Rule Britannia

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Rule Britannia
Rule Britannia.png
Possible if
The player’s country is Flag of Australia Australia, Flag of British Raj British Raj, Flag of Canada Canada, Flag of New Zealand New Zealand or Flag of South Africa South Africa.
Achieved if

Autonomy freedom icon.png Is not a subject

  • Control the states:
    • Scottish Highlands (120)
    • Lothian (121)
    • Wales (122)
    • Cornwall (123)
    • East Anglia (125)
    • Greater London Area (126)
    • Sussex (127)
    • West Midlands (128)
    • East Midlands (129)
    • Yorkshire (130)
    • Northern England (131)
    • Lancashire (132)
    • Lanark (133)
    • Aberdeenshire (136)
    • Gloucestershire (338)

This achievement requires either: Flag of Australia Australia, Flag of British Raj British Raj, Flag of Canada Canada, Flag of New Zealand New Zealand, Flag of South Africa South Africa controlling all of Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom's starting cores except for Northern Ireland (119).



Playing as Canada is the best and quickest option so pick Canada, train up 30 cavalry divisions and disband the rest of your army. The Focuses should simply be rushing down to Swastika Clubs then after that it doesn't matter until you become independent. When you get your first 150pp pick fascist demagogue, there is no rush though so don't waste political power until you get around 45% fascist to discredit government and become fascist. When fascist and independent pick support the blue shirts and if you're doing ‘It's 1812 All Over Again’ achievement now is the time you go down ‘Support a Synarchist Baja’ but i would recommend doing them in separate runs.

Preperation of troops[edit]

After becoming independent send your 30 cavalry divisions to Britain to garrison the required states(don't garrison Northern Ireland & victory points only). Move your troops off victory points with British divisions in them, leave the allies when the troops arrive in the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom, justify a war goal on the Flag of United States United States & any other minor nation that the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom will guarantee, the baltic countries work great and when you successfully get only Britain to guarantee cancel justification on the Flag of United States United States.

Conquest of Britain[edit]

Declare war on the country that Britain guaranteed in order to "Order 66" them. Move your cavalry divisions to victory points and attempt to breakthrough and flank the British garrison. Joining the axis is fine since when they capitulate you will gain control over all states anyway and it ties up more enemy divisions.