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Manage advisors and theorists, choose your army, navy, and air spirits, and unlock doctrines.

Officer Corps menu.

The officer corps tab Officer corps button.png gives an overall summary of the status of the armed forces and allows management of the military leadership and way of warfare. It was added in Patch 1.11 (Barbarossa).

In this tab,all players can see their allocated command power, as well as daily army, navy, and air experience gain. Hovering over any of these will display a tooltip with more details.

You may review and edit your military advisors from this tab, just as you would from your political tab.

Additionally, this area displays the modifiers that affect the whole of the army, navy, and air force, such as army reinforce rate, max planning, sortie efficiency, air support efficiency, etc.

However, the primary purpose of this tab is to review and unlock land, naval, and air doctrines. Players with No Step BackNo Step Back can also boost their armies, navies, and air wings with brand new 'spirits'. The army and navy commands may have up to three spirits each, while the air force command may have up to two. There are many options to choose from, and many different combinations are possible. There are also spirits which are only accessible depending on the doctrines that have been selected, or even the nation's ideology. Any and all of these choices can be made in exchange for a varying amount of army, navy, or air experience. The bonuses and de-buffs from doctrines and spirits take effect immediately.

Players who have access to divisional commanders (with By Blood AloneBy Blood Alone) can also access a window that allows them to review and promote those officers.

Doctrines[edit | edit source]

See also: Land doctrine, Naval doctrine, Air doctrine

Doctrines are research paths that allow a country to specialize its army, navy, and air forces. Each doctrine has a base cost of 100 of its respective experience, which can be modified by spirits, advisors, and special bonuses from focuses, events, or decisions.

Spirits[edit | edit source]

Not to be confused with: National spirits

Army spirits[edit | edit source]

Army spirits provide bonuses to land commanders, land battles, and the army generally.

Spirit of the Academy[edit | edit source]

These spirits provide bonuses to land commanders, such as increasing XP gain for certain traits, an improved chance of gaining stats, or reduced hiring cost.

Spirit Effects XP Prerequisites
Bold Attack icon
Bold Attack
As the saying goes: a strong offense is the best defense.
Officers: 50% chance of +1 Attack on level up. 20
Tenacious Defense icon
Tenacious Defense
They shall not Pass!
Officers: 50% chance of +1 Defense on level up. 20
Meticulous Preparation icon
Meticulous Preparation
War is chaos, but chaos can be prepared for.
Officers: 50% chance of +1 Planning and Logistics on level up. 20
Best of the Best icon
Best of the Best
Few people have what it takes to lead soldiers into battle. Fewer still have what it takes to win that battle.
  • Starting level of new army leaders: +2
  • Army intelligence to others: −5%
  • New Officers: no personality traits gained on hiring.
20 DemocraticDemocratic
Academy Scholarships icon
Academy Scholarships
No one should be prevented from serving their nation due to a simple lack of money.
  • Army Leader Cost: −30%
  • Starting level of new army leaders: +1
  • Commander as Advisor Cost: −75%
  • New Officers: no personality traits gained on hiring.
20 CommunistCommunist
Political Loyalty icon
Political Loyalty
An unreliable military is a threat to the state it is meant to protect.
20 FascistFascist or Non-alignedNon-aligned
Inventive Leadership icon
Inventive Leadership
A predictable General is a defeated General.
Embrace the Future icon
Embrace the Future
Wherever future battles are fought, armored troops will play the decisive role.
20 Mobile WarfareMobile Warfare
Engineering Schools icon
Engineering Schools
There is a lot of science involved in digging a proper ditch.
20 Superior FirepowerSuperior Firepower
Theatre Training icon
Theatre Training
Some officers may 'go native', but natives are very good at fighting on their chosen terrain.
20 Grand Battle PlanGrand Battle Plan
The Queen of Battle icon
The Queen of Battle
Infantry is the Queen of Battle, and the Queen goes wherever she pleases.
20 Mass AssaultMass Assault

Spirit of the Army[edit | edit source]

These spirits provide general bonuses to the army or allow for specializing toward certain battalion types.

