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Updated with latest changes from 1.3 -> 1.4
{{version|1.34}} {{country |Capital = Kaunas |Government = Authoritarian Regime Oligarchy |Faction = Neutral }} '''Lithuania''' is a minor power in Northern Europe on the coast of the Baltic Sea and is one of the three "Baltic states" in-game. Historically, it was invaded and occupied along with other Baltic States on the 14th of June, 1940.
Usually left alone until mid-game, a skilled player could turn it into a moderate power in Europe, and possibly even more!
==National Spirit==
Lithuania does not have a National Spirit at the game start 1936.
Lithuania begins with the following researched:
*Basic Equipment
*Weapons I
*Fighter (BasicInterwar)
As a non-aligned country Lithuania has good relations with other non-aligned countries ({{SVersiongreen|1.3+10}}Lithuania shares good relations ). Especially with the other Baltic States its neighbors Poland and Latvia ({{flaggreen|Finland+20}} but is otherwise ) for also sharing the same ruling party. Otherwise its a mostly isolated country, with all diplomacy values revolving around "Different Ideology"({{red|-10}}), "Same Ideology" ({{green|+10}}) and "Same Ruling Party"({{green|+20}}). They have a land border with {{flag|Latvia}}; {{flag|Poland}} and {{flag|German Reich}}. They have a coast with two Naval Bases (both lvl. 1). However Memel is usually seized by Germany.
==National Focus==
{{main|Generic national focus tree}}
Lithuania has the same generic national focus tree as all minor countries, with nothing completed. The tree begins with has branches for Army Effort, Naval Effort, Aviation Effort, Industrial Effort and Political Effort. Proper use can make Lithuania unique compared to those with a more centralized focus tree (Germany, United Kingdom, etc.), with multiple routes for expansion into somewhat weaker neighbors like Latvia.
{{icon|neutrality|width=32px}} '''Tautas PadomeLietuviu Tautininku Sajunga'''(Non-aligned, Oligarchy) <br>
* {{icon|no}} Can force government of another country to adopt the same ideology.
* {{icon|no}} Can puppet a country.
=== Political parties ===
Antanas Smetona of the non-aligned Lietuviu Tautininku Sajunga (LTS) is in power with slightly less than half of the government in its control in both scenarios, holding 45.40% popularity.
{| class="wikitable" style="float:left; width:49em; margin:10px"
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Democracy.png|link=Ideology#Democracy|Democratic|28px]]
! <span style="color: blue; float:left;"> '''Democratic'''
| style="text-align: center;" | <span style="color: blue;"> '''27.0020%''' || Ringaudas Dubeneckis Random Leader || style="text-align: center;" | [[File:No.png|link=|No|29px]]
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Communism.png|link=Ideology#Communism|Communist|28px]]
! <span style="color: red; float:left;"> '''Communist'''
|style="text-align: center;" | <span style="color: red;"> '''13.0060%''' || Antanas Snieckus || style="text-align: center;" | [[File:No.png|link=|No|29px]]
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Fascism.png|link=Ideology#Fascism|Fascist|28px]]
! <span style="color: orange; float:left;"> '''Geležinis Vilkas'''
| style="text-align: center;" | <span style="color: orange;"> '''13.0060%''' || Augustinas Voldemaras || style="text-align: center;" | [[File:No.png|link=|No|29px]]
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Neutrality.png|link=Ideology#Non-Aligned|Non-Aligned|31px]]
! <span style="color: grey; float:left;"> '''Lietuviu Tautininku Sajunga (LTS)'''
|style="text-align: center;" | <span style="color: grey;"> '''45.0040%''' || Antanas Smetona || style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Yes.png|link=|Yes|29px]]
{| class="wikitable"
| Leonas Bistras || Compassionate Gentlemen ||
* Improve Relations Opinion: {{green|+15 %}}
| align="center" |150
| Mykolas Slezevicius || Prince of Terror ||
*Effect of partisans on us: {{green|-25 %}}*Foreign subversive activities efficiency: {{green|-30 %}}*Non-core Manpower: {{green|+2%}}
| align="center" |150
| Vladas Jurgutis || Captain of Industry ||
* {{icon|Civilian Factory|Civilian Factory}} Construction Speed: {{green|+10 %}}* Infrastructure Construction Speed: {{green|+10 %}}* Refinery Construction Speed: {{green|+10 %}}
| align="center" |150
{| class="wikitable" <!-- If copying this table and removing/adding new columns, make sure the percentages are recalculated (100%/# of columns) or it will look wonky. Originals on user:xiziz -->
|+ Factories 1936