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and to view a province id map see Forum:1556997 and a Province Summary Spreadsheet can be found here Forum:1556909

Provinces are the atomic geographic unit. States consist of a set of provinces.

A map of all provinces, colored by terrain.
desert = "red background with ⛭"
hills = "cornsilk background with △"
mountain = "light gray background with ▲"
ocean = "blue background with ~"
lakes = "blue background with no symbol"
marsh = "olive background with ⚶"
forest = "spring green background with ♧"
jungle = "yellow green background with ♣"
plains = "orange background with no symbol"
urban = "dark gray background with ⚑"

Victory points[edit | edit source]

Distribution of Victory Points on the world map
Brest is a named province displaying 20 Victory Points, making it 201 times a important as a regular province for determining France's capitulation.

Named cities have a varying number of Victory Points (VP). The worth of a province (for example to determine capitulation) is [1]. In other words, each province on its own (i.e. not counting the VPs on it) is worth 0.1 VP.

Each city increases local state supply by [2], which allows pockets of enemies to be in supply even when cut off from the main supply route. This does not mean that these units get new equipment.

Occupied cities raise the resistance target of the state they are in based on their total amount of Victory Points:

VP resistance target
< 5 0
< 20 +5%
< 50 +10%
50+ +20%

Capital[edit | edit source]

Each country has a predefined capital state, of which the capital province is the province with the most Victory Points in that state. If the original capital city is occupied, the capital usually moves to the city with the next-highest number of Victory Points.

The Supply Area which the capital state belongs to also acts as the source from which supply flows. Specifically, supply can flow from any province in that state, so if the state (or all remaining provinces the home country holds in that state) is surrounded, supply for that country will essentially cease to exist.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Main article: Construction

Forts, Naval Forts, Naval Bases, Railways, and Supply Hubs are built at the province level. The attacker gets a malus of +15% per fort level being attacked. Naval Bases allow ships to repair if they dock there, as well as acting as a base for naval transports and naval invasions. Railways allow rapid movement of army divisions using strategic redeployment and allow connection of the capital to supply hubs. Supply hubs distribute supplies if connected to the capital.

Terrain[edit | edit source]

Main article: Terrain

Terrain is handled at the province level. Terrain modifies how long it takes to traverse a province, how much attrition units take there and the attack penalty based on terrain modifiers of the attacking party. Some unit types also get bonuses or penalties depending on terrain.

Weather[edit | edit source]

Main article: Weather

Weather is partly handled at the province level. Provinces can get modifiers like snow or mud, that increase attrition and movement cost. Temperature is also logged at province level. A very high or very low temperature leads to attrition and other penalties.

Use nuclear bomb[edit | edit source]

Main article: Nuclear bomb

When conditions are met, a nuclear strike can be ordered for a selected province. Nuking a province will heavily damage the state's infrastructure as well as all the units in the nuked province.

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