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[[File:Terrain map.png|thumb|800px|center|Terrain map.]]
== Base terrain modifiers Types =={{SVersion|1.35}}* '''Movement cost:''' Movement of Land Increases the distance units is modified have to travel by this factor.* '''Attrition:''' Moving When at war, land units moving from this terrain type suffer this amount of attrition.
* '''Attack:''' Modifier to the attacker's soft/hard attack and breakthrough when the defender is in this terrain.
* '''Enemy air superiority:''' If the enemy has air superiority, their bonus is reduced by this amount.
| [[File:Terrain urban.png]] || [[File:Terrain urban winter.png]]
== Province ==
The terrain type of a province is the one that appears the most in its area. All terrain effects except movement cost are based on it.
== Paths ==
A path between two adjacent provinces is the straight line between their centers. The terrain along this path (along with its distance) determines its movement cost. The path also determines whether direction-dependent terrain features apply.
== Terrain features ==
{{SVersion|1.35}}In addition to the base terrain, terrain features can apply additional modifiers to the attacker. The river modifiers apply between two provinces, meaning they do not always appear when a certain province is attacked, but rather when a certain province is attacked from a certain direction. If a river modifier is applied in combat, this also allows other battle tactics.
* '''Small river:''' {{red|-30%}} to attack and {{red|-25%}} to movement.

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