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Strategies and Guides
By focusing defense on the two victory points, the player can survive long enough to acquire foreign help from the allies when world war 2 starts. Accumulate all units available and station them on the two victory points. Switch them all to the division template with the least amount of battalions. When the fighting starts, the Italian AI usually focuses on only attacking the capitol so it is possible to rotate troops that have low organisation out and move in units with full organisation to make the defense impossible to breach. As army experience is gained, use it to gradually decrease the division size to just 1 battalion. This will allow the player to deploy the maximum amount of units possible without compromising on organisation, allowing even better defense through the rotation technique. Recruit and deploy as many units as the infrastructure can support to maximize survival chance. If the player manages to survive until 1939/1940, they can then side with the allies in WW2.
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