One King, Two Crowns

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One King, Two Crowns
One King, Two Crowns.png
Possible if
Playing as: Flag of Spain Spain
Achieved if

This Achievement requires Flag of Carlist Spain Carlist Spain owning all of Flag of France France's cores.


Civil War Prep[edit]

Merge fleet and move it to Spanish Africa, pick A Great Spain and continue until Sin Paquito, Move army to metropolitan Spain and research superior firepower

When the election pops up pick nationalists before clicking suppress the strikes, spam suppress the strikes until civil war starts. Place Division on fallback line on victory points:

  • 2 division Valencia (167) PLACE YOUR CAVALRY DIVISION HERE
  • 3 divisions Cádiz (1048)
  • 3 divisions Sevilla (7183)
  • 3 divisions Córdoba (875)
  • 3 divisions Málaga (9979)
  • 3 divisions Granada (1176)

Ensure that you only have 1 tick(influence) in states:

  • Sevilla (169)
  • Granada (173)
  • Córdoba (789)
  • Murcia (168)
  • Valencia (167)
Civil War[edit]

Go to Spanish Africa (290) set fleet on naval invasion in Western Mediterranean (68) and set divisions to naval invade victory points:

  • Barcelona (9764)
  • Tortosa (6966)
  • Alícante (4098)
  • Murcia (10024)
  • Almería (12038)

Next head over to Spain proper and select all the division not connected to the front in the north and put them into an army with Mohamed Meziance as commander, reasign their orders if necessary to ensure that the occupied victory points are held.

Finally head over to the north front and assign division in Galicia (171) and other division close to northern Flag of Republican Spain Republican Spain, this army should have 15 divisions on a frontline against Asturias (790) and País Vasco (792) and mircomanage attacks so you sieze the ports asap. Next for the major front assign all remaining divisions on a front with and offensive line along the 2nd river south of Madrid. Try to pin divisions and move in to occupy Madrid before the Frontlines Solidify event occurs and if it does simply minimize it since you should be done before the modifiers take effect. Some other micromanaging could be nessisary but if you arent done before ~aug 5 1936 it is best to restart.

Invasion of France Prep[edit]

Immediately after civil war you should start "Confirm the Fuegos" and rush to "Claim the French Throne". Train 10 infantry brigades on high priority and research mobile warfare doctrine. Move the fleet to Bilbao (740). Deploy the infantry brigade when at 20% and convert to calvary, put the calvary divisions in 1 army and set the following naval invasions:

  • 3 divisions from Bilbao (740) to Calais (11548)
  • 3 divisions from Oviedo (11707) to Dieppe (485)
  • 2 divisions from Oviedo (11707) to Cherbourg (6449)
  • 1 division from Bilbao (740) to Lorient (6536)
  • 1 division from Bilbao (740) to Nantes (11465)

Put the rest of the army on a frontline against Flag of France France with an offensive line north.

The Invasion of France[edit]

Right when "Claim the French Throne" focus completes declare war on Flag of France France, set your navy on naval invasion support in Bay of Biscay (42) and English Channel (18), activate all orders slowdown game and wait for the first two division to land in Nantes (11465) and Lorient (6536). The division sent to Lorient should be attempting to occupy Brest without any combat, after you have ensured Brest is going to be occupied head over to Northern Flag of France France however prioritize the northern landings before this as you need to micromanage the northern divisions as soon as they land.

The divisions landing in Cherbourg(6449) will be sent to Rouen (11563) and Paris (11506), The ones in Dieppe (485) will be sent to Rouen (11563), Paris (11506) and Amiens (11420), And finally the divisions in Calais (11548) will be sent to Dunkerque (575), Paris (11506) and Lille (11483). Good Luck from mcullin2!


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