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Patch 1.10.X are all patches beginning with 1.10.


Main article: Patch 1.10


Patch 1.10.2 was released on 2020-11-12[1] with the checksum f82d.


  • Foreign Ship Designers for Bulgaria and Purchase Ships decisions for Soviets.
  • Acquire Modern Tools focus now actually gives an industry research bonus to invest in moderns tools.
  • New Military High Command Advisor for Communist Bulgaria.
  • If Impending Zveno Coup mission is active, most of Zveno-related internal faction decisions will add a certain amount of days to the coup mission timer.
  • Tim Buck now has a unique portrait
  • Acquire Modern Tools, Follow the Stalinist Doctrine, Balkan Federation of Socialist Republics, A Balkan Confederation, Join the Allies, The Fate of the Balkans, Sign the Tripartite Pact are now 35-days focuses
  • Delayed formation of the Fatherland Front and Fatherland Front civil war.
  • Added Italian Materiel Designer. Replaced pitiful Italian Tank designer trait by a better one for Bulgarian foreign version of it. Naval designers are now unlocked by Naval Cooperation Agreements decisions, which become available after completing focus A Black Sea Fleet.
  • Readjusted Turkish and Greek 1939 unit history files to add air force and Turkish tank division, added unique Greek and Turkish airplane names


  • Time required to complete the focus Spanish Coup has been reduced to 35 days to match its communist counterpart.
  • Made the Finnish Him achievement more consistent. Players now need to hold Moscow as Finland and have at least 15% war participation when the Soviet Union capitulates, without being in a faction
  • added fifth research slot at the end of Turkey's industrial branch
  • Reduced Turkish focus completion times across the board by 175 days and reduced an additional 35 or 70 days for every path, shifted the Armed Forces decisions to be more accessible, added more player agency to Kurdish pacification decisions so they didn't feel like an endless sink, swapped cost for said decisions from political power to command power, added incentive for Turkish radicals to justify their own wars, reduced amount of Turkish geniuses in high command, rebalanced Clodius to greatly reduce the odds of getting upwards of six military factories
  • Integrate Faction and Destroy Faction decisions no longer gives any ideology boost/debuff.
  • National Military Academy now is a 35-days focus.
  • The focuses The Peoples Republic of Bulgaria, Legislative Elections and Depose the Tsar now require 40% support for the appropriate ideology instead of 50%.
  • PP penalty from National spirit Democratic Opposition Voicing Protests has been reduced from -50% to -25%. This NS will be added as a timed national spirit like other generic ideology drift national spirits.
  • Reduced PP penalty in national spirit Democratic Opposition Voicing Protests from -25% to -20%
  • Focus The Peoples Republic of Bulgaria no longer requires faction loyalty from the Agrarians. Focus Legislative Elections no longer requires faction loyalty from the Broad Socialists.
  • The Spanish Struggle and Support the Spanish Coup no longer have manpower requirement.
  • reduced all instances where bulgaria generates WT from 5 to 1
  • decrease bulgarian WT reduction from macedonian organizations from 5 to 1
  • slightly increased germain infantry equipment production factors
  • Focus Crush the Communists is now a 35-days focus

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed CTD when loading a save where operatives were performing the control trade mission
  • Fix CTD when mousing hover autonomy alert after becoming independent
  • Fixed CTD when annexing a country with rocket sites


  • the AI will now be more likely to bring back the Kaiser in non-historical mode (WTT only)
  • Adjusted Bulgarian AI strategy to focus on internal affairs, building civs and improving relations for an extra year.
  • AI Improvements to make Bulgaria join the war earlier
  • Improved AI weights in Ultimatum to Albania so that there are more factors now influencing the decision of Albania


  • Added missing characters to hoi4_24header.fnt to unify the support turkish characters


  • added bypass_if_unavailable = yes option for focuses
  • added state highlighting for on_map_area for decision categories
  • added error log when a trigger/effect that was supposed to go in {} is not
  • limit inside on_research_complete is now deprecated, use on_research_complete_limit outside of on_research_complete instead
  • Add new effect to remove war goals of a specified type targetting a nation
  • Add Is leading volunteer group trigger
  • Added variable party_popularity_100 which is a variant of party_popularity where the value is multiplied by 100 as to allow script to have as much precision as code when manipulating party popularity
  • Add is_leading_volunteer_group_with_original_country trigger
  • Added optional parameter keep_political_leader to start_civil_war effect which controls if the party leader of the revolting ideology will join the revolter as its leader.


