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Industry technology

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Industrial technology directly reflects the construction process, workshop, industrial level of progress. It offers a range of percentage bonuses and expands the industrial capacity of the region.
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<div style="align-center; text-align:center;"><!--Interactive--> '''Industry research tree'''<br>[[File:Industry research tree.png|center|1225px|link=|]]</div>
== List of industrial technologies ==
{| class="mildtable sortable plainlist" style="width:100%"
|- id="Basic Machine Tools"
| rowspan="8" | '''Production'''
| [[File:Basic machine tools.png|24px|link=Basic Machine Tools]] Basic Machine Tools || 1936 || {{green|+10%}} Production efficiency cap || Is necessary to start the '''Industry''' research line.
|- id="Improved Machine Tools"
| Improved Machine Tools || 1937 || {{green|+10%}} Production efficiency cap || Is necessary to unlock Improved Equipment Conversion.
|- id="Improved Equipment Conversion"
| Improved Equipment Conversion || 1937 || {{green|+40%}} Conversion speed bonus ||Requires {{icon|dod}} ''Death or Dishonor'' [[DLC#Expansions|DLC]].
|- id="Advanced Machine Tools"
| Advanced Machine Tools || 1939 || {{green|+10%}} Production efficiency cap ||
|- id="Advanced Equipment Conversion"
| Advanced Equipment Conversion || 1939 || {{green|+40%}} Conversion speed bonus ||Requires {{icon|dod}} ''Death or Dishonor'' DLC.
|- id="Assembly Line Production"
| Assembly Line Production || 1941 || {{green|+10%}} Production efficiency cap ||
|- id="Industry"
| rowspan="3" | '''Industry'''
| [[File:Concentrated industry.png|24px|link=Concentrated Industry]] Concentrated Industry I to V || 1936-1943
*{{green|+15%}} Factory Output
*{{green|+5%}} Production Efficiency Base
*{{green|+20%}} Conversion Speed Bonus
*{{green|−10−15%}} Factory Bomb Vulnerability
*{{green|+20%}} Max Factories in a State
*Unlike level II through V, dispersed industry I also gives a {{green|+20%}} conversion speed bonus.
| Dispersed Industry II to V || 19391937-1943
*{{green|+10%}} Factory Output
|- id="Construction I"
| rowspan="10" | '''Construction'''
| [[File:Construction I.png|24px|link=Construction I]] Construction I || 1936
*{{green|+10%}} Construction Speed
| Excavation I || 1936 || {{green|+10%}} Resource Gain Efficiency ||
|- id="Construction II"
| [[File:Construction II.png|24px|link=Construction II]] Construction II || 1937
*{{green|+10%}} Construction Speed
| Excavation II || 1937 || {{green|+10%}} Resource Gain Efficiency ||
|- id="Construction III"
| [[File:Construction III.png|24px|link=Construction III]] Construction III || 1939
*{{green|+10%}} Construction Speed
| Excavation III || 1939 || {{green|+10%}} Resource Gain Efficiency ||
|- id="Construction IV"
| [[File:Construction IV.png|24px|link=Construction IV]] Construction IV || 1941
*{{green|+10%}} Construction Speed
| Excavation IV || 1941 || {{green|+10%}} Resource Gain Efficiency ||
|- id="Construction V"
| [[File:Construction V.png|24px|link=Construction V]] Construction V || 1943
*{{green|+10%}} Construction Speed
| Excavation V || 1943 || {{green|+10%}} Resource Gain Efficiency ||
|- id="Fuel Silos"
| rowspan="1" | '''Fuel Silos'''
| Fuel Silos || 1936 || Allows building of {{iconify|Fuel silo}}, which increases fuel storage by 100,000 || Is necessary to unlock Synthetic Oil and Fuel Refining
|- id="Synthetic Oil Experiments"
