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Major Overhaul

v0.80 for HOIIV v1.8.1

Steam workshop

RPM for HOI4 is an update of the original Realistic Progression Mod (RPM) for HOI3. The main purpose of this mod is an expansion of the available models, equipment, and units for naval, air, and land forces while otherwise staying true to vanilla HOI4.

The mod expands models and units through expanded tech trees and equipment that are common to all countries, though with historical models for all nations where applicable, and generic models where no historical model existed.


  • This is an extensive mod of the game and is therefore NOT compatible with most other mods.
  • This mod should be playable for 1.8.1 both with and without the MtG DLC (though most balancing, testing, etc., has focused on the version with DLC included).
  • Updated mod to 1.8.1.
  • Created a workaround to a vanilla bug that didn't recognize scripted ship modules where there were default modules listed.
  • Rebalanced tech costs so later-war models are more affordable.
  • Minor bugfixes on gfx, models, OOBs, etc.


Many thanks to darthkommandant for his New Generals mod [Note: will be added back once it’s compatible with 1.5.0 again] and Better Kreigsmarine Ship Names mod, which are now included. And special thanks to CPack for ALL of the great air model pics!!! And special thanks to www.tanks-encyclopedia.com for all of the great new armor pics. Finally, many thanks to Axe99 for all his help and his sharing of work from The War at Sea mod, and to Ogima, Papa Joe Stalin, and the rest of the team at the World War 2 Simulation Mod for all their collaboration and promotion of this mod.