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Changes in autonomy
Both overlord and subject actions can change autonomy. In general, the subject helping the overlord increases its autonomy, while the overlord helping the subject decreases it.
* [[Lend-lease| Lend-leasing]] equipment to the subject lowers autonomy by 1 for every 100 production cost of the transferred equipment. For example, giving 1000 Infantry Weapons I (unit cost 0.5) will lower autonomy by (1000 * 0.5 / 100) = 5 units. The equipment must be at least as good as the best equipment of that type the subject can produce with its own technology, so ''dumping obsolete equipment will have no effect''(lend leasing obsolete equipment from a master to a puppet might decrease autonomy. This master to puppet effect needs to be confirmed).
* Similarly, the subject lend-leasing equipment to the overlord will raise autonomy by 1 for every 100 production cost. The equipment must be as good as the best the overlord can produce, so draining a puppet of obsolete equipment does not weaken authority over the puppet.
* The overlord building factories or other constructions in the subject lowers autonomy by 0.7 for every 100 production output invested. For example, building a military factory, with a cost of 3600 units, will lower autonomy by (3600 * 0.7 / 100 = ) 25.2. Note that it's not possible to build in a dominion's territory, except through focus construction that provides an autonomy reduction.

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