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A country's manpower tooltip shows a breakdown of its free and used manpower by branch as well as the current global recruitment ratio

ManpowerManpower encompasses the number of people serving in the different branches of military and the number of people available for service. As all military units need manpower, it is critical to manage its availability. The free manpower for the player's country is shown at the top left of the screen. The tooltip when mousing over the number shows a more detailed breakdown.

Free manpower[edit]

See also: Population

Free manpower is available for training/deploying new units, like divisions, air wings, and ships, and for reinforcements. It is usually the sum of recruitable populations in all states the country controls, but a country can also store free manpower off-map if necessary.

It can be increased in multiple ways:

  • Extracting more manpower from already controlled states.
    • Enacting new conscription laws or otherwise increasing the recruitable population ratio (e.g. through certain national focuses). This usually provides the bulk of free manpower increase but needs to be planned in advance because it takes time to mobilize the recruits.
    • Some focuses and decisions (e.g. USA's decision to grant statehood to Alaska) allow changing states into cores, removing the non-core penalty from their recruitable population ratio.
    • A Prince of Terror political adviser changes the recruitable population penalty in non-core states from -98% to -96%.
    • Picking gentler occupation policies increases recruitable population in occupied non-core states. Annexing a state in a peace conference removes the occupation penalty entirely.
  • Monthly population growth in states passively contributes a small amount of recruitable population each month
  • Taking control of additional states, especially if they are cores.
  • Some events and focuses grant flat amounts of manpower.
  • Less important units can be disbanded, deleted, or reduced in size to gain back some free manpower instantly.

Manpower gained through one of the last two options will be stored in controlled states or off-map if all states are at capacity.

Recruitable manpower in states can be lost if they are captured by the enemy.

Used manpower[edit]

The used manpower is split into the three branches of military.


The army manpower includes all divisions of the country. The army manpower in the field, used as a condition in some focuses, includes all divisions that have been deployed and have not been sent as volunteers. Army manpower in training includes all divisions that have not yet been deployed. The amount of manpower that can be used for training new divisions is restricted to 75% of the manpower in the field or 100000, whichever is higher. Divisions can start training partially while just a fraction of the required manpower is available.

Manpower is needed for every battalion or support company in your land units. For example:

  • Infantry battalions need 1000 manpower to be full strength.
  • Engineer support companies need 300 manpower to be full strength.

The division designer shows the total manpower required by a division template.

Air force and navy[edit]

For the air force and navy, the total service manpower of their units is shown in the manpower tooltip respectively. Ships and air wings can only be deployed if the required service manpower is available.

For example:

  • Destroyers 1s (1922) require 250 naval service manpower
  • Carriers 3s (1940) require 5.5K naval service manpower
  • Air wings with tactical bombers require 40 air wing service manpower for each plane
  • Air wings with fighters require 20 air wing service manpower for each plane

Total manpower[edit]

This is the sum of the country's off-map free manpower and all controlled states' recruitable population caps, additionally itemized by core and non-core states. It has no practical purpose for the game and importantly is not the sum of any of the other manpower numbers.


Division manpower reinforcement.jpg

Manpower can be lost as casualties of war. When damage taken by units during accidents or combat results in casualties, they are instantly removed from the units manpower pool, which may reduce the units combat effectiveness. If a division gets overrun or disbanded/destroyed in an encirclement, 20% of its remaining manpower gets returned, the rest is lost.

Divisions that lack full manpower request reinforcements from the free manpower pool as long as they have a supply line back to the capital. Reinforcements arrive in increments of 10% of the division's full manpower. Ships can replenish lost crew at a rate of 5% daily.

Exercising divisions, air wings, or task forces does not cause casualties, nor does any kind of attrition on divisions.

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