  • Sounds for the Bulgarian light and heavy planes (reused and renamed the medium asset)
  • Mixed planes for final


  • Yugoslavian communist coup targets will automatically join Yugoslavia's faction if the original tag is at war * this prevents the target from joining other factions due to common enemies.
  • game rules interface now follows the database order while listing game rules
  • Bulgarian Military Cooperation Agreements decisions can no longer be activated if there is another decision of this type already ongoing.
  • Bulgarian Aircraft Agreements decisions can no longer be activated if there is another decision of this type already ongoing.
  • Removed minimum loyalty requirement for Fund Faction decisions, which could lead to blocking the player from interacting any more with the factions, due to loyalty being modified by events/focuses after having legalized a faction.
  • Fixed the editor crashing on start due to the limit of the number of texture
  • Tooltip about Yugoslavia signing the Tripartite Pact is now more clear.
  • Changed the localization for Yugoslavia in the Gathering Storm to correctly refer to the State of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
  • Yugoslavia should no longer lose national spirits on a civil war
  • Late-stage peasant councils are no longer temporary
  • Fixed Bulgarian generals Hadzhipetkov and Boydev disappearing in January 4th 1936.
  • Yugoslavia can no longer gain cores on the entirety of Europe
  • Fixed 3 instances of the Regency council created with a wrong sub-ideology, leading to the Regency Council being added to the wrong ideology.
  • The "One Nation under Atatürk" achievement will no longer be given for just starting the game under certain circumstances. Already awarded achievements will be kept.
  • Spanish Falangist AI strategy path will now pick "Sin Paquito" focus, and follow down the expected Falangist branch
  • Bulgaria on the Three Seas focus will now take 70 days to complete.
  • Fixed missing localization from Romania dividing Yugoslavia
  • Romania will now be informed that their focus enables them to divide Yugoslavia
  • Dividing Yugoslavia now uses the proper icons
  • Losing an airfield will properly evacuate planes again, if possible
  • Yugoslavian industry focuses will now improve member states instead of Serbian states where possible.
  • Removes mutual exclusivity for King Michael's Coup and relocated it under Force Abdication
  • Romania can no longer change sides to a country of the same ideology as their current faction (cannot jump from Axis to Co-Prosperity Sphere, Little Entente to Allies, etc.)
  • fixed incorrect airplane models are being displayed on map when a country has a cosmetic tag that had plane models
  • fixed bad romeance achievement not firing correctly
  • the Byzanthine namelists are now available for Byzantium in the BFTB version (still available for WTT Byzantium)
  • Improved triggers to fix certain cases where Bulgaria could not access Foreign Agreements and Purchase Foreign Equipment decisions.
  • Yugoslavia will now complete granting its subjects independence on the Devolution strategy plan
  • States with Pre-Arranged Bulgarian Territorial Expansion state modifier will no longer be transferred to Bulgaria if the owner has a core on those states.
  • Decision Pressure to Lift Arms Restrictions will no longer be available until after the players has failed on negotiating Bulgarian rearmament or has completed focus Support Macedonian Organizations.
  • Player can no longer get Bulgarian Army national spirit via National Military Academy, after having completed Prussia of the Balkans (which provides a national spirit that replaces Bulgarian Army).
  • Kurdish state decisions will no longer be visible if Kurdistan is a puppet of Turkey or anybody else, integrate decisions have been split up to give player more agency and reduce potential edge-cases
  • Removed AI weight towards garrisoning in Bulgarian AI strategy, so that it no longer prioritizes garrisoning cities instead of defending its borders during a war.
  • Zveno coup can now be properly stopped by either destroying/integrating the Zveno, completing focus Fatherland Front or having the Fatherland Front formed and working against the player.
  • Leaders are now properly assigned to each side. No more zombie Boris coming back from the grave, no more country leaders mysteriously disappearing from the original tag.
  • Cleaned-up ultra-messy tooltip for Impending Zveno Coup decision. Now it is short and easy to read.
