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Patch 1.0.X are all patches beginning with 1.0.


1.0 was the release version, and as such had no changelog.


1.0.1 is a hotfix which was released on 2016-06-13[1] with the checksum f680.

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed several rare CTDs.
  • Late-game performance optimizations.
  • Large peace conference resolutions are now faster and also properly indicate that they are active to non-participants.
  • Added GUI scaling option for people with very small or very high resolution displays (experimental).
  • Added a max framerate limiting system (defaults to 75fps) to help people with the combination of bad cooling, great graphics cards and very high screen refresh. If you are one of these with heat issues I would love to hear if this solved it (changing max_frame_rate in settings can let you remove its effect by making it higher, or go lower if you still have issues)


  • Fixed an issue with deploying troops during spanish civil war when continuing savegames.
  • Can now zoom in and out using PgUp and PgDown buttons on keyboard.
  • Stopped an exploit where player could redirect a naval transfer into an invasion without preparation.
  • Fixed a case where fleets who found themselves outside base range would be instantly deleted.
  • Fixed some highlighting issues in tutorial.


  • Added 9 new unique nation leader portraits.
  • Improved some VP/state names in China.
  • Improved a lot of alternate ideology nation names and party/leader names.
  • France can now send volunteers to Spain if they choose the Support Nationalists focus.
  • Fixed many localization issues, both in english and other languages.


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