Spirit Effects XP Prerequisites
Professional Officer Corps icon
Professional Officer Corps
We are professionals, and war is our profession.
Proper Heritage icon
Proper Heritage
A good General may be trained, but a great General must be bred. Like horses, in a way.
  • Supply Combat Penalties on Core Territory: −20%
  • Cavalry cropped.png Cavalry Attack: +5%
  • Cavalry cropped.png Cavalry Unit Design Cost: −100%
Elevated Engineering Corps icon
Elevated Engineering Corps
The best judge of a man's ability and character is to give him a shovel and a day to do something useful with it.
  • Entrenchment speed.png Entrenchment speed: +10%
  • Railway Gun Bombardment: +20%
  • Engineer cropped.png Engineer Company Unit Design Cost: −100%
  • EngineerEngineer Trait XP gain: +25%
Quick Improvisation icon
Quick Improvisation
Understand faster, think faster, act faster - that is the key to victory.
  • Planning Speed.png Planning Speed: +20%
  • Daily Command powerCommand power gain: +0.20
  • Commander Abilities Cost: −20%
Relief of Command icon
Relief of Command
The army does not exist to feed the ego of its Generals.
35 DemocraticDemocratic
Ideological Loyalty icon
Ideological Loyalty
Someone who does not have the correct ideology can not be expected to achieve the correct result in battle.
  • Manpower Weekly Manpower: +500
  • Encirclement penalty: −20%
35 CommunistCommunist
State serves the Military icon
State serves the Military
The purpose of the state is to wage war against other states. Anything else is either in support of that or a useless distraction.
35 FascistFascist
Tip of the Spear icon
Tip of the Spear
The dagger in the night is often more effective than the longsword in the day.
  • Naval Invasion Capacity.png Naval Invasion Capacity: +10
  • Extra Paratroop cropped.png Paratrooper/Marine cropped.png Marine Supply Grace: +24 Hour(s)
  • Naval Invasion Planning: +20%
  • Marine cropped.png Marine/Mountain cropped.png Mountaineer/Paratroop cropped.png Paratroop Unit Design Cost: −100%
35 Grand Battle PlanGrand Battle Plan
Overwhelming Firepower icon
Overwhelming Firepower
If artillery doesn't win you battles, you're not using enough of it.
  • ArtilleryArtillery experience gain from combat: +10%
  • ArtillerySupport/Line/Motorized Artillery Unit Design Cost: −100%
  • Infantry cropped.png Infantry Unit Design Cost: −100%
  • Medium SP ArtilleryAll SP Artillery (except Modern) Unit Design Cost: −100%
35 Superior FirepowerSuperior Firepower
Bayonett Strength icon
Bayonett Strength
When all is said and done, a tank or airplane can't hold a patch of ground.
  • Infantry cropped.png Infantry experience gain from combat: +10%
  • Infantry cropped.png Infantry Unit Design Cost: −100%
  • Motorized cropped.png Motorized/Mechanized cropped.png Mechanized Infantry Unit Design Cost: −100%
35 Mass AssaultMass Assault
Motorization Drive icon
Motorization Drive
Strike faster, go further, win harder!
  • Motorized cropped.png Motorized/Mechanized cropped.png Mechanized experience gain from combat: +10%
  • Medium tank cropped.png All Tank Unit Design Cost: −100%
  • Motorized cropped.png Motorized/Mechanized cropped.png Mechanized Infantry Unit Design Cost: −100%
35 Mobile WarfareMobile Warfare
Accomplished Heritage icon
Accomplished Heritage
The history and accomplishments of our regiments stands testament to the heroism of our soldiers. By habitually recognizing great deeds, every man might aspire to that same greatness.
  • Grant Medal Cost: −50.0%
  • Field Officer Division Penalty: −100%
35 By Blood Alone icon.png By Blood Alone DLC

Spirit of Division Command[edit | edit source]

These spirits provide bonuses to land battles and increase the chance of certain combat tactics being used

Spirit Effects XP Prerequisites
Static Warfare icon
Static Warfare
There is no such thing as too much trench work. There is only 'insufficient' and 'barely adequate'.
Flexible Organization icon
Flexible Organization
What counts is getting the job done, not following orders to the letter.
  • Divisions speed.png Divisions speed: +5%
  • Org Loss when Moving: −15%
  • Preferred Tactics Selection cost: −15
Aggressive Reconnaissance icon
Aggressive Reconnaissance
If you want to know what the other side is up to, go over there and ask them directly!
  • Reconnaissance: +15%
  • Intel from combat: +15%
  • Additional chance for Preferred tactic: +100%
Reserve Officers icon
Reserve Officers
Not everyone needs to make the military their profession. But in times of war, they can still serve.
  • Division training time: −15%
  • Additional chance for Preferred tactic: +100%
Victory or Death icon
Victory or Death
It is better to die with glory than to live in the shame of defeat.
  • Organization loss when below 25%: −15%
  • Additional chance for Preferred tactic: +100%
Logistical Focus icon
Logistical Focus
The troops can eat their belts but the tanks got to have gas.
  • Supply consumption.pngSupply Consumption: −5%
  • Navy/Air Fuel Consumption: −5%
  • Additional chance for Preferred tactic: +100%
50 Grand Battle PlanGrand Battle Plan
Smoke and Fire icon
Smoke and Fire
A rolling barrage of shells is surprisingly effective at keeping the enemy from shooting back.
50 Superior FirepowerSuperior Firepower
Operational Reserves icon
Operational Reserves
Always have something up your sleeve. Always.
50 Mass AssaultMass Assault
Maneuver Warfare icon
Maneuver Warfare
A proper, civilized war is more like a chess match than a brawl. Why fight an enemy you can maneuver around?
  • Divisions speed.png Divisions Speed: +5%
  • Coordination: +5%
  • Additional chance for Preferred tactic: +100%
50 Mobile WarfareMobile Warfare

Navy spirits[edit | edit source]

Navy spirits provide bonuses to admirals, naval battles, and naval research and design.

