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Particles are special entities used by other entities to create visual effects such as lightning, snow, etc.

Particles are defined in .asset files which are found in /Hearts of Iron IV/gfx/particles/.

Adding a Particle[edit]

Adding a Light[edit]

Lights are special types of particles that are referred to in entities, for example the muzzle flash of the gun during the combat animation.

Here is a generic example:

light = {
    name = "name_of_light"
    color = {
        r = { <float> }
        g = { <float> }
        b = { <float> }
    intensity = <float>, fade
    radius = <float>
    falloff = <float>
    position = {
        x = <float>
        y = <float>
        z = <float>
    animation = {
        name = "name_of_animation"
        start = <float>
        duration = <float>
        repeat = yes
        op = <type>
        minValue = <float>
        maxValue = <float>
        curve = {
  • name is the name of the light.
  • color is the color of the light. The values take decimal RGB.
  • intensity is the intensity of the light, and the second value is whether it fades.
  • radius is the radius of the light.
  • falloff is the falloff gradient of the light.
  • position is the position of the light relative to the entity using it.
  • animation is animation to play for the light.


  • name is the name of the animation.
  • start is the starting position of the curve.
  • duration is the duration of the animation.
  • repeat determines whether the animation is repeated.
  • op determines how multiple sources mix. Can be multiply (MUL), additive (ADD) or absolute (ABS).
  • minValue is the minimum value on the curve.
  • maxValue is the maximum value on the curve.
  • curve is the curve used for the light.