Neither Death nor Dishonor

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Neither Death nor Dishonor
Neither Death nor Dishonor.png
Possible if
Playing as Flag of Romania Romania
Achieved if
  • Time Date is > 1941.12.31
  • Has not lost any of the starting states
  • Control either state:
  • Brandenburg (64)
  • Moscow (219)

This Achievement requires Flag of Romania Romania to make it to 1942 and control the capital state of Flag of Germany Germany or the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union without losing any starting states.

Against the Soviet Union[edit | edit source]

To defend against the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union, Flag of Romania Romania needs to defend its border with Flag of Poland Poland and Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union with land forts and naval forts on the Black Sea. *Take "Balkans Dominance" to grab factories from neighbors. Take Balkans Dominance. Pump out divisions until Flag of Romania Romania reach 400k manpower on the field. While that is happening, take Institute Royal Dictatorship, Fortify the Borders and Revise the Constitution. Take Align Hungary when available. Increase Relations with Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria and then take Puppet Bulgaria. This will give you a puppet called Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria. Place Level 5 Naval Forts there too.

Make 500k divisions and then take Divide Yugoslavia, make sure you don't ask for help if Yugoslavia refuses. This will give you a chance for complete annexation. It is possible to take Secure Greece if World Tension is low enough. Take King Michael's Coup if King Carol II is not wanted. Place troops on the Black Sea Coast. Not just the Naval Ports. The Soviets may naval invade you. You may take troops from Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria. Take Appoint Axis Friendly Government and take the Fascist Demagogue. Join the Axis.

Refuse all calls to war from your allies. this is to make sure the Allies Faction does not naval invade you. Make sure the main fighting divisions are at the Soviet Border. Flag of Poland Poland will have capitulated and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact will have taken effect. By around 1940, the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union will ask you for Bessarabia. Refuse. This will force all the Axis to join a defensive war. Do not attack the Soviet Troops until they get weak then push to Moscow. They will not be able to push through your border, However they may push through to Flag of Slovakia Slovakia. Make Forts there if you want. The Germans may be able to push them back. If you can, encircle Moscow so the Soviet Troops don't get supply. Don't take it until 1942 so the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union remain weak. If not, ask the Germans for Moscow. If the Soviets capitulate early, take Moscow first on the peace deal.