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Government type:
Communist, Marxist


Mongolia is a minor country in Asia, it borders Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union, Flag of Tannu Tuva Tannu Tuva, Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang, Flag of Xibei San Ma Xibei San Ma, Flag of Shanxi Shanxi, Flag of Mengkukuo Mengkukuo, and Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo. It has mountains in the North & West, plains in the East and deserts in the south.

Historical background[edit | edit source]

With the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911, Mongolia under the Bogd Khaan, (Mongolia's civil and religious ruler) declared independence. But, the newly established Flag of China Republic of China considered Mongolia to be part of its own territory. After the 1915 tripartite Kyakhta Agreement, Russia, Flag of China ROC and Mongolia agreed that Mongolia was autonomous under Chinese Control.

In 1919, after the October Revolution in Russia, Chinese troops re-occupied the country due to fears of communism spreading to mainland China. On October 1920, The White Russian General Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg led his troops into Mongolia, defeating the Chinese forces in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. There, Ungern's eccentric, often violent treatment of enemies and his own men, earned him the sobriquet "the Mad Baron". In February 1921 he expelled Chinese troops from Mongolia and restored the monarchic power of the Bogd Khaan. In June 1921, Communist Mongolian Partisans aided by Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Russia established control over parts of the country and on July 6 The Bolsheviks would defeat the white army forces and seize the country for themselves, establishing a communist regime aligned with the Soviets.

National focus[edit | edit source]

Generic national focus tree.
Main article: Generic national focus tree

Flag of Mongolia Mongolia, lacking a unique national focus tree, uses the generic national focus tree instead.

The generic focus tree has 5 main branches:

Army Effort branch
Gives army experience and research bonuses to army research.
Aviation Effort branch
Gives air experience, builds air bases, and research bonuses to air research.
Naval Effort branch
Gives navy experience, builds naval dockyards, and research bonuses to navy research.
Industrial Effort branch
Builds civilian and military factories (usually even if building slots are already full), infrastructure and grants extra research slots.
Political Effort branch
Gives the country choices on which political path they will take.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Mongolia starts with 2 research slots.

Army technology Naval technology Air technology Electronics & Industry
  • Basic Infantry Eq.
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • None

Cosmetic names[edit | edit source]

The Mongolian military is generally equipped with Soviet hand-me-downs.

Infantry & motorized techs
Type 1918 1936 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944
Infantry Equipment M-N 1891/30 SVT-38/40 PPD-40 PPSh-41

Politics[edit | edit source]

in 1936, Mongolia is a CommunismCommunist nation with no elections.

Mongolia has the following political parties:

Political party Ideology Popularity Party leader Country name Is ruling?
Democratic democracy Democratic 0% Generic Mongolian Parliamentary Republic No
Mongol Ardiin Nam communism Communist 100% Anandyn Amar Mongolia Yes
Fascist fascism Fascist 0% Generic New Mongol Empire No
Non-Aligned neutrality Non-Aligned 0% Generic Great Mongolian State No

National spirits[edit | edit source]


Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Mongolia is in the Comintern with the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union and Flag of Tannu Tuva Tannu Tuva

Staff and designer[edit | edit source]

