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Patch 1.11.X are all patches beginning with 1.11.


Main article: Patch 1.11


Patch 1.11.1 was released on 2021-11-23[1] with the checksum bf90.


  • Exorcized the Spirit of Jackie Fisher from British Ai. British AI will no longer attempt to operate in the Baltic when at war with Germany.
  • AI resets invasion after a failed invasion instead of keeping failing
  • AI micro post invasion looks better now
  • Minor tweaks to encourage sensible AI play in specific circumstances


  • Warlords will no longer accept being puppeted by china if they are at war with another warlord
  • Fixed issue with Trotsky sometimes being assigned Stalin's trait in the 4th international event
  • Fix issue with Molotov Ribbentrop Pact when SOV and GER are allied, leading to SOV getting asked to evacuate Eastern Poland and hand it over to SOV
  • Fixed so that UK will not always say no to request for guarantees from Latvia
  • Fixed advisor promotion screen that could erronously show up without No Step Back enabled
  • Fixed some units having incorrect hitboxes
  • Fix to make exile generals not appear in Stalinist SOV
  • EST must control all states that are either core of SWE, DEN, or NOR for focus to be available
  • Paranoia event should not trigger if starting in 39
  • Logistics tab UI fixes
  • Replaced old SOV idea icons with updated versions
  • Font polish and glyph fix
  • Estonia can now form Estonia-Finland only if they own at least one Finnish state
  • Naval taskforces supply doesn't count against province cap at the base they draw from
  • Added some Political focuses for the Polish 1939 start
  • Fixed missing loc for flame tanks
  • Making Ignacy Mosciki's advisor role available when the player only has poland DLC pack.
  • Fixed Type definitions for tank templates
  • Reduce tip of the spear naval invasion capacity
  • National Spirit Soviet Support in China is now removed if the Chinese tag is at war with Soviets or has been puppeted by someone who is not Soviet Union.
  • Speculative fix for equipment recovery
  • Fixed some issues with the HOL admiral/theorist Johannes Theodorus Furstner. Mostly the portrait, removed a duplicate and some case issues.
  • Fixed missing icons in Soviet National Spirits and cleared debug logs on the ideas file.
  • Claim on Bessarabia will now be bypassed by the appropriate states being owned by the Soviets or their allies.
  • Added localized strings that were previously tagged as Untranslated Key in Portuguese and Polish loc.


Patch 1.11.2 was released on 2021-11-25[2] with the checksum 7844.


  • The expected models can now be selected for tank designs.
  • Game executable should be properly signed again.