Our Other Place in the Sun

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Our Other Place in the Sun
Our Other Place in the Sun.png
Possible if
Playing as Flag of Germany Germany
Achieved if

Has completed focus Our Place in the Sun
Conquered an island in the Caribbean

This achievement requires Flag of Germany Germany to follow the Monarchist path of their focus tree. The Caribbean islands required are owned by either Flag of France France, the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom, or the Flag of United States United States.


Flag of Germany Germany must take the Oppose Hitler focus which will spark a civil war. The eastern parts of Flag of Germany Germany and Bavaria will be the parts that will defect. Prepare for the war. It is suggested to focus the bulk of the attack in the middle to split off the north from Bavaria. Once the war is over, Follow the focus tree to Our Place in the Sun. Break the Anglo-French Colonial Hegemony will give Flag of Germany Germany wargoals against the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom and Flag of France France but before that, it may be beneficial to ally Flag of Austria Austria and Flag of Italy Italy via the focus tree. Rekindle Imperial Sentiment will make an Flag of Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary which gives a chance to annex all their territory for free. Assassinate Mussolini will make Flag of Italy Italy into a neutralityMonarchist ally. When ready, go to war with the allies. Invade the British after France has capitulated. In the peace deal, take Caribbean territory first so that the Italians do not take it for themselves. Note that taking Curacao from the Dutch does not fulfill the achievement.