Political advisors
Advisor Type Effect Cost
Dansrabillegyin Dogsam Compassionate Gentleman
  • Improve Relations Opinion: +15.00%
150 pp
Yundunwangcug Quartermaster General
  • Airbase construction speed: +15.0%
  • Naval base construction speed: +15.0%
  • Rocket Site construction speed: +15.0%
  • Radar Station construction speed: +15.0%
  • Nuclear Reactor construction speed: +15.0%
150 pp
Pai Yun-ti War Industrialist
  • Military Factory Construction Speed: +10.0%
  • Dockyard Construction Speed: +10.0%
150 pp
Dogijavyn Luvsanshara Communist Revolutionary
  • Communism Support: +0.1%
150 pp
Tsengubal Badrach Democratic Reformer
  • Daily Democracy Support: +0.1
150 pp
Songgotu Linge Fascist Demagogue
  • Daily Fascism Support: +0.1%
150 pp
Tank designers
Designer Type Effect Cost
Armor Company Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Time: -10.0%
  • Armor: Reliability: +5.0%
150 pp
Ship designers
Designer Type Effect Cost
Naval Company Ship designer
  • Naval Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Aircraft designers
Designer Type Effect Cost
Light Air Company Light aircraft
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Fighter: Agility: +10.0%
  • Fighter: Max Speed: +10.0%
  • Carrier Fighter: Agility: +10.0%
  • Carrier Fighter: Max Speed: +10.0%
150 pp
Medium Air Company Medium aircraft
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Heavy Fighter: Reliability: +20.0%
  • Tactical Bomber: Reliability: +20.0%
150 pp
Heavy Air Company Heavy aircraft
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Strategic Bomber: Strategic Bombing: +10.0%
150 pp
Naval Air Company Naval aircraft
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Naval Bomber: Operational Range: +10.0%
  • Naval Bomber: Naval Attack: +10.0%
  • CV Naval Bomber: Operational Range: +10.0%
  • CV Naval Bomber: Naval Attack: +10.0%
150 pp
Materiel designers
Designer Type Effect Cost
Small Arms Company Infantry Equipment designer
  • Weapons and Equipment Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Motorization Company Motorized Equipment designer
  • Motorization Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Artillery Company Artillery designer
  • Artillery Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Industrial concern
Designer Type Effect Cost
Industrial Company Industrial Concern
  • Industrial Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Designer Type Effect Cost
Dagva Military Theorist
  • Land Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05
150 pp
Ganbaatar Naval Warfare Theorist
  • Naval Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Naval Experience Gain: +0.05
150 pp
Ulanhu Air Warfare Theorist
  • Air Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Air Experience Gain: +0.05
150 pp

Economy[edit | edit source]

Mongolia has a miniscule industry and a scarce amount of resources.

Laws[edit | edit source]

Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Limited Conscription.png Limited Conscription
  • 2.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 35% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
  • –40% Fuel gain per oil
  • –25% Fuel capacity
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • +5% Research speed
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed
  • +20% Civilian intelligence to others
  • +10% Navy intelligence to others

Industry and resources[edit | edit source]

Type No.
Aluminum.png Aluminium 0
Chromium.png Chromium 4
Oil.png Oil 0
Rubber.png Rubber 0
Steel.png Steel 2
Tungsten.png Tungsten 0
Type No.
Civilian factory Civilian factory 2
Military factory Military factory 1
Naval dockyard Naval dockyard 0
It has 3 civilian factories and 1 military factory
Mongolia has only 2 steel and 4 chromium.

Military[edit | edit source]

Mongolia has a relatively small military due to it's small population, it only has cavalry.

Type No.
Infantry cropped.png Infantry 0
Cavalry cropped.png Cavalry 5
Motorized cropped.png Motorized infantry 0
Light tank cropped.png Light tank 0
Marine cropped.png Marine 0
Mountain cropped.png Mountaineer 0
Paratroop cropped.png Paratrooper 0
Army experience.png Total divisions 5
Type No.
Destroyer.png Destroyer 0
Light Cruiser.png Light cruiser 0
Heavy Cruiser.png Heavy cruiser 0
Battlecruiser.png Battlecruiser 0
Battleship.png Battleship 0
Submarine.png Submarine 0
Carrier.png Carrier 0
Convoy.png Convoy 0
Navy experience.png Total ships 0
Air force
Type No.
CAS.png Close air support 0
Fighter c.png Fighter 0
Heavy fighter.png Heavy fighter 0
Naval bomber.png Naval bomber 0
Tactical bomber.png Tactical bomber 0
Strategic bomber.png Strategic bomber 0
Transport air.png Transport 0
Air experience.png Total planes 0
Mongolia's Cavalry Division 'Moriit Diviziin' has only 3 brigades.
Because Mongolia is Landlocked, it has no navy.
Air force
Mongolia has no airforce.

Strategies and guides[edit | edit source]

Strategy The below is one of many player suggested strategies for Mongolia. Bear in mind, due to the dynamic nature of the game, it may unfold differently for other players.

Mongolia starts out as a very weak nation, with very little manpower. As of the Waking the Tiger DLC, the Soviets have no interest in demanding Chinese terrirory during peace conferences, so make sure to call them into your first few wars against the Chinese warlords and Communist China. You want to start by justifying against Shanxi and then Communist China ASAP. This ensures you will be able to take them out BEFORE the Chinese United Front forms, and minimise the chance of the Soviets signing a non-agression pact with China. Once Shanxi is defeated, you should take all states. Once Communist China capitulates, you want to puppet them, and return the Shanxi territory to them. From this point on, any Chinese states you conquer should be handed to Communist China, giving you some of that sweet, sweet unlimited chinese manpower. At about this point, you want to flip fascist, and continue the game playing as a formidable Asian power.


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