| rowspan="49" | '''Synthetic Oil'''| Synthetic Oil Experiments || 1936 || Enables building: {{iconify|Synthetic refinery}} (level , which gives +48 fuel and +1) {{icon|rubber}} Rubber|||- id="Synthetic Oil PlantI"| Synthetic Oil Plant I || 1936 1937 || Enables building: Increases fuel from refinery by {{iconifygreen|50%}} |||- id="Synthetic Rubber I"|Synthetic Rubber I || 1937 || Increases refineryoutput by +1 {{icon|rubber}} (level 2) Rubber |||- id="Improved Synthetic Oil PlantII"| Improved Synthetic Oil Plant II || 1939 || Increases fuel from refinery by {{green|50%}} |||- id="Synthetic Rubber II"| Synthetic Rubber II || 1939 || Enables building: Increases refinery output by +1 {{icon|rubber}} Rubber |||- id="Synthetic Oil III"| Synthetic Oil III || 1941 || Increases fuel from refinery by {{iconifygreen|50%}} |||- id="Synthetic Rubber III"|Synthetic Rubber III || 1941 || Increases refineryoutput by +1 {{icon|rubber}} (level 3) Rubber |||- id="Advanced Synthetic Oil PlantIV"| Advanced Synthetic Oil Plant IV|| 1943 || Enables building: Increases fuel from refinery by {{iconifygreen|50%}} |||- id="Synthetic Rubber IV"|Synthetic Rubber IV|| 1943 || Increases refineryoutput by +1 {{icon|rubber}} (level 4) Rubber |||- id="Fuel Refining"| rowspan="6" | '''Fuel Refining'''|- id="Fuel Refining I"| Fuel Refining I || 1936 ||*Increase fuel gain per oil {{green|+20%}}*Increase fuel from refineries by {{green|+10%}}|||- id="Fuel Refining II"| Fuel Refining II || 1937 ||*Increase fuel gain per oil {{green|+20%}}*Increase fuel from refineries by {{green|+10%}}|||- id="Fuel Refining III"| Fuel Refining III || 1939 ||*Increase fuel gain per oil {{green|+20%}}*Increase fuel from refineries by {{green|+10%}}|||- id="Fuel Refining IV"| Fuel Refining IV || 1941 ||*Increase fuel gain per oil {{green|+20%}}*Increase fuel from refineries by {{green|+10%}}|||- id="Fuel Refining V"| Fuel Refining V || 1943 ||*Increase fuel gain per oil {{green|+20%}}*Increase fuel from refineries by {{green|+10%}}||
==Concentrated Industry vs. Dispersed Industry==
{{SVersion|1.49}}In 1936, after researching the technology ''Basic Machine Tools'', the player has a choice between two industrial technologies: [[#Industry|Concentrated industry and Dispersed industry]]. These two branches are mutually exclusive, meaning that the player may only go down one of this these two branches. Each of these has its positives and its negatives, and it depends on the players player's play style.
* ''Concentrated Industry'' - Has 5 levels that can be researched which span from 1936 to 1943 . Each new level provides the same bonus as previous levels. By choosing Concentrated Industry, the player is increasing his production substantially. This will allow the player to build more factories, and make pre-existing ones more efficient.
* ''Dispersed Industry'' - Like Concentrated Industry, Dispersed Industry has 5 levels that can be researched between 1936 and 1943 . Each new level provides the same bouses bonuses except the first one, which provides different rewards than the rest. By choosing Dispersed Industry, the player is reducing vulnerability to bombing and allows for quicker changing of production lines.
===Comparsion===Should a player select Dispersed Industry, it will boost not only their output, but also their ability One can think of the two styles as maximizing potential production at any given production efficiency vs. decreasing time to protect their factories, and switch achieve 100% production with fewer drawbacksefficiency.
Both are very beneficial to any player as they buff your production. Though both are good, players may want to select the one complementary to their play style. Dispersed Industry is usually picked by players playing minor nations with small air forces, as it allows them to protect their factories from enemy tactical or strategic bombers without worrying as much about protecting them. It also provides a more substantial buff to many aspects of production. Meanwhile, Concentrated Industry is usually picked by more powerful nations with an already established industry, and a large military and air force, as it will raise their production through the roof. Although all the bonuses Dispersed Industry gives more of an instant production boost compared to Concentrated Industry, Concentrated Industry is stronger in the endgame, when most of the technologies are researched. In the end, it is up to the player to pick whatever suits them.{{research navbox}}
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