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Operatives can perform various missions on the map. The strength and impact of a mission generally depends on the size and strength of a network (more on those below).

Counter intelligence

Counter intelligence is the default mission of an agent not doing anything else. This boosts the Counter Intelligence value for your nation and helps counter enemy spies. There is a chance of killing or capturing enemy spies. Capturing spies yields a one-off and temporal bonus to intelligence.

Build network

The Operative will build a network of contacts in an area. Several operatives can help out either to expand the reach of the network or to build it faster. Networks have various passive effects:

  • Reduction of naval invasion penalty
  • Countering enemy dig in or planning bonus
  • Faster division planning when entering a network (based on the first enemy state on the path)
  • Improve intel advantage in combat locally (25%) (based on the intel ledger’s intel rework)
  • Gives static intel on the nation based on nation level strength. You will only get naval intel if the network encompasses ports, rest are even.

Networks target cities (VPs of particular size) and spread over an area. They can link up multiple operative's networks into larger ones.

Networks are very important to both your missions and operations. All operations require you to have a network of varying strength in the target country. Note that while most operations only require a certain amount of strength in one part of the target country, mission efficiency is affected by the network's coverage of the entire country. This means that you will have to devote several agents if you wish to perform missions in large countries.

Quiet network

If you do not plan to make use a network right away you can place it in quiet mode. It will no longer give effects, but the risk of that any of your operatives are caught is now very tiny while still maintaining it. Perfect if you have prepared a large network for a future invasion, for example.

Boost ideology

This replaces the old diplomatic action as now your operatives will be able to affect the ideology of a target nation


This mission is used to reduce a target nation's stability and war support. You can reduce stability and war support by up to 20%.

Root out resistance

Lowers resistance target in affected states.

Control trade

Influence trade opinion by boosting yours and reducing enemies to give you a bigger piece of the resources up for trade. If multiple nations are involved they cancel each other out, but it still limits 3rd parties.

Diplomatic pressure

Makes the nation pressured to be more accepting of your diplomacy while at the same making it harder for other nations to do diplomacy with the pressured nation. Affects invites to factions and non-aggression pacts. You can add up to 20 positive diplomatic pressure points, which at the same time count as 20 negative diplomatic pressure points for other nations. Also lowers the World Tension requirement by up to 20% when trying to invite to a faction.

If multiple nation’s Operatives are involved they cancel each other out, but it still limits 3rd parties. This can be used if you are competing with AI nations over where you want someone to join, as well as in multiplayer.