Spirit of Naval Academy[edit | edit source]

These spirits provide a bonus to admirals, such as increasing XP gain for certain traits, an improved chance of gaining stats, or reduced hiring cost.

Spirit Effects XP Prerequisites
Instilled Aggression icon
Instilled Aggression
Attack, attack, attack!
Admirals: 20% chance to gain +1 Attack on level up 20
Calculated Restraint icon
Calculated Restraint
After careful consideration...
Admirals: 20% chance to gain +1 Defense on level up 20
Signals Training icon
Signals Training
In order for every man to do his duty, he must know what his duty is.
Admirals: 20% chance to gain +1 Maneuvering and Coordination on level up 20
Academy Scholarships icon
Academy Scholarships
It's all about giving the right people the chance to shine.
  • −40% Navy Leader Cost
  • Starting level of new navy leaders: +1
  • New Admirals: no personality traits gained on hiring.
Best of the Best icon
Best of the Best
Tough competition and strict selection breeds the captains we want.
  • Starting level of new navy leaders: +2
  • −5% Navy intelligence to others
  • New Admirals: no personality traits gained on hiring.
Grand Fleet icon
Grand Fleet
Large scale tactics training.
20 Fleet In BeingFleet In Being
Convoy Warfare icon
Convoy Warfare
Merchant convoys require special tactics and training.
20 Trade InterdictionTrade Interdiction
Integrated Air Arm icon
Integrated Air Arm
Close co-operation between air and sea units is vital!
20 Base StrikeBase Strike

Spirit of the Navy[edit | edit source]

These spirits provide bonuses to research speed, design cost, repair and refit speed, or experience gain.

Spirit Effects XP Prerequisites
Jeune École icon
Jeune École
Destroyers are the future!
  • DestroyerDestroyer Research Speed: +20%
  • Light Ship Design Cost: −60%
Flexible Contracts icon
Flexible Contracts
The best contract is one that can be terminated.
  • Cruiser Design Cost: −60%
  • Naval Designer Cost: −80%
Integrated Designers icon
Integrated Designers
Constantly adapting our designs is top priority.
  • Ship Modules Research Speed: +20%
Naval Reform icon
Naval Reform
War always changes.
Navy experienceNavy experience gain: +15% 35
Naval Refit Yards icon
Naval Refit Yards
Minimizing time in the dock, maximizes the time a ship can be at sea.
  • Ship Refitting Speed: +25%
  • Ship Repair Speed: +15%
Global Presence icon
Global Presence
Our ships shall patrol the oceans around the globe.
35 Fleet In BeingFleet In Being
Submarine Primacy icon
Submarine Primacy
Without supplies, a country cannot fight a war.
35 Trade InterdictionTrade Interdiction
Mobile Force icon
Mobile Force
Being able to strike anywhere, anytime.
35 Base StrikeBase Strike

Spirit of Naval Command[edit | edit source]

These spirits provide bonuses to naval battles.

Spirit Effects XP Prerequisites
Close Combat icon
Close Combat
Getting in close is the key to victory.
  • Screen Attack: +5%
  • Torpedo screen penetration: +5%
Night Fighting icon
Night Fighting
Being used to fighting in the dark gives distinct advantages.
  • Night-time Attack +10%
  • Night-time Spotting +10%
  • Visibility −5%
Efficient Communications icon
Efficient Communications
Communication, communication, and communication.
Positioning: +15% 50
Inclement Weather Experience icon
Inclement Weather Experience
There's no such thing as bad weather...
Bad Weather Penalty: −40% 50
Brave Commanders icon
Brave Commanders
Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!
  • Retreat Decision Chance: −5%
  • Chance to score Critical Hit: +15%
Bureau of Ordnance icon
Bureau of Ordnance
The Bureau of Ordnance influences any ship design made.
Torpedo Hit Chance: −10% 50 Flag of United States United States
Decisive Battle icon
Decisive Battle
Going all in for the battle will always give you the initiative.
  • Naval Hit chance: +10%
  • Retreat Decision Chance: −10%
  • Fleet speed while retreating: −10%
  • Torpedo hit chance: +10%
50 Fleet In BeingFleet In Being
Surface Raiders icon
Surface Raiders
Why just let the subs do all the raiding?
  • Retreat Decision Chance: +10%
  • Fleet speed while retreating: +10%
  • Screening bonus when using only capital ships: +20%
50 Trade InterdictionTrade Interdiction
Surprise Attacks icon
Surprise Attacks
Hitting the enemy before he is aware of the threat.
  • Retreat chance after initial stage: +10%
  • Retreat Speed after initial stage: +10%
50 Base StrikeBase Strike

