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Patch 1.8, aka "Fork", was released on 2019-11-13[1]. The checksum is 3241.

Feature & General

  • Added new Launcher
  • Added "/mute <user name>" and "/unmute <user name>" chat commands


  • Reduced number of destroyers needed to cover convoy routes from 1 destroyer per 5 convoys to 1 destroyer per 10 convoys
  • Convoys can no longer detect convoys as that just drags down the average detection when escorted
  • The amount of convoys in a sub battle is now based on the length of the route, so longer = fewer in a battle
  • Reduced total possible torpedo reveal chance reduction to 60% from 70% by reducing wolfpack by 5% and commander trait by 5%
  • Slightly reduced sub reveal chance when firing torpedos to account for convoys no longer contributing to detection averages
  • Slightly reduced passive sub reveal chance in combat to account for convoys no longer contributing to detection averages
  • Added 2 sub detection to radar 4 to make t4 subs not so hard to detect when matched up against modern destroyers
  • Aluminium Company of Canada focus now gets an additional 14 Aluminium
  • upgraded t4 radar to have sub detection from 10 to 14
  • upgraded t3 radar to have sub detection from 5 to 6
  • increased IC cost for t3 sub hull from 270 to 320
  • increased IC cost for t4 sub hull from 300 to 450
  • increased IC cost for cruiser sub hull from 370 to 390
  • increased number of convoys covered by each destroyer on escort from 10 to 12
  • Lowered t3 and t4 submarine torpedo damage from 23 to 22 and 30 to 28 respectively
  • slightly increased the speed penalty on depth charges


  • Fixed a civil war revolter not getting correct focus tree
  • Fixed escaping or sunk convoys from inadvertently affecting damage calculations for the remaining convoys.
  • Fixed Diminishing Returns now applying to party popularity changes.
  • Fixed lend-lease sender having its convoy sunk instead of the receiver in naval combats
  • Prevented subjects from giving units to their overlord as part of a request for expeditionary forces if those units are volunteers or expeditionaries from another country.

UI & Database

  • The open music player button in settings now has proper size
  • Music Player now has proper spelling in tooltip/settings button
  • Fixes for Japanese various names (ships, divisions etc).
  • Fixed full name for Canadian general Percival John Montague.


  • Added define to allow scaling of ship part of sub detection inside combats
  • Enabled some console commands that had previously been developer-only but which did not really need to be locked.
  • add_mines
  • release (country)
  • debug (toggle miscellaneous in-game debug utilities)
  • debug_smooth (toggle within-game-tick frame rendering)
  • instant_prepare (division preparation)
  • reload_textures
  • tag_color (set country color)

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed a crash when removing certain unit leader traits.
  • Added checks to prevent CTD in cases where AI had sent invalid expeditionary forces
  • Optimized game rule checks by finding the game rule in the game rule database more efficiently.
  • Prevented a crash if a script tries to make a non-existing country declare war on another country.
  • Fixed CTD on invalid set_politics usage by failing to set ruling_party, made it write an error instead.
  • Fixed pointer truncation in 64bits in ProtectedMemoryAllocate
  • Fixed crash reporter to correctly indicate if the program is built for a 64-bit architecture.
  • Fixed a CTD related to expeditionary forces that could lock in saves
  • Fixed game crashing in weird ways if a mod tries reusing an id