My Ships Don't Lie

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My Ships Don't Lie
My Ships Don't Lie.png
Possible if
Playing as Flag of Colombia Colombia
Achieved if

Has taken the decision to form Flag of Gran Colombia Gran Colombia
Has at least 10 battleships
Has at least 10 Carriers

The required states to form Flag of Gran Colombia Gran Colombia

This Achievement requires Flag of Colombia Colombia to form Flag of Gran Colombia Gran Colombia and be in possession of 10 battleships and 10 carriers.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Flag of Colombia Colombia starts as a DemocracyDemocratic nation. It is recommended to change to FascismFascist ideology as soon as possible. It may be advantageous to push democracydemocracy in Flag of Peru Peru because otherwise, they will produce more divisions as a FascismFascist nation. Once Flag of Colombia Colombian ideology has been switched, Justify against Flag of Ecuador Ecuador and Flag of Panama Panama. Once that is over, prepare for war against Flag of Venezuela Venezuela. Land forts on the border may be advantageous as they may have a larger division count. Because Flag of Venezuela Venezuela does not have any ships, Naval Invasion to their capital is possible. Capitulate them and repeat with Flag of Peru Peru. However, since they have a navy, naval invasions are not possible. Once the decision to create Flag of Gran Colombia Gran Colombia is available, select it. Flag of Colombia Colombia may continue to expand to other Central American Countries for resources. Flag of Cuba Cuba is a good choice because of the large amount of chromium that can be traded for civilian factories. Build Naval factories to create the required ships. It may be advantageous to replace military factories to naval factories for faster ship building.