch
This sub-branch allows Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo to declare war against Flag of Japan Japan for independence, reclaim the Mandate of Heaven and reform the Qing Empire.
Invite Foreign Investors Branch
This Branch allows Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo to ask Major Countries for industrial support.


National Spirit[edit]

Banditry icon
  • Stability: -10%
  • War Support: -10%
We are engaged in low-intensity warfare with partisans, defectors and republican terrorists. We should focus on pacifying the countryside in order to hunt these bandits down.
Kwantung Veto icon
Kwantung Veto
  • Political Advisor Cost: +25%
  • Trade Laws cost: +25%
  • Mobilization Laws cost: +25%
  • Economy cost: +25%
After the 1905 seizure of Dalian from Russia, the Kwantung (Kantō in Japanese) garrison placed there became politicized, with expansionist generals taking the initiative in seizing more land for Japan. This culminated in the Mukden Incident in 1932, when the Empire of Manchukuo was carved out of the petty warlords of the north-east. The Kwantung Army continues to dominate the area and places the interests of their generals above the needs of Manchukuo. We will only resolve this by getting the Japanese army to recognize us as equals, or by throwing them out by force.
Low Legitimacy icon
Low Legitimacy
  • Stability: -50%
  • War Support: -50%
Emperor Puyi is the legitimate descendent of the Qing emperors who ruled China for three hundred years. The Xinhai Revolution which deposed him in 1911 was very popular, as the late Qing government was powerless against both the foreigners stealing Chinese land and the regional governors establishing themselves as warlords. Emperor Puyi's installation as Emperor of Manchukuo is not yet accepted by the Manchurian populace, let alone the rest of China. We will have to establish the Emperor's independence from Japan to rally the nation under him.


During the 1936 and the 1939 start dates, Manchukuo is a puppet of Japan. With Together for Victory enabled, it is an integrated puppet, and with Death or Dishonor enabled, it is a Reichskommissariat. With Waking the Tiger enabled, it is an Imperial Protectorate.

Other than Japan, only Flag of Mengkukuo Mengkukuo, another puppet of Japan, neighbors and is allied with Manchukuo.

Political Parties[edit]

Political Party Ideology Popularity Party Leader Is Ruling? Country Name
Manzhōuguó Xiéhehuì Fascism Fascist 80% Aisin Gioro Puyi Yes Manchukuo
Neutral Neutrality Non-Aligned 20% Undefined Leader No Qing China
Democratic Democracy Democratic 0% Undefined Leader No Qing China
Communist Communism Communist 0% Undefined Leader No Qing China


Manchukuo starts in both 1936 and 1939 as fascist and with Aisin Gioro Puyi as its leader. Because it is fascist, elections are not held.


Manchukuo starts with following laws in both 1936 and 1939:

Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 35% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • –5% Research time
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed


Factories 1936
Military factory
1 Military Factory
Naval dockyard
0 Naval Dockyards
Civilian factory
1 Civilian Factory
Factories 1939
Military factory
2 Military Factories
Naval dockyard
3 Naval Dockyards
Civilian factory
1 Civilian Factory

Manchukuo has a weak industry in both scenarios, and players should prioritize building up both types of factories, since both Integrated Puppets and Reichskommisariats have to provide a percentage of their factories to their overlords, as well as providing Civilian Goods like any other country. Players may not need to build their navy as their overlord Japan (especially if it's being controlled by a player) already starts with a powerful one.


Manchukuo's only natural resources are steel and aluminium, and there is not a whole lot of either resource available, at only 38 and 10 units respectively. That is enough to support production of Basic Infantry Equipment and Infantry Equipment I, as well as some Support Equipment and planes, but anything else will require foreign trade to be effective. Japan will also usually trade for large amounts of steel and especially aluminium, which they themselves have a shortage of, while only providing minimum Civilian Factories since Manchukuo is an Integrated Puppet/Reichskommisariat. This does, however, mean that the Manchukuo WILL get at least one civilian factory from its exports.

Oil Rubber Steel Aluminium Tungsten Chromium
0 0 38 10 0 0


Manchukuo starts with a very small military in Asia and will have to rely on Japan for their war against China unless the player is able to rapidly industrialize Manchukuo and build up a sizable military force.


Manchukuo starts in 1936 and 1939 with 4 cavalry and 5 infantry divisions.


In both 1936 and 1939 start dates, Manchukuo does not have a navy.

Air Force[edit]

In both 1936 and 1939 start dates, Manchukuo does not have an Air Force.

Strategies and Guides[edit]

With Waking the Tiger

Manchukuo starts off as an Integrated Puppet/Imperial Protectorate but can become an Imperial Associate quite soon. If the player chooses the "Assertiveness branch" of the focus tree, Manchukuo can become an Imperial Subject, one step from being independent. Going for this focus and acquiring control over the railroads allows the player to, by decision, get a number of free civilian factories.

When Japan attacks China, abstain from getting involved in the war. Due to low stability and low war support, Manchukuo will get nasty events such as strikes and draft dodging. Focus instead on building up your economy.

Your industry will be very limited, so focus on building infantry equipment. Shifting economic law to free market may make sense due to limited means of production and quite decent steel reserves.

The foreign investors branch can initially be skipped apart from the first focus that gives factories.

Miscellaneous tips[edit]

  • Be very careful about the border with China as a sufficient push from there can easily overwhelm the player without proper assistance from Japan. China's enormous manpower pool ensures, that should the player's military be sizable and well-equipped, China can simply just outlast the player in a war of attrition.
  • China set aside, your next biggest threat is the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union, as they have a National Focus that allows them to go to war with Japan and, knowing AI typical behavior, any Japanese puppet states are almost guaranteed to get dragged in to this conflict and the Soviet Union is infamous for fielding large amounts on units. If Japan hasn't defeated all of its other enemies by this point, both of you will be in serious trouble.
    • To increase the chances of survival, Manchukuo should invest time and resources into fortifying its borders (Both Soviet and Chinese borders). Land forts combined with Anti-air emplacements. In order to maximize efficiency you should build in layers. Queue up level 1 forts in every border province and once those forts are completed, queue up upgrades to level 2 for every fort. Do not queue up a batch of level 10 right away as this makes each individual fort very time-consuming to build and slows down the build project. Once you have build up forts, start constructing Anti-Air emplacements in every state. Forts will be of no use if the Soviets can dismantle them with an endless barrage of bombers.
  • Manchukuo starts off very weak economically, and it is required that Manchukuo focuses on Industry and Electronic research early on alongside the associated National Focuses.


Hail to the Qing icon
Hail to the Qing
As Manchukuo, restore the Qing dynasty.
The Dragon Swallowed the Sun icon
The Dragon Swallowed the Sun
As Manchukuo, Break free from Japan and annex your former Overlord without being in a faction.
The Good, the Bad and the Weird icon
The Good, the Bad and the Weird
As Manchukuo, have max level infrastructure in every owned state and generate at least 15 units of oil.