  • Kimon Georgiev will remain in original Bulgaria if he has been appointed as an advisor or country leader before the civil war starts
  • Several focuses in the Bulgarian FT are now locked if Bulgaria is a puppet. Note that puppet Bulgaria can still complete the focuses to "approach" a country, but will not be able to progress any further in the branch.
  • Germany now has a new infantry model after bringing back the Kaiser (WTT only)
  • fixed some startup errors regarding Camels for people without BFTB and Pikelhauben for people without WTT
  • Fixed Bulgaria not able to send volunteers to the Spanish civil war without La Resistance active.
  • The decision chain to Cooperate with IMRO no longer gets blocked if the player controls all Macedonian states.
  • Boris can no longer die after having been removed as a political leader.
  • Fixed achievement Balkan Problem Solved being unlocked by just completing focus The Unification of the Balkans and getting cores in the Balkans. Now it will require Bulgaria to actually control those cores.
  • Yugoslavia will no longer be informed that they have married themselves.
  • Fixed national spirit Balkan Federation Project Propaganda instantly disappearing if the country targeted is in faction with Bulgaria.
  • The event triggered by Carry the Revolution Abroad focus, which invites communist nations to Bulgaria's faction, now triggers the appropriate event back to Bulgaria if the country refuses the invitation.
  • Fixed misleading tooltip in Carry the Revolution Abroad description.
  • The state modifier Skirmishes against the IMRO will be removed from Macedonia, Central Macedonia and Thrace, if active, when any of these states fall under Bulgarian control.
  • Fixed a few edge cases in which the decision chain to destroy a faction could get blocked forever.
  • Romania will no longer be able to divide Yugoslavia if they are a puppet
  • Divide Yugoslavia focus will now give a wargoal if Yugoslavia is already a puppet
  • Nations being invited to divide Yugoslavia will now be given a tooltip informing them of the decision to make claims
  • Divide Yugoslavia will now bypass if Yugoslavia either does not exist or is already a Romanian puppet
  • Yugoslavia will no longer be able to be divided if it has already been divided
  • Divide Yugoslavia no longer has missing localization
  • Fixed Portuguese focus Arsenal do Alfeite not providing any naval bases as promised in its tooltip.
  • Germany will now get a wargoal on Yugoslavia if Prince Paul is deposed.
  • French Basque Country now has a slot for an airport
  • Prussia of the Balkans no longer weakens new generals and admirals by providing +2 LVL. Instead, it now grants +1 Attack and Defense to generals and admirals.
  • Both sides of the Yugoslavia civil war should now keep the appropriate national spirits.
  • French Basque Country airport is now in the correct province.
  • The Soviets claiming the straits will now add a claim on Istanbul
  • Ultimatum to Greece as the Soviet Union will now require owning Istanbul
  • fixed an issue where the Collaborative Civil Works focus for Turkey instantly bypassed
  • siding with the EEE in the Greek Civil War will now actually start a civil war
  • fixed broken meta_effect & meta_trigger
  • the Greek debt to the IFC decision category should no longer disappear completely for a month when making a large payment
  • Added custom+historical Greek and Turkish tank names, added historical+custom Turkish jet names, and added interwar bombers for Turkey as a starting tech
  • Bulgarian wargoals on its puppets are now removed after subjugating them via Fate of The Balkans decisions.
  • Support the Spanish Coup will now promote a general who actually fought in the SCW when the civil war ends.
  • Decision "Prepare Bulgarian occupation" now also adds a positive state modifier to Bulgarian-occupied Macedonian states.
  • Form Greater Greece" decision now correctly grants core on Istanbul/Constantinople


Patch 1.10.3 was released on 2020-11-26[2] with the checksum aa89.

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed compatibility issue with macOS 11.0 (Big Sur)


Patch 1.10.4 was released on 2021-02-03[3] with the checksum 8878.

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed a security flaw in networking where a user could bypass lobby password protection
  • Added extra checks to block clients with empty or blank username from joining a game
  • Fixed a security flaw in networking where a user could kick/ban other players without being the host