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World tension

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{{expand|with=a more complete list of national focuses that affect or require world tension}}
[[File:WorldTension100.png|right|thumb|World Tension at 100%]]
==Impacts on World Tension==
===Increase in World Tension===
The following increases the level of World Tension:
* [[Diplomacy|Declaring war]]
===Decrease in World Tension===
The following causes a decrease in World Tension:
* Decay over time
== Effects ==
World Tension reduces the time (and cost) of justifying of wargoals by up to {{green|75%}} at 100% World Tension.
=== Tension required ===
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! rowspan = "2" | Action
==National Focus that impact World Tension by country==
* {{iconify|Rhineland}}
* {{iconify|Anti-Comintern Pact}}
===United Kingdom===
*[[Benelux Intervention]]
*[[Scandinavian Intervention]]
==World Tension needed for National Focus==
If a country is at war, these can be chosen even if the needed world tension is not yet reached.
===United Kingdom===
* [[The Shadow Scheme]]
* Rearmament

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