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Political power
== Political power ==
{{icon|Political power}} Political power represents the amount of influence a country's leader has over domestic affairs. The maximum quantity that can be stored is 2000.<ref name=defines>See in {{path|defines}}</ref>
=== Passive generation ===
Political power is generated at a base rate of 2 per dayon the normal difficulty.<ref name=defines/>On easy difficulty, political power is generated at a base rate of 2.5 per day, while on the veteran difficulty political power is generated at a base rate of 1.75 per day.
====Leaders with modifiers====
Certain leaders have a trait which gives their nation a bonus or negative to Political Power.
| Leon Trotsky || Permanent Revolutionary || Soviet Union || -15% Political Power, +15% Wargoal justification time, Subversive activities cost: -30%
| Edward VIII || Inexperienced Imperialist || British Empire(Fascist Britain) || -30% Political Power, +5% National Unity, -25% Justify War Goal Time
=== Commanders ===
Political power may be used to produce new commandersfor use in commanding divisions. The cost scales with the amount of commanders the player already has, starting at a cost of 5 and increasing by 5 for each additional commander. Naval commanders are bought with the same system, and at the same rate as the field commanders.
=== Diplomacy ===
Political Power is needed for several diplomatic interactions, including justifying war, guaranteeing independence, improving relations, boosting (foreign) party popularity and staging (foreign) coups.  Justifying for a province using the Conquest casus belli costs 50 political power, increasing by 5 if justifying on a country with the Neutral Foreign Policy national spirit. Each state added to the Conquest justification increases the cost by 10 political power. Justifying using the Retake core state casus belli costs 25 political power.  A guarantee of independence costs 25 political power and increases by that much for each subsequent guarantee (first justification is 25 political power, second justification is 50 political power, etc.).  Improving relations is initiated at the cost of 10 political power, and costs a base rate of .2 political power per day for a country with a matching ideology. If the improving relations action is taken with the target being a separate ideology, the cost per day is 0.4 political power. For example, if Germany was improving relations with fascist Italy it would cost .2 political power per day, but improving relations with the democratic United Kingdom would cost .4 political power per day.  Boosting ideology costs a base rate of .25 political power per day, and increases support for target ideology at a rate of 0.05% per day. Staging a coup will cost 0.5 political power per day until an amount of 200 political power is reached.
== Ideology ==

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