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Operatives are field agents capable of carrying out espionage under an intelligence agency. Similar to commanders, they have their own names, portraits, and can gain experience and traits through missions and operations.

Gaining operatives[edit]

After an intelligence agency is established, a single operative slot is unlocked, and an additional slot may be gained by purchasing 5 agency upgrades. More slots may be earned by hiring an Illusive Gentleman advisor, and by becoming Spy Master of a large faction.

Once an operative slot is vacant-whether because it was just unlocked, or because the operative was dismissed or killed in action, a mandatory 30-day period must be waited out before a new operative can be hired.


Operatives may start out with any of the following traits, as well as earn new ones via performing missions and completing operations.

Innate Traits[edit]

These traits cannot be gained through experience and can only appear on freshly hired operatives or through special circumstances.

Trait Effect Notes
Double Agent.png Double Agent Bonus to operating in country of origin This trait appears on captured operatives who defect to another country
Safe Cracker.png Safe Cracker +25% Capture Cipher effectiveness
−25% Steal Blueprints risk
+25% Steal Blueprints effectiveness
Seducer.png Seducer −20% Own operative detection chance factor
+25% Infiltration effectiveness
−25% Infiltration risk
Tough.png Tough −50% Enemy operative intel extraction rate

Earnable Traits[edit]

Operatives may also appear with these traits to begin with.

Trait Effect Experience gained via XP required
Commando Operative.png Commando +25% Targeted Sabotage efficiency
−10% Own operative detection chance factor
+25% Capture Cipher effectiveness
−25% Capture Cipher risk
−25% Sabotage risk
Any mission or operation after the Commando Training upgrade is unlocked 600
Demolition Expert.png Demolition Expert +25% Targeted Sabotage efficiency
+25% Strengthen Resistance efficiency
−25% Sabotage cost
Sabotage Industry
Sabotage Infrastructure
Sabotage Resources
Escape Artist.png Escape Artist −10% Rescue Operative cost
−10% Rescue Operative risk
Escaping operations successfully N/A (chance-based)
Infiltrator.png Infiltrator +25% Infiltration effectiveness
−25% Infiltration risk
Infiltrate Air Force
Infiltrate Army
Infiltrate Civilian Administration
Infiltrate Navy
Make Resistance Contacts
Rescue Operative
Linguist.png Linguist Increased chance to acquire target nationality on completion of an operation Operations in other countries 400
Master Interrogator.png Master Interrogator +0.20 Counter intelligence Counter Intelligence
Root Out Resistance
Natural Orator.png Natural Orator +20% Boost Ideology mission effects
−25% Stage Coup cost
−25% Stage Coup risk
Boost Ideology
Well Groomed.png Well Groomed +20% Control Trade mission effects
+20% Diplomatic Pressure mission effects
Control Trade
Diplomatic Pressure