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Patch 1.10, aka "Collie", was not released officially. It was superseded by patch 1.10.1 which was released on 2020-10-15[1] coinciding with the release of Battle for the Bosporus DLC. The checksum is dd56.

Battle for the Bosporus Country Pack

  • New Focus Tree for Greece
  • New Focus Tree for Turkey
  • New Focus Tree for Bulgaria


  • Reworked Focus Tree for Yugoslavia (Death or Dishonor)
  • Reworked and tweaked the starting position for Romania (Death or Dishonor)
  • added a number of new releaseable nations to the game
  • The Heavy Cruiser 3d Asset Pack has been merged into the base game
  • added a special infantry model with Pickelhaube for Unaligned Germany (Waking the Tiger)


  • Fixed a bug where Serbia was using the incorrect country colours.
  • Banning Communism or Fascism should now also remove foreign communist/fascist influence national spirits.
  • fixed foreign equipments not showing up under stockpiles ui
  • Yugoslavia may now complete industry focuses if the owner of the province is their subject
  • fixed enemy ship count now showing up in strategic region ui
  • added some missing descriptions of special ship hulls (MtG only)
  • Fixed some mods being erroneously removed at game start
  • The external actor on the losing side of a civil war no longer get their units wiped if they were in the winner's territory as long as the civil war did not become a full blown out war
  • Yugoslavia will now lose the Anti-German Military spirit if the military has already instigated a coup.
  • Rocket sites will now properly delete remaining stock when captured and not crash the game further down the line
  • fixed a missing national spirit icon in the French tree
  • fixed some issues with AI operative assignments that was trying to make them assign same operative multiple times
  • Fixed operative being stuck on rescue mission when there are no operative left to rescue
  • Added a nudger generated file to the list of files to backup and remove by the Clear Cache action
  • Added missing "do nothing" option to an event
  • Set ROM starting ruling party to non-aligned
  • Updated Institute Royal Monarchy focus to start with 65% Non-Aligned support
  • Fixed a typo in wtt_events_l_english.yml for Germany Anti-Soviet Pact news pop-up
  • removed Italian_generic_land_4 soldier and added Britain_generic_land_6 soldier instead.
  • new hat for error dog
  • added portrait to vanilla GER


  • naval supremacy is now scaled to a percentage depending on enemy intel level instead of getting reduced to 0% at low intel
  • Germany can no longer annex Yugoslavia with a single focus and no input from the Yugoslavian player under certain circumstances

Stability & Performance

  • improved performance of national focus gui when there are focuses with many prerequisites or expensive allowed triggers
  • Fixed OOS triggered by displaying the description of some focuses and event effects
  • Improved performance of CPoliticalMinister that was evaluating decision with an ai_factor of zero
  • Fixed CTD when interacting with the army portraits while merging armies
  • Fixed CTD in AI code
  • Added allowed trigger for ai strategy plans
  • Fixed CTD related to carrier air missions
  • Fixed OOS caused by localized state name
  • Fixed CTD caused by effect from history trying to access the not yet initialized graphical map


  • add the modifiers navy_leader_start_level, navy_leader_start_attack_level, navy_leader_start_defense_level, navy_leader_start_maneuvering_level, navy_leader_start_coordination_level to match the sames for army_leader.
  • Fixed has_dlc trigger to return false when the name of the dlc is not known
  • Added support for nesting localization strings, i.e. use a localization key within another localization string, enabling strings like "Unlock $nukes$ in the $technology$ screen" where 'nukes' and 'technology' are localization keys.
  • Added support for dollar signs in localization strings. Normally a dollar sign denotes the start or end of a variable. With this change "$$" will produce a single dollar sign in the resulting string.
  • add_equipment_to_stockpile effect now accepts variables as producer
  • added faction_leader scope change
  • added custom_modifier_tooltip support for dynamic modifiers
  • added add_victory_points/set_victory_points effects
  • Added console command Audio.PlayEffect to play a scripted sound effect at will
  • added can_be_produced trigger to equipments so they can be blocked for certain countries for production
  • Added the ability to specify a variable refering to an idea for triggers and effect has_idea, add_ideas, remove_ideas, swap_ideas, add_timed_idea and modify_timed_idea
  • Added support for the triggers is_enemy, is_friend and is_neutral to adjacency rules to enable script to determine which rule to use. Evaluation order is documented in adjacency_rules.txt.
  • Added global.province_controllers game variable array that returns an array containing the controller for each province, where array index is mapped to province ID. For example global.province_controllers^4135 returns the controller of Gibraltar.
  • Added equipment buildable trigger


  • Added a series of decisions for Yugoslavia to promote a communist uprising in Bulgaria, Albania, and other Balkan nations
  • Added General entry for Constantin Sanatescu
  • Hooked Iraqi fascist leader into vanilla
  • Added Kurdistan tag, history, and leaders