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Difficulty: Altered the values to match the 1.7.1 values.
| 100 || Artillery (II) & Upgrades (II,III,IV); Anti-Air Artillery (II,III) & Upgrades; Rocket Artillery (II) & Upgrades; Anti-Tank Artillery (II,III) & Upgrades <br/> Support Equipment; Carrier Airplanes; Electronic Mechanical Engineering; Encryption
| 150 || Infantry Weapons (I) & Upgrades (I,III); Support & Anti-Tank Weapons; Motorised Motorized Rocket Artillery; Special Forces <br/> Marines (II), Mountain Infantry (II), Paratroopers (II) <br/> Support Companies (II,III,IV); Artillery (I) & Upgrades (I); Anti-Air Artillery (I); Anti-Tank Artillery (I) <br/> Ships (I); Transports (I); 1st Land Doctrine; 1st Air Doctrine <br/> Radio; Radio Detection; Decimetric Radar (I); Decryption; Experimental Rockets; Rocket Engines (II,III) <br/> Machine Tools (I,II); Equipment Conversion; Oil PlantsProcessing; Rubber Processing
| 200 || Infantry Weapons (II,III) & Upgrade (II); Night Vision (II); Motorised Motorized & Mechanized (I,II); Special Forces <br/> Marines (I,III), Mountain Infantry (I,III), Paratroopers (I,III) ; Special Forces Programs <br/> Support Companies (I); Artillery (III); Rocket Artillery (I); Great War Tank, Light, Medium & Heavy (I) Armor <br/> Ships (II,III,IV); Transports (II,III); Naval Doctrines <br/> Airplanes; Air Doctrines (not 1st) <br/> Decimetric Radar(II); Rocket Engines(I); Jet Engines <br/> Machine Tools(III); Production Line (I); Industry; Construction; Excavation
| 250 || Night Vision (I); Modern, Super Heavy & Heavy (II,III) Armor; Centimetric Radar; Computing; Production Line (II)
| 300 || Mechanized (III); Land doctrines(not 1st); Synthetic Oil Experiments
| 500 || Nuclear technology
=== General modifiers ===
These apply to all techs.
==== Difficulty ====
The player gets can get a research time bonus or penalty depending on the game difficulty setting as follows: * Civilian {{green|-5+15%}} on bonus* Recruit difficulty and {{redgreen|+107%}} on bonus* Regular no bonus or penalty* Veteran difficulty. {{red|-15%}} penalty* Elite {{red|-30%}} penalty
==== Trade law ====

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