Air force spirits[edit | edit source]

Air spirits provide bonuses to aircraft research and air missions

Spirit of the Air Force[edit | edit source]

Spirit Effects XP Prerequisites
Independent Air Force icon
Independent Air Force
The Air Force is an independent branch, and just as important as the Army or the Navy.
Air Advisor Cost: −75% 50
Industry Liasons icon
Industry Liasons
Only frictionless cooperation between the aircraft industry, military, and government will ensure the highest quality.
  • Light Aircraft Research speed: +15%
  • Medium Aircraft Research speed: +15%
  • Heavy Aircraft Research speed: +15%
  • Naval Aircraft Research speed: +15%
Effective Training Programs icon
Effective Training Programs
Nothing beats a good education.
Air Wing Training experience gain: +25% 50
Branch Independence Spirit icon
Branch Independence Spirit
No army or navy guy can order us around. We do things our way.
  • Air experienceAir experience daily gain: +0.10
  • Airforce intelligence to others: −5%
Air Crew Surveys icon
Air Crew Surveys
After all, they are the ones using the equipment, so why not ask them?
  • Air Accidents Chance: −25%
  • Air Doctrine Cost: −15%
Industrial Destruction icon
Industrial Destruction
1000 bombers can change the course of the war in a single strike.
  • Heavy Aircraft Research Speed: +5%
  • Strategic BomberStrategic Bomber Design Cost: −75%
  • Strategic bomber.png Jet Strategic Bomber Design Cost: −75%
50 Strategic DestructionStrategic Destruction
Dive Bombing icon
Dive Bombing
Scratch one flat top.
  • Close Air SupportClose Air Support Research Speed: +5%
  • CAS.png Close Air Support Design Cost: −75%
  • CAS.png Carrier Close Air Support Design Cost: −75%
50 Battlefield SupportBattlefield Support
Material Destruction icon
Material Destruction
Destruction of equipment and disruption of the enemy's lines of communication shall seal victory faster than any number of inflicted casualties.
  • Tactical BomberTactical Bomber Research Speed: +5%
  • Tactical bomber.png Tactical Bomber Design Cost: −75%
  • Tactical bomber.png Jet Tactical Bomber Design Cost: −75%
50 Operational IntegrityOperational Integrity

Spirit of Air Force Command[edit | edit source]

Spirit Effects XP Prerequisites
Battlefield Air Interdiction icon
Battlefield Air Interdiction
Close cooperation between air and ground forces.
  • Escort Efficiency (air).png Escort Efficiency: +5%
  • Ground attack factor: +5%
Veteran Air Instructors icon
Veteran Air Instructors
Letting the best train the rest.
Air Wing Experience loss when killed: −25% 50
Centralized Control icon
Centralized Control
Effective management of resources ensures that planes reach the locations where they are needed the most.
  • Fighter Detection.png Fighter Detection: +10%
  • Air Mission Efficiency: +10%
Airborne Heroes icon
Airborne Heroes
The vast expanse of the sky holds untold promise for those in search of a legacy.
Ace Effectiveness: +50% 50
Air Power Projection icon
Air Power Projection
A special daring is necessary when fighting away from home.
Air power projection factor: +10% 50
CAG Night Fighting icon
CAG Night Fighting
You think just flying in the dark is hard? Try landing on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the night!
Carrier night penalty reduction: +33% 50 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Steel Wings, Steel Hearts icon
Steel Wings, Steel Hearts
It takes a certain type of courage to wage war at 10,000 feet.
Untrained pilots penalty for new Air Wings: −33% 50 CommunistCommunist
Total Devastation icon
Total Devastation
Massive strategic strikes at the heart of the enemy's core will break their ability to fight.
Strategic bombing.png Strategic Bombing: +10% 50 Strategic DestructionStrategic Destruction
Continuous Strike icon
Continuous Strike
Destruction of key enemy equipment is vital.
Air Support Mission Efficiency.png Air Support Mission Efficiency: +25% 50 Battlefield SupportBattlefield Support
Massed Strike icon
Massed Strike
Disrupting the enemy ground forces is the best way to defeat them.
Air Superiority: +5% 50 Operational IntegrityOperational Integrity

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