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Historical accuracy.
Norway attempted to stay neutral in World War II (like all other Nordic Countries) and remained so until the 9. of April 1940, when {{flag|Germany}} invaded both {{flag|Denmark}} and Norway as part of Operation Weserübung. Operation Weserübung was intended to secure access to Norway's coastline and ports for the Kriegsmarine to use as well as ensuring the safe transportation of Swedish iron ore to Germany. In 1942, Germany established a puppet regime in Norway, known as the ''Nasjonal Regering'' or '''Quisling Regime''', headed by Vidkun Quisling, party chairman of the ''Nasjonal Samling'' political party, Norway's fascist party.
After the death of Adolf Hitler, the Flensburg Government (successor state to Nazi Germany) drew up plans to withdraw the remnants of the Wehrmacht into Norway and Denmark, establishing those countries as a national redoubt and last holdout against the Allies.
Norway remained under German occupation until late may 8, 1945 when the Flensburg government was dissolved after the end of World War II
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