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In real life, the Second World War saw the first development and deployment of nuclear bombs, so they are available as a gameplay option.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

Deploying nuclear bombs needs the right technologies from Engineering technology, special resource, and specific aircraft to deliver the bombs.

Technologies[edit | edit source]

The first technology, Atomic Research Atomic Research.png, gives a +4%[1] research speed bonus.

The second technology, Nuclear Reactor Nuclear Reactor.png, unlocks the state level building State buildings.png titled "Nuclear Reactor" Nuclear reactor.png which can be found in the Construction screen. Built nuclear reactors provide the state with enriched uranium for use in nuclear weapons, but have no effect without the requisite technology to make nuclear bombs.

The final technology, Nuclear Bombs Nuclear bombs.png, allows the country to produce and stockpile nuclear bombs. Each reactor will provide 1 bomb per year (365 days)[2]. The bomb production progress can be seen via a slowly progressing percentile bar.

It is possible to speed up research by:

  1. Employing a theorist with either the Nuclear Scientist or Nuclear Enthusiast trait.
  2. Finishing certain focuses.

Additional requirements[edit | edit source]

Nuclear Bombs are deployed onto specific provinces. In order to deploy a bomb, the following requirements must be met:

  • at least 1 bomb must be available (it is depicted as the "radioactive" Nuclear bomb availability.png icon at the top of the game's main screen)
  • hostile with the province controller
  • at least 75%[3] Air superiority in the region
  • a Strategic Bomber should be in range of the province (despite having the strategic bombing mission, tactical bombers cannot deliver nuclear bombs)

How to drop a nuclear bomb[edit | edit source]

Once you have completed the prerequisites listed above then:

  • Select the Default map mode (F1)
  • Click the province you wish to bomb
  • Click the nuclear bomb symbol Nuclear bombs.png at the bottom of the province window
  • Once ordered, it will take 12 hours[4] for the nuclear bomb to detonate.
  • As of Patch 1.9[5] several nuclear bombs can not be dropped on the same province at once.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • units in the province take a random percentage between 10%[6] and 90%[7] of their current strength and organization as damage. However, nuked units do not lose entrenchment.
  • all province buildings get reduced to 0 HP
  • all state buildings are reduced to a random level below their current undamaged level
  • targeting a province with an airport destroys all aircrafts stationed there
  • the controller of the target province loses up to 20%[8] war support. If the largest victory point in the state is smaller than 3[9] or the undamaged infrastructure is lower than level 10, the effect is proportionately lower respectively.
  • The first use, as well as uses on specific (capital) cities, will result in news messages, however those are purely informational
  • After the 2nd nuclear bomb has been dropped on a Japanese core state, Japan Japan.png has a special decision for surrender (note: prior to dropping the 2nd nuclear bomb, Japan's navy must be reduced to less than 40 ships and Japan must not be the controller of Okinawa or Iwo Jima)
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